1st draft, June-July 1927, I.6§1A draft level 0

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12 C
{ms, 116}



|aHow Whoa| do you no to |anow nigha|, lazy and gentleman?

The |aanswer echoa| is |awherea| in the |abalk backa| of the wodes; |acallhim forth call himfortha|.

(Shaun MacIrevick, briefdragger, of for the concern of Jhon Jhamiesen and Song, rated |aonehundred onehundricka| and thin per storehundred on this nightly quizquiquok of the twelve apostrophes set by Johnn Jacky |aJocky Jockita| MicEarweak. He |aHe misunderstruck |b|cthe anc| aim ofb| number three of them and |bplaced his leftb| correct replies to four of them in their |bincorrect order natural disorderb|.a|

3. Which is the truest title for that Tiec for Teac which is not whichcraft whichcroft not Ousterholm not Haraldsby
{ms, 117}

1) What secondtonone myther |abuilder rector & bridgesmakera| was the first to rise taller through his |atale beanstalea| than the bluegum bo baobabbaum or the |agiganteousa| Wellingtonia Sequoia, went nudiboots into a |aliffey liffeyettea| when she was barely in her |astreams |btrickles trickiliesb|a|, was |awella| known to |awear clouta| a conciliationcap on the esker of his hooth, |asports |ban a chainganger'sb| albert over his |bhullender'sb| epulence,a| had sevenal |asuccessive |bsuccessivefull colouredb|a| serevanmaids on the same |aparlour hearthrug |bbigb| white drawingroam horthruga|,
{ms, 118}
killed |ahimself his own hunger hungery selfa| as a young man |ain angera|, |abred manyheaded |bsons stepasonsb| and |bab| leapyourown daughter, |b& appeared to the shecook,b|a| found food for |ahisa| five when |athe market allmarkena| was goflooded, |abrewed presseda| the beer of |asapientia ale agea| out of the nettles of rashness, put a roof on the |ahouse lodgea| for |aGod Hymna| and a coq in |athe hisa| pot for homo, was waylaid by a parker and beshotten by a buckeley, kicks lenti lintels to when he's cuppy and |agives |bchucks castsb|a| Jacob's
{ms, 119}
to |athe hisa| childer on the parish, owns the bulgiest bungbarrel that was ever tiptapped in the |a|bprivate privace ofb|a| Mullingar Inn, hears the cricket on the earth |aand buta| annoys the life out of |apreachers predicantsa|, made Man with |ajutsa| one jerk and minted money |awith monga| many, |ablows whiskery |babout aroundb| the heads but thinks stout upon his feet, |bwas dubbed out of joke and limned in raw ochre,b|a| stutters when he falls and |agets up goes mad entirelya| when he's waked,
{ms, 120}
is |aTim in Timb toa| the pearly morn and Tomb |ain the weeping by the mourninga| night and |aif thougha| he had all the |a|bred bakedb|a| bricks of |aboulda| Babylon |a|bfor tob| his lusting |bplaces placysb|a| he'd |abeen eying |bbeen ogling be lost for the want ofb|a| |aa poor old an ould wubblina| wall?

Answer — Finn MacCool!

2. Does your mutter know your mike?

Answer —

|aWhen I turn me optics

From such urban prospects

To |b'Tis with swelling bosom

'Tis my filial bosom's prideb|

To behold with pride

To behold

That pontificator

And circumvallator

With his dam so garrulous

All by his side.

Annealive, the lisp of her

Would make mountains whisper her

And the bergs of Iceland

Melt in waves of fire

And her spoon |bmeb| spondees

and her |bmeet me yonders dickle-me- drickle-me-yondeesb|

Make |bthe rageousb| Ossean |bkneel to her kneelb|

And quaff a lyre.a|

If |ashe's plain she's |bhe's |cDan's Dann'sc|b| plane Ann'sa| purty, if |ashe's fain |bIf she's he'sb| fanea| she's flirty, if she's if he's dane she's dirty w with |aher hair in her auburna| streams, and her |acool cajolery coy cajoleriesa|
{ms, 121}
and her |adarkish drollery |bdarkeyed dabblinb| drolleriesa|, for to rouse his rudderup, or to drench his dreams. If |agreat |bwise hotb|a| Hammurabi, and |aEcclesiastes |bcold cowldb| Clesiastesa|, could |abut hear her prattlings, faith, they'd rise amain, to |bbut catch her prankquips espy her pranklettesb|, they'd break bounds again, anda| renounce their ruings, and denounce their doings foriver and for river |amid anda| river, and a night. Amen!

