Re-draft, October 1923, II.4§2 draft level 0+

MS British Library 47481 5 Draft details

{ms, 005}

sheº was |+the the deary+| beautiful four sisters and that was her name |+right enough+| and they used to be getting up |+at the kookaburra bell+| at all hours every night |+the 4 old oldsters on their mistletoes & falling over all the opticals+| when |+they couldn't sleep nobody would even let them sleep+| changing |+their wet+| beds and looking everywhere for the |+jool the+| rancers |+the rathures |adevelopment evelopmena| of spirits of time+| in all the fathoms |+of space+| and then they had their night tentacles and there they used to be all hanging around all the waists of the ships |+|athe clipperbuilta| and |aMullaly Lallya| and Roe and Johnny MacGory |aDear Mister Johna| & all the other annalists+| the steamships |+& the women-o'-war & playing ladies' foursome+| and their bottlegreen eyes and peering in through the steaming windows into the honeymoon cabins on board the big steamadories and the saloon ladies toilet chambers |+lined with pink silk+| and rubbing off the salty cataract off the windows listening to see all the hunnishmooners and all the toilet ladies in their familiarities saying their grace before steamadory so pass the |+the chance the |ajool poguea|+| for |+Chame James'+| sake Amen and all trembling and shaking and they used to be counting all their peributtons one four |+two for+| to |+remember remembore+| her beautiful name in the dream Greg and Doug and poor Greg the four sisters and there she was now |+that lovely sight+| the lovely lady bawn asthore as in days of yore of planxty Gregory |+Ay, ay |athe days of planxtya| & sure that reminds me now+| they used to be |+up+| always |+at their+| singing round |+up+| the wet fire |+register+| |+with cold knees+| with their poor |+up+| feet asleep |+in plimsoles+| |+all dolled up+| in their blankets and |+shawls maternity mufflers+| and their bowl of stale bread and milky |+& clots+| |+holding hands & backscratching their poor bedsores+| and waiting |+for & pinching+| poor Mucus to pass the teeth for Chokesake Amenschtrk when they |+all had were all sycamore with+| the phlegmish whooping cough |+& all a possabed+| after eating a bad cramp and their farthing dip and |+backscratching+| reading a |+word capital letter+| or two |+capital letters+| out of their old book |+Old Year's Eve 1132 |alate final buffa| lunch edition of their Senchus Mor+| through their |+green gangrene+| spentacles |+|xwith Mullaly with Lally and Roe and O'Driscoll and Riscoll and all and Lapole and Morion and Buffler Old Daddy Dwyer, old bag of broth, Senchas their Mor & Johnny McGoriesx|+| and singing so now they started singing their steamadorion and old Luke |+& Clegg+| for auld luke syne and she |+wail a cupboar |ahail haihaihaila| her hubboar+| coiner |+set sehehet+| on the praze |+savole savohohole+| shanghai.