Re-draft, November-December 1924, §3A draft level 2+

MS British Library 47482b 91-105 Draft details

{ms, 091}

bonafide peachlover, esquire earwugs? How big was his best friend? The swaaber! The twicer! Bloody curse to him!

— Me gnemgnem damfool. Me no savvy allsame numpa one topside tellmastory fella. Me savvy |+2nother nothel+|2| time. Goddam cowbellymaam belongame shepullamealong jackinaboss belongashe me plentymuch boohoo.

— Thot's never the postal cleric? Are yu Roman Cathrick 432?

Quadrigue my yoke:
Triple my tryst:
Tandem my sire.

— Tantris. I see now. Now I feel called upon to ask did it ever occur to you prior to this by a stretch of your imagination that you might be very largely substituted by a complementary character?

— Once or twice |2|+& maybe more largely than you yet realise+|2|. A few times as I chanced to be stretching myself in my imagination I felt feeling queer round my middle so that I'm not myself at all. Bruno and Nolan, the lifepartners off Nassau street, were explaining it all round each other ere yesterday. When heuponNolan Bruno monopolises his egobruno
{ms, 092}
most unwillingly senses by the mortal powers alionolan equal and opposite brunoipso, ipso, id est, eternally provoking alio opposite equally as provoked as Bruno at being eternally opposed by Nolan. |2|+

— You mean an alibi.

— I mean |amy fond mya| brother Alibi |aNolana|. I wish to know |awith much thanksa| if he lives in Australia |aor anywherea|, my fond brother, Alibi Nolan, not belonging to these parts |awho whom, I recall being,a| a total abstainer.+|2|

— Now will you just search through your memoirs for this impersonating medium. Would it be a fellow much about your own size with a |+2buff sandy+|2| whiskers?

— Treble stouter is doing the dirty on me with his tantrums and all these kilowatts that I'd be better off without.

— Stouter and stouter. I see. Now you told us of this tryst. I wonder now without revealing secrets of |+2the bedchamber an alcove+|2| have I heard the name anywhere.

Marik! Marik! Marik!
Ha drappad has drariks a the parik
And ha had ta barraw tha watercrass shartclathes
|+2off aff+|2| tha arkbishap af Yarik.

— O |+2cross crosses+|2| of Cong & water! And he said he was only taking the grass temperature! Ask him |2|+in his good ear+|2| how he lost his bass's voice.

— Well, I beg to traverse above statement inasmuch as my revered was confined |+2in barracks to guardroom+|2|
{ms, 093}
by doctor Mannix |2|+for repairs done on |athe oura| premises in the rere of |apilch knickers property ofa| my |adeeplya| revered+|2| entailing a laxative tendency especially with him being forbidden fruit |2|+and having certified to have |afunctionala| valvular & thereinafter liable to succumb if served with subpenis+|2| when my reputed husband took a drink out of the said given bottle |2|+telling me of |ahis aa| welcomed experience+|2| and he simply showed me a poker which was here produced with the remark: This is for sneak Sneak.

— Creepin through the children of Mary's class |+2disguised dissembled+|2| as a blancmange and marmalade! Three cheers for the name Dan Magrath!

— I would misdemean to rebuke to the libel of snots |2|+|athe said Sully, Magrath's —a| who is not fit so enough to throw guts to a bear. If they cut his nose they have their good reasons+|2| inasmuch as |2|+I am delighted to be able to state that+|2| a sovereign was freely |+2presented pledged+|2| to |+2all both lady performers of vocal act+|2| by that noblest of magistrates mean with admired engraving meaning complete manly parts during alleged |2|+recent+|2| act as required by statues. |2|+Now, you see!+|2|

— Sure, that lad was boycotted as I'm given now to understand. There was nobody would come next or near him after that.