3. Which |ais the truest title title is the true-to-type motto-in-lieua| for that Tiec for Teac |athatchmenta| which is not Whichcroft not Ousterholm |aDreyschlussa| not Haraldsby, |aGrocera|, not Vatandcan, |aVintner,a| not Houseboat and Hive,
{ms, 122}
not |aKnox-at-a-Belle Knox-atta-Bellea| not O'Faynix Coalprince not Wohn Squarr |aRoomyegg Roomyecka| not Ebblawn Downes not Le Decer Le Mieux not Benjamin's Lea not Tholomews |aHaddington Whaddingtuna| |anot Antwarp not blank not Byrne's not Weir'sa| not the The Arch not the The Smug not The |aDutch Dotcha| House not The |aOval Uvala| not Weir's not Byrne's |anot Nagle's not Mooney's not Mooney's not Nagle'sa| nothing Grand nothing Splendid |a(|bGrahot or Spletel Granho or Splotelb|)a| nayther
{ms, 123}
Erat Est Erit |anoor norra| Non Michi |ased Seda| Lucefro?

Answer — |aThe obesity of the civilian is the felicitude of us orb! Thine obesity, O civilian, hits the felicitude of our orb!a|

4. What Irish capitol city |a|b(ah dea o dea)b| with a |bdeltoid delticb| origin and a nunous end |b(a dust to dust!)b|a| of |atwo syllablesa| six letters |acana| boast of having a) the most expensive brewer brewing industry in the world b) the most expansive public thoroughfare in the world c) the most extensive pa people's park in the world
{ms, 124}
d) the most |aphilohippic theobibbers phillohippuc theobibbous populatio paupulationa| in the world?

Answer — a) |aBelfast. Delfasº (Ul).a| And when you'll hear the hommers of my heart, my |alossy floxy lossa|, bingbanging again the ribs of yer resistance and the tenderbolts of my rivets working to your det di destraction ye'll be sheverin with |aalla| yer dinful sobs for the day when we'll go riding |acope curlya|. You with yer orange garland and me with my |aconnya| cordial, down the greaseways
{ms, 125}
of rollicking into the waters of wetted life. b) Dorqhkº. (Mu) And sure where can you have such good old chimes anywhere, and leave you, and how I'd be engaging you with |amy softest of my plovery softa| accents and descanting on the scene |a|bbefore belowb| me of the loose vines of your hairafalla| with my two |ahands loving loofsa| braceliting the |asilks slimsa| of your ankles and your |awild mouth mouth's flower rosy anda| bobbing |aat rounda| the soapstone of speech. blank Nublidº (Ga). Isha, why wouldn't be happy, avourneen,
{ms, 126}
on the mills money he'll |abe |bbe soon soon beb|a| leaving you when I've my own |agarden owned streamy Georgian mansion lawna| to recruit |aon upona| by Dr Cheek's |aspeciala| orders with my panful of soybeans & Irish in my east hand and |aa bottle |bJames's james's gateb|a| in my west, after |aalla| the |aerrors errears & erroriboosea| of |a|bembattled embottledb|a| history, with yourself churning over the |anew newleaveda| butter (more power to you!), the best and the cheapest from Atlanta to Oconee |awhile I'll drowse whilst I'll drowsinga| in the gaarden d) |aGalway. Dalwayº.a|
{ms, 127}
d) I |acaught my thoroughgoen the hooked my thoroughgoin trottya| first in Spanish Place, |aMayo's make, Tumam's take, Sligo's pea, Galway's grace, Mayo |bin Ib| make, Tuam |bto Ib| take, Sligo's sin but Galway's grace,a| Holy eel and sainted salmon, |ajumping |bjumpin chuckb|a| chubb and |aducking duckina| dace, I never saw your aequal,! says she, leppin half the lane.

5. Whad slags of a lad would |arettenoleflasks retten smuttyflesksa|, emptout old mans, melk vitious geit, scare off jackjills, smoothpick waste |apaper papisha| pastures, |asprink dirted water,a| bear around village, louden on the kirkpeal, |agive foottreats foottreats givena|
{ms, 128}
to malafides, might underhold three barnets, putzpulish all boots, nightcover all firelights, |aserve time to boss, |bgrindstone his knivses, serve time to boss, serve time to boss, grindstone his knivses,b|a| full over boarded, lewd man of the method in godliness, |aperhaps perchancea| he now sits in the spoorwaggen, must |a|bfullstandingly fallstandinglyb|a| begripe irers' |alanguage langurgea|, joblander or northquain |apreferred bigger prefurreda|, |adrinklords to please obtaina|, may get earnst, no get combitch, |adrinklords to please obstain,a| he is |afatherly soondigged inmudmined fatherlow soundigged inmoodmined pershoona|
{ms, 129}
but |aaleconnerman aleconnermona|, ney, that must he isn't?

