Houyhnhnm Press (Mousehole: 2010) I.6§2

Edited by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon (details)

I.6§2 (FW 150.15 - 152.03)
{f10, 120}

Professor Loewy-Brueller (though,º as I shall promptly prove,º his whole account of the Sennacherib as distinct from the Shalmaneserº sanitationalº reforms and of the Mr Shekelsº and Dr Hydes problem in the same connection differs toto coelo from the fruit of my own investigations — though the reason I went to Jericho must remain for certain reasons a political secret especiallyº as I shall shortly be wanted in Cavantry, I congratulate myself, for the same and other reasons — as being again hopelessly vitiated by what I have now resolved to call the dime and cash diamond fallacy) in his talked off confession which recently met with such a leonine uproar on its escape after its confinement,º Why am I not born like a Gentileman and why I amº now so speakable about my own eatables (Feigenbaumblatt and Father, Judapest, 5688, A.M.),º wholeheartedlyº takes off his gabbercoat and wig, honest draughty fellow,º in his public interest, to make us see how,º though, as he says,º “by Allswill”,º the inception and the descent and the endswell of Man is temporarilyº wrapped in obscenity. Lookingº through at these accidents with the faroscope of television (this nightlife instrument needs still some subtractional betterment in the readjustment of the more refrangible angles to the squeals of his hypothesis on the outer tin sides)º I can easily believe heartily in my own most spacious immensity as my ownhouse and microbemost cosm when I am reassured by ratio that the cube of my volumes is to the surfaces of their subjects as theº sphericity of these globes (I am very pressing for a parliamentary motion this term which, under my guidance, would establish the deleteriousness of decorousness in the morbidisation of the modern mandaboutwoman type) is to the feracity of Fairynelly's vacuum. I need not anthropologiseº for any obintentional (I must here correct all that school of neoitalian or paleoparisien schola of tinkers and spanglers who say I'm wrong parceqeueº out of revolscian from romanitis I want to be) downtrodding on my foes,º Professor Levi-Brullo F.D.º of Sexe-Weiman-Eitelnaktº finds, from experiments made by hinn with his Nuremberg eggs in the one hands and the watches cauldronº apan the oven, though it is astensably a case of Ket's rebollions cooling the Popes back, because the number of squeer faiths in weaklyº circulation will not be appreciably augmendedº by the nethersloggingº of my cupolar clods. What the romantic in rags pines after like all tomtompions haunting crevices for a deadbeat escapementº and what heº importunes our Mitleid for in accornish with the Mortadarthella taradition is the poorest commononguardiant waste of time. His everpresent toes are always in retaliessian out throughº his overpast boots. Hear him squeakº! Teek heet to that looswallawer how he bolo the bat! Tyro a toray! When Mullocky won the couple of colds, when we were stripping in number three, I would like the neat drop that would malt in my mouth but I
{f10, 121}
fail to see when.º (I am purposely refraining from expounding the obvious fallacy as to the specific gravitates of the two deglutables implied nor to the lapses lequorº asousiated with the royal gorge,º thoughº students of mixed hydrostatics and pneumodipsics will after some difficulties grapple away with my meinungs.)º Myrrdin aloer! as old Marsellas Cambriannus puts his. But, on Professor Llewellys ap Bryllars F.D. Ph.Dr'sº showings, the plea, if he pleads, is all posh and rabbageº on a melodeontic scale since his man's when is no otherman's quandomº (mine, dank you!)º while (forº aught I care for the contrary?)º the all is where in love as war and the plane where me arts soar you'd aisy rouse a thunder from and where I cling true 'tisº there I climb tree and where Innocent looks best (pick!) there's holly in his ives.