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{ms, 083}

|abrings us to.a|

Howth, Castle & Environs! Sir Tristram|a, viola d'amores,a| had |anot encore arrived passencore rearrived |bon a merry isthmusb|a| from North Armorica |ato wielderfight his peninsular war,a| nor |astones exaggerated theirselves in sham rocks |bby the Oconeeb| exaggerated themselse toa| Laurens county, Ga, doubling all the time, nor a voice |afrom afirea| |aanswered mishe mishe |bresponded bellowsedb| mishe chishea| to tufftuff |athouartpatrick thouartpeatricka|. Not yet |athough venisoon aftera| had a |akidson |bkidunreadet kidscadb|a| buttended |aan a bland olda| isaac not yet|a, all's fair in vanessy,a| |ahad twin sesthers played siege to were sosie sesthers wroth witha| twone J jonathan. |aNot Rota| a peck of |apa'sa| malt had |aShem and Son |bHem Jhemb| or Sema| brewed |aby arclighta| & |abad luck to the regginbrew |bworse luck |cbloody end to rory end toc|b| to the regginbrowa| was to be seen |aon |bringsun ringsomeb|a| the waterface.

The |astory talea| of the fall is is retailed early in bed and later in life throughout most christian minstrelsy. The |agreata| fall of the wall |aat oncea| entailed |aat such short noticea| the fall of Finnigan|a, the solid man,a| |aand thata|
{ms, 084}
the humpty |ahill hillheada| himself |apromptly prumptlya| sends an |ainquiring unquiringa| one well to the west in quest of his tumptytumtoes. Two facts have come down to us |aTheir restingplace The upturnpikepointforplacea| is at the knock out in the park where there have always been oranges |aon laid ona| the green |aalways & ever ever & evermorea| since |athe Devlin Devlinsa| first loved liffey livy. What ch clashes of wills & wits were not here & there abouts! What chance cuddleys, what castles aired & ventilated, what biddymetolives sinduced by what |aegosetabsolvers tegotetabsolversa|, what true feeling for |ahaya| hair with false voice
{ms, 085}
of |ahaycup ja jiccupa|, what |arorycrucians byelected by rival rosycrucians contested of similya| emilies! |aBut Anda| O here how has sprawled upon the dust the father of |afornications |bfornicationers fornicationistsb|a| but O, my |ashininga| stars & body, how has finespanned in high heaven the skysign of soft advertisement. |aWas? Wasis?a| Isot! Ere |awe werea| sure? The oaks of old |arest |bmaytheyb| rusta| in peat. Elms leap where ashes lay. Till nevernever may our pharce be phoenished!
{ms, 086}

Bygmister Finnegan |aof the Stuttering Handa|, builder, lived |aon ina| the broadest way |aimaginable |bimaginoble unm imarginable |cin his |drushlitd| toofarback for messuagesc|b|a| and during mighty odd years this man of Hod |aCement & blanka| |amade pileda| buildung |aupon supera| buildung |aon pona| the banks of for the livers by the |aSoandso Soangsoa|. He addle iddle |awife and he wyfie |bannie Annieb|a| hugged the liddle craythur |awither Withera| tear tare in hares hayre in honds tuck up your |apardner part-in-hera|. |xthough oftwhile balbulousx| |aHe would see by the light of the liquor his roundup tower to rise on itself |b|c(joy grant it) (joygrantit!)c|b|, with a skierescape of an eyeful hoyth entirely and larrons of o' toolers clittering up on it & tumbles a' buckets clottering down.a| |a|bOfb| The first was he to bare arms and the name. His creast, |bin vert with ancillars:b| a hegoat, horrid, horned. His shield, fessed, |bwith archers strung,b| helio of the second.a| Haitch is for Husbandman |aplanting handlinga| his hoe. Hohohoho Mister Finn you're going to be Mr Mister Finn again. Comeday morning when morn
{ms, 087}
|aand your & you're feelin Oh, you'rea| Vine! senday |aevening and you're eve unread and, ah,a| Vinegar. Hahahaha Mister |aFinn |bFine Funnb|a| you're going to be fined again.

And, as sure as |aEve ate little Abe bit Ivvy'sa| red apples, wan warning Finn felt tippling full. His |ahowth howda| filled heavy, his |ahod hoddita| did shake. |aThere was a wall in course of erectiona| He |afell stottereda| from the latter. Damb! He was |adead dudda|. |aDump! Dumb! |bFor all the world to see.b|a|

Size! I should say! MacCool, Macool, macool, Why did ye die! Sore they sighed at Finn Funnigan's wake |achrismiss cake chrissormiss wakea|.
{ms, 088}
There was plumbs and grooms grumes and sheriffs and zitherers citherers & raiders and cittamen too. |aAnd they all chimed in with the shoutmost shoviality.a| 'Twas he was the dacent gaylabouring youth! |aHis scone as his pillow. |bA scone for his pillow. Sharphen his pillowscone tap up his bier.b|a| Arrah where in this world would you hear such a din again? The |aowl wholea| hangsigns & the |athirsty |bthirstey thersteyb|a| fidelios! They laid him |alow along his lax broadon his lasta| bed. With |aabuckalyps abucketlipsa| of finisky at his feet & a barrowload of |aguinesis |bguenesis guennesisb|a| at his head. |aTo the total Tee the tootala| of the fluid & the twaddle of the fuddled, O.