— Arrah|2|+, man dear,+|2| weren't they arriving in their centuries for to pay their firstrate duties before him in his reunited magazine, the Grand Old MacGuinness Mor, boot kings and indiarubber umpires and shahs from Paisley & sultana raisins and a row of jam sahibs &
{ms, 094}
an odd |+2princess principess+|2| in her |+2petticoat blank+|2| and the queen of Indian playing clubs and the Claddagh ringleaders and |+2two a brace of+|2| Salames and the Halfa Ham with two fat Maharashers and the German silver geyser and he polished up gorgeous, tintinabulating to himself. And there was J. B. Dunlop, the tyrant of his time, French wine stuarts and Tudor keepsakes and the Cesarewitch for the currant counter riding up the holy staircase on muleback hindquarters to the fore and he holding on to his |+2national natural+|2| anthem Horsey, Keep your tail up! and as much as the vacant throne room could safely accomodate of the house of Orange & Bitters, permeated by druids and brehons and flawhoolaghs and |+2anti ante+|2| parnellites, all murdering Irish out of their boon companions, |2|+after plenty of fresh stout+|2| for to nobble or salvage their bit of him, the poor old basiloose, Dodderick Ogonach Wreck, lying high as he lay with his buttend up |2|+exposed+|2| for sale after inspection, most highly astounded, as it was, at thus being reduced to nothing.

— D'yu mean to set there where
{ms, 095}
y'are now, |+2repeating yurself, Sorley boy, Sorley boy, repeating yurself,+|2| and tell me that?

— I mean to sit here where you are now, surly guy, replete in myself, as long as I live. If I can't upset this pound of ollaves I can sit setup upon him.

— Olivers. Was that a groan did I hear or the Dingle bagpipes? Is the mound moving or what |2|+babel+|2| is under this, tell me?

— Lay yur lug to the groun, mon. They're playing thimbles and bodkins. Hep! Whu's within?º
{ms, 097}

— Nowº just permit me a moment. Are you there? Hello! Sybil Head, here. Yes. Very good now. Do you remember the night following the fair day?

— Well.

— There were fires on every bald hill in holy Ireland that night?

— You may say they were.

— Were they bonfires?

— No other name would at all befit them but unless that. |2|+|aBonafighers Bonafieries!a|+|2| With their blue beards streaming to the heavens.

— Was it a |+2fine high white+|2| night now?

|+2Finest Whitest+|2| night mortal ever saw.

— Was there rain by any chance?

— Plenty.

— There was a fall of snow as well, I gather.

— The nicest at all.

— Did not it blow some |+2wind gales+|2| rather strongly to less?

— Out of all jokes it did.

— Do you recollect whether the moon was shining at all?

— Sure she was. |2|+

— And was there frostwork about |a& thick weathera| & everything?

— There was. July at its worst.+|2|

— I see. Now you know the kikkenmidden where the couple first met with each other.

— Indeed & I do. |2|+

— Is it |aa place |bfairlyb|a| exposed to the 4 winds?

Well, I |abelieve hopea| so, if what I hear is all true.

Is it Woful Dane Bottom?

— It is woful whatever about anything else.+|2|

— There |+2is used to be+|2| a tree there stuck up.

— There |+2is used+|2|. |+2The grandest And the crandest maypole+|2| tree in all the world. |2|+|aSo he is A giant so he is.a|+|2|
{ms, 098}

|+2How grand is it? How grand is |ait this gianta|? Leaves & branches, is it?

— There's |amaids parlourmaidsa| growing on her & |arobbers |bfenians priesthuntersb|a| hiding inside in her bole & young sweepslads climbing |aher unread to her crock |b& cock robins fighting for the love of mistletoeb|a| & old Kilmainham pensioners chucking coins at her to fall her mistletoe cranberries, |a|bthe sun & moon pegging |choneysucklec| rice |cunread white heatherc| down upon her & creatures of the wild clawing & rubbing to her & the old canon unread barking his shins over her infernal roots,b| and his acorns flying wild out of him after the birds of the aira| & her leaves |aunread sinsinninga| |ain their nighttime in the night of timea| & the both of their |amistletoea| branches meeting & shaking |atwistya| hands |aall over againa| in the new world.+|2| |2|+

The form, I perceive, was masculine & the gender feminine.+|2| Are you connected with it yourself, maybe? I mean the tree |2|+this time+|2|. |2|+Well,+|2| He or she?

— Upfellbowm.

|2|+Let me recall.+|2| Are you acquainted with a pagany w better known as Toucher Doyle who is. Consider yourself on the stand now & watch your words.

— I consider I would be frightfully ashamed if I was.

— He is a man of around 50 who does messages. Have you ever heard of |+2him this Doyle who belongs to Kimmage+|2| being |+2seen most of his time+|2| down at the Green Man beyond |2|+always when he would be finished his tea & mixing with the people public going for groceries+|2|.

