1st draft, Summer 1927, I.6§2 draft level 0

MS British Library 47473 129v-128v, 145-149 Draft details

{ms, 129v}

Professor Levis in his (though, as I shall |ashortly promptlya| prove, his whole account of the Sennacherib affair and the introduction of the Mr Shekels and Dr Hyde problem |ais differs toto coelo from minea| again hopelessly vitiated by what I shall now call the cash diamond |aanda| cash diamond fallacy) in his talked off confession Why Am I not a
{ms, 128v}
Born Like a Gentileman? (Feigenbaumblatt and Father, Judapest) wholeheartedly takes off his coat and wig, honest fellow, to show us make us see how |aas he says 'by |bAllswills Allswillb|a| the inception and the descent and the |aends endswella| of man is |atemporarilya| wrapped in obscenity,
{ms, 145}
looking |athrough ata| these accidents through the |afarscope faroscopea| of television |a(this |bnightlifeb| instrument needs still some subtractional betterment in the adjustment of the refrangibility angle to the squeals of the hypothesis on the outer tinsides)a| I can easily believe |aheartilya| in my own most spacious |amodality immensitya| |aof my |bown most microbe ownhouse & microbemostb| cosma| when I am quite |aassured reassureda| that the cubes of my volumes are to the surfaces of their subjects as the sphericity of |athe globe these globesa| is to the feracity of Fairynelly's vacuum. I need not antropologise
{ms, 146}
for downtrodding on my foes, Professor Levis Brueller finds, because the number of square squeer faiths in |aweaklya| circulation will not be appreciably augmended by the netherslogging of |aa couple of |bthese myb| cupolara| clods. What the romantic in rags pines after & what he importunes our Mitleid for is a waste of time. His
{ms, 147}
everpresent toes are always far out through his past boots. Hear him squeak! When Mullocky won the couple of bob. When we |astripped were strippinga| in number three I will drink I |aprefer would likea| the neat drop that would malt in my mouth but I cannot see when. (I am purposing refraining from exposing the obvious fallacy as to the specific |agravity gravitiesa|
{ms, 148}
of the two |aliquids lickquidsa| implied. Students of mixed hydrostatics |a& |bpneumocanics pneumodipsicsb|a| will after some difficulties grapple |aawaya| with my meanings) But, on Professor Levis Brueller's showing, the plea is all posh and rabbage |afr on a melodeontic scalea| since his man's when is |aan noa| other man's quandour. While, for while, ought I care for the contrary?, the all is where |aas ina| love |ain asa|
{ms, 149}
war and |athe |bplace planeb|a| where |amy art was me arts |bwere soarb|a| you'd aisy run rouse a thunder from and where I |acling clingtruea| 'tis there I climb |atreea| and where Innocent looks best |athere is |b(pick!)b| there'sa| holly in his ives.