2nd draft, November 1923, I.2§3 draft level 1

MS British Library 47472 117-118 Draft details

{ms, 117v}

Sure leave it to Hosty, frosty Hosty, leave it to Hosty for he's the man that'll run the rann the wran of all wr ranns

Have you heard of one Humpty Dumpty
How he fell with a roll and a rumble
And lay low like lord Oliver Crumple

By the back of the magazine wall

of the magazine wall

magazine wall

He was one time our King of the castle
Now he's kicked about like |1any a1| rotten |1old1| parsnip
And from Green street |1he'll be sent1| by |1the1| order of His Worship

He'll be sent to the |1penal1| jail of Mountjoy,

To the jail of Mountjoy,

Jail him and joy

He had schemes by the score for to bother us
Slow coaches and stagparks for the populace
Mare's milk for the sick, eight |1dry1| Sundays a week

Openair love and religion's reform

And religion's reform

Hideous in form

Arrah why, says you, couldn't he manage it?
I'll go bail, my big dairyman darling,
Like the bumping bull of the Cassidys

All your butter is in your horns

Your butter is in your horns

Butter his horns
{ms, 118}

He was strolling beyond by the monument,
Poor big humpedy hippopotamus
|1When they opened Somebugger let down1| the backdoor of the omnibus

And he caught his death of fusiliers

Caught his death of fusiliers

|1And1| he'll |1lose his ears get six years1|.

'Tis a sore pity for his |1poor two1| little children
But look out for his missus legitimate
When |1she that frew1| gets a grip of Old Earwicker

T Won't there be earwigs on the green

Big earwigs on the green

All over the green

Then we'll have a |1grand free trade1| band & mass meeting
For to sod the brave son of Scandinavia
And we'll buryº down in Oxmanstown

Along with the devil and d Danes

With the devil & Danes

|1To hell with the The devil's own1| Danes

And not all the King's men |1and nor1| his horses
Will resurrect his corpus
For there's no true spell between Connacht & hell

That's able to raise a cain Cain.

|1It was during some fresh water garden pumping
Or, according to the Newsletter, while admiring the monkeys
That our heavyweight heathen Humphrey

Made bold a maid to woo

A maid he would woo

and wooed her too1|

|1|aWe Hea| ought to be ashamed of |ahim himselfa|, the old hayhaired philosopher,
To shove himself that way on top of her
Begob, he's the crux of the catalogue

Of our prize pathological zoo,

Pathological zoo,

Who woo's in the zoo1|
{ms, 118v}

|1O bad scran to the wave brought to our island
That hooker with the hammerfast vikings

|1Where from? roars Poolbeg. Cookingha'pence, he bawls, wit a wipin'faminy
Fingal, MacOscar, Onesime, Bargearse, Boniface
That's my true Norwegian moniker

And I'm a true Norwegian cod

A norwegian cod

Egregious cod1|

|1We've had chops, chairs, chewinggum, chickenpox & china chambers
Universally provided by this softsoaping salesman
Small wonder Here Comes Everybody our local lads nicknamed him

When Chimpden took the floor

And he took the floor

O'er & O'er1|

|1So snug he was in his hotel premises sumptuous
But soon we bonfire all his trash & his trumpery
And 'tis short till sheriff Clancy'll be winding up his unlimited company

With the bailiff's bum at the door

With his bum at the door

He'll bum no more1|