1st draft, November 1926, I.1§2A draft level 1

MS British Library 47482a 84v, 83v, 80v, 78v, 77v, 81v Draft details

{ms, 084v}

Stoop, |aif you are abcedminded, |bto this claybook,b|a| what curios of signs, (|apleasea| stoop) |ain this allaphbed,a| a hatch, a celt, an earshare for to the pourquose of which was to cassay the earthcrust |aat all |bofb| hours |bfurrowards & |cbagowards bogowardsc| like |can ox yoxenc| at the turnpathb|a|. Here |aare saya| figurines billicoose arming and mounting. Mounting & arming bellicose figurines |aare there see herea|. |aAnd Futhor,a| this little effingee sta is |afora| a |afirea| fing called a |aflintgun flintforfalla|. |aFace at the eased. O I fay! Face at the waist. Ho you fie! Upwards & down them! face to dace!a| When a piece does |adutya| for the whole we soon get used to an allforabit allphorabit. Here are selveran cued |alittle |bpetty petteetb|a| peas of quite a pecuniar interest inaslittle as they are the pellets that make the |athe |btomtums tomtummy'sb|a| payroll. Right are rocks and with these rocks |arogues orangotangoesa| rangled rough & |arightgoring rightgoronga|. Wisha, wisha, |awhydidthe whydidthaa|?
{ms, 083v}
|aThis Thika| is for thorn that's tuck in its toil like tomfool's |aanger traitor thrusth for vengeancea|. |aWhat a |bmiddenhide's mnice old mness it mnakes, mniddenhide'sb| hoard of abjects! Olives, bats, kimmels, dollies, alfrids, |bpetunread pethersb| gormons daltons |b&b| Owlets' eegs creakish with |bunread |cthe hoopoocough age & nowc|b| quite epsilene & |b|cwaweldy's oldwoldyc|b| wobblewers |bnot handb| worth a wipe |bof ab| grass.a| Sss! See the snake |aworms wurrumsa| everywhere our |adurk durla| bin is sworming with sneaks! Subdivide and sumdolot and but the tale comes out the same |abalifusona|. |aAxe |bplays axe on axe on thwacksb| on |backs thracksb| axewise.a| One by one |aplease placea| one be three and one before. Two nursus one make free tree free and idem behind. What a tale to unfurl & with what an end in view |aof squattor |bantisquattor & postproneantisquattor auntisquattor & postproneauntisquattorb|a|! And to say |athat we are us to bea| all, every tim mick & larry of us, sons of the sod, |asons, littlesons, yea & |bweelittlesons leastlittlesonsb|a| when |awe are not usses not to bea|, every sue, ciss & sally of us, dugters of Jan Nan. |aAccusative ahnsire! Dam blank to infinities!a|
{ms, 080v}

True there was then no |apaper lumpend papeer |bas yetb|a| in the waste and the mountain pen still groaned for the micies to deliver him. You gave me a boot|a|b, (b|Signs on it!|b,)b|a| and I ate the wind. I |atipped quizzeda| you a quid |a(with for what?)a| and you went to quod. But the world, mind, is, was & will be writing its own |arunes wrunes |bfor ever, man,b|a| on all matters that fall under the ban of our senses. A bone, a pebble, a ramskin: chip them, |achop chapa| them, cut them allways: leave them |ato terracooka| in the |aslow of their oven slowth of their mutthering pota|: and the |aday gutenmorga| of |aaa| magnum charter wi must one way dawn else |athere is is therea| no virtue more in
{ms, 078v}
alcohoran. For that is what paper is made of, made of, hides and hints and misses in prints. Till we finally (though not yet for all) meet with |athe acquaintance ofa| Mr Typ, Mrs Top and all the little typtoppies. |aFillstop Fillstapa|. So you need hardly |atell spella| me that every word will |abe bound toa| carry 3 score & ten |atomtypsicala| readings |athrough throughouta| the book of |alife |bBallyliving duble endsb|a| till Daleth, who opened it, closes |athe thereof thea| door.

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{ms, 077v}
till Daleth thereofthe door
{ms, 081v}

The |amovables moviblesa| are |a|bcrawling scrawlingb|a| in motion march marching, all of them are in ago in pitpit & zingzang |a& every little earywig tells a little for every busy eerie whig's aa| bit of a torytale to tell. Of a |aman and of a wife and noarch and a chopwife ora| of a pomme |a|bso fullb| gravea| and a |afamme fammy of levitya| or of |athe goldena| youths that wanted gilding or of the maid |athe miss that made a man what the misschievmiss maide a man doa|. It was of a night. Lissom! lissom! I am doing it. Hark, the corne entreats! And the larpnotes prittle.