2nd draft of §A, April 1924, §2A draft level 1

MS British Library 47482b 14-17 Draft details

{ms, 014}

Good Shaun, as I was shortly before that made aware, next halted to take breath and loosen his |1bruised1| boots at the weir by Lazar's Walk about nine score or so |1barrelminutes' barrelmoments'1| distance as truly he merited to do. He was there, I could see, perspiring but happy, propped up against a slumbering warden of the peace, one comestabulish Sigurdsen, who had fallen asleep |1at the curing station1| in the |1embrace embraces1| of a confiscated bottle. |1Now,1| There were as many as 29 daughters out of the national hedge school
{ms, 015}
(for I seem to remember how it was a look before you leap year) learning the lesson of life there, seated as they were upon the brink attracted by the sight of the first human landmark, paddling with their eight and fifty pedals in charming concert to the snores of the log who seemed stuck to the sod as ever & anon he murmoaned|1, visibly unmoved,1| over his treasure trove of the crown: Dotter |1deadbesty deadbedstead1| mean |1lily smuggy1| sort flasky. Shaun, after he had bowed to all the others in that chorus of praise of |1goodwill1| girls, |1asking kindly after their health, out of pure human respect for he was the most purely human creature that was ever called man1| easily made out his dear sister Izzy |1nor would he ever forget her as he was, besides that, her godfather as well after all.1|

— Sister dearest, Shaun |1said delivered himself1|, as he began to take leave of her immediately with fondest affection, I honestly believe you will sorely miss me yet I feel, as a martyr to the discharge of duty, that I |1ought to it is about time I would1| go. This is the result of your teachings |1in which I was raised1|, Sis, you|1, our angel in the house,1| that used to write to me the nice letters |1and tell me |ayoura| oldworld tales of derringdo1|. During my brief absence be true to the ten commandments. Never |1lose miss1| your last mass. Never eat bad meat of a good Friday. Never let a hog of the hill trample on your lily of the valley. Never play ladies'
{ms, 016}
games on the Lord's day. |1Especially |abeware of |bdon't be beware|c, please,c| of beingb| a party to anya| demoralising home life. It saps a chap. No lowcut shirtwaists. |aDon't acquire |ba penchant forb| the fag habit.a| Look out for furnished lodgers paying for meals on tally with company & piano music |athe too friendly frienda|. |aRead Dip intoa| the lives of the saints in weekly parts to better your mind.1| Keep cool above all your preserved chastity. Rather than part with that vestalite emerald |1of the first importance1| which you have where your two nether extremities meet, nay, let the entire ekumene universe perish to pot first a thousand times over in a pitfall. O be careful during this lenten pastoral season when the spring is in the making. |1|aTell me Divulgea| the name & address of any |afellow lapwhelpa| that speaks to you on the street |awithout a proper letter of introductiona| and as sure as I come back |awith the gravel spinning from |bunder beneathb| my feeta| |arest assureda| I'll break his face for him. |aNo, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll burst his moutha|1| Times and oft shall I think of you |1far away on your pillow1| when amid the music of the |1double1| doorknockers. |1Little girl from Liffeyside you fill a big corner in my heart.1| O, heaven, how I shall|1, if I live, put my arm in yours and1| kiss you immediately upon my |1safe1| return |1to ignorance & bliss1| |1when cherries come back1| when we shall |1show our kindness by1| |1adopt adopting1| all the poorest children possible. |1We will render social service and clean up things. Look at the mud of Harrington street! Think of the banana peels all along |aHenry, Moore,a| Earl & Talbot streets. Stand on, say, Aston's Quay & take a |agooda| gaze for ten minutes or so into any shopwindow you like and in about 20 minutes' turn round & you will see you were covered with slush occasioned by the traffic in transit. |aAsk any disgusted lady bicyclist cyclist who happened to be proceeding to or returning from her devotions during |bthat hurricane the bank holiday gale & downpourb| when |bpedestrianism was even difficultb| slates came freely off the best part of our |b|cfine grandc| oldb| tenement houses what her laundry bill came to on last Monday & don't wait for the answer for if you were to do so, what |banswer would you get would be the answer that wd meet your ears?b| Both. When will the |blongsufferingb| face of our beloved city get that longpromised wash? Or, better still, account to me for the fact that if you purchase any fish and vegetables you like from the same perambulator and |bthen havingb| d placed the mackerel, let us say, as well as the cauliflower |bat the edge of the sidewalk on |ceither ofc| the edges of the |ctwoc| sidewalksb|, stand in some adjacent doorway to note the result the |bspot spotsb| selected |bis areb| visited |bin rotationb| by so many members of the canine tribe.a|1| Sis dearest, it is my grief to go away on this benedictine errand but it is grand to be going to meet a king, not a king only by surname, but the great king of Greater Dublin, the first Humphrey. I wish everyone was as sure of anything in the present world as I am of everything in the other |1one to come1|. Tell mother that. |1And create no scenes.1| Now cheer up all round |1till the grim reaper comes as a blessing in disguise1|. |1|aNo lonesome stuff.a| Drink it off, ladies, please. Parting's fun.1| Soon shall we all be dead & happy |1together, as you all know1|. One or two tears are all there is to it and then in a click of the clock off we pop en route for His Blessed Majesty, our longlived Lord.
{ms, 017}

|1Brother Listen, brother1| dear, Izzy said, accept this in place of a handkerchief duster and bear it with you ever & always|1, listen,1| & when you use it think of one absent one. |1You can send it back |aby returna| if anything happens to you so as I'll know1| I will follow you with all my eyes. Teach me how to tumble, dear, and|1, listen,1| warn me whom to love.º