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{ms, 032}

|1⇒ Lissom, lissom!1|

It was of a night |1at a long time agone, late, lang time agone in an auld auldstane eld1| when Adam was delvin and his |1madame madameen1| spinning watersilts |1when big mountin man was everybully and the first leal |awoman everybilly ribberrobber everybuddya| else to his |amakina| eyes and when |aeverybully everybillya| lived |aand loved alovea| with everybiddy else1| and |1Sir Howther Jarl van Houther1| had his burnt head high up in his lamphouse, laying cold hands on himself. And his two little jiminies, cousins of ours, Tristopher and Hilary, were not yet kickaheeling |1their dummy1| on the oilcloth flure of his homerigh, cashel and earthenhouse. And|1, be dermot,1| who come to the keep of his inn only the niece of his, the prankquean? And the prankquean |1picked pulled1| a rosy one and made her wit forenenst the dour. |1And she lit up.1| And spoke she to the dour in her petty perusienne: |1Mark the Wans,1| Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease? |1And that was |athe first of howa| the skirtmisshes |abegana|.1| But the dour handworded her grace in dootch nossow: Shut. So her grace o'malice |1snapped up his jiminy kidsnapped up the jeminy1| Tristopher and out into the |1shandy1| westerness she rain, rain, rain. And Jarl van Houther warlessed after her |1with soft dovesgall1|: Stop deef stop come back to my earin stop. But she swaradid to him: Unlikelihut. And there was a brandnewwail that same sabboathº |1night of falling angles1| somewhere in Erio. And the prankquean went for her forty years' walk |1in |aTourlemonde Tourlemoundea|1| and she washed the blessings |1of the lovespots1| off the jiminy |1with |aher soapa| sulliver's |abubbles suddlesa|1| and she had her four owlers masters for to taught him his tickles |1|aand she convorted him |bto the onesure allgoodb|a| and he became a luderman1| and then she started to rain
{ms, 033}
and to rain and|1, be |adormot red toma|,1| she was back again |1with at1| Jarl van Houther's in a brace of samers |1and the jiminy with her in her pinafrond1| |1of another lace at1| night at another time. And where did she come but to the bar of his bristolry. And the Jarl had his |1baretholobruised1| heels drowned in his cellarmalt, shaking warm hands with himself, and the jiminy hilary and the dummy, in their first infancy, were below on the tearsheet, wringing and coughing|1, like brodar and histher1|. And the prankquean |1picked |apulled nippeda|1| a paly one and |1lit up again &1| she made her witter before the wicked, saying: |1Mark the |aTwunread Twya|1| Why do I |1am1| alook alike two poss of porterpease? And: Shut, says the wicked, handwording her |1modesty1|. So her |1grace o'malice modesty a'forethought1| set down a jiminy and took up a jimminy and |1all the |alilipatha| ways to Woeman's land she1| rain rain rain with her hillary hollary. And the Jarl bleethered atter her |1with a loud finegale1|: Stop damb stop come back with my earring stop. But the prankquean swaraded: Am liking it. And there was a fineold
{ms, 034}
grandnewwail that altarsame |1sabbaoth laurency night of starshootings1| somewhere in Erio. And the |1prankwench prankquean1| went for |1a her1| forty days walk |1blank1| and she punched the curses |1of cromcruwell1| |1with the nail of a top1| into the jiminy and she had her four larksical monitrix to taught him his tears |1and |ashe convorted him to the onecertain allserenea| and he became a tristian1| and then she started raining raining and in a pair of changers|1, be |ared tom dom tera|,1| she was back again at the Jarl's and her larryhill with her |1in her abromette1|. And why would she halt at all |1only if not1| by the ward of his |1mansionhouse mansionhome1| of another |1night nice lace1| for the third charm. And the Jarl van Houther had his hurricane hips up to his pantrybox |1ruminating in his all four stomachs |a(Dare! O dare!)a|1| and the jiminy Toughertrees and the dummy were belor below on the watercloth, kissing and spitting and roguing and poghuing |1like knavepaltry and |anaivbride naivebridea|1| and in their second infancy. And the |1prankwench prankquean1| picked a blank |1& lit out1| and she made her wittest in front of the arkway of triumph, asking: |1Mark the Tris1| Why do I alook alike three poss of porterpease?
{ms, 035}
|1And |aBut that was |bthe last of her skirtmisshes how the skirtmisshes beg |cended enduppedc|b|.a| For like the Campbells coming with a lance of lightning1| van Houten himself|1, the |aolda| terror of the dames,1| came hip hip handihip, out through the |1opened1| arkway of his three |1shuttoned1| castles, in his |1gingerbroad broadginger1| hat and his civic chollar and his allabuff shurt like a |1red rudd1| yellan |1gruebleen1| orangeman in his violet indigonation to the whole longth of the strongth of his bowman's bill. And he |1clapped clopped1| his rude hand to his |1E.C. Haitch eacy hitch1| and he ordered and his thick |v1speech spichv1| spuck for her to shut up shop, dammy. And the dummy shot the shutter up and they all drank free. And that was the first peace of illiterative porthery in the whole |1flamend1| floody |1flatuous1| world. The prankquean was to hold her dummyship and the jiminies was to keep the peacewave and van Houther was to get the wind up. |1For Thus1| the hearsomeness of the burger felicitates the whole of the polis
{ms, 036}