Hurrah, there is but one globe for the
{ms, 089}
owlglobe wheels anew which is testamount to the same thing as who shall see. He, a being so on the |aflat floundera| of his bulk, |awith far far |baway backb|,a| let wee peep at Hom, plate blank. |aFrom Shopalist to Bailiwick Bailywick |bor from Ashtun to |cbaronsoath baronoathc| or from Long Longthe Buythebanks to Roundthehead he swim, swam, swum.b|a| |x|athe |bAll the wayb| hisa| baywinds |a|bchoir |coboe oboboesc|b|a| shall wail him |arockbound (|bHoahoahoath! Hoahoahoath! hoahoahoath! hoahoahoath!b|)a| in swimswamswum & all the livvylong night |athe delldale |bdalppled |cdappling dalpplingc|b| night, the night of |bblue bells |cbluerybells bluerabellsc|b|a| |a(|bhow Ob| carina! |bhow Ob| carina!)a| her flutafluta flitaflute |ain tricky trocheesa| of bluerorofbells shall wake him |awith her kitti issavan essavans & her patterjackmartins |band aboutb| all |bher themb| inns & ouses. Tilling a teel of a |btub tunb|, telling a toll of a teary turdy Tublin.a|x| For what we are, |a|bas ifb| we are,a| about to believe. |aSo pass the kish & pooll the begg.a| So sigh us! |aWhose Whasea| on the |ajoyant joint giant joyant giont gyant joigantic joint of aa| |adish desha|? |aFinfaw the Fish. Finnfoefaw the Fush.a| What's at his |abakena| head? A loaf of |aSingpatherick's Singpantry's |bKeannedy'sb|a| bread. And what's |aat his tail hitched to hop in his |btayl tayleb|a|? A glass of |aO'Connell's |bO'Donnell's Danu U'Dunnell'sb|a| fam foamous old Du oldublin ale olde Dubel Dubbelin ayle. |aBut |bHolystone Holeystoneb|,a| what do I see In his reins is planted a ½d gaff.
{ms, 090}
Not one but legion. The king of the castle is k.o. The almost rubicund salmon of |aalla| knowledge |ais one palesa| with the yesterworld of
{ms, 089v}
|aBut|b, lo,b| as you |bquaff quaffoffb| of his fraudstuff and sink teeth through |bthe thatb| pyth |b|cof an earthenborn pan of his a flowerwhite bodyc|b| behold of him nowheremore. |bFinnish. |cThe Only ac| fadograph of |cyesterworld's a yesterworldc|.b| Almost rubicund salmon, |bhe ancientb| of the ages of the Agapemonites, he pales to kay oh, loaf, life & schlook, slice & |bgood herring |cgood redherring good ridherringc|b|.a|
{ms, 090}

We may see the brontoichthyan form outlined|a, aslumbered,a| even in our nighttime by the side of the troutlet stream that bronto loved and loves. What though she be in flags |a& ora| flitters, she rowdyrags or sundayclosies, with a mint of money or never a hapenny haypenny hapenny, yerra, we all love all of little Annie Ruiny, or |aI wea| mean to say little |aNanny Annya| Rainy, when under her brella, through piddle & poddle, she ninnygoes nannygoes nancing by. |aThere Yaw!a| Brontolone sleeps & snores |ain Benn Eder & in |bSeipeall of Iseut Seipeall-Iseutb| tooa|. The cranial head |aof hima|, castle of his reason, look yonder. Howth|a!?a| His f clay feet, swarded with verdure, stick up where he last fell on em,
{ms, 091}
by the hump of the magazine wall, where |aMaggy our Maggiesa| seen all, couldn't help it at all with her |asister-in-shawl |bshister-in-shawl sister-in-shawlb|a|. Wile |aover against this belle alliancea| beyind the Ill Sixty, bagsides of the fort, bom, tarabom, tarrarabom, are the ambushes, the scene of the |alying-in-wait lyffing-in-waita| of the |aThreetimesthree upjack & hackumsa|. |xCambrommex| |xSheeps plainx| |xduskx||x, tip,x| |xwillingdonex| |xboynex| |xwaterloox| |xmagentax| |xgoldem spursºx| From here when the clouds roll by|a, jamey,a| a clear view is enjoyable of the |amound's mounding'sa| mass, now |aWilliamstowna| national museum, with in |aaa| greenish distance the charmful waterloose country and they two quitewhite villagettes who |aherea| show herselves so gigglesome minxt the follyages, the pretties! Penetrators are admitted in this museumound free, welshes and |athea| militaries one shellink. For her key supply to the
{ms, 092}
janitrix, the Mistresse Kate. Tip.

