Textual development Manuscript to Errata III.1§D

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

|13|+Now?+|13| |5Howº good you |v6are are |13in explosition13|!v6|5| |13How farflung is your fokloire and how velktingeling your volupkabulary! |aQui vive |besperando sparantob| qua muore |bcantando. contanto.b| |bO foibler, O flip, you've that wandervogl wail withyin!b| It falls easily upon the earopen and goes down the friskly (14shortest shortiest14) like treacling tumtim with its tingtingtaggleº. The blarneyest blather in all Corneywall!a|13| |5Now |v6but now Butv6|5| could you, of course, decent |5Shaun Lettrechaun5| |5|v6to (tov6| change your name ifº not your |v6nation nation)v6|5|, we knew,º while still in the barrel, read the |v6strangewritten strangewrotev6| |5Shemtongue anaglyptics5| of those |5letters Shemlettersº5| patent |6to for6| His |v6Em. Christian's Em?v6|

|5Read! |v6Greek? Greek!v6|5| |9Handº it to me!9| Shaun |5replied. replied |10plosively10|,º pointing to the cinnamon |s+10quill quistoquills+|10| behind his |v6ear, acoustrolobe.v6|5| |9'I'm |aan asa| afterdusk |11nobly11| Roman as pope and water could christen me.9'| |5Look at that for a ridingpin!5| |7I am By Senlarynx (+By St Larynx I am I am,º (14by thingº14) |10St Sing10| Larynx,º+)7| |5most potent letterpotentº5| to play |5it the |8same sem8|5| backwardsº like |8anything Oscan wild |aor |12unshent inshantº12| Persse |s12or from the Ottoman |shtransluding from the Ott Othermansh|s12| or offº the Topticºa|8|, |6off the types
{f10, 326}
of my finklers
6| |5|v6on in thev6| draught |v6and in bottle or with |s+10bottles buttless+|10|,v6|5| with my |v6eyes shut |9'ops oyes9'| thickshutv6| and all. But|10, hellas,º10| it is |5woful (14horrebrew harrobrew14)5| bad on the |5hands corns and callouses5|. As far as that goes I associate myself with your |v6remarks remarkv6| just now |8from theodicy8| |5re |astolen furloinedºa| notepaper5| and quite agree in your |v6descriptions prescriptionsv6| for indeed |5I am|7, pay Gay,º7| in juxtaposition to say5| it is not a nice production. It is a pinch of scribble|9'. Notº worth aº bottle of (13cabbage cabbis13)9'|. |5Overdrawn!5| |s12|shPuffedly offal tosh|err.!ºerr|sh|s12| |8Besides,º it'sº auctionable, all about crime and libel!8| Nothing beyond clerical |5errors horrors5| et |v6omnia omnibusv6| to be entered |5for the |v6foreigner foreignv6|5| as secondclass matter. |12|shThe fuellest filth ever fired since Charley Lucan's!ºsh|12|
{f39, 420}
Flummery is what I would call it if you were to ask me |5to put it |v6in onv6| a single dimension5| what pronounced opinion I might |v6|10possibly orallyº10|v6| have about them bagses of songs trash which the mother and Mr |5Shem |aShem the Draper Unmentionablea|5| |13(O,º breed not his same!)13| has reduced to writing |5|aunder his |v6by making use without making news outv6| of mya| (11sootyname sootynemm11)5|. |9'|aHow Whena| she slipped under her couchman. And where he made a cat with a peep. How they wore two madges on the makewater. |aAnd |~whey why~| there were treefellers in the shruburbsº.a|9'| |9Then he hawks his handmud figgers from Francie to Fritzie |adown in the kookina|. |aKiss Phiza| is me mother and Hair's me father|a, Bauvº Betty Fammº and Pig Pig Pikea|. |13|aTheir livetree (may it flourish!) |band byb| their ecotaph (let it stayne!).ºa| With balsinbal bimbies swarming tiltop.13| Comme bien!º Comme bien! Feefeel! Feefeel! |aAnd the Dutches dyin |blaffin loffinb| at his pon peck de Bareeº. |bAnd all the mound reared!º Tillº he |cdidn't know wot notc| |+13what wot+|13| to begin he should.b|a|9| An infant sailing eggshells on the floor of a wet day would have more sabby.

