Redraft, November-December 1924, §3B draft level 0+

MS British Library 47482b 104-106 Draft details

{ms, 105}

— Sir, to you! |+I am brought up under an old act of Edward the First, but+| I am known throughout the world |+wherever good English is spoken+| as a cleanliving man and I think |+the our+| public at large appreciates it most highly |+of me+| that I am cleanliving & as a matter of fact I possess the sweetest little wife on the globe |+who won the consolation prize in the dreams of fair women |acompetition handicap by 2 breastsa|+|. My |+clergymen chaplain |aan always sadfaced man who has visited |bmy ourb| very reins & heartsa|+|, with the |+aid help+| of my wife I mean to say, can speak to you |+|asomea| quite complimentary things+| of my
{ms, 106}
|+private morals as clean my clean character in the dark+|. There is not a |+teaspoonful teaspoonspill+| of evidence to my bad and I can humbly protest against everything to the |+high highest+| personage at this moment holding down the throne. As a matter of fact I undertake to discontinue the practice. |+I have had my lesson.+| I will say that since my toils |+of domestication+| began famine has receded from the land. It were idle to inquire whether I am the product of group marriage or team work |+and|a, surrounded(?) by obscurity,a| I claim my naturalborn right |aat common lawa| to opt for blank+|. I mean to say, had my faithful |+wife Fulvia+| turned back on her ways |+in search of brunette men+| or had she left her |+crocus+| bed at the suggestion of some infamous fisherman there might be advantage to ask but she |+always did did always+| ensue whatsoever pertained unto fairness and I did encompass her about|+, my vermin breeder,+| with lovingkindness and with soft goods and hardware and |+fine+| hosiery lines and all daintiness at teatime |+& |abright gems pigmy sunsa| for supperhour & spiceries for her |aaged garbagea| breath, a ewer |a& to my saffronbreathing mongoloid I gavea| handewers & loinscrapers |aand a currycomb for her tuzzya|, clubmoss |awith &a| wolvesfoot for her moister places and an earthcloset for her |aweekly sabbatha| needs |a& I did learn my little country mousey her |bletters alphabeater cameltenter |cbirch ashenbirchc| to hazelyoub|, with a rattan |bto atb| her drum, ooah oyir oyir oyira|+| and I did spread for her my |+selvage+| mats of soft lawn |+and I planted for her a vineyard and fenced it about with Chesterfield elms and I brewed for her |astrong double Xa| Dublin lindub to split the spleen of her maw & I restored for her her paddypalace & added thereunto a |ashallowa| laver to put out her hellfire+| and I |+gave unto laid |adowna| before+| my eblanite waggonways |+|aof the stonea| whereon the hinny and the mule and |athe many donkeys the jennet and the pooka and the copall and the hobbiesa| wen |aran stepped livelya| for her pleashadure+| and she laughed at the |+cracking |awhistling |bzwitchering switcheringb|a|+| of the whip.

|+Mattah markah lukah johah |aMatthah markhah lukhah johhah Mattahah marahah luahah joahaha|+|