Large typescript, December 1928-January 1929, §3A draft level 8, 8+

MS British Library 47484a 156-286 Draft details

{f39, 474}
{f10, 368}

Lowly, longly a wail went forth. Pure Yawn lay low. On the mead of the hillock he lay, brief wallet to his side, an arm loose by his staff of citron briar|8, tradition stick-pass-on8|. Most distressfully (but, my dear, how successfully!) to wail he did, his locks of a Lucan tinge, quickrich, ripely rippling, unfilleted, those lashbetasselled lids on the verge of closing time, whiles ouze of his sidewiseopen mouth the breath of him evenso languishing as the princeliest treble treacle or lichee chewchow purse could buy. Yawn in a semiswoon lay awailing and (hooh!) what helpings of honeyful swoothead! (phew!) which earpiercing dulcitude! As were you suppose to go and push with your bluntblank pin in hand upintohis fleshasplush cushionettes of some chubby boybold love of an angel. Hwoah!

When, as the buzzer brings the light brigade, keeping the home fires burning, so on the churring call themselves came at him, three kings of three suits and a crowner, from all their cardinal parts, along the amber way where Brosna's furzy. To lift them they did, senators four, by the first quaint skreek of the gloaming, and they hopped it up the mountainy molehill, traversing climes of old times gone by, of the days not worth remembering, inventing some excusethems, any sort, having a sevenply
{f39, 475}
sweat of nightblues moist upon them — feefee! phopho!! foorchtha!!! aggala!!!! jeeshee!!!!! paloola!!!!!! ooridiminy!!!!!!! Afeard themselves were to wonder at the class of a crossroads puzzler he would likely be, length by breadth nonplussing his thickness, ells upon ells of him, making so many square yards of him, one half of him in Conn's half but the whole of him nevertheless in Owenmore's five quarters. There would he lay till they would him descry, spancelled down upon a blossomy bed at one foul stretch amongst the daffydowndillies, the flowers of narcosis fourfettering his footlights, a halohedge of wild spuds
{f10, 369}
hovering over him, epicures waltzing with gardenfillers, puritan shoots advancing to Aran chiefs. Phopho!! The meteorpulp of him, the seamless rainbowpeel. Aggala!!!! His bellyvoid of nebulose with his neverstop navel. Paloola!!!!!! And his veins shooting melanite phosphor, his creamtocustard cometshair and his asteroid knuckles, ribs and members. Ooridiminy!!!!!!! His electrolatiginous twisted entrails belt.

Those four claymen clomb together to hold their sworn starchamber quiry on him. Up to the esker ridge it was, Mullingar parish, to a mead that was not far, the son's rest. First klettered Shanator Gregory, seeking spoor through the deep timefield; then Shanator Lyons, tailing the wavy line of his partition footsteps (something in his blisters was telling him all along how he had been in that place one time); then His Recordership, Dr Shunadure Tarpey, caperchasing after honourable sleep, hot on to the aniseed; and, up out of his prompt corner, old Shunny Mac, MacDougal the hiker, in the rere of them on the run to make a quorum. Roping their ass he was, their skygrey globetrotter, by way of an afterthought, and such legs on him they were that much oneven it was tumbling he was by four lengths, the big ass, to hear with his unaided ears the harp in the air, the bugle
{f39, 476}
dianablowing, wild as wild, the mockingbird whose word is misfortune, so 'tis said, the bulbul down the wind.

The proto was traipsing through the tangle then|8, Mathew Walker,8| and his station was a few perch to the weatherside of the knoll Usnach and it was from no other place unless there|8, howº and ever,º8| that he proxtended aloof upon the ether |8Mesmer's Manuum,8| the hand making silence. The buckos beyond on the lea then stopped wheresoever they found their standings and that way they set watch about him, upholding their broadawake probers' hats on their firrum heads. And a crack quatyouare of stenoggers they made of themselves |8in their aggregate age, solons and psychomooers8|, all told, |8with their hurts and daimons, spites and clops,8| not even to the seclusion of their beast by them that was the odd trick of the pack|8, trump8| and no friend of carrots. And, what do you think, who above all other persons should be laying there forenenst them only Yawn! All of asprawl he was laying too amengst the poppies and, I can tell you something more than that, |8|adear dreara| writer,8| he was profoundly asleep. And it was far more similar to a satrap he lay there with unctuous beauty, by satellites all surrounded, or for whatall I know like the Lord Lumen coaching his preferred constellations in faith and doctrine, for old Matt Gregory 'tis he had the starmenagerie: Marcus Lyons and Lucas Metcalfe Tarpey and the mack that never forgave the ass that lurked behind him, Johnny na Hossaleen.

