1st draft, late 1926-early 1927, I.4§1B draft level 3

MS British Library 47471a 6v, 3v, 2v, 1v, 7v, 8v Draft details

{ms, 006v}

Though The hilarious hilariohoot of Pegger's Windup contrasted so neatly with the tristitone of the the wet pinter's as were they opposites, evolved by |athe powers a powera| of nature & spirit as the sole means & condition of its manifestation, polarised for reunion by the symphysis of their antipathies. Distinctly different were their destinies.
{ms, 003v}

|aWhereasa| While the maidies of the bar clustered fluttered & flattered around the willingly pressed, complimenting him on having all his senses about him, sticking hyacinths in his h curls, & bringing busses to his cheeks, legando round his nice new neck for him & pizzicando at his |awillywags woollywagsa| it was not unobserved by the co their worships that |afor bya| one among all |awith wild gentian of the |bhills |cMakegiddcullingc| reeksb|, ina| unmixed admiration he seemed blindly, mutely, hands over ears speechlessly |afascinated when she enamourate |bwhile withb| herupon heruponhima| shining aminglement, the shay of his shifting into the shimmering of hers till the |awilda| wishwish of her shashay melted |amoista| musically mid the |adarka| deepdeep of his shayshaun.
{ms, 002v}

|a|bAnd whereasb| Distracted by |bwhy for was not just this, |cin effect,c| which had just caused that the effect of that which it had caused to occur)b|a| The four judges |aUnchus, Munchus, Uncius, Muntius,a| Punchus and Pylax |aput their wigs together buta| could |adoa| no more than pass the usual sentence of Nolans Brumans & King |ahaving murdered all the English he knewa| left his |acourt tribunal scotfreea| trailing his tunic |ain his hurry |b& |cthereinunderc| proudly showing off the |cblankc| patch |con toc| his britgitsb|a|. |aOn Toa| the Swiss bobbyguard's curial but |acourtly courtlikea|: Commodore valley O hairy |aArthere Arthrya| jennyrosy?: the firewaterloover |areplied returteda| with such a |avinesmellinga| fortytudor ages |arowdawnham rawdownhamsa| tanyouhide that all the |atwofromthirtya| advocatesses within echo pulling up their briefs sock pa jus |asimply & safely safely & soundlya| soccered him |aimprumptu umprumptua| rightaway |alike hames |bto Drinkbottle Dingy Dwellingsb|a| like the muddy goalbird who he was, conclaiming: Hon! Verg! Putor! Nau! Putor! |aSham! Schams!a| Shames!
{ms, 001v}

So there you are |anowa| they were, the four of them, sitting |ain their judge's chambersa| around their old |atraditionala| tables of the law |aunder the auspices of Lollya| to talk it all over & over again. Festy and hyacinth and gentian and |anot to forget a'dunaa| o'darnel, that was four of them and thank Court now there were no more of them. So pass the push for port sake. Be it |anow soona|. |aAh ho!a| And |aI knew do you remembera| his father |athe same |bin his monapoleumsb|a| behind the war of the two roses, before he got his |apapera| dispensation from the poke, old Minster York, |a& I minda| the smell of him like the |avitriol vetriola| works of a windy day & the |a|bO'Brine O'Brinyb|a| rossies |athe O'Moyly graciesa| chaffing |ahis redface him bluchface |b& playing him pranksb|a|. How do you do, North Mister? Get into my way! till they had |ahim the mon |btimed to the hifork pitch ofb|a| fit to be tried. Ah, dearo me forsale forsailorshe! Yerra, why'd
{ms, 007v}
she heed that old gasometer & his hooping coffin |a|b& his dying boosy coughb| & all the |bboys birdsb| of the south side after her, Minxy Cunningham, jimmies & johnnies to be her joa|? Sure, I well remember him H2CE3 that'd take your breath away. Gob, I knew him well |aasa| meself too. |aComing up the east end heaving up the Kay Wall |bby the 32 to 11b|a| with his limelooking |abags horsebagsa|, |aOld Whitehorse the Whiteside Kaffira| with his painted voice |apuffing |boutb| brown cabbagea|. |aThaw him a gull, me pausdeen fiunn!a| Gomorro, |asays sesa| he, |aLankyshy Lankyshiesa|! Bugger ye! ses I. O, breezes west! When I had her |afirsta| when I was in my grandfather & that was up Sycomore Lane. |aArrah,a| Nick, ses she, you've the nock, ses she, |awith your poghue, ses she, yerrah, says she,a| I'd sooner |asip toa| yr mountain dew to kiss me than that old brewer's belch.
{ms, 008v}

And so they went on, unquam & nunquam & linseed & colic, about the whosebefore and the wheresafter & all the scandalmonkers |a& the poor craigsa| that used to be at that time living & lying |a& ratinga| & riding round Nunsbelly Square. And contradrinking themselves. I differ with ye! Are you sure of that now? You're a liar, excuse me! I will not & you're another! And Lully holding the breach of the peace for them. To give & to take. |aAnd to forgo the pasta| Ah, now, it was too bad to be falling out over |athe the shape of thea| ourang's time! Well, all right Lully! And shakeahand. And schenk us more. For Craig sake. |aAh, well! Be it soak!a|