1st draft, August 1927, I.6§4 draft level 0

MS British Library 47473 225-232 Draft details

{ms, 140v}

As I have now successfully explained to you my own natural rations |awhich are even in excise of my brainvaulta| tell me I am a much more deserving case. I feel |asymbathosa| for him as |aa an evera| devoted friend and |ahalfloafeda| brother (darling blank! darling blank!) because he is such a barefooted robber with my supersocks |a|bpushed pulledb|a| over his face which I published publicked in my best backgarden. You will say it is most unenglish and I hope you will be right. But (will you come over and let us
{ms, 139v}
moomor to each other |aunder far beneatha| our vocies). i am being |aunderheard underheerda| by |aall olda| billfaust. wilsh is full of corks. the coolskittle is full of |adublinite deblinitea|. mr |awest wista| is |athereovera| |abeinind beyeinda| the wantnot. wilsh and wist are as thick of each other as faust and |aa deblin the deblinitea|. And from the point of fun which I am crying to arrive you at they are all as foibleminded as you can see they are fablebodied.

My heeders will recall with leisure
{ms, 138v}
how in the beginning before trespassing on the space question where even michelangelines fool to dread I proved to myself & your |asatisfaction sotisfictiona| how his abject all through (the quickquid of Professor Ciondoloni's |atoo frequently hypothecateda| Bettlermensch) is nothing so much more than a mere cashdime however genteel he may want us to feel about it (I am speaking of us in the second person) for to this grade of intelleckuals dime
{ms, 137v}
is cash and the cash system (you must not be allowed to forget that this is all contained, I mean the system is, in the origen of spurious) means that I cannot |anowa| have |a& nothavea| a piece of |acheese cheepsa| in your pocket at the same |atime timesa| & with the same manners as |a|bas unless Burrus &b| Caseous have or have not simultaneously |bsoldened to soldend selldear to soldhereb| once in the dear dairy days of buy & buy,a|
{ms, 134v}

Burrus, let us like to imagine, is the genuine prime, the real choice, |awhere whereasa| Caseous|a, isa| obversely the revise of him, and in fact, not an ideal cheese |aat all by any mealsa|, though the better man of the two is meltingly addicted to the more caseal side of the arrival and, let me say it at once, as zealous over him as |apassable passably hea|.

|aThe old Kaeser|b, unbeurrable from age,b| having always & chewly been |bgot rid of removedb| the twin types are set to make their reupprearance on the deserted table from age to I could |bpoint paintb| you that butter if you had some wash.a|
{ms, 127v}

|aBurrus has a Caseous may think himself a thought of a caviller but Burrus has the |brichlyb| rounded head of a thoftthinking fideism. He has milk and wisdom in every tooth of him. His whereas the other fellow. It was |baptly &b| correctly stated (it is really unnecessary for me to say by whom) that his |beyestretch seeingcraftb| was so clarety that if he were the whole borough of Saint Poutresbourg to be avalanched over him he could still make out with his eyestritch the green moat in Ireland's |aeye Eyea|. Let me |bshow you a sell you theb| fulltruth of Burrus when a younger he wor a younker. Here
{ms, 126v}
is in six by sevens. A cleanly thing, by the gods! A cheery ripe outlook, so help me Deusfidius! If I were to say my entire mindful about it I should t call |bit himb| the Ormuzd element in our midst. Butyrum et mel comedet ut sciat reprobare malum et eligere bonum. This also |bwillb| explain why Der Hansli ist ein Butterbrot, Butterbrot, Butterbrot. Der Hursli ist ein Und Kobi ist ein Schtinkenkott. Ja, ja, ja.a|
{ms, 125v}
|aThis, in fact, is Caseous, |bthe brotherscoth or por tyronb|! a hole or two, the stink aforefelt, and some |bpriggingb| worms. However |blet us be tolerant tolerantiae causa |clet us be tolerant in drinkhard philosophies tolerantiiae causa you complain and Hi Hi High must say you are not mistakenc|b|. We cannot |b(this is what has)b| escape our likes and mislikes |bexiles or ambusheers, beggar and neighbourb| Next quovis burro num fit mercaseous? I am not thereby giving my final endorsement to |bthe learned ignoranceb| the Cusanus philosophy in which old Nicholas pegs it down that the smarter the spinning spin of the top the the sounder the span of the bottom. (What he ought to have said, of
{ms, 124v}
course, was: the more stolidly immobile in space appears to be the bottom which is presented to us in time by the top primomobile). And I shall be misunderstood if understood to give an unconditional sineque to the heroical fury of |btheb| Nolanus theory or, at any rate, of that subsub of a part of his theory where Theophilya|
{ms, 134v}
While I
{ms, 133v}
am not recommending the Silkebjorg |ahetyrodynamo tyrodynamoa| machine for the more economic helixtrolysis of these adipates until I have looked into it |afor myselfa| a little more closely I shall go on with my decisions after having shown |ayoua| in time of what both products of our social stomach are in mutuearly
{ms, 131v}
polarised. Positing two male poles, the one the pictor of the other and the other the σκοτο of the one, & looking around our |ablank so undistributed middle between malesa| we wofully want a female to focus and in this way, pleasantly, this cowrymaid introduces herself |aat some precise hour which |bit is agreed we shall agreeb| to call zeroa|
{ms, 130v}
and I so like that other son of a kish who went out to found his father's ashes we come home gently on our asses to meet Margareen.

O Margareen Sweet Margareen!
I |adream creama| for thee sweet M &c &c
{ms, 123v}

Margareena she's very fond of Burrus but, alick and alack!, she velly fond of chee. The |aThe |bimportantb| influence on everything of this eastasian import has not till now been fully favoured|b, but we can distinctly taste it hereb|. I shall come back for more |bin a short after a briefb| space.a| A cleopatrician in her own right she complicates the position, while Burrus and Caseous are contending for her |amistery missterya|, by implicating herself with an elusive Antonius who would seem |ato huga| a personal interest in |arefineda| chees of all chades while he |ahas an antonine wags an antominea| art of being rude like the boor. The Antonius-Burrus-Caseous |aequation grouptriada| may be said to |abe equatea| the qualis equivalent |ato witha| the older |asocalleda| talis on talis one. And this is why any |asimplea| fool you like to dress may be awfully green on one side and frightfully blue on the other which will not
{ms, 120v}
screen him from appearing in my eyes as a bloody blasted bleating blatant bloaten blooming blephorous idiot!

No. I have now said it |a12 tabular timesa| and what, if not the Word of Man, is sacred. |a|bWrong Wingb| man in the |bwrong rongb| place right words in the right order.a| Ubi lingua nuncupassit ibi fas Adversus hostem semper sac! She that will not bear bare me preach
{ms, 116v}
let her be to thee as the hoyden and the impudent! That man that hoth |anot noa| moses in his soul nor is not mused by conquist of word's laws, who never with himself was fed and leaves his soil and laves his head when his heart's in his highlows from |awrisking whiskinga| the woe, if he came to my preach
{ms, 150}
preach, a proud purse-broken ranger, when the heavens were welling the spite of their spout to |aask of beg fora| a bite in |aour mya| bark Noisdanger, would I had it meself and MacJeffet, two to one, lock him out? — ay! — |athougha| were my own breast brother, were he we bred