— As mad as the brambles he is. |2|+Touch him.+|2|

— Now, brush up your memory a bit. |2|+I'm wondering+|2| Was he wearing false clothes for |+2the that+|2| occasion?

— I am sorry to have to tell you they were |2|+well over 3 months+|2| coming down from off him. |2|+

— Happily you were not quite successful in sublimating yr suppressions.

— Quite.+|2|

— Now cast your eyes around |2|+you.+|2| |+2and I want+|2| tell us as briefly as you can how the |+2whole thing |aother thing funeral gamesa|+|2| took place?.

|2|+Faith then,+|2| First he wanted a match. Then counting |2|+as many as+|2| 30 seconds he was cursing at him to know who burned the hay which the man |2|+that was digging for rabbits to feed the irregulars+|2| knew nothing about.

— In other words was this how the |+2funeral games angelic warfare+|2| started?

— Truly.
{ms, 099}

|2|+That wd be about 11.30.+|2| Will you swear all the same you saw their shadows struggling |2|+about this that & the other+|2| and kicking up fallen leaves for the wind?

— I will. |2|+

They must have done wonderful work |aon the quiet likea|.

— Ay.+|2| If so, it's the will of G—

— And this pootsch went on night after night according to you. For years and years perhaps?

— That's right.

— D'yu mean to tall us on yur oath, my lad, |+2yer yur+|2| moon was shining raw |+2rain wind & snow & wind blowing+|2| night after night for years and years perhaps after yu swearing to it a while back the other way about that there was rain in plenty all the time?

— Perhaps so |2|+as you affirm+|2|. I never thought about it, faith. |2|+However ….+|2|

— Will yu swear |2|+or affirm+|2| to |+2it to your 2nd sight+|2| now and recant that all you |2|+affirmed &+|2| swore to |+2then at 1st sight+|2| was |+2false? untrue?+|2|

— Ay. I |2|+affirm &+|2| swear to it that it |2|+all+|2| was. |2|+

|aMaybe you wdn't mind telling us |bmy labrose laddy,b|a| How |averya| much bright cabbage do you get for all the you swear.

Very nothing I |aget call ita| for it amounts to nil.

— You were promised some |ablank staggerjuicea| anyhow

— Yes, by the way. When?+|2|

— Let me |+2again once more+|2|. Now, this other point. Did you know that one of these two, the man with the fender or the man with the coffin, if you prefer that, was accused of a certain offence or of a choice of two offences, if you like it better that way? Did you now? |2|+You did, you rogue, you?+|2|

— You hear things.

Which would you select of the two
{ms, 100}
for choice if you had your way. |+2Are there any Did+|2| orangemen |2|+appear periodically+|2| in your family tree?

— It all depends on what you mean by |+2that your+|2| family?

— Have you ever reflected, witness, that the evil |2|+what+|2| though it were chosen might nevertheless lead somehow unto good toward the generality?

— Me and Frisky Shorty |2|+& a few plebiscites+|2| was just arguing friendly like over the old party. What me and Frisky wants to know is thisahere: Supposing him to have taken his epicene licence respectively as regards them male privates and or concomitantly with all common or neuter respects to them public females as was very properly detained by the metropolitan in connection with this regrettable nuisance being in strict contravention of schedule in board of forests & waters' byelaw regulating amusements section of our beloved park in pursuance me & Frisky have approached a reverend gentleman of the name of Mr Coppinger |2|+with reference to a piece of fire fittings+|2| as was most obliging in this matter of his explanations given to me and Frisky touching |2|+what the good book says concerning+|2| the
{ms, 101}
merits of early bisexualism besides him citing example given by a valued friend of the Reverend Mr Coppinger of the name of Mr J.P. Cockshott as owns a pretty maisonette fronting on to the South Bluffs as was telling us how Mr Cockshott he tells him, the Reverend Mr Coppinger, as how he reckoned up to 7 mile of a school of herring passing Bloater Bay point from 12.a.m. on by the silent hour. And, reverend, he says, gut me but them herring was as gladful as kippers could well be considering, flipping their little coppingers, pot em, the fresh little flirties, the dirty little gillybrighteners, pickle their spratties, the little smolty gallockers, and, reverend, says he, them little salty populators, says he, as sure as my eggs is on cockshot entre nous, all them little upanddowndippies they was all of a wriggolo doodah in testimonial
{ms, 102}
to their early bisexualism.

