1st draft, February-March 1928, §1C draft level 0

MS British Library 47473 81-89 Draft details

{ms, 081}

The Ondt and a Gracehoper

|aLet us consider their casess.a| A gracehoper was |aalwaysa| jigging around in his joyicity on his pair of |afindlesticks findlestiltsa| or, if not, he was always making |a|bdisgraceful ungracefulb|a| overtures to Floh and Luse and Flutterby and Lovesalight |ato play pupas with & pulcy pulcya| to |acommit commencea| insects with him|a, even in chaste,a| |abehind beholda| a watering pot, |atill they were puce with shama| |apromising he would cursing |bby the Fore Antennas,b|a| harry me, marry me, bury me, bind me, he would furnish her in housery as quickly as his cottage
{ms, 082}
|awhich was called Tingandingenting,a| grew up. If he was not done doing that he was always getting up funny fumeralls with Besterfather Zeuts |ain inscythea| the wormcasket attended by a mutter & deffer baxing motch — anything above ground so as only to kill time. Grouscious me,! |aPou!a| what a bagateller it was, to be sorry,! |aAnd what a zeit for the goths!a| thought the Ondt who was making |achillya| spaces at himself affront of the icinglass
{ms, 083}
|aof ina| his windhomes, the |aname ventnamea| of which was Nixnixundnix. The Ondt was a weltall |aand raumybult abelboobieda| fellow bynear as altitudinous wee a schelling in kopfers. He was very sullemn & |aa sada| chairmanlooking when he was not making spaces but|a, laus,a| when he was making spaces he was |avery mouch moora| secred and wisechairmanlooking. Now
{ms, 084}
when sillbilly Gracehoper had highkicked jingled through a jungle of love and |adebt debtsa| and jangled through a jumble of life and doubts |aafterwards afterworsea| |xwetting with waps, drinking with drones, |abilking with the bugs,a| horing with the hornetsx| he was as |asick siecka| as a |asinner sextona| and as |apoor pooverooa| as a churchprince. |aAnd |bwhere wheerb| the midges to wend |bhimself |chemsilf hemsylphc|b| he wist niet nat. Cricky, what a plight!a| |x(he had eaten all the whilepaper, swallowed the lustres, devoured 40 flights of styearcases, chewed up all the |amensas mensesa| and seccles |aronged the records, made mouthballs of ephemerals,a| and |avoracioused vouraciouseda| on the |averya| timepiece in the ternitary — not too dusty |agruba| a cicada for a chip so mity)x| |aSo |bwhen Chrysalmis was on the bare branches,b| off he went from Tingandingenting |bhis high spirits were all giroflipgiroflepb|a| He took a |arounda| stroll and he took a |arounda| stroll and he took a stroll |atill he was |bquiteb| grilly in the head |bthe leivenit li leivnits in his hairb| & unread thought he had the |bTassmania Tossmaniab|,a| and he came to Nixnixundnix |awhen Chrysalmis was on the bare branchesa|. The June snow asº flocking
{ms, 085}
thuckly |aon the hegelstonesa| and the a lugly tornado |athe Boraborryellasa| blasting the sleets off the |acoppeeshops coppeehousesa|. The gracehoper |awho knew the correct thinga| promptly tossed himself ontop his |ahead buzzer |bin the |csnow vicoc|b|a| & the next time he |asees makes the aquinetancea| the Ondt he will beheld |ahim a world of differents |bthe with unshrinkables draping his h all toovisibles, enjoying revelling in his sunnyroomb|a| |aas appi as a oneysu sucker |bor a baskerboy on the libidob|a| |asateda| at his comefortumble fillupsupper of |aa plate o'a| monkynouss |aand a confucion of minthe (for he was a conformed aristotaller)a| and with Flo biting his big thigh and Luse lugging his left leg
{ms, 086}
Bieni Bienie bussing him under his bonnet and Vespatilla |awintering blowing cosy fond tuttiesa| his |ainto his ear up his smallsa|. Emmet and demmet |aand there's and Oa| jadeses |awhept whipt |bbe jiltses crazedb|a|!, |acreed schneezeda| the Gracehoper. at his wittol's end, out of |aunread hisa| out of eyeforsight The Ondt was making the greatest spass a body could
{ms, 087}
for he was spizzing all over, boundlessly blissfilled, |ain an allallahbath of houris,a| chasing Floh and |atackling ticklinga| Luse and |acatching tacklinga| Bienie and catching Vespatilla. |aNo Dorcan from Dunshanagan ever danced it so?a| The |averipatetic verypatetica| figure of the Gracehoper, actually & presumptually |asintifying sinctifyinga| |achronic'sa| despair, was too great for
{ms, 088}
his |achorous ofa| |agravitate gravitatesa|. He larved & he larved & he merd such a |anaus nausea| that the Gracehoper feared he would |ablank swallowa| his jaws. |aFor the sake of For the sake of their sakes |bwho were once you are safeb| in |bmy whoseb| keeping.a| I forgive you, dear Ondt, said the Gracehoper |athen weepinga|. |aBe kind to poor Floh Teach Floh & Luse |bdancing polkasb|,a| |agive standa| Bienie |ablank a treata| |ashow with Bienie what's sweeta| & Mind Vespatilla |agets plenty finds fat mena| to |aeat heata| As I once played the piper I must now pay the count So it's saida
{ms, 089}
to Moyhammlet and marhaba to your Mount!

We are Wastenot & Want, precondamned
Till Nolans |aare goa| volants and Bruneyes |ago comea| blue,
|xIn the risible universe where could one find
Such prodigious advances with so much behind?
I pick up your reproof as the gift of a friend
For the prize of your save is the price of my spend
Your feats are |aenormous enormersa|, Your volumes immense,
(May the Graces I hoped for |agive singa| Your Ondtship songsense)x|
Your genus |aunbordered is blanka|, your spaces sublime But
Holy Saltmartin, why can't you beat time?