Textual development Manuscript to Errata II.4§2

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

{f39, 383}
{f10, 297}

º Three quarks for Muster Mark!º
Sure he hasn't got much of a bark
And sure any he has it's all beside the
|s11mark mark.s11|
But,º Oº Wreneagle Almighty,º wouldn't un be a sky of a lark
To see that old buzzard whooping about for uns shirt in the dark
And he hunting round for uns speckled trousers around by
(12Palmerston Palmerstown12) Park?º
Hohohoho,º moulty Mark!º
You're the rummest old rooster ever flopped out of a Noah's ark
And you think you're cock of the wark.

|s11Fowls up Fowls, up!s11| Tristy's the spry young spark
That'll tread her and wed her and bed her and red her
Without even
º winking the tail of a feather
And that's how that chap's going to make his money and mark!

|s8|aOver them the winged ones screamed shrill glee: That song sang seaswans. The |sbwinged wingingsb| ones, overhoved, shrillgleescreaming.ºa| |aseahawk Seahawka|, seagull, curlew and plover, kestrel and capercailzieº. All the birds of the sea they trolled out rightbold when they smacked the big kuss of Trustan with Usolde.s8|

Andº thereº they were too|8, |awhen it was dark,a| whilst the wine whiltesº the wildcaps was circling, |aas slow their ship, the winds aslight, |bupon upborneb| the fates, the wardorse moved, by courtesy of Mr Deaubaleau Dowbellowº Kaempersally,a|8| listening |s11in in,s11| as hard as they (9could could,9) |7in (9Dubbeldorp Dubbeldorp,9) the (9donker donker,9) |aby the tourneyold of the (9wattarfialls wattarfialls,9) withº their vuoxens and they kemin in so hattajockya|7| |6(only a
{f39, 384}
º askull for the last acts)º6| to the solans and |s11thes11| sycamores |4and the wild geese and |s11thes11| gannets4| and |2the migratories and2| |s11thes11| mistlethrushesº |5and the auspices5| and all the birds of the |8|arockby sucker assousyoceanal rockbysuckerassousyoceanala|8| sea, all four of them, |5all sighing and sobbing, and5| |4listening: listening.4| |8Moykle ahoykling!8|

|4(++)4| Theyº were the big four, the four |7master maaster7| wavesº of Erin, all listening.,º four. There was old Matt Gregory and then besides old Matt there was old
{f10, 298}
Marcus Lyonsº, the four waves, and oftentimes they used to be saying grace (12together together,12) right |s11enough enough,s11| |7|a|s11Bausnabeatha bausnabeathas11|,a| in Miracle Squeer7|:º here now we are the four of us: old Matt Gregory and old Marcus and old Luke Tarpey: the four of us |s11and sure and,º sure,s11| thank |s11God God,s11| there are no more of us: (12and and,12) sure (12now now,12) you wouldn't go and |3forget and3| leave out |2the other fellow and2| old Johnny MacDougall: the four of us and no more of us and so now pass the fish for Christ'º sake, Amen: the way they used to be saying their grace before |s9fish fish,s9| |3repeating |s11itself itself,s11|3| |8|xafter the interims of |s9Ausgubarrgh |s11Ausgublirgh Augusburgh,ºs11|s9|x|8| forº auld lang syne. And so thereº they |s9were were,s9| |6with their palms in their |s11hands hands,s11| like the pulchrum's proculs,6| spraining their |s9ears ears,s9| |7listening |s11luistering luistenings11|7| and listening to the oceans of |s9kissening kissening,s9| with their eyes |s9glistening glistening,s9| all the |s9four four,s9| when he was kiddling and cuddling |8and bunnyhugging scrumptious8| his colleen bawn |5|8and dinkum belle8|, |6an oscar sister,6| |8on the fifteen inch loveseat, behind the chieftainessº stewardess'sº cabinº,8| the hero,5| |8of Gaelic champion, |a|bthe onliest one of her choice, |cher |dblaueyedeal bleaueyedeald| of a girl's friend,c| meaning pretty neither |s9big ugly biguglys9| nor |s9small nice smallnices9|, meaning pretty much everything to her thenº,b| with his sinister dexterity, lightandrufthandlingº |9vicemversem9| her ragbags |9and et9| as assaucyetiamsº, fore and aft, on and offsides, the brineburntº sexfutter, |bhant handson and huntsem,b|a|8| |2that was |a|8very palpably8| wronga| |3andº3| |8most bulbubly8| |5improper improper,º5|2| and cuddling her and kissing her|6, |8tootyfay charmaunt,º in her ensemble of maidenna blue, with an overdress of net,º tickled with goldies,8| Isolamisola,º |aand whisping and lisping her about Trisolanisans, how one was whips for one was two and two was lips for one was three|8, and dissimulating themself,8|a|6| with his poghue like |4Arrah-na-poghue Arrah-na-poghue,º4| the dear dear |3annual annual,º3| they all four rememboredº |2|s9who Whoºs9| made the world andº2| how they used to be |2at that time2| |5in the vulgar eraº5|
{f39, 385}
cuddling and kiddling |s11her her,s11| |6after an oyster supper in Cullen's |s11barn barn,s11|6| |2from2| under her mistlethrush and kissing and |s11listening listening,s11| inº the good old bygone days of Dion |s11Boucicault Boucicault,s11| |2the |s9elder elder,s9|2| in Arrah-na-poghueº|7, |s9ins9| the otherworld of the passing of the key of Twotongue Common, with Nush, the carrierº of the word, and with Mesh, the cutter of the reed,7| |2in one of the farbackº |5pitchblack5| centuriesº |awhen |s9who Whoºs9| made the |s11world world,s11|a|2| |3where whenº3| they knew |2|3O'Clery O'Clery,º3|2| the man on the |4door door,4| when they were all four collegians |2on the nod|4,º |7|ain neera| the Nodderlands Nurskery,7| whiteboys and oakboys, peep of |s9day tims9| boys and |7peeping piping7| tom boys,4|2| |7raising hell while the sin was shining,7| |2with their slates and |s11satchels satchels,s11|2| |5playing Florian's fables5| |7and communic suctions and vellicar frictions with mixum |s11members members,s11|7| in the (12queen's Queen's12) |4Ultonian4| |s11colleges colleges,s11| |7along7| |2with another fellow|7, a prime number, Totius Quotius,7| |6and paying a pot of tribluts to Boris O'Brien|7, the buttler of Clumpthump, |atwo looves, two turnovers plus and (one) crown,a|7| to see the mad dane ating his vitals6|2|. |8Wulf! Wulf!º And throwing his tongue in the snakepit.8| Ah ho!º |8The ladies have mercias!8| It brought the dear
{f10, 299}
|5prehistoric5| scenes all back |s11again again,s11| as fresh as of |4yore yore,4| Matt and |4Marcus Marcus,4| |8in plaint of fact natural born lovers of nature, in all her moves and senses,8| and |2after that2| now there he was|8, that mouth of mandiblesº vowed to pure beauty,8| and his |s11Arrah-na-poghue Arrah-na-poghue,s11| |8when she murmurously, after she let a cough, gave her firm |s11order order,s11| if he wouldn't please |s11mind mind,s11| for a sings to one hope a dozen of the best |afavouritea| lyrical national blooms, in |aLuvallicit Luvillicita|, though not too much, reflecting on the situation, drinking in draughts of purest air serene and revelling in the great outdoors,8| before the four of them|8, in the fair fine night, whilst the stars shine bright, by |11the she11| light of |11the he11| moon, |11she we11| longed to |11be11| spoon, before her honeyoldm honeyoldloonº, the plaint effect being in point of fact |a|s9the that theres9| being ina| the wholeº |s9as9| |asituation, |s9seatution, seatuitions9|a|8| |2so shocking and scandalous2| and |s11now now,s11| thank |s11God God,s11| there were no more of them and he |2poguing and poguing poghuing and poghuing2| |7like the |aMoreigner |bNoriner Moreignerb|a| bowed his crusted hoed and Tilly the (12tailor's tugged a tar Tailor's Tugged a Tar12) in the Arctic Newses Dagsdogs number7| and there they were|8, like a foremasters in the |s11rolls rolls,s11|8| |5listening listening,º5| |8to Rolando's deepen darblun Ossian rollº (Lady, it was just too gorgeous, that expense of a
{f39, 386}
lovely tint, embellished by the charms of art and very well conducted and nicely mannered and all the horrid rudy noisies locked up in nasty cubbyhole!),º8| |2as tired as they were, |athe three jolly topers,a|2| with their mouths |s9watering watering,s9| |2along with the other |s9fellow fellow,ºs9|2| so pass the |2pogue poghue2| for Christ' sake,º Amen. Listening andº |2poghuing and2| watering,º all the four|2, the old |5connubial5| men of the sea,2| |8|xyambing around with their old pantometer, in duckasaloppics,x|8| Luke and Johnny |4MacDougall MacDougall,º4| |8|x|~and doubtnot ameeting~|x|8| andº all wishening for anything at all of the bygone times|7, the wald times and the fald times and the |11(+hampty hempty+)11| times and the |11(+empty dempty+)11| times,7| for a cup of kindness |4yet yet,4| for four farback tumblerfuls of woman |s11squash squash,s11| with |s9them them,s9| all |s11four four,s11| listening and spraining their earsº |5for the millennium5| and all their mouths making water.