O phenix culprit! Ex nickylow cometh good. Hill |1and rill we see but, rill, once in company |abilleted,a| less be proud of. |aBreast |bit highb| and bestride!a| Only |afor thata|1| they will not |1speak the secret of their silentness breethe the secrest of their sourcelessness1|. Quarry silex, |1Homfrius Homfrie1| Noanswa? Undy festiknees, Livia Noanswa? Wolkencap is on |1his head him, frowned1|: |1audiurient,1| he would |1hear |aevesdrop evesdrip were it |bmice mouse at handb|, were it dinned din of bottles |bin the far earb|a|1|: |1Murk,1| his vales are darkling!: |1with lipth1| she lispeth lithpeth to him |1ever and ever all the time1| of thow and thow of thuch and thuch and thow and thow: she he she ho she ha to la: hairfluke, if he could but twig her!: he is impalpabunt, he abhears. |1The soundwaves are his buffeteers: they trompe him with their trompes: the wave of roaring and the wave of hooshed and the wave of bawahawrd and the wave of |adontmindthesefellowsbutlistentome neverheedthemhorseluggarsandlistletominea|.1| Perpetrified in his offsprung, the moaning piper |1tells could tell1| him to his |1face how only for him faceback how butt for his |aolda| butt1| there would not be a spier on the town or a vestal in the dock, no, nor a |1you yew1| nor an eye |1to play |acatch catch cash casha|1| in |1old1| nilbud now by swamplight nor a'toole
{ms, 037}
a'tall |1a'tall1| and noddy hint to the convaynience. He sweated his |1crowd crew |a|bin beneathb| the auspice for the livinga|1| and |1he1| urned his dead and |1he1| made louse for us |1& delivered us to boll weevils amain1| and begad he did |1till his |ain his windower's housea| with a |ablush blushmantlea| upon him from1| earsend to earsend. And be the hooky |1salmon sammon1| there's a big |1rody1| lad now |1|aat randoma| on the premises1|, |1I am told as it's told me, flourishing1| like a lord mayor |1on show (for show)1|, the height of |1a brewer's Brewster's1| chimpney, humphing his showlders like he's such a grandfallar with a pockedwife |1in pickle that's a flyfire1| and three |1sly little lice nittle1| clinkers, two |1twin twilling1| bugs and one |1pucell midget pucelle1|, and either he did what you know or he did not what
{ms, 038}
you know |1|awith weepa| the clouds above for |awitness |bweeping smilingb| witnessesa|1| and that'll do now but however that may be 'tis sure for one thing that he|1, overseen as we thought him,1| came to at this place some time on another in a hull of a wherry and has been repeating himself like fish ever since an as also |1|afor all batin thea| bulkihead |ahe bloats about, |bthe thatb| innebbiate,a|1| that he was |1of1| humile commune & ensectuous |1from1| nature, as his you may guess |1from after1| his byname, & that he is he & no other he who |1is primarily responsible will be ultimendly respunchable1| for the |1high hall1| cost of everything.