More than their good share |8of their five senses8| ensorcelled you would say themselves were|8, fumingº censor,8| the way they could not rightly tell their heels from their stools, as they cooched down a mamalujo by his cubical crib |8toº play tops or kites or hoops or marblies8|, curchycurchy, gawking on him |8for the issuance of his pnum8| and softnoising one of them to another one, the boguaqueesthers.
{f39, 477}
And it is what they began to say to him then, the masters, what way was he.

— He's giving, the wee bairn. Yun has lived.

— Yerra, why dat, my leader?

— Wisha, is he boosed or what, alannah?

— Or his wind's from the wrong cut, says Ned of the Hill.

— Lesten!

— Why so and speak up, do you hear me, you, sir?

— Or he's rehearsing somewan's funeral.

— Whisht outathat! Hubba's up!

And as they were spreading abroad on their octopuds their drifter nets, |8the chronies,º8| gleamy seiners' nets, and no lie, there was words of assonance being softspoken among those quartermasters.

— Get busy, kid!

— Chirpy, come now!

— The present hospices is a good time.

— I'll take on that chap.

For it was in the back of their mind's ear|8, temptive |alissomer blissomera|,8| how they would be spreading in quadriliberal their azurespotted fine attractable net from Matt Senior to the thurrible mystagogue after him and from thence to the neighbour and that way to the |8puysny pugsny8| donkeyman and his crucifer's cauda. And in their minds years backslibris so it was|8, slipping beauty,8| how they would be meshing that way|8, when he rose to it,º8| the quavers of scaly silver and |8the their8| clutches of chromes of the highly lucid spanishing gold, whilst, as hour gave way to |8mazing8| hour, with Yawn himself keeping time with his thripthongue, to ope his blurbeous lips he would |8andº let out classyº8| the way myrrh of the moor and molten moonmist would be melding |8mellifond8| indo his mouth.
{f10, 371}

|8— Y!

Before youº!8|

|8Friends.8| First, if yu don't mine. Name yur historical grouns.

— This same prehistoric barrow 'tis, the orangery.
{f39, 478}

— I see. Very good now. It is in your orangery, I take it, you have your letters? Can you hear here me, you, sir?

— Thorsends. For my darling. Typette!

— So long aforetime? Can you hear better?

— Millions. For godsends. For my darling |8dearling8| one.

— Now, to come nearer zone, I would like to raise |8another |aa mya| deuterous8| point audibly touching this. There is this maggers. I am told by our interpreter |8|aHannera| Eselliusº8| that there are fully six hundred and six ragwords in your malherbal Magis |8language landeguage in which wald wand |ameans mon rimes alpman |band there is resin in all rootsb|a|8| for monarch but |8yaoº hace8| not one pronounceable |8term |atarm teerma|8| that |8grows blows8| in all |8Tallaght the vallums of Tartallaghtº8| to signify majestate |8even provisionally norº no |aRoman rhedaa| |~road rhoda~| or torpentine path norº hallucinian |away viaa| nor Aurellianº |agate gapea| nor sunk in rut |anor grossgrown |btrack trekkºb|a| nor crimeslaved cruxway |a|~and~| no moorhen'sº cry|~, no or~| mooner's plankganga| there to lead us to |~blank hopenhaven~|8|. Is such the unde derivatur casematter|8, Messio8|? |8Frankly.º8| Megis megis inerretur mynus hoc intelleyegow.

|8How?8| C'est mal |~8prononcé prononsable~|, |atartagliano,ºa| |~Frances perfrances~|8|. Vos navez pas d'O dong votr |~8bousch boche~| provenciale, |~Monsoo mousoo~|º8|. |8Je m'inclineº |~mais~|8| Moy, jay trouvay la clee dang les champz.

