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It was one night at a long time ago when |aAdam was delvin & his madami madamene spinning watersiltsa| Sir Howther had his |aburnta| head up in his |abrain hivea| lamphouse |awith laying |bcoldb| hands on himselfa|. And his two little jimminies were |anot yeta| kicking on the oilcloth of the |a|bcashel roomhouse van homerigh homecashel earthenhouseb|a|, Tristopher & Hilary. With their dummy. And who come to the keep of his inn but the |aniece of hisa| prankwench. |aAnd the prankwench picked a rosy one & made her wit forenenst the dour.a| And spoke she to the dour |ain petty perusiennea|: |aI want a cup of porter Why do I like a poss of porterpeasea|. But the dour handworded her |agrace |bin dootch nossowb|a|: Shut. So |ashe her grace o'malicea| snapped up Tristopher and she |aran, ran, ran rain rain raina|. And Sir Howther warlessed after her |ain his Finngallesea|: |aStop deef stop.a| Come back to my Earin |aStopa|. But the she |asware swareded in hera| at to him: |aUnlikely. Unlikelyhood.a| |aAnd there was a brandnewwail |bthat same sabbaothb| somewhere in Erioa| Then the prankwench went for a |ahundred years forty years walka| and she washed the |ascabs blessingsa| off the jiminy and |ashe had her four |bowlersb| monitors for toa| taught him
{ms, 093v}
his tickles and |abrought him she |bwas came raining back |cthrough the westernessc|b| back again in a brace of samersa| back to Sir Howther another night at another time. |aAnd where did she come but to the bar of his bristolry.a| And Sir Howther had his heels |adown drowneda| in his |adra| cellarmalt |ashaking |bwarmb| hands with himselfa| and his little jiminy, Hilary, and his dummy were on the |awatercloth, kissing & spitting tearsheet |bof the cashelb|, wringing & coughing |bin their first infancyb|a|. And the prankwench |asaid to the wicked picked a paly one & made witter before the wickeda|. |aI want 2 cupsa Why do I like 2 poss ofa| porterpeace.
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|aAnd Buta| the wicked handworded |aher gracea|. Shut. Then |athe prankwench her grace o'malicea| put down Tristopher & picked up |awitha| Hilary and she |aran, ran, ran rain, rain, raina|. And Sir Howther bleethered atter her: |aStop |bDeef Damdb| stopa| Come back with my Earring. |aStopa| But she swareadid to him: Am liking it. |aAnd there was a funtold grandnewwail |bthat altarsame sobbaothb| somewhere in Erio.a| Then the prankwench went for a hundred years |awar walk |bwith Hilaryb|a| and she punched |aholes in curses intoa| him & |ashe had her four |blarksicalb| monitrix toa| taught him his tears & then she went |awith her |bLarryat Larryhillb|a| for another hundred years walk & |abroughta|
{ms, 087v}
|ain a pair of changes she wasa| back to Sir Howther. |aAnd why did she halt at all, but by the ward of his mansionhome |banother a third time for the third charmb|a|. Sir Howther had his |ahead hurricane hipsa| up to his pantrybox and his little jiminy |aTristopher Toughertreesa| & the dummy were belord on the tarsheet watercloth, kissing & spitting, |a|b& roguing & poghuingb| in their second infancya|. And the prankswench |asaid to the Gate she picked a blank & made her wittest in front of the |bArchway Arkwayb| of Triumph & askeda|: Why |aam I like 3 cupsa do I like 3 possa| porterpeace And Sir Howther came |a|bhip hipb| handicapa| out |aof the gate through his arkwaya| as far |aas long as he could of his 3 cashels |byellow green blue red orange violet hair all in his |cbroadginger civic chollar &c| allbuffshirt like a |credwary redyellinc| orangeman in his violet indigonation |c|dby the whole length of the strength to the whole longth of the strongthd| of his bowman's billc|b|a|. |aAnd he put his rude hand to his |bhackneyseat E C Haitchb|. |bAnd he ordered And his thick speech spuck for herb| to shut up shop|b, dammyb|. And the dummy shot the shutter down and they all drank free.a| And |athis thata| was the first peace of porter |aof illiterative porthery in the whole floodinga|. The prankwench was to |aget the dummy hold her dummyshipa| & the jiminies was to keep their |apeace peacewavea| & |athe Sira| Howther was to get the wind up.