2nd draft, November-December 1924, §3B draft level 1

MS British Library 47482b 106-109 Draft details

{ms, 107}

clean character acting in the dark |1though I own the recital will be painful to me personally1|. There is not a teaspoonspill of evidence to my bad and I can so protest against |1everything publication of libel and by any Ticks Tipsylon1| to the highest personage at |1present this moment1| holding down the throne. As a matter of fact I undertake to discontinue all practices and and honestly as my |1best1| policy I have had my lesson. |1The amusing part is1| I will say that since my toils of domestication began famine has receded from this land. Idle were it to inquire whether I be the |1mass1| product of team work or an outcome of group marriage for, surrounded by obscurity, I claim my natural |1freeman's1| right at common law to opt for blank. I mean to say, had my faithful Fulvia turned her back on her ways |1to go on the hills1| in search for brunette men or had she left her crocus bed at the mere suggestion of some infamous fisherman |1who wd have abused of her1| there might accrue advantage to ask but she ever did ensue whatsoever pertained unto fairhood & |1I did take |athe hand of my |bwhimpering delights, myb|a| jealousy by & did lead her out to Ringsend ferry whimpering1| I did encompass her |1all1| about, my verminbreeder, with lovingkindness and |1I |afed gavea| unto my little turkeythighs1| with soft goods & hardware and fine hosiery lines & geegaws such as women wear |1&1|
{ms, 108}
all daintiness by teatime and I hung pigmy suns for |1the1| supperhour |1of my frigid one1| & I fed her upon spiceries for her garbage breath and to my saffronbreathing mongoloid I gave handewers & loinscrubbers |1and a currycomb for her tuzzy1| |1and with1| clubmoss & wolvesfoot for her moister places and I made for |1her my shiny brow|a, |bmy love, myne elskede,b|a|1| an earthcloset wherein to be quit of her sabbath needs and I restored for her her paddypalace & added thereunto a shallow laver to put out her hellfire &|1, rain or shower or drizzle of sleet,1| I did learn my little |1anna1| countrymouse her alphabeater |1camelunread cameltemper1| from ashenbirch to hazelyou, with my rattan at her drum, ooah oyir oyir oyir, and I did spread before my Livvy my selvage mats of soft lawn and I planted for |1her for my hot lass1| a vineyard & fenced it about with Chesterfield elms |1and I first brewed for her1| a |1doubled lindaub Dublin lindub1| to split the spleen of her maw and I laid down before |1the feet of1| my eblanite
{ms, 109}
my |1stoneybattered1| waggonways |1of stone1| whereon the mule & the hinny and the jennet and the mustard nag |1& piebald shetlandees & skewbald orkyknees1| stepped lively for her pleashadure and she laughed at the switchering of the whip.

— Mattahah marahah luahah joahah