— Hep there! |8Whu's teit dans yur jambesº?8| Whu's thot |8inclining and8| talking |8about the Messiahº8| so cloover? |8A truesº to your trefling!8| Whure yu?

— Trinathan Partnick Dieudonnay. Have you seen her? Typette, my tactile, O!

— Are you in your fatherick, lonely one?

— The same. Three persons. Have you seen my darling only one? I am sohohohold!

— What are yu shevering about|8,º ultramontane,8| like a houn in hell? Is there cold on ye, doraphobian? Or do yu want yur |8primafairy8| schoolmam?

— The woods of |v8Fochlut. Fogloot.º I hear you falling!v8| |8O mis par padredges!8|

— Whisht awhile! I know that place better than annyone. Sure,
{f39, 479}
I used to be always over there |8on the fourth day8| at my grandmother's place |8in |~Tir-non-Ogre Tear-nan-Ogre ~|8| with the long dogs coursing |8the marches8|. |8Tortoiseshell for a guineagould! Burb! Burb! Burb! Follow me up,º Observer!º8| That's the place for the oysters, Puldudy, |~8county Galway County Gallwey~|8|. I never knew how rich I was|8|a, likeº another storya| in the zoedone of the |azephyrs zephyrosa|, |astrolling and strollingº andºa|8| carrying my dragoman, Meath's marvel, thass withumpronouncable tail, along the shore. Did you know |8my cousin, Mr8| Jasper |8Dougal Dougal8| that keeps The Anchor on the Mountain, Pat Whateveryournameis?

— The wolves of Fochlut! By Whydoyoucallme? |8Do not flingamejig to the wolvesº!8|

|8Wisha; Turcafiera!º8| |8and that's That'sº8| a good wan right enough! Wooluvs no less!

— One moment now, |8since you invocate austers.8| I would like to put a question. Tell me now this. You told my larned friend rather previously a moment since about this mound or barrow |8missing8|. Now I suggest to you that ere there was this |8plaguebarrow plagueburrow8|, as you seem to call it, there was a burial boat. Would you bear me out in that|8, relativelyº |aspecking speakinga|8|? The Frenchman, I say, was an orange boat. |8He is a boat. You see him. The both how you see is they!º |~Draken af Danemork!~|8| What? |8Speak Spake8| ab laut!

|8Couch, cortege, ringbarrow,º dungcairn. Beseek the runes and see the longurn. All maunº away when yeº hear the gonghornº.8| Norsker. Her raven flag was out|s8, the slavers8|. |8|a|~Draken af Danmark~|a| I trow pon Good, Jordan's scaper, Good's Barnet and |aTrusterman Trustymana|.º8| Crouch low, you pigeons three! Say, call that girl with the tan tress |~8on. awn!~|8| Call Wolfhound! Wolf of the sea. Folchu! Folchu!

— Very good now. |8That's |afolkloreºa| straight from the ass's ass his mouth. |aNow, to come to the midnight middy on this levantine ponenter,ºa|8| I will |8go crusade8| on with the parent ship far away from those green hills. |8«++Aº station, Ireton tells me,º bonafideº for keeltappers.ºs++|8| From Daneland sailed the oxeyed man. Now mark well what I say.

— Magnus Spadebeard|8, korsets krosser8|. Signed to me with his baling scoop. Laid bare his breastpaps to give suck, to suckle me. |8Ecce hagios chrismanº!8|
{f10, 373}

— O Jeyses' fluid! says the poisoned well. |8Hootchcopper's enkel!8|

— Hep! Hello there|8,º Bill of Oldº Bailey8|! Whu's he? Whu's this lad wi' the pups?

— Hunkalus Childared Easterheld. |8It's his lost chance, Emania. Ware him well!º8|

— Hey! Did you dream you were |~8atin ating~|8| your own tripe, acushla|8, thatº you tied yourself |ain upa| that wrynecky fix8|?

