1st draft, June-July 1927, I.6§1B draft level 0

MS British Library 47473 144v-141v Draft details

{ms, 144v}

Answer: |aNo, blank you! Buta| Before proceeding to conclusively confute this begging question it would be much fitter for you|a, if you dare,a| to consult with my and consequentially attempt at my disposals of the same |atime-cash dime-casha| problem elsewhere, naturalistically, of course, from the blinkpoint of a spatialist. |aHere you From it you willa| will notice|a, Schott,a| upon my |afirsta| remarking that the sophology of Bitchson while driven by a purely dime-dime urge is not without its cash-cash
{ms, 143v}
|acharacteristics charactericksticksa|, borrowed for |athe itsa| nonce ends from the |ahis thea| fiery goodmother Miss Fortune |a(|bwhom whob| we have had our little private brush with), what, Schott?) & as I could have told youa| behaviouristically broke pailletés with a coat of hon homoid icing, which is in reality a ridiculisation of the whoo-whoo and where's-hairs |atheories theoricsa| of Winestain. To put it all the more plumbly. The |aspeech speechforma| is a mere surrogate, whilst the quality and
{ms, 142v}
tality (I shall explain this what you ought to mean by this in the subsequent sentence) are alternativamentally harrogate or arrogate, as the gates may be. Talis is a word often abused by many |apassins passima|. A person will frequently say: |aHave you seen Are you seein much ofa| Talis and Talis |athose timesa|? meaning: Will you put up a three of irish? Or a ladyeater may have perhaps casualised to you |aas you |btempted temptoedb| hera| à la sourdine: |ais Of you plates? Isa| Talis and Talis, |athe swordswallower,a| who is on
{ms, 141v}
at the Craterium the same as Talis and Talis, |athe |bpenswiper pencrusherb|,a| no |afank funka| you! |awhoa| runs his duly mile? Or this is a perhaps better example. At a recent postvortex |aexamination piece-examinationa| of a determined case of spinosism, an extension lecturer |aon the Ha Ague |b|cwho was trying seesers,c| Dr 'sHet Ubeleeftb|a| asked the question: Why is |athis whicha| Suchman talis qualis: |aand to whoma| Dr Gedankje |a|bof Stoutgirthb| who was wiping his whistlea| toarsely |areturted:a| While |ayou are a son |bthou thoughb| beast a zooma| of a whorl!