Re-draft, November-December 1924, §3A draft level 1+

MS British Library 47482b 63-71 Draft details

{ms, 064}

2) And as the buzzer brings the light brigade, keeping the home fires burning, so |1|+at the churring call+|1| did |+1they themselves+|1| come from all |1|+their cardinal+|1| parts by the first quaint skreek of the gloaming |1|+along the amber way |aby furzy Brosnaa|+|1|, hopping it up the mountainy molehill, traversing climes of the days gone by, of the times not worth remembering, inventing some excuses, anyone, with a sevenply sweat of nightfears |+1over moist upon+|1| them — phopho, foorchtha, aggala, jeeshee, palloola, ooridiminy. for For afeard they were |+1of to wonder at+|1| the kind of chap he was, ells upon ells of him, making so many square feet of him, at one foul stretch |1|+|athe half of him in Conn's half & the whole of him in Owen's five quarters,a| chained down upon a bed of flowers+|1| among the daffydowndillies, a halohedge of wild spuds hovering over him, mixodorian, epicures & gardenfillers, a pair of puritan shoots and a posse of Aran chiefs. Phopho! The meteorflesh of him, the |+1rainbowskin |a|bforbidden seamlessb|a| rainbowpeel+|1|! Aggala! His bellyvoid of nebulose and his neverstop navel! Palloola! And his veins |+1of shooting+|1| melanite phosphor |1|+and his |acreamy cumulous creamcumulinga| comet's hair+|1| and his arrowroot knuckles, ribs & members! Oorirididimininy! His electro lattiginous twisted entrail belt!
{ms, 065}

3) The four claymen clomb together to hold their sworn inquiry on him. Up to |1|+the+|1| Esker ridge it was, |1|+near Mullingar+|1| to the mead that was near, the son's rest. The names on them were these. First clomb Matthew Gregory, through the |+1deep field, deep timefield:+|1| Marcus Lyons, tailing the wavy line of his partition footsteps (his blisters told him how he had been there before): then His Recordership, Luke Tarpey, |1|+hot on the aniseed+|1| after honourable sleep; and last from his prompt corner, old Johnny Mac, MacDougall, the hiker, in their rere and on the run, to make a quorum. Roping their ass he was, the skygrey globetrotting, by way of an afterthought, and the legs on him they were that uneven it was tumbling he was by |+1their 4+|1| lengths to hear with the unaided ear the harp in the air, wild as wild, the bugle dianablowing, the mockingbird whose word is misfortune, so 'tis said, the bulbul down the wind.
{ms, 066}

4) The proto was traipsing then through the tangle then and his station was |+1to a few perch+|1| the weatherside of the knoll |1|+of Usnach+|1| and it was from there he extended aloft the hand of silence. The buckos on the lee then stood wherever they found their standings, and set the watch about him, with their broadawake probers' hats on their firrum heads, and a crack quatyouare of stenoggers they made together, |+1with having+|1| their as beast by them, the odd trick of the pack. |1|+Yawn was before them all of asprawl and I will tell you more than that he was profoundly asleep+|1| And it was more similar to a satrap he lay there surrounded by satellites or the Lord Lumen, instructing his constellations in faith and doctrine for old Matt Gregory, 'tis he had the star menagerie starmenagerie, Marcus Lyons and Lucas Metcalfe and the mack that never forgave the ass that lurked behind him, Johnny na Hossaleen.

More than half ensorcelled you would say they were |1|+they couldn't tell |aa theira| heel from |aa stool their stoolsa|+|1| as they cooched down |1|+by his blank crib+|1|, curchy curchy, |1|+gawking on him+|1| and softnoising |1|+orderly+|1| one to another one, the |+1boghuaquisthers boghuaqueesthers+|1|. And. |1|+So they began to say to him what way was he:+|1|
{ms, 067}

— He is giving the wee |+1lad chap+|1|. Yawn has lived

— Why so, my leader?

— Is he sick or what, burly youngster he was?

— He is. Listen!

— Why so? Speak up let some of ye.

— Your wind's from the wrong cut, says Ned of the hill.

— Whisth ye! |+1Herring's Hubba's+|1| up!

And as they spread their gleamy drifter nets with blank?

— Get busy kid, and chirpey. The present occasion is a good time. We're following.

