1st typescript, January 1924-early 1927, I.4§2 draft level 3

MS British Library 47472 161-162 Draft details

{ms, 161}

Even should not the framing up of such fiction in the evidential order bring any truth to light in good time as fortuitously as some false setting of a starchart might (heaven helping it) uncover the presence of an unknown body in chaos of space the soundest opinion now holds that by so playing possum our |3highest common hagious curious3| ancestor most effectually saved his brush for posterity. |3Dogs Gundogs3| of all breeds were speaking with pronounced interprovincial accents, hot to run him on a scent breasthigh, keen for the worry|3,. From Mullinahob & Peacockstown, then bearing R upon Tankardstown, the outlier, which some had almost mistaken for a bear, led them a chace & thence thro Raystown & Harlockstown to Tankardstown again. A very hare for doubling to Cheeverstown they raced him, through Loughlinstown and Nutstown to wind him by the Boolies.3| but from the good |3Friday view when3| he last was |3viewed lost |ain full coat |band ticker pads |cupon ye hill of Rutc|b|a|3| pointing for |3home his rooming house3| in his sevenmile rolltop boots a deaf fox's |3wisdom volponism3| kept him safe in covert, miraculously ravenfed and buoyed up |3in rumer, reticule, onasum & abomasum3| upon the creamclotted sherriness of cinnamon syllabub. |3Hence hounds hied home.3| Preservative perseverance in the reeducation of his intestines was thus the rebuttal whereby he sort of got the big bulge on the whole bunch of spasoakers in that sometime |3onestreet town oneunreadstreet pretown3|. Vainly virulence, violence and vituperation sought wellnigh utterly to end the interregnum of the great shipping mogul and underlinen overlord.

And |3men assemblymen3| murmured. |3Reynard, is slow!3|

|3Sparks flew One feared for his days.3| He had laid violent hands on himself, |3it was brought in Fugger's Newsletter,3| lain down, all in, fagged out,º with equally melancholy death. |3Big went the bang: then |aall wildwidea| was quiet: |ahis posteri followed his posteriors to all postremity all he missed!a| |aA report: Silence: then Fama put it |bon the air under etherb|. The noise or the quiet lull had driven him blem blem, stone blem.a| Sparks flew.3| He had |3left fled again (open shunshema!)3| this country |3of exile3| |3sloughed off home3| via a subterranean tunnel shored with bedboards |3stowed in a Dutch bottom |aand was now occupying a physical body in blanka|3|. Peacefully general astonishment assisted by sorrow had put a term to his existence: he saw the soggarth, resigned himself, |3put off his body,3| was taken and comforted by his Maker. |3Chirpings crossed.3| An infamous private ailment |3(variovenereal) (vulgovariovenereal)3| had claimed him |3and, closed his vicious circle, snap3|. He had walked into |3a cool pond the middle of an ornamental lilypond3| while intoxicated up to the point where braced shirts meet knickerbockers when |3ten rodmen's3| firstaiding hands had rescued him from very possibly seven feet of demifresh water. |3|aMush spread.a| |aIn Ona| Umbrella Street a kind workman gave him a piece of wood. |aCracklings crickled. A human pest cycling about the |bsledgyb| streets |bof the gardencityb| blanka|3| |3Morse nuisance noised.3| He was loose at large and might be anywhere |3by the pike of Talltollhouse at the fork of |a4 cahira| roads,3| when a disguised nun |3Mother Gygasta3| of huge build and masculine manners |3attracted attention hattracted hattention3| in |3an omnibus a hominibuzz3|. Aerials |3buzzed bizzed to coastal listeners3| of |3a an eartax collector's budget and3| bloody antichill cloak, its tailor's tab reading V.P.H., and several shivered to think what manner of beast|3, wolves, croppies or fourpenny friars,3| had
{ms, 162}
devoured him. |3C.W. cast wide.3| On his postern |3at Whitweekend3| had been nailed |3a an inked up3| title|3, inscribed in the national cursives, |aaccelerated regressive filiform & turreted,a| and envemoned in piggotry3|: Move up, |3Dumpty Mumpty3|! Make room for |3Humpty Rumpty3|! |3By order, N3|: and this go|3,3| no |3mistake pentecostal jest about it,3| there had been real murder, the boys it was that done him in. Indeed not a few thick and thin wellwishers even went so far as to buy or loan copies of the evening |3editions triweeklies3| so as to make sure of his |3being having become3| genuinely quite dead |3by land or by water3|. |3Transocean atalaclamoured him: The latter! The latter! He lay under leagues of it in Bartholomew's Deep.3| But on the morrow morn of the suicidal murder of the unrescued expatriate a quarter to nine o'clock saw the infallible spike of smoke |3plume jutstiff3| punctual from the seventh gable |3of his buttertower3| and ten thirsty p.m., the lamps of maintenance |3innhalb of the ziggurat3| being lighted for the long night, a suffusion of |3transom and3| leadlight panes. Wherefore let it hardly by any thinking being be either said or thought that the prisoner of that sacred edifice was at his best a |3onestone3| parable merely |3|alike that toucanbird which is shorter than |bhis 'sb| own beak,a| a rude breathing on the deep of to be,3| or, more strictly, |3H.C.E. a nonens but tristurned initials, the cluekey to an allness beyond all,3| for not one|3, or pathetically few,3| of his contemporaries cared seriously |3seriously3| or for long to doubt of his |3legitimate canonicity3| existence as a tesseract.

And women wondered. |3Was he fast?3|

|3Now listen to one aneither And |alessthendown &a| smoothen out your leaves of rose (the war is 'oer blank3| Who, but who |3(for second time of asking)3|, was then the scourge |3of in the parts about3| Lucalizod, it was wont to be asked, as in |3long3| ages behind |3of the Homo Capite Erectus3| |3where is what price3| Peabody's money |3(to put it bluntly, where is the harrington's white cravat?)3| and in epochs more |3to the front cainozoic3| who struck Buckley though nowadays every |3schoolgirl schoolfilly of sevenscore moons or so |aand every colleen |bbawnb| aroof |b& every |credflannelwaving redflammelwavingc| warwife and widowpeace upon Dublin Wall for everb|a|3| by now has learnt to know how it was Buckley who struck and the Russian general in place of Buckley who was struck by him when by himself. |3Was it Unity Moore or Estella Swifte or blank3| What fullpay poison spy, or which hatefilled woman? And that such a vitriol of venom a quiet stamp could cover! The lounge lizards of the pumproom had their nine days' jeer when still believing that the upper half of her face |3was and her impermanent waves were3| the best part of her one nearer him, dearer than all|3, she who had given |aan hera| eye for a blank and |aher aa| tooth for a child, woman of the man of the house and mother of |aalla| the mackavicks, she who will not rast |ahera| from |ahera| running |ato seek hima| till |asucha| times |athata| she shall have |ahidden been after hidinga| the crumbends of his enormousness in the areyou lookingfor |apearly Pearlfara| sea,3| stood forth |3dragging the countryside in her train,3| to crush the slander's head. |3Notre dame la Ville, mercy of thy balmheartsyheat! Wery Wee |aOne Wighta|, |apray pleada| for Morandmor3|