Letter, carried |v6by ofv6| Shaun, son of |4Hek |v6Hec Hekv6|4|, written |v6by ofv6| Shem,º brother of Shaun, |12'|+|shutteredsh|+|12'| for Alp, mother of Shem, |v6about forv6| |4Hek |v6Hec Hekv6|4|, father of Shaun. |10Initialled. Gee. Gone. 29 Hardwareº Saint. |13|+Lendet till Laonunº.+|13| |11|+(14Baile-Atha-Cliath, Baile-Atha-Cliath.14) 31 |v12Jun, Jan.v12| 11.32º A.D.º+|11| Here Commerces Enville. Tried |aOpposite Appositea| House. 13 Fitzgibbets. Loco. Dangerous. Tax 9d. B. L. Guineys, esqueer. L.B. Not known |13as at13| 1132 a. 12 Norse Richmoundº. Name Nave unlodgeable. Loved noa's dress. Sinned, Jetty Pierrse. Noon sick parson. 92 |13Winsewer Windsewer13|.º Ave. No such no. Vale. Finn's Hot. Exbelled from 1014 d. Pulldown. |aFearview.a| Opened by Miss Take. 965 nighumpledansextiffitsº. Shout at Site. Roofloss. |11|+Fit Dunlop and |v12be Bev12| Satisfied.º+|11| Mr Domnall (14O'Domnally, O'Domnally.14) Q.V. 8 Royal Terrors. |aNone so strait.a| Shutter up. Dining with the Danes. Removed to Philip's Burke. At sea. D.E.D. Place scent on. Clontalk. Father Jacob, |11|+Rice+|11| Factor. 3 (14Castlewoos, Castlewoos.14) P.V. |aArrested Arrusteda|. J.P. Converted to Hospitalism. |11|+|12In Ere12| the March |12past12| ofº Civilisation.º+|11| Once Bank of Ireland's. Return to City Arms. 2 Milchbrokeº. Wrongly spilledº. |aTraumcondras Traumcondrawsa|. Now Bunk of England's. Drowned in the Laffey. Here. The Reverest Adam Foundlitter. Shown geshotten. 7 Streetpetres. Since Cabrankº. Seized of the Crownd. Well, Sir Arthur. |11|+Buy
{f39, 421}
|v12Patterson's Patersen'sv12| Matches
.º+|11| Unto his promisk hands. |13Blown up |a|bat lastb| Lemmasa| by Orchid Lodge. Search Unclaimedº Male.13| House
{f10, 327}
Condamned by Ediles. Back in Few Minutes. Closet for Repeers. 60 Shellburn. Key at Kate's. Kiss. Isaac's Butt, Poor Man. |aDelicious Daliciousa| arson. Caught. Missing. Justiciated. Kainly forewarred. Abraham Badly's King, Park Bogey. Salved. All reddy berried. Hollow and eavy. Desert it. Overwayed. Understumpedº. Back to the P.O. |13|+Kaer of.+|13| Ownsº owe (11MO. M.O.11) Too Let. To Be Soiled. Cohabited by Unfortunates. Lost all Licence. |aHis |+12'Beef Bouf+|12'| Toe is Frozen Over.a| X, Y and Z, Ltd, Destinied Tears. A.B, ab, Sender. |11|+Boston (14(Mass), (Mass).14) 31 |v12Jan, Jun.ºv12| 13.12º P.D.º+|11| Razed. Lawyered. Vacant. Mined. Here's the Bayleaffs. Step out to |+12'Hull Hall+|12'| out of that, Ereweaker, with your Bloody Big Bristol. Bung. Stop. Bung. Stop. Cumm Bumm. Stop. Came Baked to |aOuld Aulda| Aireen. Stop.10|

— Kind Shaun, we all requested, much as weº hate to say (14it it,14) but since you |v6came rosev6| to the use of |5language money5| have you not, without suggesting for an instant, millions of |v6times |8ways moods8|v6| used |v6upv6| |5language slanguage5| |8ten |s9ton tuns9|8| times as |8worse words8| as the |5slanguage penmarks5| used |v6up outv6| |8in sinscript8| |7with such hesitancy7| by your |v6celebrated cerebratedv6| brotherº |5Shem — excuse me |afor not mentioning him not mentioningahema|5|?