|2Johnny.º2| |6'|~From the urizen of speeches.~|6'| Ah well(12,12) sure(12,12) that's the way |4up (up)4| and |2it so happened2| there was poor Matt Gregory |4up (up)|5, their paterfamiliasº,5|4| and |4up (up)4| the others and now really and |5(up)5| truly they were four dear old heladiesº and really they looked |8awfully pretty and8| so nice |v4and respectable and bespectableºv4| with their grey half a tall hat and tailormade frock coatº and |2then after that2| they had their fathomglasses to find out all the fathoms and their half a tall |s11hat hat,s11| just now like the |3old3| |9marquess Merquus9| of |2powerscourt |5Powerscourt |9Powerscourt |aPawerscoop |bPawerscoof Pawerschoofb|a|9|, the |adetermineda| oldº despot |7(quiescents in brage!)7|,º5|2| only for |7the extrusion of7| theº saltwater or the auctioneer there |7|s9dormont dormont,s9|7| in front of the place near |2|5Clery's O'Clery's|9, at the darkumound numbur wan,9|5|2| |3beside3| that |2ancient Dameº2| |s9street street,s9| where theº statue of Mrs |2Dannie Dana2| |s9O'Connell O'Connell,s9| |7prostituent7| behind the Trinity |s9college |s11College College,s11|s9| that arranges all the auctions of the valuable colleges,º |2Smith |9Battersby Bootersbay9| Sisters,2| like the auctioneer Battersbyº Sisters|7, the prumisceous creaters,7| that sells all the |5fine emancipated5| statues and |7powerscourts flowersports7|,º
{f10, 300}
James (+3H H.+)3| Tickell, the jaypee, off Hoggin |s11Green Green,s11| |6after he made the |s9centuries centuries,s9|6| going to the |6tailturn6| |s9horse show |s11horseshow horseshow,s11|s9| |2before the |6angler nomads6| |s9flood flood,s9|2| alongº with another fellow|7, active impalsive,7| and |2the shoeblacksº |4and the redshanks4| |5and plebeians5| andº2| |7|athe barrancos anda| the cappunchers childerun, Jules, Franz, |aXavy Xaviesa| and Polidors,º7| everyone|7, Gotopoxy,7| |8with the houghers on them,8| |2getting highsteppingº |7the fissure and fracture |s11lines lines,s11|7| |s12seven five threes up, three five sevens down,s12| to getº2| out of his way|7, |8onasmuck as their withers conditions could not possibly have been improved uponº (praisers be to deeseesee!),º8| like the hopolopocattlsº erumping oround their Fudgityº Yaman,7| and all the |2tercentenaryº2| horses |4and |s11priesthunters priesthunters,s11|4|
{f39, 387}
|2|afrom the |s11Curragh Curragh,s11|a| andº confusionaries2| |5and the |s9authorities authorities,s9|5| |7over from England and American |aNoorda| Amrikaans and |s9South Suids9| Aferican7| |5visitors cattleraiders5| (so they say) all over |7like a tiara |adull fuoco |s9dullfuoco dullfuoco,s9|a|7| in his grey half a tall hat |6and his amber necklace and his crimson harness and his leathern jib and his cheapskeinº hairshirt and his scotobrit sash and his parapelagianº |7blank gallowglasses7|6| (how do you do, jaypee?º |7Elevato!7|)|8, forkbearded and bluetoothed and bellied and boneless, from Strathlyffe and Aylesburyº and Northumberland Anglesey,º8| |5and his fathomglasses |7and his gallowglasses7|5| to find out all the improper colleges (and how do you do, Mr |2Dameº2| James? |7get Get7| out of my way!)|8, especially he being amphotically the right man in the right place,º8| |11the whole yaghoodurt sweepstakings11| and all the horsepowers. But now|7, talking of |s11hayastdanars ands11| wolkingology, and how our seaborn isle came into exestuanceº (the explutor, his three andesiters and the two pantellarias),º7| that reminds me |6about (12the12) manausteriums6| of the poor Marcus of Lyons and poor Johnny|5, theº patrician,5| and |2the what do you think of the2| four of us and there they were |s11now now,s11| listening right enough, the four saltwater widowers, and all they could |s9remembore remembore,s9| long long ago in the olden times |4|s11Momonian Momonian,s11|4| |8throw darker hour |s11sorrows sorrows,s11| the princest |s11day day,s11|8| |7when Fair Margrate waited Swede |s9Villem Villem,s9|7| and Lally |6in the |s9rain rain,s9| with the blank prints|7, now extincts,7| after the wreak of |aWorman's Wormans'a| |s11Noe Noe,s11| whyº the |s11barmaisigheds barmaisigheds,s11|6| when my heart knew no |s9care care,s9| and after that then there was the |5official5| landing ofº |2sir (+Dame Lady+)2| |9James Casement Jales Casemate,9| inº |2the year of the flood2| 1132 |5|s9S.O.S. S.O.S.,s9|5| and the christening of |2King Queen2| |s11Battersby (12Battersby Baltersby12),s11| |2the Fourth2| |6|s9Buzzersbee Buzzersbee,s9|6| b according to |2his grace (12her grace Her Grace12)2| the bishop,º |2alderman alderwomanº2| J. P. |7Bishop, Biskop,º7| Senior, |6off the whate |s9shape shape,s9|6| and then there was the drowning of Pharoah and all his pedestrians and they were all completely drowned into the sea, the red sea, and then poor |8Martin Cunningham Merkin Cornyngwham8||5, theº official5| outº of the castle |2on |5pension pension,5|2| when he was completely drowned off |7Dunleary theº Erin Islesº7| at that time|7, Suirº knows,7| in the red sea and a lovely mourning paper and thank God|7, as Saman said,7| there were no more of him. And that now was how it was. |8The arzurian deeps o'er his humbodumbones sweeps. And his widdy the giddy is wreathing her murmours murmoirs as her gracest triput to the Grocery Trader's Manthly.
{f10, 301}
Mind mand gunfree by Gladeys |aReyburn Rayburna||err.!ºerr| Runtable's |aand Sons Reincorporateda|. |aThe new worldº presses.a| Where the
{f39, 388}
old conk cruised now croons the |ayonk yunka|. |a|bExeont Exeoncº |cthrowadure |s9throwadurras throw a darrass9|c|b| Kram of Llawnroc, |bthe yeb| gink guy, kirked |binto yordb|. Enterest |battawonderb| Wehpen, |ba luftcatb| revol, |bfairescapadingb| in his natsirt. Tuesy tumbles. |bAnd mild aunt Liza is as loose as her neese. |s11Ful fest Fulfests11| withim |cin brace |s11inerbrace inbraces11|c| behent. As gent would deem oncontinent. So mulct per wenche is Elsker woed. Ne hath his thrysting. Fin.b| Like the newcasters in their old plyable of A Royenne Devowsº. Jazzaphoney and Mirillovis and Nippy she nets best. |s9Ying. Fing.s9|a|8| Ay, |4ay. ay!º4| |7Sobbos.7| And so he was. |7Sabbus.7|

