1st draft of §C, March 1924, §2C draft level 0

MS British Library 47482b 6-8 Draft details

{ms, 007}

— You are most kind as ever, dear sister, Shaun said. Till we meet to part no more.

|aRepulsing all aid, he kicked himself up &a| |aWhile all |bthe February Filldyke'sb| daughters showed their approval in the usual fashion by |bdropping to their kneesb| applauding with their handsa| He took from the |agentle gentlesta| weeper |aamong the wailersa| the yellow label in which he dropped a tear, smothered a cough, spat a spit & blew his nose. He |athen licked its stickybacka| clapped the badge of belief to his brow, waved a hand
{ms, 008}
across the sea |aas notice to quita| and|a, in selfrighting himself,a| toppled on his way to the left and |aso hea| |awas couriereda| off and on his way.

Heaven speed you, rural Shaun |aon your pilgrimage |xin the antipodesx| to the pasta|, |astout fellow,a| heart & soul|a, you area| of Shamrogueshire. |aMay your bawny |bhead hairb| grow whiter & fairer & rarer, our |bownb| whiteheaded boy!a| Just by nature & natural by design you will be longed for & looked after while you are away. |aas |ba theb| beam of light we follow receding.a| |ayou, who so often |bbrought |cdropped deliveredc|b| us a drop of great joy |bdear pennyatimerb| |binto our never too late to post boxb|.a| Life, it is true, |ais will bea| a dream without you. |aa |blapsus temporis slip of the timeb| between a date and a date. |bfrom tonight to yesterday.b| Alas how they murmur against him in all beds and all bunks |btwo abed & three abed, in lodginghouses & blankb|a| But you did your |a10 furlonga| mile in swell |aslapsticka| style. And already the sombrer portion of the |anight glooma| is gone. W Brave, brave |afootsorea| |aSira| Shaun! |aThe silent cock shall |bbe heard crowb| at last |band the |ceast westc| will make the |cwest eastc| awakeb|.a| Walk while you have the night for the |aday noona| cometh |awhen whereina| every post shall sleep.

(noises of morning)