|v6Celebrated CelebrAtedv6|! Shaun replied |5|7|8'in the under the sheltar of his8'| broguish7|,º vigorously rubbing his |amagica| lantern to a |v6glimmer glowv6| of fullconsciousness5|.º |7|8''HesitEncy HeCitEncyº8''|!7| |10Your words grates on my |aohrs aresa|.10| Notorious I rather would feel inclined |v6in tov6| myself in the first place to describe him as Mr |5Shem O'Shem the Draper5| |s12|shwith before lettersh|ºs12| as should I be |8accentually8| called upon |13for a |shdieoguinnsissh|13| to pass myº |v6opinion opinions|s12, |shproperly spewingsh|,s12|v6| |7(+into impulsory |8''irelit irelitz8''|+)7|. But I would not |v6like carev6| to be so |9insulting unfruitful9| to my own |v6self partv6| as to swearº for the moment positively as to the |5other views of |8'Denmark Denmark.º No, sah!8'|5| |8'but But8'| let me say my |5every5| belief before my |v6God |ahigha| Geev6| is that I much doubt |5of5| it. |12missing12| |9I've no room for that fellow |s12|shon my fagroastersh|s12|.º I just can't.9| |8'As I |9'hourly9'| learn |10from Rooters and Havers10| |11through Gilligan's maypoles11| |13in a nice pathetic (14notice notice,º14)13| he|13, the pixillated doodler,13| is on his last |12'|+with |shillegible clergimanitissh|+|12'|,º boasting always of his ruddy (14complexious! complexious.º14)8'| She, the |8'mother mammyfarº8'|, was put up to itº by him, the iniquity,º that ought to be |9'depraved of his libertins|s12, |shtoº be silenced, sackclothed
{f39, 422}
and suspendedsh|,s12| and9'| placed in irons into some |5draperyº5| institution |5|v6of offv6| the antipopees5| for |5such matters wordsharping only5| if heº |8|~would call in the chemist and~|8| |+13could was klanver enough to+|13| pass the panel |v6doctors |10'doctors fleischcurers10'| |s12and the |shfieldpost censorsh|s12|.v6| |13|+Gach!+|13| |v6for Forv6| |4it that4| is |13a fullblown fact and13| well |5celebrated celibated5| |5before the four |adivorcea| courts |aand all the King's |8''wenches |+13paunches paunches,+|13|8''|a|5| how he |v6hasv6| |8the solitary from8| |5|8seen seeing8| |8Scotch8| snakes and5| has |13a lowsense for the |shproduction ofsh|13| consumption |8and dalickeycyphalosº8| on |v6the hisv6| |8brach8| premises |5where he can |13purge his contempt,º13| |9'dejeunerate into a skillyton andº9'| |athink be thinkinga| himself to death5|. Rot him! |4Flanelfeet Flannelfeet4|! |8|aFlattyre! Flattyro!a| I will describe you in a word.8| (12'|shThou. (Iº beg your pardon.)º sh|12') Homo! |5Then putting |athe hisa| bedfellow on me!5| (12'|shLikeº into mikesh| and nick onto post.º12') |9'The criniman!º9'| |8'I'll give it to him for
{f10, 328}
8'| (12'|shMaking the lobbard change his stopssh|º, |shas we say in the long booksh|.º12') Isº he on |v6my keeping whosekeepingv6| or are my?º (12'|shObnoximostsh| |shposthumust!sh|º12') With his |5unique hornbook and his5| prince of a the apauper's pride|5,º blundering |aalla| over the two worlds5|! |5If he waits till I |6give buy6| him a |7|9musselman's mosselman's9|7| present!5| He'sº |8''no nos8''| |5cousin halfcousin5| of |6mine. mine, pigdish!6| Norº wants |6to. to!6| |9'I'd famish with the cuistha first.9'| |7|aAham! A ham!ºa|7|

— May we petition you, |v6clean Shaun Shaun illustriousv6|, then, to |s12|shput |sayour hissa| |+prince's prentis'+| pride in yourº |+aproper's+| pursesh| and tos12| unravel in your own |v6sweetv6| |s12way withs12| words |10of style10| to your very humbleº |v6and most obsequientv6|, we suggested,º |12(+|shwith (14yet14) an esiop's foible,º sh|+)12| as to how?