— I see|~8, yes now~|8|. |8Grimbarb and pancercrucer!8| You took the words out of my mouth. A child's dread for a |8dragon8| vicefather. |8Hillcloud encompass us!8| You mean you lived as Milky at their lyceum|8, couard,8| while you learned|8|~, volp volp,º~|8| to howl |8|~volp volp~|8| yourself wolfwise. |8Dyb! Dyb! Do your best!º

— I am dob dob dobbling like old boots|a, courteousa|. |aThe cubs are after me|b, the whole |~totempack totem pack~|,b| for Robinson's shield.a|8|

|8Scents and gouspils! Find the Fingallº harriers!8| Here, howl me wiseacre's hat till I |8gang8| die of the milkman's lupus!

— Whaat! |8Wolfgang!º8| Whoah! Taalk very slowo!
{f39, 481}

Hail him heathen, heal him holystone!
Courser, recourser, changechild, ..........
Eld as endall, earth .................

— Was this |8Totumº Fulcrumº Estº8| Ancestor yu had in |8Sancti Nostri Dies Eirae |awhere |~no~| spider webbetha|8| or Anno Mundi|8. ere bawds plied in Skiff Straitº? Be fair, Chris!8|

|8Dream.8| On a |~8Monday monday~|8| I sleep. I dreamt of a |~8Sunday sunday~|8|. On a |~8Monday monday~|8| I shall wake. Ah! May he have now |8of here8| fearfilled me! |8|aSinflowed, Oº Sinflowedº!a| |~Fia! Fia!~| Befurcht Christº!8|

|8|~Fiá! Fiá!~|8| I have your tristich now. It recurs in three times the same differently. And |8speaking of commingº nown from the asphalt to the concrete,º to8| this same |8famous sire of vulcanisedº hillsir from8| yours |8(there is such a |~fui fui~| story of him)º8|, Mr Tuppling |8Towne Toun of Morningsideº Heights8|, |8with his lavasº flow and his rambling undergroands,8| would he reoccur |8now ad horamº |aas |boldb| Romeo Rogers a|8| in city or county|8,º by, with or from an urb,8| |8if an you're sure ofº8| you know the |8difference? differenciabus,º |ain apra asº |~brauchbar brauchbarred~| in Apabhramsaº,a| sierrah! We speak of Gunne, the |afather. farther. |bAnd in the locative.b| Bap! Bap!a|8|

|8Ouer Tad, |aHellg Babbau! Hellig Babbau, whom certai |~certem certayn~| orbits |bserted assertantb| re |brootplace humeplaceb| of |~Civitads Chivitats~| Ei, |~blank |+Sidney Smithwick+|,~| |+Rhodeisland Rhonnda+|, |+Capetown Kaledon+|, |~blank |+Salamis Salem (Mass)+|,~| |~blank |+Chios Childers+|,~| |+Argyll Argos+| and |~blank Duthless~|.a|8| Well, I am advised he might in a sense be both nevermoreless
{f10, 374}
|8every atmanº8| like |8myself. myself, suffix it to say.º8| |8Abram Abrahamsk and |~Brookbar. Brookbar!~| |aBy him it was done bapka,º by me |~it was~| gone into,º to |~unreade it willblive whom it will beblive~|, |~mushame. mushame, mushame!º~|a|8| I am afraid you could not |8yet8| heave |8ahoraº8| one of your own old stepstones|8|+, barb barnabarnabarn,+|8| over a stumbledown wall here |8in Huddlestown8| to this classic |8Noctubrrº8| night but |~8they itandtheyº~|8| would binge|8, muchº as vecious,º8| off the glosshouse back of a racerider in his true-to-flesh colours, either handicapped on her flat or barely repeating himself. That is a |~8tiptipoldyfaher tiptip oldy faher~|8| now, |8theº man I go |~afraid in fear~| of,8| Tommy Terracotta, and he could be all |8our your |~& and~| my8| das, the brodar of the founder of the father |~8of the author of the finder of the finder of the pfander of the pfunder~|8| of the |~8first furst~|8| man in Ranelagh. |8|~Fuè! Fuè! Fué! Fué!º~|8|

|8— Breeze softly. |aAures are aureas.a| |~Wheat's Hau's~| his naun?