Ta hell wi' ye and yer coprulation! Pelagiarist. Y'are obsexed, so y'are!

— Wait now, Leixlip. I don't follow you that far. |2|+Was it Esox Lucius now or Salmo Ferox?+|2| You are taking us into the future or are you not with this fishery.

— Gubbernathor! And he was nothing short of one! Spawning all over the seven parishes!

— Lift it now, Hosty. He's your mark!

There's an old psalmsobbing salmoner Fogeyborn Herrin Plunderowse
Who went floundering with his boatloads of spunk about
Leaping freck after every longtom and wetlizzy between Howth and Humbermouth

Our human conger eel.

— Hep! Hold that lad! |2|+Up wi' yer whippy!+|2| Play him!

Whoop! Pull you, sir! |2|+Olive quill does it.+|2| A moment now did he rise?

— Never a fear but you'll land him yet, Slipperyscales on liffeybank. |2|+|atimes & times & half a timea| With a pillow of sand to polster him.+|2| Do you think they will? I'm sure they will. Among the shivering sedges so? Weedywaving. The Or tulipbeds of Rush below?

— Eh, tell us & God bless you!
{ms, 103}
were they |+2fusiliers Coldstream guards+|2| or how many were they seen him?

Three in one. One and three.
Shem & Shaun & the shame that sunders them
Wisdom's son. Folly's brother.

— Ah, God, sure I thought it was larking with 2 fine young girls he was that time. I was given to understand there was |+2a pair of girls that one+|2| that was mad gone on him. Sure she was near drowned in her admiration for herself, making faces at her likeness in the stream after, all tossed as she was.

— Listen, meme dearest. Of course I know you are a very wicked girl. Still you do look lovely. My, you do! Listen, meme sweety. It's only us two. Of course it was downright wicked of him, really it was. Still, me and you will make it up. So as nobody of course need ever know. So meme mearest, be free to me and, listen, youyou beauty, we'll be true to you.
{ms, 104}

— How's this at all at all? One moment. This young lady what exactly is she doing with herself?

— You're talking out of yer turn, |+2man my Moonster friend+|2|. Answer my queskions first. |2|+You've as much cheek on you |anowa| as would boil a |apot cauldrona| of kale.+|2| Did the food inspector fine more than 16% of |+2water chalk+|2| in his purity flower |2|+of this raw materialist+|2|? |+2We're We young chaps are+|2| here to know had the two generals who have been getting nosemoney cheap & stirring up public opinion with their legs had they their service books in order & duly signed when discharged from their last situations? |2|+Will you gup & tell the board.+|2| How did Magrath |2|+or MacMonagh+|2| come into awful position of the barrel of |+2wash bellywash+|2|? |2|+And|a, is it any harm to ask,a| why was the man |ain the coombea| carrying his ark |aon acrossa| his back when he might have been settin inside |aofa| her?+|2| Where were the doughboys, 3 in number, directing their steps according to the liaison officer with trenchcoats open & their hands in their pockets contrary to military rules when confronted with his obstruction? Is it a |2|+actual+|2| fact that this nordic |2|+sh in child's kilts+|2| is subowner of a hengster's circus |2|+near North Great Denmark Street+|2| & has been complaining |+2in to+|2| the police barracks & applying for an order of certiorari & crying that he has been molested by offers of vacancies from females in this city neighing after the man
{ms, 105}
ever since they |+2saw seen+|2| his lifesize picture in the sheets? |2|+Was it him who suborned a |adeafmutea| son of his to go |aout in his bare feeta| & buy the usual jar of porter & set it down before the wife |abidding her mine the house, the strumpet, with her fireman's helmet on hera| while him & |athe strumpets his lagan lovesa| were rampaging the roads?+|2| Where's that auxiliary officer that reported on the whole hoodlum |2|+relying on |athe hisa| dictionary+|2|. |+2Call Recall that+|2| Sackerson.

Day sorker four vanfloats he verdants market
High liquor made lust torpid dough hunt her orchid.

— Hunt her orchid! Gob, and he found it on her right enough, bloody old preadamite with his 2handled umbrella!

— That's enough. I want to tap the top of this. And I will too. |2|+The governor himself no less.+|2| Here, come, |+2everybogey evidoer+|2|!