|s12You |shWell,º it is partly my own, isn't it,sh|º and yous12| may|10, ought10| and welcome, Shaun replied|5, taking at the same (14time time,14) |8'as his hunger got the bitter of (14him him,14)8'| a hearty bite out of the honeycombº of his |8Braham and Melo's edibleº8| hat|8', tryone, tryon and triune8'|5|. |5Ann wunkum.5| (14Sure Sure,14) I |v6thought thunkumv6| you knew |v6allv6| about that|12, h |shHonoreysº causessh|,12| |5through thelementaryº channels5| long |v6ago agumv6|. (14Sure Sure,14) that is as |13|shold now as the Baden bees of Saint Dominoc'ssh| and as13| |5well known |v6commonplease commonpleasv6| now (12'to allus |shpueblowssh|12') |aand |v6hunkum bunkumv6|a|5| as Nelson his (12'trifulgurayous12') pillar. |13|+However.+|13| |12|shLet me see,|12| |8Beerman's bluff was what begun it|a, Old Knoll and his barrowinga|.º |aAnd then the lilies ofº the veldt|b, Nancy Nickies and Folletta Lajambeb|.º Then |~me mem~| and |byou hemb| and the |bjemjack jak jaquejackb|. So betwee Budha and Pash?a|8| |12|shAll about Wucherer and righting his name for|12| |8I regret to announce|s12, after laying out |shhis litterery bedsh|,s12|8| |s9For forºs9| |4three two4| days she kept |8howling squealing8| |v6downv6| |5for noisy priors5| and bawling |v6outv6| |13to her
{f39, 423}
|shjameymock farcesonsh|13| |5in Shemish |13like a mouther of the incas with a garcielasso13|5| (12'huw Ananymus |shpinched her tightssh|12') |13|+and+|13| |8about the Balt |13|+with the markshaire parawag+|13| and his loyal divorces, (12'|shwhen he feraxiouslyº shed |s+eggs ovass+|sh| in Alemaney,12') tse, tse,º8| |13|+all the tell of the tud, with the bourighevisien backclack;º+|13| and him|8', the |acrybibber cribibber,ºa|8'| |5like an |6ambitrickster ambitrickster,6| |12|shaspiringsh| like the decan's,12| |8'slooped fast asloopedº8'| in |8'the entran intrance to8'| his chair |apolthronechair |v6polthroonechair polthronechairv6|a|5| |6with his sixth finger between his |aring catseyea| and |aunread theº indexa|,6| |s12|shmaking his pillgrimace of Childe Childº Horridsh|,s12| |5narrating engrossing5| to |4the pen |5to5| his ganderpan|12|~, |shin hog bloodtoosh|,~|12|4| |5with his hiccup. |8'what theº idioglossary8'| he invented under hicks |s+10hyssop. hyssop!s+|10|5| |8Hock!º8| |10I Ickick10| gaveº him that |5too. toock, imitator!5| And it was entirely |5the theck5| latter to blame. |8|~Does he drinkº because I am sorely there shall be no moreº Kates and Nells?º~|8| |12|shIf you see him it took place thensh|º.12| It was given |5me |v6meck meeck|12'|+, |shthank the Benchsh|,+|12'|v6|5| to assist at the whole thing |5by byck5| special |5chancery5| licence. As often as I think of that |4fellow unbloody (14housewarmer housewarmer,14)4| Shem |5|v6Skrivener Skrivenitchv6| |a|bCutting, |v6alwaysv6| cuttingb| |bhis myb| |6prose prhose6| to please his |v6phrase. phrase,v6|a|5| |7|abegor bigorrorºa|,7| Iº declare I get the |v6jawache. jawache!v6| |8|~Does he drink because I am sorely there shall be no more Kates and Nells?~|8| (12'|shBe mesh| |13|shkickingsh| punting13| |shhis reflectionsh| |shhe'd begin his beogrefright in muddyass ribaldssh|.12') |13|aDigtater Digtetera|! Grundtsagar! Swop beef!13| |4You know,º he's peculiar,º that |5fellow (14eggschicker eggschicker,14)5| |12(+|shwith the smell of old woman off himsh|+)12||12'|+, to suck nothing of his |shswitched-upsº sh|+|12'|. |5|v6Always taking a ham for a violin.v6|5| |s12|shM.D. made his |~antemortem ante mortem~| for|s12| He was grey at three |12|shlikeº Sygnusº the swansh|º12| |9'when he made his boo to the
{f10, 329}
public9'| |8'and |9'barnacled up to the eyes when he9'| repented |s12at afters12| seven8'|.4| |5Fourteen hours they lasted.5| |13The alum that winters on his top is the stale of the staun that will soar when he stamblesº |atill that hag of the coombe rapes the b pad off his locka|.13| |s12|shHe |sacaught was down withsa| the whooping laugh at the age of the loss of (14reason, reason14) the whopping first time he prediseased|s12| |8'He's weird, I tell you|10, andº middayevil10| |13|ain down toa| his vegetable soul13|. |s12|shNever mind his falls feetsh| and |shhis tanbark complexionsh|.s12| That's whyº he was forbidden tomate |9and was warmed off the ricecourse of marrimoney9| |s12underº the |shHelpless Corpses Enactmentsh|s12|.8'| |s12|shI'm not at all surprised the saint kicked himsh| |13whereby the sum taken Berkeley showed the reason genrously13|. (+|shNegas, negasti — negertop, negertoe, negertoby, negrunter!sh|+)s12| |6Then he was (+7pushed pusched+)7| out of |8'Thingamuddy's8'| school |8'by Miss Garterdº8'| for itching.6| |7Then he caught the europicolas |8'andº went into the society of jewses8'|.7| |13|+With Bro Cahlls and Fran Czeschs
{f39, 424}
and Bruda Pszths and Brat Slavos.+|13| |5One |atime |btimpe |v6tempe temp|10, whenº he |afailed foileda| to be killed,º10|v6|b|a| |6he the freak6| wanted to put his |abilinguala| head |aintentionallya| through the |+13Irish Ikish+|13| |aTimes Tamesa|5| |7(+and go and join the |+12'clergy clericy+|12'|+)7| |8'as a |+12'dominical demonican+|12'| skyterrier8'|. (12'|shThrowing dust in the eyes of the Hooley |13Farmers Fermers13|sh|!º |shHe used to be avowdeed as he ought to be vitandustsh|º. For onced I squeaked by twyst I'll squelch him.12') |10Then he went to Cecilia's treat |aon his soloa| to pick up Galen.10| |13|sh|aAsbestopulos Asbestopoulosa|sh|!13| |5|aThe inkupot Inkupota|! |s12|shHe has encaust in the| Shim!s12| |9I have the outmost contempt for.9| |s12Prost bitten! |shConshy!sh| |13|shLeavesh| Tiberia is waiting on you|a, arestocranka|! |aChaka a seagull ticket at Gattabuia and Gabbiano's!a| Go o'er the sea, haythen, from me,º and |shleavesh|13| |shyour libber to T.C.D.º sh|s12| Your |v6pudding puddinv6| is cooked! You're served, |v6damn you cram yev6|!5| |7(+Fatefully (9yours. |10yours... yaourth...10|9)+)7| |9'Ex. Ex. Ex. Ex.9'|