This way to the mewseyroom. Mind your |aboot hata| going in. Now yez yiz are in the Willingdone mewseyroom. This is is a |aProoshian gun Prooshious gunza|. This is a ffrinch. Tip. This is the |aflag-o'-the-prushian flag-o'-the-prooshiousa|. This is a bullet that bing the |aflag-o'-the-prooshian flag-o'-the-prooshana|. This is the ffrinch that fire the bull that bang the flag-o'-the-prooshian. Tip. This the hat of lipoleum. Tip. Lipoleum hat. This is |athea| Willingdone on his |awhitea| harse. This |athe biga| Willingdone, |agrand magentic, with his |bgold tin goltinb| spurs, |b& quarterbrass |cshoos shoesc|,b|a| this his big wide harse. Tip. This is the first is |alipoleums three lipoleum boyne grouchinga| in the |alivinga| ditch. |aThis is an inglis, this a scotcher, this a |bwelsh walshe oneb|. |bThis is the |cpeg begc| lipoleum mordering the lipoleum beg. This is the Delian alps sheltershocking the three lipoleums behind a crim crimmealine.b|a| This is the gay first lipoleum boy that spy the |aWillingdone Williamstowna| on his white harse. Tip. |aThe Willingdone is an old many montrumeny mantrumon mantrmen mantrument Mantrumoney Montrumeney Lipoleum is nice |ball youngb| bushellers.a| This
{ms, 093}
is the jinnies |ain the legehorns with the legohornsa| making |atheira| war |aoversides under undisidesa| the Willingdone. |aThis is jinnies cooin her hands. This is jinnies ravin her hair.a| This is the Big Willingdone tallowscoop |a|bupsides obscides onb| the jinniesa|. Tip. |aThis is the |bBelchian Belchiamb| taking a phillipy out of his bottle of Tilsiter.a| This is the jinnies |ahastinga| dispatch to |afontannoya| the Willingdone. |aDear Awthur |bLiffer Leaveherb| Owthura|, field |agates your gaze thea| tiny frow? |aThey think to The jinnies think theya| cotch the Willingdone. |aThis is the Belchiam|b, bonnet & busby,b| breaking the word to the Willingdone.a| This the Willingdone |adispatch hurled dispatchbacka|. Cherry jinny, damn fairy ann, voutre, Willingdone. |aPip. Tip.a| |aThis is the Belchiam |bin his cowashoesb| footing the camp |bto forb| the jinnies. Tip.a| This is |aProoshin rooshinga| balls. This the ffrinch! Tip. |aGuns Gunza|, harses, this is jinnies in |ayellow blootchers their bawn bloochesa|, this is the frinches lipoleums in the |aredditches rowdy hosesa|. |aTip!a| This is the Willingdone order, fire! Tonerre! |aThis is the smokings & |bbannockburns floodenfills & panicburnsb|. This is the Willingdone, he cry, |bBrom! Bromme! Bromme!b| Cambromme! This is rinny |bjinny jinniesb| her runaway |b|cdown a bunkershill dowan a bunkersheelsc|b| cry: |bDunderwetter. Underwetter.b| |bGod strap Finnland Goat strip Finnlambsb|! This is the Willingdone he branlish his tallowscoop on the rinning jinnies rinnaway.a| This is lipoleum |ahennessy hinnessya| that spy the Willingdone on his big white harse.
{ms, 094}
This is the three little lopoleums. |aTip.a| This is the hinnessy |athat spy |blaughing spyingb|a| the Willingdone, this is the |alipsyga| dooley that get the funk from the hinnessy. This is the hindoo Shim Shin |awith his turabinea| between the dooleyboy |ahienaa| & the hinnessy. Tip. This is the Willingdone, he laugh & unread his pick up |afrom the |bfield |cbluttlefield |dbluttlefilth bluddlefilthd|c|b|a| a |aflag-o'-the-ffrinch hat-o'-the-lipoleumsa|. |aThis is the hindoo getting |bmad ranjymadb| for a |bbombshell bombshootb|.a| This is the Willingdone hang the |aflag half of a hata| o' |athea| lipoleum |aon ata| the tail |a|bat onb| the backenda| of his big white |awide whitea| harse. |aThis the harse of the Willingdone wangling his tailiscrupp tailoscrupp |b& the half o'hatb| to the hindoo seeboy.a| This |aisa| the hindoo |ahattermad madrashattaras, upjump & pumpt pumpim, like as he cry to the Willingdone. |bBukkarru! Ap Pukkarru! Pukka Yurep!b| This is the hindooa| he |ashoot the hat of lipoleum off the tail & the blow the whole of the halfa| hat |aof o'a| lipoleum off |athe end of the talea| of the |aback |bbackend backb|a| of the big wide harse. Tip. This way the |amewseyroom mewseyruina|. Mind your boots going out.