Marcus. |6'|~Tharmaz syphon Mark.~|6'| And after that|3, not forgetting,3| there was the Flemish |s11armada armada,s11| all |s11scattered scattered,s11| and all |5officially5| |s11drowned drowned,s11| there and |s9then then,s9| on a lovely |s11morning morning,s11| |2after the |5universal5| |s11flood flood,s11|2| at |2(+about+)2| elevenº thirtytwo |3(was it?)º3| off the coast of |8Cunningham Cominghome8| and |5saint Saint5| |s11Patrick Patrick,s11| |2the |s11anabaptist anabaptist,s11|2| the and |4Saint4| |s11Kevin Kevin,s11| the |2blank |s11lacustrian lacustrian,s11|2| |8with toomuch of tolls and lottance of |s11beggars beggars,s11|8| |6and after convertingº6| |9Powerscourt Porterscout9| and dana, |9Dana Dona,9| our first |s9marents marents,s9| andº Lapoleon, the equestrian|7, on his whuite hourse of Hunover,7| |11rising Clunkthurf over Cabinhogan,º11| and all they remembored and then there was the |8French Frankish8| |9fleet floot9| |8of |s11Noahsdovahs Noahsdovahs,ºs11|8| |7from |9Hidalgoland |s11Hedalgoland Hedalgoland,s11|9|7| (+2in round about+)2| |2the |8freebutter8| year of (+Our Lady+) Notre Dame2| 1132 |5P.P.C.º5| |3or |s9so so,s9|3| |7landing disumbunking7| from under |2general Boche |7Madam-general Motham-generalº7| Bonabocheº2| |7(noo poopery!)7| in his half a grey |5traditional5| hat|7, alevoila come alevilla,7| and after that there he was, so terrestrial,º |8like |aaa| Nailscissos,º8| cuddling andº poghuing her |2scandalous and very wrong|4, |7the maid,7| in single combat,º4|2| under the |s11sycamores sycamores,s11| |7amid the bladderingsº from the (12boom boom,º12)7| |5and all the gallowsbirds5| in Arrah-na-poghueº, so silvestrious, |7near neer7| the |s9queen's colleges Queen's |s11Colleges Colleges,s11|s9| in 1132 |9Brian or9| Bride |s11street street,s11| behind the century man on the door. And then again they used to give the grandest |s11gloriaspanquosts11| |5known universal5| |8|ahowldmoutherhibberd howldmoutherhibberta|8| lectures |s11on anarxaquy out of doxarchologys11| |4(hello, Hibernia!)4| |2from sea to sea2| (Matt speaking!) according to the pictures |s11postcard postcard,s11| |8with sexon |s9grimmacticals grimmacticals,s9|8| in |5the5| |4|xLatimerx|4| Roman |s9history history,s9| |5of Latimer5| |2(+repeating |5itself |s11himself himself,s11|5|+)2| |8from the vicerine of |aLorda| |s11Hugh Hugh,ºs11| the |s11Lacytynant Lacytynant,s11| till Bockley shutsº the rahjahn gerachknell and regnumrockery roundupº8| (Marcus Lyons speaking!) to the |4oceanfuls of4| collegians green |5and high classes5| |4and the poor scholars4| and all the old |2trinitarian2| senate |2and |5saints and
{f39, 389}
sages and5| the Plymouth brethren|s9,s9| |6'|~, construing and glosing and~|6'|2| |7droning |s11along peanzanzangan along, peanzanzangan,s11| and7| |2nodding and sleepin2| sleeping away |3(12there there,12) like forgetmenots|7, in her abijance service,7|3| |5round their twelve |s11tables tables,s11|5| |7per pioja at pulga |s9bollas bollas,s9|7| in the four trinity |s11colleges colleges,s11| |7for |aearnasyoulearn earnasyoulearninga| inº |s11Eringrowback Eringrowback,s11|7| of Ulcer, Moonster, Leanstare and Cannought, the four grandest colleges |8supper the matther ofº |aErrin |s11Erryn Erryn,s11|a|8| of Killorcure and Killthemall and Killeachother and Killkelly-on-the-Flure|8, where their role was to rule the round roll that Rollo and Rullo rolled round8|. Those were theº
{f10, 302}
grandest |2college gynecollege2| histories (Lucas calling, hold the line!) in the |9Jane Janesdanes Lady9| Andersdaughter |4university |s11universary Universary,s11|4| for auld acquaintance sake (this |2unitarian2| lady|8, breathtaking beauty, Bambam's bonniest,8| lived to a great age at |2(+or in orº about+)2| |8the late8| No.º 1132 |3or |4No.4| 1169|5, bis,º5|3| Fitzmary |2square Round|7, that eredwellers' afterliving,º7|2| where sheº was seen by many and widely liked) for teaching the |2Roman (4Fatima4) Woman2| history |5of |aFamiliafamilias |s9Fatimiliafamilias Fatimiliafamilias,s9|a|5| |2(+repeating |s9herself herself,s9|+)2| |7on which purposeth7| of the spirit of nature as divinelyº developed in time |2by psadatepholomy2|, the past and present (Johnny MacDougall speaking, give me trunks, miss!) and present and absent and past and present and |5future perfect5| arma virumque romanoº. Ah, dearoº dear! |8O weep for the hower when eve aleaves bower!8| How it |8all came did but all come8| |8eddaying8| back to |s11them them,s11| |8if they did but |11gaze get gaze, gagagniagnian,11|8| to hear him |s11there there,s11| kissing herº and cuddling her|8, |aafterº thea| gre gouty old |s11galahat galahat,s11| with his peer of quinnyfears and his troad of thirstuns,8| |5so nefarious|8, from his elevation of one yard one one handard and thartytwo lines,8| before the four of |s11us us,s11|5| in his Roman |2|s11catholic Catholics11|2| |s9arms arms,s9| |8while his deepseepeepers gazed and sazed and dazecrazemazed into her dullokbloon rodolling olosheen eyes eyenbowls8| by |2(+the+)2| Cornelius Nepos. Mnepos. Anumque. Umque.º |8N Napoo.8|

