1st draft, March 1924, §1D draft level 0

MS British Library 47482b 4-6 Draft details

{ms, 005}

|aYou have Could youa|, of course, dear Shaun, read this |astrangea| |alanguage in thea| letter for his majesty?

Y I, replied Shaun, |ahave cd play ita|. |aIt is awful in its handwriting. A piece of scribble.a|

Letter written by Sheme, brother of Shaun, for Alp, mother of Shaun, all about Hek, father of Shaun.

— Dear Shaun, I said, since you came to the use of language have you millions of times used worse language than that used by |ayour |btwinb| brothera| Shem.

|aI wd not like to swear buta| I doubt it, Shaun replied. |aShe was put up to it by him.a|

You could come near it, dear Shaun, I suppose? I asked.

No-one could, Shaun replied|a, for it is incendiarya|.

— But I suppose you could
{ms, 006}
use |aworsea| yourself
yourself, dear Shaun, if you only took the trouble of so doing?

Undoubtedly so, |a& by the powers of wara| I could do it |aany time I liked |bwith my left hand tiedb|a| much worse than |amy anya| |atwina| brother Shem only I would never take the trouble |aof doing ita|, was Shaun's reply |aAnd by all I hold sacred I swear |ban oath by the name of Shaunb| |bthatb| I |bnever will permit will commit to the flamesb| any incendiary |bwhoever triesb| to set a mother of mine on fire.a|

Mind you he was in the deepest |aof sluggisha| earnest |athough his jaw was too heavy to talka| but |ain looking up to find h what age he was by the polar stara| he overbalanced by weight of the barrel and rolled |abackwards |bin a curious mode of motionb|a| a fairish way |abehind the timesa| in the |aInchicorea| direction |aof Delganya| before being |arighted |bset putb| righta|.

|aWell, dear Shaun, Thou art passing hence, dear unread, from friends and parents dear,a| |abuta| may the moss of all peace & prosperity |aunread gathera| |ayour youa| rolling home! May the foggy dews bediamond your hoops!? May the fireplug of filiality safeguard your bunghole! |aWe know you were loth to leave |bus. us but,b| |a&a| sure, you will turn up some day when your pocket is empty. Anyway may the grass grow quickly under your feet or the daisies grow lightly over your toes.ºa|