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The Annals tell bring how

1132 |aAC ABa| Men |alike |bgnats to antsb|a| wondern |aall overa| on a |agroot Widea| Wallfisch |athat lay in a Runnela| and. |a|bBloaty |cBlubber Blubbyc|b| wares |bin upatb| Eblanium.a|

566 |aA.C. B.A.a| On Bell |aBaalfirenacht Ballfireevea| of this year a crone that hadde a wickered kish for to hale |adeada| turves from the bog lookit under the blay of her kish |aas she rana| & found herself |afull |brich sackvulleb|a| of smalle swart |ashoon and goody quickenshoon & smalle illigant broguesa|. |aBluchy works |bin atb| Hurdlesford.a|


566 |aA.D. O.D.a| At that time it came to pass that |amany fair 2 bronzelockeda| maidens grieved to because their |aminions were minion wasa| ravished of them by an ogre Europeus Pius and. |aBloody wars in |bDublin Ballyaughacleeaghballyb|.a|

1132 |aA.D. D.O.a| Two sons at one |atime houra| were born to a goodman & his |awife haga|. They were named |aPrimus & Caddy Caddy & Primasa|. |aPrimus Primasa| was a |agentleman & came of decent sentryman & drilled by
{ms, 101v}
dacenta| people. Caddy was went to Winehouse & wrote a |apiece of fun peace of farcea|. Blotty |aworse wordsa| in Ballyaughacleeagh Ballyaughacleeaghbally for Dublin