And as |+1they the quartermasters+|1| spread their |1|+azure+|1| drifter net |1|+from Matt to Mark from him to the |anext mystagogue |bbeyond himb|a| and so on to the donkeyman+|1| to mesh the quavers of scaly silver, clutches of chromes of spanishing gold oped he his |1|+blurbeous+|1| lips |+1whence whilst |aas hour gave way to hour |band he kept time with his tongueb|a|+|1| mist of the fields and |1|+molten+|1| moonset melded into song in his mouth
{ms, 068}

|1|+First, if ye don't mind.+|1| Name your ground.

It is this |1|+same historic+|1| place, |+1orangery barrow.

Of the orangery?


|1|+Is it It is+|1| in your |1|+native+|1| orangery, I take it,1| you have the letter?


|1|+It was long ago. So long beforetime?+|1|


I would like to ask |1|+here+|1| on a point of language are we to take it when we interpret this word maggers …? |1|+I understand that there are |aovera| 600 different words in your language for monarch but that there is no word which signifies majesty.+|1|

C'est mal prononcé.

Hep there? Who's thon talking? Whure you?

Tristan Patrick Dieudonné.

What are ye shevering about? Is there cold on ye?

The woods of Fochlut.

Wait, sure I know that place |+1long before better than+|1| anyone. Sure I used to be always there with the long dogs, coursing |1|+about+|1| ,. |1|+That's the place for |athea| oysters, Puldudy! I never knew how rich I had it!+|1| Do Did you know |1|+a lad+|1| Jasper Dougall |1|+Pat Whateveryournameis+|1|?

The wolves of Fochlut.

Wisha, |1|+&+|1| that's a good |+1one wan+|1| right enough. |+1Wolves! Wooluvs!+|1|

What I would like to ask |+1you him+|1| is: one thing now. Tell me now this. You |1|+

— You told us a moment since of this barrow. Well now I suggest to you that before there was this barrow there was a boat. Would you bear me out in that? An orange boat+|1|

|1|+Norsker. She Her raven flag was flying. |aSay, call that girl with the tan dress on.a| Wolfhound. Wolf of the sea.

— Very good now! |aNow mark well what I say. I go on now from that.a| From Danskerland there came a man Daneland sailed the oxeyed man. Now mark well what I say.+|1|

|1|+|aHe |bMagnusb| Spadebearda| signed to my lips. with his baling scoop+|1| He laid bare his breastpaps in to give suck to me, to suckle me. |1|+

|aOa| Jayses' Fluid!, says the poisoned well!+|1|

Hey, hello? Whu's he? Whu's thes |+1man |achap lada|+|1| with the pups?

|1|+Huncklus Childer Eastrocklure. Hunckalus |aChildreds Childaredsa| Eastreocklure.+|1|


|1|++|1| blank?

|1|++|1| How much?

|1|++|1| Letter him!

H. Seek him in blank, shun him in heresy

C. blank, changeful his constancy

E. |+1From eld Eld+|1| unto elding, earth of the earth
{ms, 069}

|+1Has anyone seen him? Was thot in Domini Nostri?+|1|

|+1Is he Would he be+|1| city or county?

|1|+Well, he might |anonobstanta| like yourself. Tigon or liger.+|1| That is an old fellow by now and he could be all your fathers.

— Eh, Johnny & where do we get off?

— 4

— MacDougal, that is|1|+, coughing+|1|. I |1|+wd go near identifying+|1| identify you. That |+1cough plucher+|1| you have is no |1|+good use+|1| to you either |1|+Johnny, my donkey, O+|1|. Number four, keep time.

|+1Did you know D'ye ken+|1| a young scholar the name of Kevin |1|+that was |aminding a hen shooing a gagaga|+|1| that foun the dogumen number one?

I no way need you, stroke oar, |+1with nor+|1| your quick handles. Too far You're too far north and you're south so.