— But for what, (12'thrice |shtruthfulsh| teller,º12') Shaun of (14grace? grace,º14) |5we asked |v6we weakly weakly wev6| went on to ask |v6nowv6| of the gracious one5|. Vouchsafeº to say. You will now, |5goodness,5| won't you? |8'Why?8'|

— For his |8root8| language,º |8'if you ask me whys,º8'| |8'footinmouther,º8'| (14which he picksticked into his lettruce invrention,º14) Shaun replied |5asº he blessed himself devotionally, |v6with likev6| a (12'crossbun (14crawsbomb crawsbomb,14)12') |8|s9as an makings9| act of oblivion8|5|, |v6(14(what whatº14) the |athickens thickunsa| (14else?) else?º14)v6| (14which he14) |v6put inside (14picksticked into14)v6| (14his14) |4letter (14lettruce14)4| |5|6invention. (14invrention.14)6|5| (12'(++blank Ull­hod­turden­weir­mudgaardgringnir­urdr­molnir­fenrirlukki­lokki­baugi­mandodrerinsurt­krinm­gern­rackina­rockar!º++) Thor's for |+13yo youº+|13|!12')

(12'|shThe hundredlettered name |13|+again+|13|, lostº word of perfect|12') But you could come near it, we |7do7| suppose, strong Shaun |4O'4|, we |7supposed foresupposedº7|. |8'How?8'|

|5No-one could, Shaun replied, |v6Peace, peace! |s12Peace! Peace! |+13|shPease! Pease!sh| Peax! Peax!+|13|s12|v6| Shaun repliedº in |10|~velar vealar~|10| penultimatum |8'as he swigged a slug of Jon Jacobsen from his treestem sucker cane8'|.º |8'Tis |s13perils pebilss13| before Sweenys.º8| |8'Mild butº likesome!8'| |10missing10| |7I mightº as well be talking to the |afoura| waves |8till Tibbs' and the gray of eveº |aand the west'sº asleepa|8|.7| |8Frost!8| (9Nope!9) |+13No-one No one+|13| |6in his |8'seven8'| senses6| could,º5| as I have before said,º onlyº you missed my drift,º for it's being incendiary. |9Every dimmed letter in it is a copy and not a few of the silbils and wholly words I can show you in my Kingdom of Heaven.9| |5|aThe lowquacity of |v6him. him!v6|a|
{f10, 330}
|aThe |v6His With hisv6|a| threestarº monothong! |8Thaw!8| |aThe last word in stolentelling! Yes.a| |a|bAnd what's more,ºb| |v6Rightdown rightdownv6| lowbrown |6schisthematic6| |brobblement robblemintb|!a| |a|bYes.b| As |bI heb| was |bwrithing a |v6riding risingv6|
{f39, 425}
myb| |v6ladder latherv6|. Like you. And as I was pi |v6picking |asucking pluckinga|v6| |ba hisb| goosybone. Like |bye yeab|. |bI tore He storeb| the |v6tail talev6| of |v6my shirt me |8''shir shurº8''|v6|. Like yup.a|5| |s12|shHow's that for Shemese?sh|s12|

Still in a way|5, not to flatter you,5| we fancyº you thatº are so |5strikingly5| brainy and well |v6lettered in yourself letterread |ain onºa| yourshelvesv6| |13as ever were the |shShamous (14Shamonous Limited Shamonous, Limited,14)sh|13| could use worse |v6ofv6| yourself, ingenious Shaun, we still |13|+so+|13| fancied, if only you would take |8your time |13|+so+|13| and8| the trouble of so doing it. |13|+Upu now!+|13|

Undoubtedly but that is show, Shaun replied,º |7the muttermelk |8'of his blood donor8'| beginning to work,º7| (12'and while |shinnocent of disseminating the foul emanationsh|º12') |8it would be a |+13bad fall+|13| day I could not|13|+, sole,+|13| so you can keep your space,º8| and by the |v6powers powerv6| of |5war |v6bloody wars blurry wardsv6|5| I |10could am loyable to10| |5do |ainvent |v6introvent dov6|a|5| it |5(I am convicted of |v6it it!v6|)5| any timeº ever I |10'liked cheesed toº10'| |8'(bet ye fippence |s9off me boot allowances9|!)8'| |5with the |+13greatest allergrossest+|13| transfusiasm5| as,º you see, |5while I can |7talk soloquiseº7| |13|+the Siamanish+|13| better than |v6most most,v6|5| it is an |4open |v6open air openearv6|4| secret|6, be it said,6| how I am extremely |6ingenious ingenuous6| |v6withv6| at the clerking even with my |8left hand badily left8| and|13|+, arrah go braz,º+|13| |10I'd pinsel it10| |13|shwith immenuensoessh|13| as easy as |5a keg of beer |7a bottle of the best I'd perorate a chickerow of |s12peas beanss12|7|5| |s12|shfor the price of two |+miracles maricles,º+|sh|s12| and |4it my |5|v6trifoliom trifoliumv6|5| librotto|8', the authordux Book of (11Lifé |+13Life Lief+|13|11),8'|4| would|10, ifº given to daylight |s12(|shI hold a most incredible faith about itsh|)s12|,º10| far exceedº what that bogus bolshy of a |v6Shem |+13Shame shame+|13|v6|, my soamheisº brother, |13|+Gaoy Fecks,+|13| is conversant with |5in audible black and |aprint |v6prink prink.v6|a|5| |13Outragedy of poetscalds! |shAcomedy of letters! I have them all, tame, deep and harried, in my mine's Ish|.13| |v6and Andv6| one of |v6those thesev6| fine days|v6, man dear,v6| |s12|shwhen |~next~| the mood is on mesh|,s12| |5that I mayº cut my throat with my tongue tonight but5| Iº |7will may willhapº7| be |8ormuzd8| moved to |10take potlood in handº and10| |5do introvent5| it |9'|~paa tryk Paatryk~|9'| just like a work of art merit, mark my words,º (12'and |shappend to my mark twangsh|,12') that will open your |9'eye pucktricker's ops9'| for you, |5brother boor broather brooher5|, only (14for for,14) as |8a papst and8| an |4amateur immature4| |13and a nayophightº13| |8and a |~spaciman spaciaman~| spaciosum8| and a hundred and |8one eleven8| other (14things things,14) I would never for anything take so much trouble of |8so such8| doing. And why so? Because I am altogether a chap too fly and |6hairy hairyman6| for to |8do infradig8| the like of that |8ultravirulence8|. And by all I hold sacred |10on earth,º clouds and in heaven,10| I swear to you on my |8pipe piop8|
{f39, 426}
and oath by the awe of Shaun
(and that's a |8'hell howl8'| of a name!) that I will commission to the flames any incendiarist whosoever |8or ahriman howsoclever8| who would endeavour to set ever (+7a |+12'anny annyma+|12'| roner+)7| |5mother moother5| of mine on fire.º |10Rock me, Julie,º but10| I will |5soho. soho!5|