Me das has or oreils. |a|~Piercey piercey piecey piercey. Piercey Piercey! Piercey! Piercey! Piercey!º~|a|8|

|8White eyeluscious eyeluscious and no hears!º8| |8Muddybroth! Muddyhorsebrothº! |~|+Old Pig+| Pursy Rileyº!~|8| |~8And But~|8| where do we get off, chiseller?

|8|+Haltstille, Lucas and Dublinn!º+|8| Vulva! |~8vulva! vulva! vulva! Vulva! Vulva! Vulva!~|8|

— Macdougal|8|+, Atlantic City,+|8| or his onagrass that is, |+8coughing. chuam and coughan.+|8| I would go near identifying you from your stavrotides|8|+, Jongº of Maho +|8|. And that O'mulanchonry plucher you have from the worst |~8coast curst~|8| of Ireland|8, Glwlwddº of the Mghtwyº Grwpp,8| is no use to you either, Johnny my donkeyschott. Number four, fix up your spreadeagle and pull your weight!

— D'ye ken a young |~8stepscholar stepschuler~| ofº |apsychicala| chirographyº8| the name of Kevin that was shooing a |8Guiney8| gagag|8, Poulepinter,º8| that foun the dogumen number one? |8An illegible|x, I suggest,ºx| f downfumbed by an inn unelgible.º8|

— I no way need you, stroke oar, nor your quick handles. You're too farfast a cock of the north there, Matty Armagh, and you're south so.

— South, I see. |8You're |aup-in-Ulster up-in-Leal-Ulstera| and I'm |aDown-in-Easia free-Down-in-Easiaa|.º8| This is much better. |8He is cured by faith who is sick of |~faith fate.~|8| The man who will invent |8it a writing8| there ultimately is the |8man still more learned8| who has discovered |8it the raiding8| there originally. That's the point of eschatology I reach for now in |~8so soandso~|8| many counterpoint words.
{f10, 375}
|8What can't be coded can be decorded |a|bwhen the if anb| ear aye sieze what no eye ere grieved fora|.8| Now|8, theº doctrine obtains,º8| we have|8, let me suggest, |~occasioning~|8| cause causing
{f39, 483}
effects and |~8effect affects occasionally~|8| recausing |~8aftereffects altereffects~|8|. Or I will |8take it upon myself toº8| twist the |8penman's8| tale |8otherwise posterwise8|. |8The gist is the |asame |bseem |cshown |~shewn Shaum~|c|b|a| but the hand is the hand of Sameas.8| There is a strong suspicion on counterfeit Kevin. |8Andº we all remember ye in childhood's reveryº.8| 'Tis the bells of scandal that gave tune to grumble over him and someone between me and thee. |8|+|aHe's our sent on the fern.ºa| He would preach to the two Turkiesº and dipdip all the Dindiansº |a|b, this master the abbey,b| and |~give gold tidings~| to all that are in the bonze age |b|cof of anteproresurrectionismc| to entrust their easter uppearanceº to Borsaiolini's |~home house~| of hatcraftb|a|.+|8| Now, have you reasonable |+8dubitancy |~dubitency hesitancy~|+|8| in your mind about him |8after |+fourpriest+| red massº8| or are you in your post? Tell me that |+8without delay |aet andºa| sans |aDismay dismaya|+|8|. |8|+Leap, pard!+|8|

