1st draft, October 1923, I.2§2 draft level 0

MS British Library 47471b 1-3 Draft details

{ms, 001}

|s0Guiltless he was clearly for so once at least he clearely |awith a brave outlander's burra| declared himself to be |a& we know that it is truea|. They tell the story that |aone fine spring one |bwhistling |chappy-go-gusty happy-go-blowyc|b| Aprila| morning some years after the alleged misdemeanour whis whilst |acrossing |bswinging billowingb| acrossa| the fair expanse of the park |ain his |bbillowy rubberisedb| invernessa| he met a cad with a pipe. The latter accosted him to ask if he could say what it was O clock that the clock struck|a, had he any ideaa|. Earwicker |arealising |bas on fundamental principlesb| the supreme importance of physical life & being unwishful to be plugged by |ba leaden the sap'sb| bullet sending him to eternitya| halting |adrew his enamelled hunter quick on the draw produced his shrapnel Waterbury |bfrom his gun pocketb| and hearing |babove the skirling of |cold sharpc| Mother Eastb| old Fox Goodman working the tenor bell in the speckled church,a| and told the cad it was |atwelve to the minute punctually twelvea| adding however that the accusation against him had been made as was well known by a creature in human form who was several degrees lower than a snake. In support of his words the |ahonest flaxena| goliath blank tapped his chronometer and blank pointed |aa Berlin gauntleta| to the dukes overgrown milestone as he said solemly: |acredit me |bsir my friendb|. |bI have won |cstraightc|. Hence my nationwide business.b|a| I am prepared to stand take my stand |aon upona| the monument any |ahygienica| day at this hour and to declare |abefore upon the open bible before the Great Taskmaster's eye & in the presence ofa| the deity |a& my immediate neighboursa| and my fellows |a|bin every corner on this globe in generalb| & to |bevery each livingb| soul acquainted with the British tonguea| that there is |ano not onea| tittle of truth in that purest of fabrications. The cad |aperceiving that he had to do with a clear postpuberal hyperpituitary type,a| thanked him |afor the time of day |bnot a little surprised, all the same, that that was all the time it wasb|a| and repeated the words that same evening at his fireside where he |awas smoking reflectively spat in in museful thoughta| after having eaten some |aboileda| peas |aand witha| vinegar |aa dish a platefula| he much fancied. |aThe aftertale has it thata| The next evening but one the cad's wife spoke of the matter after sadalityº meeting to the Revernedº |athea| director, a fresh complexioned
{ms, 002}
clergm clergyman and it was he in all hamanº probability |awho, seized of the facts,a| was overheard |aby accident — if indeed it was an accident —a| to repeat the words |sain an undertonesa| to a layteacher of natural science |ain the middle 40'sa| during a priestly flutter |afor safe & sane betsa| on the race course of baldoyle |a|bon the day when on a date easily capable of remembrance by all |cturfitesc| whenb|a| the portmarnock plate was |awon captured |bafter a |cclean cleverc| getawayb|a| by a full length |afrom Bold Boy Cromwella| by Captain Blounts fresh colt drummer coxon at even money at short odds.
{ms, 002v}
|aIt was 2 coves of the name of Treacle Tom |b& his blood & milk brotherb| & Frisky Shorty off the hulks what was on the bum for |ba an oofbird with good for ab| jimmygogblin jimmygoblin |bor a small thick unb| as heard this reverend gent make use of the language which he was having a gurgle |bon his ownb| along of the bloke in the specs.a|
{ms, 002}
Now, |ait was the habit Thisa| Treacle Tom |ato whom reference has been madea| had been absent from his usual |awild & woollya| haunts for some time previously (he was in the habit of frequenting common lodging-houses where he slept in a nude state in strange |abeds shakedownsa|) but returning on Baldoyle night |ato |bhis house of call atb| Block Z, Pump Square, The Liberties |bhe sought his |cwarmc| bedb|a| he repeated the tale more than once during uneasy slumber and in the hearing of |aa balladmonger and a a dischargeda| drapery executive |aout of work for the moment O'Donnell Peter Cloran,a| |aO'Donnell a secretary of no fixed abode who had passed several nights in a doorwaya| and |aHostya| an illstarred |astreetsinger buskera| who |afeeling suicidal,a| had been tossing on his doss in the hope of soon |afinding ways & means for blowing getting a loan of some chap's parabellum to go & find some |aquieta| dive somewhere off the main tram line & blowa| the napper off himself |ain peace & quietnessa|. |aHe having been trying for over a year to get into Jervis Street hospital without having been able to wangle it anyway.a| |aO'Donnell |b& Peter Cloran |cas an understood thing,c|b| slept in the |bsame bed one bunkb| with hostya| |aand the housewife dawn-of-all-work had not been many hours furbishing potlids, doorbrasses, scholars' applecheeks & horny buttonsa| when day dawned |athat busker was the busker & his |bbedmates bedroom suiteb| werea| up and afoot |acrosstowna| thrumming his |asquare crewtha| fiddle and after a visit to a public house |a|bnear not 1,000 miles fromb| Parnell's statue |bin company of two casuals where the trio were joined by another casual & a decent sort who had just pocketed his weekly insultb| where all had stimulants |b|cin the shape of gee and gees stood by the decent sortc| at the decent sort's expense |c& came out of the licensed premises wiping their mouth on their sleevesc|b|a| the world was the richer for a new halfpenny ballad |afirst sung |bfrom the under the shadow of theb| monument of the dead legislator to an |baudience overflow meeting fully filling the visional areab| representative of every section of the Irish people |branging from slips of boys |cwith pocketed hands, ladychairs, a few old souls obviously under the spell of liquorc| |c& emergency men in search of an honest crustc| to busy professional gentlemenb|a|. |aWord went round &a| This on a slip of blue paper headed by a woodcut|a?a| soon fluttered |aon highway & bywaya| to the rose of the winds from lane to lattice and from mouth to ear throughout |athe 5 corners ofa| the land of Ireland. And
{ms, 003}
round the land his rann it ran and this is the rann that Hosty made: