1st draft of §A, March 1924, §2A draft level 0

MS British Library 47482b 5-7 Draft details

{ms, 006}

Shaun, as I next saw, halted to take breath |a& loosen his bootsa| at the weir |aby Lazar's Walk about |ba about nineb| score of barrel minutes distancea| as he truly merited to do. He was |athere perspiring but happya| propped up by against a slumbering |aclown guardian of the peace, one Sigurdsen,a| who had fallen asleep there in the embrace of a |aconfiscateda| bottle. There were |aseveral 29a| daughters |aout of the national |bhedgeb| school |b(for, I seem to remember, it was a look before you leap year)b| learning the lesson of lifea| there attracted, as I could see, by the sight |aof the first human landmarka| who were |athere seated on the brinka| paddling with their feet in charming concert with |ahis thea| snores |aof |bhim the logb| who was stuck to the sod |bas ever & anon her he murmoaned |cover his treasure trove of the crown,c|: High hellskirt dig mean lily sort flaskyb|a|. Among |athem the chorus of praise of girlsa| Shaun|a, after he had bowed to all the others, full of human respecta| easily recognised his dear sister, Izzy.

— Sister dearest, Shaun said in taking leave of her with fondness fondest affection, |ahow I honestly believea| you
{ms, 007}
will miss me
but I feel|a, as a martyr |bto duty the discharge of dutyb|,a| I ought to go. This is the result of your teaching, Sis, that you used to write to me |athose thea| nice letters. During my brief absence be true to the 10 commandments |aNever lose last mass. Never eat |bgood badb| meat on a good Friday. Never let a hog of the hill trample on your lily in the valley. Never play ladies' games on the Lord's daya| and preserve your dear chastity |aduring this lenten season |bwhen the spring is in the makingb|a|. Rather than part with that |avestalitea| |ajewel emeralda| |aof yours which you have where your two nether extremes meeta| let the entire |aekumenea| universe perish |aa 1000 timesa| |ain a pitfalla| first. |aTimes &a| Oft shall I think of you when amid the music of the |aknockers doorknockersa|. O how I shall kiss you immediately upon my return. |aWe will adopt all the poorest children possible.a| Sis dearest, it is my grief to go on this |abenedictinea| errand but it is grand to be going to meet a king. |a|bNot a king only in name butb| the king of Greater Dublin, too, the first Humphrey.a| |aI wish everyone was as sure of anything |bin the real worldb| as I am of everything |bin the otherb|. Tell mother that. Now cheer up all. We'll soon be dead and happy.a| One or two tears are all |athere is to ita| and then |ain a tick of the clocka| off we pop en route for His Blessed Majesty|a, our longlived Lorda|.

— Brother dear, Izzy said, accept this instead of a handkerchief |adustera| and bear it with you |aever &a| always & when you use it think of |athe onea| absent one. |aTeach how to tumble, dear, & teach me whom to |blove lureb|.ºa|