Queh?º Quos?

Ah,º dearo dearo dear! |8Bozun braceth brythe hwen gooses gandered gamen.8| |s11Mahazar ag Dod!s11| It was so |8scalding8| sorry for |2|v+allv+|2| the |2|+whole twice two+|2| four of |s9us us,s9| |6with their (12familiar familiar,12) making the |s9totem totem,s9|6| andº Lally when he lost |2part of2| his half a hat |6and all belongings to him, in his old futile manner, cape, towel and drawbreeches,6| |2and (+repeating himself and+) telling him |5|s11now now,s11|5| |7for the seek of Senders
{f39, 390}
7| |8and the mossacre of Saint |s11Brices Brices,s11|8| |3to forget the |7past |s9last |s11past past,s11|s9|7| |6when the burglar he shoved the wretch in |s11churneroil churneroil,s11|6| and |5contradicting5| all3| about |aLally|7, the ballest master of Goaterstownº,7| |+and his old |s11fellow fellow,s11|+| (4the |s11Lagener Lagener,s11|4) |6in the Locklane Lighthouse|s9,s9| |7|x|~, off Sir Johnny Rogersons the lurchships jesters,~|x|7| earingº his wick with a pierce of |s11railing railing,s11| and liggen |s9heg higs9| with his ladder |s11up up,s11| and |7that oldtime turner, and his sadderday erely cloudsing, the old croniony,7| Skelly|7, with the lether belly, full of neltts, full of keltts, full of lightweight beltts,º7|6| anda| all the |7old baldº7| |+chickens drakes+| |s11ors11| ever he had |+up in the (12bohereen bohereen,12) |7off Artsichekes (12Road Road,12) with Mollsº and |8Macmu Mahmullagh8| Mullarty|8, the man in the Oran mosque,8|7|+|2| and |2|+the old folks at home and+| |+Duignamº and+|2| Lapole |5and the grand |s11confarreation confarreation,s11|5| |7as per |athea| |s11Cabbangers richestore cabbangers richestore,s11|7| |9of the filest |s11archives archives,s11|9| |2|+and+| he couldn't stop laughing |v+about overv+|2| |v+2and Tim Tom Tam Tom Timv+|2| Tarpey, the Welshman, and the four |5middleaged5| widowers|8, all nangles, sangles, angles and wangles8|. And |s9now now,s9| that reminds |s9me me,s9| |3of not to forget3| the four |2of the2| Welsh |v+2waves waves,v+| leaping |v+laughing laughing,v+|2| |8in their Lumbag |s11Walk Walk,s11|8| |7over |aolda| Battleshore and |errDeaddleconchs Deaddleconcheerr|,7| in theirº half a Roman |s11hat hat,s11| |5with an ancient Greek glossº on |s11it it,s11|5| in Chichester |s11college Colleges11| auction |s9and thank God and,
{f10, 303}
thank God,s9| they were all summarily |s11divorced divorced,s11| four years before, |7|s9of ors9|7| so they say, by their dear poor |s11shehusbands shehusbands,s11| in dear |5bygone byword5| |s11days days,s11| and never brought to mind, to see no more the rainwater on the floor but still they parted, raining water laughing, |7per Nupiter Privius,7| |11only terpary,11| on the best of terms and be |s11forgot forgot,s11| |7which whilk7| was plainly |9foretold foretolkº9| by their old pilgrim |7song cocklesong7| |6|s11that ors11| they were singing through the wettest indies6| As I was going to |2Castletownhackett |7Ballymacarett Burrymecarott7|2| weº fell in with a |2bitch lout by2| the name of |2Burke Peebles2| as also in another place by their |2favourite orthodox2| proverb |11so there was said thus11| That |2old2| fellow knows milk though he's not used to it |2latterly2|. And so they parted. |9In Dalkymont nember to.9| Ay, ay. The good go and the wicked is left |2over2|. |8As evil flawsº so Ivel flows.8| Ay, ay. Ah, well, sureº that's the way. |8as As the holymaid of Kunut said to the haryman of Koombe. For his humple pesition in odvices.8| Woman. Squash. Part. Ay, ay. By decree absolute.