Answer — Poor old Joe!

6) Where is What means Summon in the |aHousewipe Housesweepa| Dina? Gellory be to the sails of Cloth nowandI have to beeswax the bringing in all the muck of the parks to us and I thawght I knew |athe hisa| stain on the flower and who broke the dandleass and who seen the rest of the plum goosebellies and who leff that there and who put this here |a& who put the |bjam potb| in the yarda| and |awhatareyou whatin the love of the name of Sin Pollareyoua| rubbingthe
{ms, 130}
flowerofthe sideofthe flowerofthe parlourwith Shite will you have a plateful?

7. Who are the components parts of our whole who are latecomers by anticipation, are the porters of the passions in virtue of ratiocination and unify their voxes, contributing the conflingent controversies of differentiation, unify their voxes in |athe onea| voice of vaticination,
{ms, 131}
who crack the crust of comfort due to depradation, |aquaff draina| the meed |aof fora| misery to incur intoxication, condone every evil by practical justification & condemn any good for its own gratification; who are ruled, roped, — — by the angel demons|a, feekeepersa| of their laws, |apreservation, fornication, humiliation and reexaltation consternation, fornication, association and recreationa|.
{ms, 132}

8) And how war |ayour yorea| maggies?

They war loving, they love laughing, they laugh |acrying weepinga|, they |acry weepa| smelling, they smell smiling, they smile hating, they hate thinking, they think feeling, they feel tempting, they tempt daring, they dare waiting, they wait taking, they take thanking, they thank |aasking still seekinga| for as born for lorn in |alore ofa| love to live |aand wive in the life of wife and |bwife wiveb| bya| wile and rile and rule by rune of ruse made rose and hose held home, but |acome cometha| elope year, coach and four, sweet |apeck-of-my-heart peck-at-my-hearta| picks one man more.
{ms, 133}

9) Now, to be on |aagain anewa| and basking again in the panaroma of all flores of speech, if a human being duly fatigued |aof by thea| dayety of the sooty, with with plenxty of time on his |agoutya| hands and roams of space at his |asleepisha| feet |aand |basb| hapless beyond the dreams of accuracy as any camelot prince of dinmarka|, were, at this |aactual future preterite auctual futule preteritinga| instant, in |aa state of suspended the states of suspensivea| exanimation were accorded |athrough the eye of a noodle, witha| an earsighted view of |ahopeinhaven witha| all the |aingredients and egriegent ingredient and egregiunta| means ways wights and ways to which |ain the curse of his persistencea| the course of his tory |ahas had recourse will had been having recoursesa|, the reverberration of knotcracking awes,
{ms, 134}
the reconjungation of nodebindings ayes, the redissolusingness of mindmouldered ease, |aanda| the thereby hang of the hoel of it, could such a none, |awhile whilesa| even led come- |acomesilencing to comelieswithers comesilencers to comelieswithhersa| and till intempestuous Nox should catch the gallicry and spy lucan dawn, byhold at ones what is main and why tis twain, how one once meet melts in tother wants
{ms, 135}
poignings, the sap rising the foles falling, the nimb |aof how but nowa| nihilant round the girlyhead so becoming, the wrestless in the womb, all the rivals to the sea, shakeagain, all the O disaster!, shakeamore, ah how starring!, but Heng's got a bit of Horsa's nose and Jeff's got the signs of Ham round his mouth, and the
{ms, 136}
bow of the beau that was beautiful pales as it palls, what |awas rossa| rude and oragious |agrows |bsinks senksb|a| gelb and greem, blue out the ind of it,! Violet's dyed! then what would |ahe that fargazera| seem to seemself to be seeming at, dimn it all?

Answer. A collidoscape.
{ms, 137}

J — ∪

D — —

C ∪ ∪

10) What |athen is bitter'sa| life but yurning, |awhat is a what'soura| |alovematch lovemutcha| but a |abrief brefa| burning, till shee that drawes doth |asmoak return smoake retournea|?

