1st draft, I.1§1BD draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 99, 98v, 97v, 100-103 Draft details

{ms, 099}


How warming |a'twasa| to have been in there! But how keling is the airabouts here! Such reasonable weather too. The wind is |aso westerly sowesterlya| |aaround the downsa| |a& on every blasted |bknolly-oak knolly-rockb| stuck high there's |ba the sameb| gnarlybird gathering up |bone little true little free little poor little fine little slick little civil little late little nice little swell little a runlittle dolittle preelittle porelittle wipelittle |cpickalittle eatlittle dinelittle kicksalittle waitlittle pinelittlec| kenlittle livealiitle |cleavenalittle aleavenalittlec| pilfalittleb| gnarlybirda|. |aShe never comes out when Thon's |bthere on show in showerb| or when Thon's |ba onb| flash with Thon's tindergirls or when Thon's blowing thonders on Thon's gaelieboys down the gaels of Thon. Her wd be too moochy afeerd I do veer.a|
{ms, 097v}
|xNow she comes, a peacefugle, picking here, pecking therex|
{ms, 098v}
|xPussypussy |aplunderbussy plunderpussya|, it all goes into her nabsack & she |aborrowed the coach's burrowed the coacher'sa| lamp to see. Cartridges & ratlin buttins & nappy boots & |aflags flasksa| of all nations & clavicurds & scapu scampulars & piles of pennies & |amoonlita| brooches with |abloodstaneda| breeks in em & maps & keys & the last sigh that came from the heart & the first sin the sun saw. |aShe brings us her We know all men by these hera| presents from the goneaway past how there'll
{ms, 097v}
be eggs for the brekkers come to mourning. For |awhere there is a gale find gall therewhere's the gale |bseek |cguess findc|b| the galla| & |awhere there's whenthere'sa| a hind |aseek |bhunt seekb|a| the hun.x|
{ms, 099}
The |abest cheapesta| plan is to tour round east & north |a& review the to the review ofa| two mounds. Pardon. Behold this sound of Irish sense. Really? Here English might be seen. Royally? |aunread A sovereigna| punned to paltry pence. Regally? A silence makes a scene. Behold!

Hush! Caution! Echoland!

How charmingly exquisite! It reminds you of the fading |aengraving engravurea| that used to be blurring on the blotchwall of his innkempt house.
{ms, 100}
Used they? |a(I am sure that |btiringb| tramp |bwith the chocolate box|c, Miry Mitchel,c|b| was listening.)a| I say, the remains of the famous gravemures where used to be blurried the Tollmens of the Incabus. Used |ahe wea|? |a(He is only pretending to be |bsounding his bone tugging at the harpb| from a second tired listener), Fiery |bPhil |cFergus Farrellyc|b|)a| It is well known. Look for himself. See? By the mausole mausolime wall. |aFinnfinn Fannfann. Fimfim fimfim.a| With with a grand funferall. Fumfum fumfum!

They will be tuggling forever.
They will be listling forever
They will be pretumbling forever
|aThe harpsichord Their harpsdichorda| will be theirs forever.

|aAnd four things Four things |btherefore these fourb|a|, saith Mamalu Mamalujius |ain his Grand Old Historiorum writ by Borioruma|, sall ne'er fail |ain toa| Dyfflinarsky |atill |btheb| heathersmoke & the cloudweed Eire's isle Sall hidea|. |aAnd here now they are, the |bfour of them four Erinsb|.a| A swellhead |aswelledhead on bulbenhead |bsurmounting surmountedb|a| an alderman. A |aAy, ay!a| A shoe on a poor old woman. |aAh, ho!a| An auburn maid, |aa bridabride,a| to be deserted. |aAdear, adear!a| A pen no weightier than a polepost. |aAnd so. And all.ºa|
{ms, 101}

|aYetº howa| Peaceably eirinical |ain grayquiet, all dimmering |bdowns dunesb| & gloamering glades,a| selfstretches |aafore usa| this freedland's plain. Since the |ahigh olda| times of Hebear and Hairyman the tulipair tulips twolips amass themselves at Rush the cornflowers have been staying at Ballymun |athe blanka|, the |adogrose duskrosea| has chosen choosed out Goatstown crossroads, twolips have pressed togatherthem by sweet Rush, |athe place for twilights townland of twinlightsa|, |aand thea| whitethorn and redthorn have fairygayed the |avalleys mayvalleysa| of Knockmaroon and though, for rings round them during a hundred thousand yeargangs, the Formoreans have brittled the Tooath of the Danes and the |aOxmen have Oxman hasa| been pestered by the Firebugs & the
{ms, 102}
Joynts have |agiven throwna| up wallmaking & Little on the Green is childsfather of the city, |atheir thesea| paxsealing buttonholes have quadrilled across the centuries and here now whiff to us fresh & l |amaid-of-all-smiles made-of-all-smilesa| as on the day of |acombat Killallwhooa|.

The |ababbling of babblers with theira| tongues have been |a& have gone,, theya| were & went, thigging thugs were and houhynam songtoms were & |agumly norgers comely norgelsa| were & pollyfool |afrancees fianceesa|; men have thawed, clerks have |asurssurummed surssurhummeda|, the blond has sought of the brune: Else kiss thou may |amean |bkerryb| piggya|?: and the |aduncle duncledamesa| have countered
{ms, 103}
to the hellish fellows: Who ails tongue coddo|a, aspace |bdumbbeksally dumbbillsellyb|a|?: & they fell upon one another & themselves they |afell have fallena|: yet still |a|bnowanights as all in nights of yoreb| doa| all |aFloras the bold florasa| of the field to their f fauns shyfaun lovers say only: Cull me |aI am ere Ia| wilt to |atheea|, and|a, but a little latera|: Pluck me |aere whilsta| I blush. Well, may they wilt, marry|a, and! Anda| profusedly blush, be troth! For that saying is as old as the howths, wherever you |ahave laya| a whale in a whillbarrow (isn't it the truath I'm tallen ye?) you'll have fins & flippers to shimmy & shake.

Excuse us, Lictor. Can you direct one to the