Textual development Manuscript to Errata III.2§C

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

|v6v6| |13'|s+Echo, read ending!s+|13'| |14Siparioramoci!º |+(But from the stress of their sunder enlivening, atº clasp, deciduously, a nikrokosmikon |awill musta| come to mike.)+|14| |13'|s+

(1515)s+|13'| |v6Well,v6| |14my positively last at any stage!14| |5I hate to look at alarms5| |v6But but|err,err| |11'however they put on my watchcraft|err,º16|11'|v6| |10'must now close as10'| |5I |asee |s+13'hear hereby hear |shby earsh|s+|13'|a| |v6by fromv6| myº seeless socks5| 'tis time to be up and ambling. |14|aMy middle Mymiddlea| toe's mitching, so mizzle I must else 'twill sarve me out. Gulp a bulper at parting and the moore the melodest|err.!ºerr| Farewell but whenever, as Tisdall told Toole.14| |11'|s+'13Tempus Temposs+'|13| fidgets.11'| |13|shLet flee me fiacckles, says the grand old |s+'monoark. manoark,s+'|sh| |s+'|shstormcrested crowcock |saand undulant hairsa|sh|, |shhoodiessh| tway! Yes, faith, I am as mew let freer, |shbeneath me corthage, boundsh|.s+'|13| |14I'm as |abord boreda| now bawling beersgrace at sorepaws there as Andrew Clays was sharing sawdust with Daniel's old collie.14| This shack's not big enough for me now. |13|shI'm dreaming of ye,º|13| |12'And |13(+|shrememberº this,º a chorines,sh|+)13| there's the witch on the heath, |asister sistraa|!12'| |12''Bansheebaº peeling hourihaared while her Orcotron is hoaring
{f39, 469}
12''| |12'''And whinn |v+mittanight muinnuittºv+| flitts bittwinn her ttitts flittsbit twinn her ttittshe cries tallmidy!12'''| (14Daughters of the heavens, be lucks in turnaboutsº to the wandering sons of red loam!14) |13The earth's atrot! The sun'sº a scream! (14The air's a jig!º14) |shThe water's great!sh|13| (13'|shSeven oldy oldyº hills and the one blue beamerº.sh|13') |5I'm going. I know I am. I could betº I am.5| Somewhere I must get,º |v6faraway far awayv6| from Banba shoreº|5, wherever I
{f10, 364}
am5|. |s13|shNo saddle, no staffet, but spur on the moment|err.!ºerr|sh|s13| So I think I'll take |5freeboot advice freeboots' advice.º5| |10Psk!10| |5I'll borrow a path5| |v6and down and up to lend me wings|a, quickquack,ºa| and from Jehusalem's wall|a, clickclack,ºa| toº Cheerup streetv6| |10'me courser's clear tillº10'| I'll travel the |5vast void5| world over. |5It's Winland for |amine moynea||v6, |s12bick buck bickbucks12|v6|!5| |v6|errGeejakers! Jeejakers!err| I hurt meself |anettlya| that time!v6| Come, my good |5feet frogmarchers5|! |11'We felt the fall but we'll front the defile.11'| Was not my |9oltuº9| |v6mother mutther|9, Sereth Maritza,9|v6| a Runningwaterº? |v6And the |10'big bould10'| one that quickened her the seaborne Fingale?º |14|+I feel like that hill of a whaler went yudlingº round Groenmund's Circus with his tree full of seaweeds and Dinky Doll asleep in her shell. Hazelridge has seen me. Ierneº valing is.+|14| Squall aboard |afor Kewa|, hop!v6| Farewell awhile to her and thee!º |6The brine's my bride to be.6| (14Lead on, Macadam, and danked be he who first sights Halt Linduff! Solo, solone, solong! Lood Erynnana, ware thee wail! With me singame soarem o'erem!14) |s13|shHere's me takeoffº.sh|s13| |v6So, |s13It's Now'ss13|v6| |10'now nunc10'| or |10'never nimmer10'||10., siskinder!10| Here goes the |5enemy. enemy!5| |10'Bennydick |avotes |s11foots hotfootss11|a| onimpudent stayers|err.!º16|10'| |10Sorry!10| I bless |10all to the west as alls to the (+13wished whished+)13| with this panromanº apological which10| |5Whatwillwecallhim |v6Whatwillwewhistlehim Whatllwewhistlemºv6|5| sang to the |v6Kerryboys |10kerryboys kerrycoys10|v6|. |10'Break ranks!10'| (13'After |shwage-of-battlesh| bother I am thinking most.13') |5Fick Fik |v6kew yewv6|!5| |4I'm through.4| Won. Toe. Adry. You watch my smoke.