Lucas. |6'|~For the luvah the lauds Lucas.~|6'| (4And And,4) |3(4O O,4) soº3| well they could remembore at that (12time time,12) |11when Carpery of the Goold Fins was in the kingship of (12Poolland Poolland,12)11| Mrs |2Dowager2| Justice Squelchmanº|7, foorsitter,7| in her fullbottom wig
{f39, 391}
and |s9beard beard |11(Erminia Reginia!)11|,ºs9| in |2(+or aring or around about+)2| |2the year of |5buy in5| disgrace2| 1132 |3or 1169 or 1798º3| |5|s9Y.W.C.A. Y.W.C.A.,s9|5| at the Married Maleº |5Familyman'sº5| Auctioneers'º court in Arrahnacuddle. Poor Johnny of the clan of theº Dougals, the poor |7Scotsman Scuitsman7| |11(Hohannes!)11|,º |8nothing if not amorous,8| |3dinna forget,3| so frightened |7(zweep! zweep!º)7| on account of her fullbottom |11(undullable attraxity!)11|,º |7that put the yearl of mercies on |s11him him,s11|7| and the four |7masters |s9maasters maasters,s9|7| |11in chors, with a hing behangd them,11| because he was so slow |7to borstel her schoon for |s9her her,s9| when he was7| |2counting her manbuttons groomingº her |s11ladyship ladyship,s11|2| insteadº of backscratching |5her materfamilias5| |s9proper proper,s9| |2like any old |s9methodist methodist,s9|2| andº all divorced |8by and innasense |s11interdict interdict,s11| in the middle of the |s11temple temple,s11|8| according to their dear faithful. |2Ah, now,º it was tooº bad|7, too bad and stout entirely|11, all the missoccurs11|7|!º2| Andº poor (4Markº or4) Marcus (4Powerscourt Bowandcoat|5, |8from the brownesberrow in nolandsland,8| the poor old chronometer,5|4) all persecuted |8|athrough Alley Croaker with ally croakera|8| by everybody he was,º by decree |s11absolute absolute,s11| |8through |aErin's isle |s11Herrinsilde Herrinsilde,s11|a|8| becauseº he |3made forgot |s11himself himself,s11| making3| wind and |s11water water,s11| and |2|3dirtied all made a |6Neptune's6| mess of all of3| |s9himself himself,s9| |6sculling over the giamond's |s11courseway courseway,s11|6| and2| because he forgot to rememboreº to sign an old morning |5proxy5| paper, a |7request in writing writing in request7| to |9hersute9| |s11herself herself,s11| on stamped |9parchment brownanoleumº, from Roneo to Giliette,9| before saying his grace before fish and then and there and too there was poor Dion |5Cassius5| (4Boucicault |s9Poosycomb Poosycomb,s9|4) all drowned |s11too too,s11| poor |s11Dion Dion,s11| beforeº the world and her |s11husband husband,s11| because it was most improper |2and most |s11wrong wrong,s11|2| whenº he attempted |s9to — well to (wells9|, he was |2a bit shocking2| |7bad poor7| in his health, he said, with the shinglesº falling off |s9him — him),s9| becauseº |s9he — hes9| |s9ah (ahs9|, well now, |8peaces pea to Wedmore and8| |7let not the song go |9dong dumb9| upon your Ire, and as we say in the Spasms of Davies, and7| we won't be too hard on
{f10, 304}
him as an old Manx |s9presbyterian presbyterian)s9|, andº after that|7, as red as a Rosse is,7| he |2made his last will and2| went to |s11confession confession,s11| |7like the general of the |s11Berkeleyites Berkeleyites,s11| |aat the rim of the |s11rom rom,s11|a|7| on his two bare |2knees |s11marrowbones marrowbones,s11|2| toº |7Her Worship his7| Mother |7and Sister7| Evangelist |9Sweeney |s11Sweainey Sweainey,s11|9| |7on Cailcainnin widnight7| |2and he was so sorry, he was really, because he left the (4boot button |8bootbutton bootybutton8|4) inº the |8hansom handsome8| cab2| and (4now now,4) tell the |5truth truth,5| |6'|~crosshatching or no,~|6'| |6unfriends |7never, |s9never, she never (sheºs9| was his first messes dogess and |ait was a very pretty peltry anda|7|6| there
{f39, 392}
were faults on both |s9sides sides),ºs9| well, he attempted (or so they |s9say) — say),ºs9| ah, |3now, forget and forgive |7(don't we all?)7|,º (12and and,12)3| sure,º |6|x|~given a dogget badge name in Haughann,~|x|6| he was only funning,º with his andrewmartins and his old age coming |2on overº2| |s9him — him,s9| well, he attempted or(4, the Connachy,4) he was tempted to attempt some hunnish |s11familiarities familiarities,s11| after |7eating eten7| a bad |s11crab crampºs11| in the |s11red rudes11| (4sea ocean4) and|s11, hevantonoze,s11| sureº he was deadseasickabed |2(it was really too bad!)2|,º her poor old divorced male, in the |9hospice for the dying housepays for the daying9| |6at the Martyrº |9Mrsmacawleys Mrs |s11MacCawley's MacCawley's,s11|9| |9where at the time he was taying,9|6| and |9trying toyingº9| to hold the |2nurse's |s11nursetender's nursetendereds11|2| (4hand, ah, handº (ah,4) theº poor old (4coax, coax!)4) and count the buttons and her hand and frown on a bad crab |2and |9dying doying9| to remembore |8what doed they were byorn and8| who made a who a snoreº2|. Ah dearo dearo dear!