Answer — I know, pepette, of course missing but listen, precious, thanks, pette, these are lovely, |adelicious, simply, |bmind the wind, pet, what exquisite hands you have |cif you didn't bite your nailsc| I bet you use |c|dthe herd| purec| French cream |cto make |dthemd| look so roses rosetop glowstop |ddontstop nostopd|c| when I think of Dan Hishon|c|d, the foodbrawler,d| & the Sociationist partyc| |cthe mauler & his other 14 maulersc|, bend |ccome stoopc| a little closer, |cplease |dfeelse fealsed|c|, delicious simply, I haven't |cenjoyed such felt soc| turkish for ages & ages, what are they all the mucking lot of them only, pept, that's right, hold it steady,b|a| listen, lovest, of course, it was so kind of you|a, miser,a| to remember my sighs in shockings and I'll always and always remind of it with my very best |arolling ina| love even if he was to be |aten |ba hundred vermilionb|a| times my age |ato live on creaking around on his axle like a crosty old cornquakea|. O mind you poor fingy I'm |avery sorrya| mummum I'm terribly sorry I swear |ato youa| I am.
{ms, 138}
May you never see me in my figure when I'm asleep in my birthday |adress peltsa| and that her |atwo hands |bblanc manges blanche maingesb|a| may rot off her |aleprouslya| the other |alittle winkinga| bitch I know by your cut|a, sweetest,a| you'll be |agoing |bchasing chastingb|a| after with the jumps in her |astomach stomewherea| because of course I know, pettest, you're so |alearnedful &a| considerate in yourself you |alonga| cold cat you |a|bcodling, snakelet, icicle, |cmy diaper has more life to it!c| O read my |cdazzledc| eyes, count all |cyourc| quick my rhythmic ticks, pore into |cmy mec| volumes, spell me |cstory starkc| & spill me often transname my loveliness & |chere me &c| now me for all timesb| I'd risk a |bpoliceman pulleasemanb| passing bya| the flame that is what in the |apardon I beg O pardonea| that is what |aO aha| did you speak, stuck stuckup! how I'd |alike |blove just loveb|a| to make you flame |aup your half a banana tooa| when I'd run
{ms, 139}
|athe mya| torchlight through your the your hairymajig if even you had one no lovingest I'm not trying to take a rise out of you It's because I'm only any girl and because |aolda| someone is not here and because I hate you the very thought of the thought of you and because, darling, of course, dearest, I was always meant for an engineer. I beg your pardon I was listening to every word I said fell from your lips. Move your mouth towards me, more, more and more, don't be a, I'm not
{ms, 140}
going to, |ano,a| I swear to you by all I |aheld holda| secret in this world & in my underworld and in the whole wondersworld. Close your, mustn't look, now open, pette, your lips, pepette, like I used to do with Dan, Holohan told taught me, wholohan will have ears like |ayours oursa|. Do you like that, silenziosus? Are you enjoying, my life, my love? Is it not delicious really, I am enjoying it still, I swear I am. Why do you prefer it in the
{ms, 141}
dark, if I may ask?, my sweety? No, sweetest, why would that annoy me but don't! Your lips, love, be careful! Mind my dress above all! So, so, my precious. If I sell |ayou whoa|, dear? I wouldn't for all the jewels above us. Shshsh! Don't start like, you wretch! I thought you knew everything. It's only another queer fish in the damned old river. Excuse me for swearing, love! I swear I didn't mean to! Did you really never speak |aclothsea| to a girl before? Of course I believe you,
{ms, 142}
my own |asweet deara| darling liar, when you tell me! Never! Never |ain my whole sweet lifea|! Always |aof tilla| Always |alovea|! As |along lonea| as the stars look lucksmith laughs!

11) If you met on the binge a poor acheseyed from Ailing when the tune of his tremble shook |ashimming shimmya| and shin while his contrary soughed |ato the squeak in the weaka| of his wailing like |aaa| rugilant pugilant Lyon O'Lynn, if he maundered in misery plaining his plight, or, picking up lousies or dropping
{ms, 143}
his teeth or wringing his handcuffs for peace, the poor blighter, & praying |athe Allfighty Allarmiesa| for thomething to eath, if he wept while he leapt & guffalled with a |awhimper quhimpera| made |abad colda| bloud |aabout ofa| black mundy & no bones without |aflesh flecha| and taking kiss |akale kakea| or kick with a |asuck sigh of sucksigh ora| simper, a diffle to larn and a dibble to lech, if |ahe begged, the vain shinner, the vain shinner beggeda| you to save his immartial
{ms, 144}
|aunread sorea| skillmustered soul from the with a |ahoo! hoodoodoo Hoo! Hoodoodoo!a|, breaking |aboasts boasta| that |aof toa| wile woe woem & sin he was partial, we don't think |awe should, Johm, wea| care to this evening, would you?