After poor Jaun the Boast's last |6fireless6| words |13'|s+of postludiums+|13'| |10of his soapbox speech10| ending |9in smoke in seaven |10in'sheaven in's heaven,º10|9| |v6twentyeight twentyaidv6| add one |v6of the paddling partyv6| |11'with a flirt of wings11'| were |5coming |apelting pouringa|5| to his |v6assistance bysistanceºv6| |14(could they snip that curl of curls to lay with their gloves and keep the kids bright!),º14| (13'|shprepared to cheer him should he leap or to curse him should he fall,sh|13') |s13|shwithº their biga triga rheda rodeo,º the cherub'sº in the charabangsh|, |shsetdownº here |saand sedan chairsa|sh|, |shdon't you wish you'd a yoke or a bit in your mouthsh|,s13| but,º repulsing all attempts
{f39, 470}
at first |5aid hands on5|, |14as no es nada,14| our greatly misunderstood one I we perceived to give himself some sort of a |5hermetic5| prod or kick to sit up and take |+14notice notice,+|14| which acted like |+14magic magic,+|14| while the phalanx of daughters of February Filldyke|11', embushedº and climbe climbing, ramblers and weeps,º11'| voiced approval in |5the their5| customary manner by dropping |5to their knees kneedeep in tears |aover their |10'concelebrated10'| |12'''midnight meednight12'''| sunflower(14, piopadey boy, their solase in dorckaness,14) |7(8, themselves a loveleaved missinightion,8)7|a|5| and |5clapping splattering5| together |5joyously5| the |5flats |s+13'pats plapss+|13'|5| of their |5hands |9tappy hands tappyhandsº9|5| as|11', with a cry of genuine distress,11'| (13'so prettly prattly |shpollyloguesh|,13') they viewed him, the just one, their darling, away.

|14|+A dream of favours, a favourable dream. They know how they believe that they believe that they know. Wherefore they wail.+|14| |10'|x

Eh jourd'weh! Ou jourd'hui Eh jourd'weh!º |+14Oe Oh+|14| jourd'woe!º Dosiriouslyº it wailed psalmodied. Guesturn's lothlied answring to-maronite'sº wail.

Oasis, cedarous esaltarshoming Leafboughnoon!

Oasis Oisis, |s11cupressedus inmountof coolpressus onmountofs11| Sighing!
{f10, 365}

Oasis, |s11palmest esaltarhoming palmost esaltarshomings11| Gladdays!

Oisis, phantastichal roseway anjerichol!

Oasis, newleavousº spaciosing |s11encampnost encampnesss11|!

Oisis, plantainous dewstuckacqmirage playtennis!

