1st draft, September 1923, II.4§3B draft level 0

MS British Library 47481 6 Draft details

{ms, 133}

Anno Domini Nostri Sancti Jesu Christi

A thousand nine hundred & ninetynine pounds
Sterling in the black bowels of the bank of Ulster

|aBright Bronzea| pennies, by God, b my girling, & bright
pounds'll deck thee finely

And no damn |afool'll lout'lla| come courting or
by the Holy Ghost there'll be murder

{ms, 136}

O come all you young nymphs of Dingle
to see Brinabride |aunreada| a riding

In her coach of shells of daughter-of-pearl
& her |adiamondblue moonblue |bsilveryb|a| cloak of velvet be around her


The velvet strand
by a gaunt grey barnacle gander