(14And And,14) |13with that crickcrackcruck of his |athree le lunggled threelunggeda| squool from which grief had usupped every smile,13| big hottempered husky |13|+|afuskya| krenfy strenfy+|13| pugiliserº such as he was,º he |s12all but |shvirtuallysh|s12| broke down |5on the mooherhead5|,º
{f10, 331}
|9'getting |aquitea| jerry over her,9'| overpowered by himself |5with the love of the tearsilver that he twined through her hair,º5| (14for sure for, sure,14) he was the soft |13|+semplgawn+|13| slob of the world |12with |13a heart like Montgomery's in his showchest and harvey13| |shloads of feeling in himsh|12| and as innocent |8and undesignin undesignful8| as theº freshfallen |8calf calef8|. (14Still Still,14) |s12as on the fulmament he gaped in wulderments12| (12'|shgrossly unselfishsh| |shin sickselfsh|,12') he |12'|s+|shdished allarmes away andsh|s+|12'| laughed it off with |10a wipe at his pudgies and10| a gulp apologetic|13|s+, healingº his |ateare tarea| be the smeyle of his oye, oogling aroondºs+|13|. (12'|shHim belly no belong sollow |s+moles+|| Ally bullyº. Fu Li's gulpa.12') Mind you, |13|+now,+|13| that he was in the dumpest of earnestº orthough him jawr war hoo hleepy hor halk urthing hurther. |13|+Moe.+|13| Likeº that only he stopped short and,º in looking up |5|11from up |+13up from upfrom+|13|11| his |11timeshackled tideshackledº11| wrists5| |11through the ghost of an oceanº11| uponº the |10wieds of10| |8'pansiful8'| (7heavens heathvens of |8'jewpeter |+13joepeter joepeter's gaseytotum+|13|8'|7) as they |8were are telling8| |5and will be not but |8were and8| will be|8, all told,º8|5| |10scruting foreback into the fargoneahead10| to feel out what age |11of in years tropical, ecclesiastic, civil or sidereal11| he might find by |9the sirious pointstand ofº9| |11Charles' Charley's11| Wain |11(what betune the spheres sledding along the lacteal and the mansions of the blest turning on old times)|12'|+, asº erewhile had he craved of thus,+|12'|11| |s12|shthe |v+dreamschwindel dreamskhwindelv+| necklassoed him,sh|s12| his thumbs fellº into his fists and(7, |+13losing lusosing+|13| theº harmonical balance of his ballbearing extremities,7) |8by the holy kettle,º8| |9like a flask of lightningº9| over he (7balanced careened7) |11(O the sons of the fathers!)11| by the mightyfine weight of his barrel |8(|11what all11| that prevented the happening of, who|a,º if not the asterisks that betwinkº themselves,ºa| shall ever?)8| and, as the wisest |10course postludeº10| he could |10take playact10|, collapsedº |8'together in ensemble8'| and rolled buoyantly backwards in less than a twinkling via Rattigan's corner out of furtherº earshot with his highly curious mode of slipashod motion|8', surefoot, sorefoot, slickfoot,
{f39, 427}
slackfoot, |13linkman laizurely, lampman loungey,13| and by Killesther's lapes and falls,8'| |5with corks andº |abubbles stavesa| and (7treeleaves and7) more bubbles to his (14keelrow keelrow,º14)5| a fairish and easy way enough |8'as the town cow cries8'| behind theº times in the direction of MacAuliffe'sº, the crucethouseº, |13|s+Open the Door |sasoftly Softlysa|, down in the valley,ºs+|13| before he was really uprighted |8'ere |ain a dip of the downsa| |13|+(uila!)+|13| he |s12miraculously spoorlesslys12| disappaled8'| |10and vanesshed|13|+, like a popo down a papa,+|13|10| |8from circular circulatio8|. |8|~Awe Ah,~| mean!º8|

|13|+Gaogaogaone! Tapaa!+|13|

|8'And the |10strewers the stellas10| were shinings.º And the earthnight |10was strewed10| aromatose. His pibrook creppt |ain monga| the |10duskness donkness10|. A reek was waft on the luftstream. He was ours, all fragrance. And we were his for |10'our a10'| lifetime. O dulcid dreamings,º languidous! |s9Tabacco! Taboccoo!ºs9|8'|

|8'It was sharming! But scharmeng!º8'|

|s12|shAnd the lamp went outsh| as it couldn't glow on burning, yep, the lmp wnt out for it couldn't stay alight.s12|
{f10, 332}