Pipetto, Pipetta has misery unnoticed!x|10'|

|10'But the strangest thing happened. Backscuttling for the hopoff,º10'| |11|~with an action of grace,~|11| (13'|shwith the odds altogether in favour of his tumbling into the riversh|,13') Jaunº just then I saw to collect from the gentlest |10'weeper weaner10'| among the |7wailers, who |10'wailers weiners10'| (whoº7| by this were in half |5|along |9droop leaf long droopleaflong9|a|5| mourning for the passing of the post last last |7post, post)º7| the familiar yellow label into which he let fall a drop, smothered a curse, choked a guffaw, spat |4his blank4| (15expectoration expectoratiously15) and blew his own trumpet. And next thing was he gummalicked the stickyback side and stamped the |7oval7| badge of belief to his |7agnellousº7| brow with a genuine dash |5of irrepressibleº piety5| that readily turned |5the feminine audience upside down, his ladylike |ablank typmanzellesa| capsy curvyº5| (the holy scamp!)º with aº half a glance of Irish frisky |14(|sha Juan Jaimesansh| hastaluego)14| from under the shag of his parallel brows. It was then |11'he made as if heº but11'| heº waved |s12insteads12| a hand across the seaº as notice to quit |11'while the pacifettes made their armpacts widdershins (Freda! Irene! Paisy! |aSolimma!) Solymma! Siucca Frida! Erenine! Paza Sciocca Salema!)a| (Frida! Freda!
{f39, 471}
Paza! Paisy! Irene!º Areinette! Birdomay!º Bentamai! Sososokky!º Bebebekka! Bababadkessy! Ghugugoothoyou! Dama! Damadomina! Takiya! Tokaya! Scioccara! Sciuccherellina!º Peocchia! Peucchia! Ho Mi Hoping! Ha Me Happinice! Mirra! Myrha! Solyma! Salemita! Sainta! Sianta! O Peace!),º11'| but in selfrighting the balance of |11'him his corporeity11'| to |11'exchange embraces reexchange widerembracesº11'| with the |5bosom pillarbosom of the |9Dizzy Dizzier9|5| he loved |9best prettier9|,º |9between stealher and estellos and venoussas,9| bad luck to the lie but|5, whenº next to nobody expected,º5| |9he their star and gartergazer9| |13(+|shat the summit of hisº climaxsh|+)13| toppledº a lipple on to the off and, making a brandnew start for himself |13'|s+|shto run down his eastingsh|ºs+|13'| by blessing |9his stars hes sthers9| with the sign of the southern cross, his |5|11'bungalow bungaloid11'|5| |10'hat borsaline |11'with the hedgygreen |s12bounds12|11'|10'| blew off |5in a loveblast5| |s13|sh(award for trover!)sh|s13| and Jawjon Redhead, bucketed bucketing after,º |11'meccamaniacº11'| |9(the headless shall have legs!),º9| kingscouriered round |5with an easy rush5| |s13and |saprompt readysa| relayss13| by the bridge |s13|sha stadionsh|s13| beyond Ladycastle (and |13|shwhat herm butsh|13| he narrowly missed fouling her buttress for her |10in the act but for he acqueducked10|) and then|14, cocking a snook at the stock of his sermons, so mear and yet so fahr from that region's general,14| away with him at the double, the hulk of a garron, pelting after the roadº on Shanks'sº mare|10', letº off like a windhoundº looseº10'| (the bouchal! you'd think it was that moment they gave him theº |v6legs) |9legs!) jambos!)9| withº a posse of windfalls tossing hankerwaves to his windward like seraph's summonses (13'|shon the airsh|13') and a tempest of good things in |aunreadshape packetshapea| teeming from all accounts into the funnel of his |14fanmail14| shrimpnet,ºv6| along the highroad of the nation|v6, Traitors'º |+14Trot Track+|14|,v6| following which |14fond |shfloral fraysh|14|
{f10, 366}
he was quickly lost to sight |v6through the statuemen,ºv6| though without a doubt he was all the more on that |11'account sameheadº11'| to memory dear,º while Sickerson, |14that borne of bjoerne,14| |v6the auxiliary |10'that auxiliary la garde auxiliaire10'|v6|,º |10'he she10'| murmured|14, hellyg Ursulinka,º14| full of woe |14|+(and how fitlier should Goodboy'sº hand be shook than by the warmin of her besom that wrung his swaddles?)+|14|: |v6Where maggot Harvey leftinit ate Andrews coos hogdamn farewell: Where maggot Harvey kneeled till |abags ate bags? Atea| Andrew coos hogdam farvel!ºv6|