— Now den now. |+1He De man dat+|1| found it |+1there he dere was de man dat+|1| put it |1|+dere |aoriginallya|+|1|. Am I right |+1there dere+|1|? |+1But Now, there is another thing+|1| how did it come into your possession, that is the point I raise |1|+in so many words+|1|. Now |1|+in the case of temporalities+|1| you cannot have an effect without a cause |1|+or I will put it another way+|1|. |1|+|aAs I am adviseda| There is a strong suspicion on young Kevin. Now have you a strong doubt |ain your minda| upon him? Or+|1| Are you in your post, tell spell me that without a kay. |1|+blank+|1|

|1|+Well,+|1| I'll see you further, blarneying Mark. That innocent did I alter him |1|+towards |afat |bpurefat hogfatb|a|+|1|. I don't know but God knows I was altered first. If I confessed |1|+in clean+|1| before him & you why did you |+1say blather+|1| you would |+1recommend back+|1| me for the post |1|+to Humphrey & Nephew+|1| and then you|1|+, my best friend,+|1| go and |1|+you+|1| canvass the other |+1side crowd+|1| & you say I'm |1|+uppish &+|1| not mere Irish, waiting your |+1chance chances+|1| to run yr knife into my me. |1|+|aWell, I might as well correct that nowa| |aVictoricus blanka| blew in.+|1| I've my pockets
{ms, 070}
full of you lay cardinals. |1|+My caste is a cut above yours. Look at |amy thea| brand |aon mea|. |a|bEggs Eggb| squawfish lean |bunread unread unread unread Mercurius yoe nun feed Marecuriousb|.a|+|1| I can point to my patrician coat of arms always. And |+1it was mine is+|1| the only proper name to be found in |1|+all+|1| doomsday book. Suckat.

Suck it |+1yourself on your lonesome+|1|, sugarstick|+1, who! Who+|1| wants to look at your sore toe? What about |+1the bloody old yr+|1| bottlewasher of an old fellow? |1|+|aWhat about the old peachlover|b, esquire earwugsb|? (The Swaaber!a| The twicer. Bloody curse to him!+|1| Who was his best friend|1|+?)+|1|, if you know what I mean.

— Me |1|+damfool+|1| gnemgnem me savvy |1|+allsame topside |atellemstory tellmastorya| fella+|1| one time me cry plenty much boohoo pickannini one time |1|+goddam+|1| |+1sowbelly cowbellyma'am+|1| belongame blank jackinabox belongaher me plentymuch boohoo.

|+1That's Thot's+|1| never the postal cleric. Are you Roman |+1Road |aCatharick Cawtharicka|+|1| 432?

|+1Fourfold |aQuadrige Quadriguea|+|1| my |+1witness yoke+|1|
Triple my |+1trust tryst+|1|.
|+1A twicer Tandem+|1| my sire.

— Now, I am getting to it. Now, |1|+I feel called upon to ask+|1| did it ever occur to you |1|+by a stretch of imagination+|1| that you might be |1|+very largely+|1| substituted by a |+1second or third complementary character, |aa fellow with a red whisker |ba fellow with a buff whisker Now, will you just search yr memory |cfor this impersonating mediumc|. Wd it be|c, without revealing names,c| a fellow |cmuch about your own sizec| with a buff whiskerb|a|+|1|? |1|+I have my reasons for asking+|1|.

Once or twice. A few times |1|+I |awas chanced to bea| stretching myself.+|1| I felt feeling queer round my middle aging. |1|+So that I'm not myself at all.+|1| Stouter |1|+it is+|1| is doing the dirty on me |1|+with all his kilowatts+|1| that I'd be better off without.
{ms, 071}

— Were ye |+1ever |abonafidea| never+|1| audited |1|+|aprior to this yeta|+|1|, tell us, |+1by any chance my fine chancer+|1|.

|1& |1]|1|6|6a&Muddybroth! I won't go that length.+|1| You are taking me into the future,

Now this third party Do you mean to set there where y'are now|1|+, Sorley boy,+|1| and tell me that?

I mean to sit here |1|+where I am now|a, Surly guy,a|+|1| as long as I live. If I can't upset this |+1mound pound+|1| of ollaves I can sit up setup upon it.

Now Muddybroth, it's no anthill |+1then so+|1|. God be with the good old lousy times. Was your |1|+reputed+|1| uncle the |+1Cornywaller Cornelwaller+|1|

|1|+Maybe+|1| I won't go that length. You are taking |+1me the thing+|1| into the future. In some centuries' time I |+1shall return to that once go into him+|1| again.