And where do you leave Matt|6'|~, the grand old Urthonian~|6'| |6|7Emeritus7|, theº laychief of Abbotabishop6|? |7|xAnd |aa blank eschullardºa| of ffrench and gherman. Achoch!x|7| They were all so |7sorry sorgy7| for |5poor |apoorbour poorboira|5| |s11Matt Matt,ºs11| in his saltwater |s11hat hat,s11| |8with the Aran |s11crown crown,s11|8| |11that or11| she grew |11all that11| out (4of of,4) too big for |5him him,5| ofº Mnepos and his |s11overalls overalls,s11| all falling over her in folds — sure,º he hadn't the heart in |5him her5| to pull them up — poor Matt, the old |2peregrineº2| matriarch, and a queenly man |7|x(the porple blussing upon them!)x|7|,º sitting there|7|x, |8the sole of the settlement,8| below ground, |afor |banb| expiatory |brites riteb|, in postulation of his causeº (who shall say?),ºa|x|7| |6in |athe hera| beaver bonnet,6| |5|7|xthe crapoppely billycoque back from Presscoatts and |aDyers Dyarsa|, |alike theº king of the Caucusesa|x|7|, a family all to himself,5| (4under geasa,4) |2|5Themistletocles Themistletocles,5|2| on his |2multilingualº2| tombstone|9, like Navellicky Kamen,9| |7|xandº she due to kid by sweetpea time,ºx|7| with her face to the |s11wall wall,s11| in |8sight view8| of the poorhouseº|5, |8and taking his rust in the oxsight of Iren,8| under all the auspices,5| amid the rattle of |3hailstones hailstorms3|,º |9kalospintheochromatokreening,9| with her ivyclad |s9hat |s11hood hood,s11|s9| and gripping an old pair of curling |s11tongs tongs,s11| belonging to Mrs |s9Dana O'Connell Duna |s11O'Cannell O'Cannell,s11|s9| |2to blow his brains with,2| |7|xtill the heights of Newhigherland heardº the |s9bristolshut Bristolshutºs9|,x|7| with his can of tea |8and a purse of alf alfred cakes8| |2from Anneº Lynch2| and two cutsº of Shackleton's brown loaf and diliskº, waiting for the end to |s9come — (12come, come.12)s9| |7God of heaven Gordon Hi Heighland7|, when you think of it! |8The merthe dirther!8| Ahº ho! |2It was too bad entirely!º2| All |4divorce devoured4| by active parlourmen|err,err| |4laudabiliter|err,º13|4| of woman squelch and all on account of the
{f39, 393}
smell of (12Shackleton Shakeletin12) and Scratchmanº and his mouth watering|8, acid and alkolic,º signs on the salt,8| and so now pass the loaf for Christ'º sake,º Amen. And so. And all.
{f10, 305}

Matt. And loaf. |5So that was the end. And it can't be helped.5| Ah, God be good to us! Poor Andrew Martin Cunningham! (7Take breath!7) Ay, ay!º

And still and all at that time (7of the dynast daysº7) |6of old (7king konningº7) Soteric Sulkinbored6| (7and Bargomuster |s11Bart Bart,s11| when they struck coil and shock |s11haunts haunts,s11| in old |s11Hungerford-on-Mudway Hungerford-on-Mudway,s11| |8where first I met thee oldpoetryck flied from |s11may may,s11|8| and the Finnan haddies and the Noal Sharks and the muckstails turtles |8like an acoustic pottish8| and the griesouperº |8patauge bullyum8| and how he poled him up his boccat of vuotar and got big buzz for his name in the airweek's honours from home, colonies and empire,7) they were always |6with assisting |s11grace grace,s11|6| thinking |4up (up)4| |3of and |4not4| forgetting about3| (7shims and shawls |s11week week,s11| in7) auld langº syne |4up (up)4| their four |s11hosenbands hosenbands,s11| that were four |4up (up)4| beautfulº sister |7masters misters7|, now happily married,º |11unto old Gallstonebelly,11| and there they were always counting |5and contradicting5| every night |11'tis early11| the lovely |2periwinkle mother-of-periwinkleº2| |s11buttons buttons,s11| according to the lapper part of their |5dress anachronism5| |4up (up4| one up two up one up |4four four)4| and after that there now she was, |5inº the end,5| the deary, |8soldpowder and all,8| the beautfour |s11sisters sisters,s11| and that was her (7modern mudhen7) |5republican5| |s11name name,s11| right |s11enough enough,s11| |8from alum and |s11oves ovesº,s11|8| and they used to be getting up |2from |s11under under,s11|2| |6in their tape and straw |s11garlands garlands,s11|6| (7with all the worries awake in their |s11hair hair,s11|7) at the kookaburraº bell |2|11ringing (12rinrginrg ringringº12)11| |aall wrongºa| inside of them |3come (come3| |4in in,4| come |3on on,3| you lazy |alouts |3loafs loafs!)3|a| come out to hell you lousy allº inside their poor |aold Shandonºa| bellboxº |3come (come3| out to |3hell hell,3| you lousy |3louts, louts!)3|2| so frightened, |11for the dthclangavore,11| (7like |s11Knockneeghs knockneeghss11| bumpsed by the fisterman's straightsº (ys! ys!),7) at all nights hours everyº |s11night night,s11| on their mistletoes,º the four old oldsters, |s12to see was the Transton Postscript come,s12| |7with |errthe theirerr| oerkussens under their |aarmaxters armsaxtersa|, |aall puddled and (9mistified |s11mythified mythified,s11|9) the way the wind wheeled the schooler round,a|7| when nobody wouldn't even let them |7rest |s11rusten rusten,s11|7| |6from playing their gastspiels6|, |2|7and crossing their sleep by the shocking |s11silence silence,s11| |awhen they were in dreams of (9yore yore,9) standing behind the
{f39, 394}
(9door door,9)
or leaning out of the (9chair chair,9) or kneeling |bon underb| the sofacover and sittingº on the (9souptureen souptureen,9)a| and thenº7| getting into their way something |5scandalous barbarous5|,2| changing the oneº wet |2underdownº2| |7convibrational7| bed |s11ors11| they used to |7sleep slumper7| |s11under under,s11| |7when hope was there no |s11more more,s11|7| and putting on their half a hat and falling over all |2the opticals synopticals2| |5and a panegyric5| |3and repeating themselves3|,º |7like svvollovving |11stickers stickers,º like the time they were dadging the talkeycook that chased them,11|7| lookº |2all round the |4stool stool,4| walk2| everywhere for a |s9jool jool,s9| to break |7fire to toy fyre toyº7| all the |4rancers rancers,4| to collect all and bits of brown, the rathure's evelopmenº in spirits of time in all fathom of space and slooping around in a |6bawneen and6| bath |errslipper slipperserr| and go away |4to Oldpatrick and4| see |5the a5| doctor |3Walker3| |4and. And4| after that |2so glad2| they had their night tentacles and there they used to |s11be be,s11| |2hanging flappingº2| |5and |s11cycling cycling,s11|5| |7and a
{f10, 306}
dooing a |s11doonloop doonloop,s11| |s11panementically panementically,s11|7| around the waists of the ships,º (12in the wake of their good old Foehn again,12) |2as |7tired tyred7| as they were,º2| |6at their windswidths in the wavelengths,º6| the clipperbuilt and the |4five4| fourmasters and Lally|7, of the cleftoft bagoderts7| and Roeº |7|aof the fair cheats,a| exchanging fleas,º from host to host, with |s11arthroposophia arthroposophia,s11|7| and he |7telling selling7| him |4before he forgot|7, |8|xissle, issle,x| after having prealably dephlegmatised his gutterful of throatyfrogs,8| with a |8mandible lungible8| fong in his suckmouth ear,7|4| |8while the dear invoked to his the coolun dare by a palpebrowsº lift left no doubt in his minder, till he was instant and he was trustin, sister soul |aand ina| brother hand, the subjects being their passion grand,8| that oneº |7fresh from the cow7| about |6M Eithneº Meithne married a mailde and6| |7that one too from Engrvakarº saga7| |8abooth8| a |7goose gooth7| |5a lay a |7a love a |8alav a a gev aº8|7|5| |7goldeny gotheny7| egg |6all out of his oldy headº6| |7and the parkside pranks of quality queens|9, katte efter kinne,9| |8for Earl Hoovedsoon's choosing8| and Huber and Harman7| |8and orhowwhen theeuponthus |9(chchch!)9| eysolt of binnoculises memostinmust egotum |s9sobcunsciously sabcunsciouslys9| |asenseupers (12sense senses12) upersa| the deprofundity of multimathematical immaterialitiesº wherebejubers in the pancosmic urge the allimmanence of that which Itself is Itself Alone (hear, O hear, Caller Errin!) exteriorises on this ourherenow plane in disunited solod, likeward and gushious bodies with (science, say!) perilwhitened passionpanting pugnoplangent intuitions of reunited
{f39, 395}
selfdom (murky whey, abstrewsº adim!) in the |9higherdimensional higherdiminsionalº9| selfless Allself, theemeeng Narsty meetheeng (12Idoless Idoless,12) and telling8| |7Johnny Jolly7| |s9MacGory MacGollys9|, dear |7mister mester7| John, |7the belated dishevelled,7| |6hacking away at a parchment |7pie pieº,7|6| and all the other analist, the steamshipsº andº the |4women-o'-war women-o'-war,4| and playing |7melia marmels in7| |4oceanº4| ladies' foursome|7, ovenfor, nedenfor, dinkety, duk,7| |11downaluppingº (how long tandem!) like a foreretyred schoonmasters,11| and their |2bottlegreen pairº of green2| eyes and peering in, so they say, |7like the narcolepts on the lakes of |s11Coma Coma,s11|7| through the steamy |s11windows windows,s11| intoº the honeymoon |s11cabins cabins,s11| on board the big |s11steamadories steamadories,s11| made by |s11Fumadory Fumadory,s11| and the saloon ladies' |7modern madorn7| toilet chambers lined over prawn silk and rub off the salty catara off a windows |2|s11and and,s11| hee |s11hee hee,s11|2| listening|2, |6|11qua qua11| committeeº,6| the poor old quakers,º2| |8oben the |s11dure dure,s11|8| to see all the hunnishmooners and the |2firstclass2| ladies|6, serious me, |8a lass8| spring as you fancy, |8|aanda| sheets far from the lad,8| courting in |8bed blankets8|,6| |5|s11enfamillias enfamillias,s11|5| |2|s11and and,s11| shee |s11shee shee,s11|2| allº |s11improper improper,s11| in a lovely mourning toilet|7,º |8for the rosecrumpler, the thrilldriver, the sighinspirer, with that olive throb in his nude neck, and|x, swayin and thayin,x| thanks ever so much for the tiny quote, |xwhich sought of maid everythingling |aagaina| so very much more delightafellay, and the perfidly suite of her,x|8| bootyfilly yours,7| under all their familarities,º |6by preventing (12grace grace,12)6| |3saying forgetting to say3| their grace before |2steamadory |8chambadory chambadory,8|2| |7before going to boat with the verges of the
{f10, 307}
chaptel of the opering of the month of Nema-Knatutº|s11,s11|7| soº pass the |2pogue poghue2| for grace sake,º Amen. And |s11all all,s11| |2trembling hee hee |s11hee hee,s11| quakingº2|, so fright, |s11and and,s11| |2shee |s11shee shee,s11|2| shakingº. Aching. Ay, ay.