Well |13|s+(how dire |sato dosa| we |sathe theesa| hours when |sathylight thylikesa| fades!)s+|13|,º |13|+all's dall and youllow and+|13| it is to |8be regretted bedowern8| that thou art passing hence,º |8mine bruder,8| able Shaun,º |13|s+with a |satwisting twhistingºsa| of the robe, ere the morning of light calms our hardest throes,s+|13| fromº carnal relations and familiarº faces, |8'beyond cods' cradle and |s9pikes' porpoises9| plain,º8'| |8to |athe indsº ofa| Tuskland where the Oliphantsº |acome scruma| from |aor to, tillºa| the ousts of Amiracles where the (9tollº9) stories grow |11proudest11|,º8| more is the pity, but for allº your deeds of goodness you were |13|+soo ooft and+|13| foreverº |5doing doing,5| |13|+manomano and myriamilia, even to mulimuli,+|13| as our humbler classes, whose |11favourite11| virtue is humility, can tell|5,5| it is hardly we |11in the country of the old, Sean Moy,11| can part you,º for|13|+, oleypoe,+|13| you were the walking saint, you were|9', |13|+tootoo too stayer,+|13| the |apride graceda| of gods and |aunreadittites pittitesa| and the salus of the wake9'|. |13|+Countenance whose disparition afflictedly fond Fuinn feels. Winner of the gamings, primed at the studience, propredicted from the storybouts, the choice of ages wise! Spickspookspokesman of our specturesque silentiousness!+|13| Musha, (9be thinking |10'be tinking beminded10'|9) of us |8'out there in (9Cockland |s+10Cockfirt Cockpits+|10|9),8'| |5poor twelve o'clockº |+13scholars scholars,+|13|5| sometime or other |7any time anywhen7| you |10'find think10'| the time. |5And Wisha, |10'be coming becoming10'| back to us |8'way home in Biddyhouse8'| one way or the otherº |+13anyhow anywhere+|13|,º |aunread we miss your smile.a|5|
{f39, 428}
|13|+Palmwine breadfruit sweetmeat milksoup! Suasusupo!+|13| |13|+However!+|13| |s12|shOur peoplesh| |13|+|aherea| in Samoanesia+|13| |shwill not be f after forgetting yoush| |13|+and they the elders luking and marking the jornies|a, chalkingº up drizzle in drizz drizzle out,ºa| on the four bare mats+|13|. |shHow you would be thinking in your thoughtsº how the deepings did it all begin and how you would be scrimmaging through your scruples to collar a hold of an imperfection being |+committed committled+|.sh|s12| |10Sireland calls you. Mery |~Loie Loye~| is |aselling moonlight sail saling moonlikea|. And Slyly Mavourneen 's Manourneen 's Mamourneen isº ladymaid at |s11Gladstone Gladshouseºs11| Lodge. |aTurn your |s12|~redy~|s12| coat, strong character, and tarry among us down the vale, |s11dear |s+13seat yougang youganders+|13|s11|,º Shaun, only once (14more. more!14)a|10| And may the mossº of prosperousness gather you rolling home!º May foggy dews bediamondise your hooprings! May the fireplug of filiality reinsure your bunghole! May the barleywind behind glow luck to your bathershins! 'Tisº well we know you were loth to leave us, winding your hobbledehorn, right royalº post, unread but|13|+, aruah+|13| sure, pulse of our slumber, |13|+dreambookpogeº,+|13| |8'by the grace of Votre Dame,º8'| |s12|shwhen the natural mourningº of your nocturne blankmerges into the national morning of golden sunupsh| |13and |shDon Leary gets his own back from old grog Georges Quartasº as |athat |bthe thatb|a| goodship the Jonnyjoys takes the wind from waterloogged Erin's kingsh|13|,s12| |13|s+(14O, 'tis sweet to think14)s+|13| you will |8'skiff across skiffº across the Moylendsea and8'| round up |8in your own escapology8| some |8'boxing canonisator's8'| day or other|11, sack on back, alack,º11| (7digging snowº7) |10(not so?)º10| like the good man you (14are are,14) with your |8'|11boxing picture11|8'| pockets turned |8'inside knockside8'| out |8|ato ina| the rake of the rain8| for fresh remittances,º and from that till this in any case|13|+, timus tenant,+|13| may the |8grass tussocks8| grow quickly under your |8feet |~uprights trampthicketsº~|8| and the daisies trip lightly over your |s9toetops battercopss9|.