3rd draft of §B, March 1926, §2B draft level 2

MS British Library 47483 122-123 Draft details

{ms, 122}

|2Well, |a|bladies & gentlemen & toastmaster general, yourb| health & song &a| Erin go dry!2| To stir up love and fizz I lift this bridle's cup of her champagne dimmydouce, tightfit for my snowybreasted, and while my pearlies in their sparkling wisdom i are nippling its bubblets I swear and let you swear, by the round of |2my our |adeara|2| old |2one's Snaggletooth's2| solidbowl, I never will prove I'm untrue to your liking |2(swear!)2| so long as my hole looks down. That's that.

So I'm |2leaving not forgetting my inner man for I'm leaving2| my |2darling2| proxy behind for you, Dave the Dancer, a squamous runaway and a dear old pal of mine too! |2|afora| He's the mightiest penumbrella I ever flourished beyond the shadow of a post!2| Be sure and |2love link2| him, my treasure, as often as you |2like learn2| |2so long as there's nothing between you but the plain deal |aManillaa| table2| only don't encourage him to cry |2lessontimes2| over Leperstown. |2Talk of wolf in a stomach, by all that's verminous! |aI knew I smelt |btheb| garlic league.a| Why, bless me quick2| Here he is |2darling Dave |ajust in timea|2| as if he fell out of space, all draped in mufti, coming back from his continence, |2|aafter a bad passagea| by the 11.32,2| with the pork's |2head pate2| in his |2hand paw2| and the gulls laughing lime on his natural skunk, blushing like |2a Pat's2| pig, begob! |2He's not ashamed to carry |aouta| the |atestimonial testimonicalsa| he got |ain Paddyouare as a Home cured emigranta| for all to see. |aunread unread unread Bearer may leave the church,a| signed, Figura Porca.2| He's the sneaking likeness of me, faith, and every biter's bit as nasal a romeo as I am, for ever cracking quips on himselfº that merry, the jeenjakes, he'd soon arise mother's roses with bedewing tears onto anny living girl's laftercheeks. He's a jarry queer fish betimes, I grant, but, lice and all |2and semicoloured and stainedglasses2|, I'm enormously fond of that foreigner, I'll say I am. We're as thick and thin now as |2could possibly be two tubular jawballs2|. |2|aI hate him about heresy. Buta| I love him. I love his portugal's nose.2| Isn't he after touching |2everyone else he ever knew every distinguished Irishman he could ever distinguish from a Yourishman2| for the half of a crown and peace? |2Bravo, chief!2| Sure there's nobody else to touch |2him the darling2| at all |2for sheer dare2| with that potful of Spanish breens on him! A |2jollytan sollytan2| fine cemented brick! Dave knows I have the highest respect of |2anyman anyone in my own smooth way2| for David Crozier. The most important man! Ho, by the holy, someone has shaved his |2rough diamond2| skull for him as clean as Nuntius' piedish! |2He's the |aspaton spattona| spit, so he is, of |athea| old |acrusader,a| Shemuel Tulliver!2| Hold hard till you hear him clicking his bull's bones. You're welcome back, Wilkins! |2|alike the unread toa| red berries |ain |ba theb| frost.a|2| Give us your dyed hand |2here. here, frater!2|! |2I'm better pleased than £10.2| Faith, I'm proud
{ms, 123v}
of you, |2sir! |afrencha| davit!2| |2You've surpassed yourself!2| This is my aunt Julia Bride |2out of the Babes in the Wood2| dying to |2know you have you languish to scandal in her bosky old manor2|. |2|xlanguishtoscandal boskgoldunreadx|2| |2You haven't seen her since she went into boy's smallclothes. |aEmbrace her |bout of pure |clove luckc|b| before she goes off |bin pure loveb|. I'd give 3/- |bto the canonb| to see you kiss her as if she was a crucifix.a|2| Turn around|2, |aSkeezya| Sammy,2| till we see are you still full of poetry. |2Can you jingle sing us a stave |anow encorea| on your jubalharp, eh, |aMra| Jinglejoys? |aGive us your imitation of the the |bBay deathb| of Nelson.a|2| What|2, sir2|? Taurus periculosus morbus pediculosus miserere mei et miseribilibus! Hoho! |2Begob, there's |ano not so mucha| green in his Ireland's eye. |aThe bark is still there but the molars are gone.a|2| Did you note that worried |2expression expressionism on his phonograph2|? |2|aEncore! Encore! Areesh! Areesh!a|2| |2And did you |asee twiga| the sham leaf creeping down his |acoat |bbreastcoat |cblousybreast blousyfrockc|b|a|?2| My oldfellow's uncle Caius Codinhand, that was garotted, used to chop that tongue of his, japlatin, with my younkle's owlseller, |2that went |astonedeaf stonebothereda|2| Wolfe Woodenbeard, in the tower of Balbus as brisk, man, as I'd scoff up lobscouse. But it's all deafman's duff to me, begob. |2Sam knows |amiles better than mea| how to work the miracle.2| He'll soon tune your Erin's ear for you |2to read the roman's —2| while I'm away |2from wherever thou art, going in for my examinations2|. |2|aMind Picka| your stops |aunread |bunreadfully with fondestb|a|. |aAnd mind you tie |byour the two strings of yourb| nicenames.a| |aPick And pulla| up your words |awell as much as you cana|. |a|bHis hearing is doubting just as my seeing is believing.b| |bSob| Let him |bsee blinkb| for himself where you speak the west ticklish.a| Fond Namer let me never see thee unread blame |aa |band ab|a| kiss for shame a knee.2|