|8⇒ For it was then a pretty thing happened of pure diversion mayhap, when herº flattering |ahand henda|, at the justright moment (|a, like there perchance some cook of corage might clip the lad on a poot of porage,º anda| |ahad shut handshuta| his duckhouse, the vivid girl, |a(a|deaf with love|a,º (ah sure,a| you know her, our angel being, one of romance's fadeless wonderwomen, and, sure now, we all know you dote on her even unto date|err!err|),º with a queeleetlecree |aof |bjoysous joysisb| crisisa| she renulited their disunited,º with ripy lepes to ropy lopes (the dear o'dears!) and the golden importunity of aloofer's leavetime, when|err,ºerr| as quick asº greased pigskin, Amoricas Champiasº, with one |s11virul aragans11| throastº, druve the massive of |s11vigtoury virilvigtourys11| flshpstº the
{f39, 396}
bothlinesº of forwards (Eburnea's down, boys!) rightjingbangshot into the goal of her gullet.8|


|8⇒ And (12now now,12) upright and add them! And plays be honest! And pul pullit into yourself, as on manowoman do another! Candidately, everybody! |11A mot for amot. Comong, meng, and douh!11| There was |s11this this,s11| wellyoumaycallher, a strapping fine |ayoungºa| modern old ancient Irish prisscess, so and so hands high, such and such paddock weight, in her madapolam smock, nothing under her hat but red hair and solid ivory (now you know it's true in your hardup hearts!) and a firstclass pair of bedroom eyesº of most unholyº blueº (how weak we are, one and all!),º the charm of favour's fond consent! with sweet enchantment fain! Couldº you blame her,º we're saying?, for one psocoldlogical moment? |aWhat would Ewe do?a| With that |9so9| tiresome old milkless |9a9| ram, with his tiresome duty peck and his brochi bronchi bronchial tubes, the tiresome old |s11hairygs11| |aorangoran orangograna| |s11beaver beaver,s11| in his tiresome old twentysixandsixpennyº sheopards |aPlads |s11Plods plodss11|a| drowsers |s12and his thirtybobandninepenny tails plus toops12|! |s11Hagakhroustioun!s11| It were too exceeding really if one woulds to offer at sulk an oldivirdual a pinge of hinge hit. The mainest thing ever! Since Edem was in the boaysº noavy. No, no, the dear heaven knows, and the farther the from it, if the whole stole stale misbetoldº, whoever the gulpable, and whatever the pulpous was, the twooned togethered, and giving the mhost ph phassionable wheathers, they were doing a lally a lolly a dither a duther one lelly two dather three lilly four dother. And it was a fiveful moment for the poor old |s11timetellers timetellersºs11| |s11ticktacking ticktacking,s11| toº tenk the count. Till the spark that plugged spared the chokee he gripped and (volatile volupty, how brieved are thy lunguings!) they could and they could hear like of a lisp lapsing, that was her knight of the Truths Thongº plipping out of her chapellledeosy, after where he had gone and polped the questioned. Plop.8|
{f10, 308}

|8Ah now, it was tootwoly torrific,º the |s9mummumlubejubes mummurrlubejubess9|!8| And then after thatº they used to be |3so |s11forgetful forgetful,s11|3| counting |3their3| |2peributts motherpeributtsº2| |4up (up4| one up |4four four)4| to membore her beaufu |7modern mouldern7|
{f39, 397}
maiden |s11name name,s11| |7for |aoverflowing |s11overflauwing overflauwing,s11|a|7| by the dream |7of woman the |s11Owneirist owneirist,s11| in forty lands7|. From Greg and Doug on poor Greg and Mat and Mar and Lu and Jo, now happily buried, our four sisters.º And there she was nowº right enough, that lovely sight enough, the |3lady girleen3| bawnº |s11asthore asthore,s11| as for days |s11galore galore,s11| of planxtyº Gregory. Egory.º |s12O bunket not Orwin!s12| Ay, ay.