Whethenº,º |14|+now,+|14| may the good people |+14now+|14| speed you, rural Haun, export stout fellow that you are, (13'|shthe crooner bornsh| with |shsweet
{f39, 472}
wail of evoker
sh|, |s+|shhealing musicsh|,ºs+|13') ay, and |4blood and brawn heart in hand4| of Shamrogueshire! |14|+The googoos of the suckabolly in the rockabeddy are become the copiosity of (15wiseablenesses wiseableness15) of the friarylayman in the pulpitbarrel.+|14| May your bawny hair grow rarer and fairer, our own only |s11whiteheaded (15wide-headed wideheaded15)s11| boy! |5Rest your voice! Feed your mind! Mint your peas! Coax your qyous!5| |11'Come to Lisdoonblarneyº and walk |athe woods and oura| groves so charming and see again the sweet rockcloseº |ayou once where first youa| hymned O Chiesaº Mia!º11'| |10'In the mansongs of the blest Andº touch the light theorbo|err.!ºerr|10'| |13|shSongster, angler, choreographer!sh| |s+'|shPiper to prisoned!sh|s+'| |shMusicianshipsh| made |shEmbrassador-at-Largesh|!13| Good by nature and natural by design, had you but been spared to us,º Hauneen lad,º but sure where's the use my talking quicker when I know you'll hear me all astray? My long farewell I send to you, fair dream of sport and game and always something new. Gone is Haun! My grief, my ruin! |12''(+Our Chris-na-Murty! Our Jay-le-Jeune! Our Joss-el-Jovan! Our Chris-na-Murty!+)12''| 'Tis wellº you'll be looked after from last to first as yon beam of light we follow receding on your |5photophoric5| pilgrimage to your antipodes in the past, youº who so often s consigned your distributoryº tidings of great joy into our |4never too late to love nevertoolatetolove4| box, |11'mansuetudinous manipulator, |s12victimidesedly victimisedlys12| victorihoarse,11'| dearest Haun of themº all,º |4stepwalker,4| you of the boots, true as a dieº, |4stepwalker,4| pennyatimer|5.,º |12'lampaddyfair. lampaddyfair, postanulengro, our (15rommanychiel. rommanychiel!15)12'|5| Thy now palewaningº |5lamp light lucerne5| we ne'er may see again. But could it speak how |5nicely5| would it splutter |5to the four cantons5| praises be to thee(13', |shour pattern sentsh|13')! For you had — may I|14|+, in our, your and their names,+|14| dare to say it?|5the nucleus of5| a glow ofº zeal of |11'soul of11'| service such as |errrarely if ever rarely, if ever,err| have I met with inº single men. (13'There |shNumerous are those whosh|, nay, there13') are |10'a dozen of10'| folks still unclaimed by the death angel in this country of ours today|10', humbleº indivisibles in |athe thisa| grand continuum, overlorded by fate and interlarded with accidence,º10'| who|10', while there are hours and days,10'| (13'|shere he retourneys postexilicsh|,º13') will fervently pray to the Spiritº above that they may never depart this earth of theirs till |5in the |10'on in10'| his5| long run|10', |afromº that place where the day begins,a| onº that day that belongsº to |ajoyfula| Ireland, |14|+the people that is of all time, the old old oldest, the young young youngest,+|14| after decades of
{f39, 473}
longsuffering and decennia of briefgloryº, to |atell minda| us of what was when and to matter us of
{f10, 367}
where the whitheringº of our whysº,10'| |10'Johnny Walker their Jol Janyouare Fibyouare wins true from Sylvester andº10'| |10'(Only only |aWalker Waltzerºa| himself is like Waltzer, |s12whimsicalissimos12| they go murmurand)10'| comes marching ahomeº |5on the summer crust of the flagway5|. Life, it is true,º will be a blank without you (13'|shbecause avicuum's not there at allsh|13'), |10'|~itwas brief without writing, itwill end without message,~|10'| |11'to nomore cares from nomad knows,º11'| (13'|shere Molochy wars bring the devil era,sh|13') a slip of the time between a date and a ghostmark|12''', rived by darby's chilldays embers, spatched fun Juhn that dandyforth,12'''| from the night we are and feel |12'''and fade with12'''| to the yesterselves we |12'''dread to remember tread to turnupon12'''|.

But, boy, you did your strong nine furlong mile in slick and slapstick record time and a farfetched deed it was in troth, champion docileº with your high bouncing gait of going,º and one your feat |11'of passage11'| will be contested |11'with you and through youº11'| for centuries yet to come. |13(+|shThe phaynix rose a sun before Erebia sank his smother! Shoot up on that, bright Bennu bird!sh|+)13| |14|+Va faotre!+| |shEftsoon |+so too+| will our |+own+| sphoenix spark spirt his spyre and sunward stride the vampanteº|14| Ay, already the sombrer opacities of the gloom are sphanished! Braveº footsore Haun! |11'Work your progress!11'| Hold to! |14|+Now!+|14| Win out, ye divil ye! The silent cock shall crow at last. The west shall shake the east awake. Walk while ye have the night,º for morn, lightbreakfastbringer, morroweth whereon every |12'post past12'| shall full |12'fast fost12'| sleep. |11'|aAmain! Amain.a|11'|