(12But sure But, sure,12) thatº reminds me now, like another |2story tellmastoryº2| |3repeating yourself3|, how they used to be |7in lethargy's |s11love love,s11|7| |5at the end of it |s11all all,s11|5| at that time |4up (up)4| always|2, tired and all,2| |6after doing the mousework and making it up,6| over their |7community7| singing |2at |4up (up)4|2| the |8top toploftº8| of the |8voice voicebox8| of |s11Mamalujo Mamalujo,ºs11| |6like the senior follies at murther |s11magrees magrees,s11|6| |2|7sitting squatting7|2| |errround round,err| |2two by two|5, the four confederates,5|2| |6with Caxon,º the Coxswainº,6| |4up (up)º4| the wetº |2fire air2| register in Old Man's House|7, Millenium Road,7| |6crowning themselves in lauraly |s11branches branches,s11|6| with their cold kneesº and their poor |4up (up)4| |5feet |s11quadrupeds quadrupeds,ºs11| fastº5| |7asleep |s11ovasleep ovasleep,s11|7| and all dolled |s11up up,s11| for their blankets and materny mufflers and plimsolesº and their bowl of brown schackleº and milky and |7both boterham7| clots|7, a potion apeace a peace apeaceº, a piece aportion, |aa lepel alip, alup a lap,a|7| for a cup of kindest |s11yet yet,s11| with hold take hand and nurse and only touch of |7eat |s9ate ate,s9|7| a lovely munkybown and |11for xmell and11| wait the pinch and prompt poor Mucusº Lyons |6to be not beheeding the skillet on for the live of ghosses but6| to pass the teeth for choke (12sake sake,12) |s11Amensch Amensch,s11| when it so happen they were all sicamoreº |3and by the world |s11forgot forgot,s11|3| since the phlegmish |s11hoopicough hoopicough,s11| for all a |s11possabed possabed,s11| afterº |7eat ete7| a bad cramp and johnny |s11magories magories,s11| and backscrat the poor bedsores and |7their the7| farthing dip|7, their caschal pandle7| |s11of magmegnousioumº,s11| and read a letter or two every |s11night night,s11| |2before going to |7dodo7| sleep |7|s11atrance atrance,s11|7| |6with their catkins |7bonnets |s11coifs coifs,s11|7|6| in the twilight2|,º a (12capitaletter capitaletter,12) |5for further |s11auspices auspices,s11|5| on their old |5one page codex5| book of old year's eve 1132, |5M.M.L.J.5| |3old style,3| their |2Senchus |4Seanchus Senchus4|2| (12Mor Mor,12) |2by |7his fellow |s11girl girl,s11| the7| Mrs Shemans,º2| |7in her summerseal house onsampleº, with the broadtail caracul caracul broadtail|a, her totam in tutu,ºa|7| final buff |7lunch noonmeal7| |4edition edition,º4| |6in the regatta covers|7|a, uptenable from the orther,a| for to |s9regel reguls9| their reves by (12incubation incubation,12)7|6| and |s11Lally Lally,s11| through their gangreneº |s11spentacles spentacles,s11| and all the good |s11ors11| they did in their time|6, the rigorists,6| for Roe and |2O'Driscoll a Riscoll O'Mulconryº a
{f39, 398}
Conryº2| |5on ap5| |2all Mulº2| or Lap |2a |5at ap5|2| Morion and Buffler |5on ap5| Matty MacGregoryº for Marcus |5on Podex5| by Daddy de Wyer, old bagabroth, |6beeves and scullogues, churls and vassals, in same, sept and severalty,º6| and |2one by one and2| sing a mamalujo. |8To the heroest champion of Eren and his braceoleandersº and Gowan, Gawin and Gonne.8|

And |2after that2| now |5in the |s9future future,s9| please |s9God God,s9|5| |6after nonpenal death,º6| |2start |3start all all startº repeating |s11ourselves ourselves,s11| |6in medios |s11loquos loquos,s11|6| |8|afroma| where he got (12a12) useful arm busy
{f10, 309}
on the (12touchline touchline,12) due south of her western (12shoulder shoulder,12) down to8| |6deathº6| and |8the love |s11embrace embrace,s11| with an interesting tallow complexion and8| all now3| |5|s11united united,ºs11| |s11sansfamillias sansfamillias,s11|5| |8let us ran on to8| say oremus prayer |8and homeysweet |s11homely homely,s11| |aafter fully realising the gratifying |bexperiences experienceºb| of highly continental evenements,a|8| |7|afor meter and petera| to temple |aasleep |s9a ans9| |s11eslaap eslaap,s11|a|7| |3for auld |s11acquaintance acquaintance,s11|3| |+to Peregrine and Michael and Farfassa and |s11Peregrine Peregrine,s11|+| for navigants etº |s11peregrinantibus peregrinantibus,s11| and in all the old |5|7and imperial imperial and Fionnachan7|5| sea and2| |8for vogue awallow toº8| sing a lovasteamadorion |8f to Ladyseyes, here's Tricks |ato anda| Doelsy, |adelightfully ours,a|8| in her |2doaty duckyº2| little blue and roll |8a his8| hoop and how she ran|8, |awhen wit won free,ºa| the dimply blissed and awfully bucked, right glad8| |3we never |8never8| shall forget|8, |aMiss Yiss, you fascinator, you,ºa| thoh the dayses gone still they loves young dreams,º8|3| and old Luke |6with his kingly leer|8, so wellworth watching,8|6| and |2Senchus |4Seanchus Senchus4|2| Mor|8, possessed of evident notoriety,8| and another more |8of the bigtimers,8| |7to name no |s11others others,s11|7| |8of whom great things were expected in the fulmfilming department,8| for |6the lives of Lazarus and6| auld lukeº syne and she haihaihail her kobbor kohinorº sehehet on the praze savohoholeº Shanghaiº.