|8|+Fierappel!+| Puttingº years on me!8| I'll see you moved farther, blarneying Marcantonio! |8We were wombful of mischief,º |~ever liking a like everliking a liked ~|.8| That babe, |8imprincipiallyº |+and initiumwiseº+|, the Puer,º8| |~8the ens~|8| |~8innocent innocens~|8| of but fifteen primes |8you, yaº8| all |8lionise in your kalb lionisedº8| so trilustriously, |8at the real school|a, to be upright upright as your his match, healtheous as is egg, saviour asº the salt and good wee broad,ºa|8| did I altermobile him to a flare in hogsfat? |8Been |~Ike ike~| hins kindergardien?8| I know not, |8|+O cashla,+|8| I am sure of, |8meis enfins,8| but the first mover knows |8by whom I came into being as to8| I was altered |8in postulance of my future state8| to thrice myself|8. whenº I|a, a palegrim,ºa| received the habit and was verted and |acircumcissedº my hairs, Oº laud, |~and~|a| removed my clothes, meas |~minim & culpuls. minimas culpads!º~|8| If |8I this ick8| crouched low |8|~in~|8| humble down |8dead trueº8| in |8the the childhide midº8| |8my mean8| scatological
{f39, 484}
past|8|a, with my |bthraindrops thraintroppsºb| for |~my meye~| eyesalt,ºa| making so smell of myself8| to confess in clean |8of my mansuetude8| before him |8|+and Audeon's+|8| to |8my mine8| sore |8what |ai Ia| (the person in |awhom in I |~whomini whomin I~|a| now am) did not do,º how he |asaid to say essieda| and how he was making |aerrantºa| and how he all lowcuteyº sunt,8| why did you, my sexth best friend, |~8blather blabber~|8| always you would be so delated to back me |8in lean8| to Humphrey
{f10, 376}
and Nephew |8|x|~Old Begge laat, old beggelaut,º~|x|8| for such post in his night office? And then|8, by Saint Momoluiusº,8| you snub round in your moving motion to the other catechumens and you say |8with append of signature |aquoniam you will celebrand my |bderthday dirthdiesºb| |~quoniamº ~|a|8| |~8I'm I am~| twosides8| uppish and none meer |8hiberº8| Irish. Well, before Avtokinatown, |8forasmuch as many have tooken in hand to,8| I may as well humbly correct that vespian now in case of temporalities. I've my pockets full comeplay of you laycreated |8cardonals. cardonals, ap Rince, ap |+Uma Rowler+|, ap |~blank |+Calf Rancer+|~|, ap |+Olly. Rowdey!+| Improperial! I saved you fore |aof the Hekkitesa| and you loosed me hind|a|b, blind harry,ºb| to the burghmote of |bOld Oudºb| Duba|. |aI teachet you |bin fair time|c, my elders,c| theb| W.X.Y.Z.º |+and P.Q.R.S.+| |bof legatine powersb| and you, Ailbeybar and Ciaradeclanº, |bI learn,b| episcoping me altogether, |~blank circumdeditioned~| me. I brought you |bto fromb| the loups of Lazary and you have remembered my lapsus |~longways langways~|.a|8| Watacooshy lot! My ruridecanal caste is a cut above you peregrines. |8|xSay vocheº to rumanescu.x| See the leabhour of my generations! I'm of |~th' the~| ochlocracy with Prestopherº Palumbus |aand |~Porvas blank Porvus Parrio.~|a| |xSoa koa Kelly Terry per Chelly |~Terre Derry~| lepossette.x|8| Ho, look at my jailbrand |8|+Exquovis and sequencias+|8| High marked on me |8|+fakesimilar+|8| in the foreign |8|+by Pappagallus and |saPompismagnus Pumpusmugnussa|+|8|. Aham! |8missing |+Anglicey:+|8| Eggs squawfish lean yoe nun feed marecurious!
{f39, 485}
I can self laud |8nilobstant nilobstatº8| to my patrician morning coat |~8at of~|8| arms with my High tripenniferry cresta proper and caudal |~8motto mottams~|8|: Itch dean! |8|+Whichº Gaspey, Otto and Sauerº he renders:+|8| Eeho stay so! And Mind, praisegad, is the first praisonal Egoname Yod heard |8|aborboisy |~borsboissy boissboissy~|a|8| in Moy |8domesday book Bog's domesday8|. |8Hastan the vista! |a|~or Or in~| alleman:ºa|8| Suck at!

— Suck it yourself, sugarstick! Misha, |~8who's |+whose Yid think whose was+|~|8| asking to luck at your sore |+8toe? toe or to taste your gaspy, hot and sour?!+| Bo ba bi bo bum! |+Ichthyan! Hegoat'sº tosser! |aGags be plebsed!a|+|8| Are we |8spreakin Inglis speechinº d'anglas8| landage or are you sprakin sea Djoytsch? What about your thruppenny croucher of an old fellow, |8me boyº through the ages,8| tell us|8, eh8|? What about |8Brian's the Vaunt-and-Onliemeº |amaster monkº, eh, eh, Spira in Me
{f10, 377}
Domino,º spear me Doyne|~! Fatº prize
~|a|8| the bonafide |+8peachlover peachumpidgeonlover+|8|, esquire earwugs, |8|aescusado,a| |+of Jenkins' Area,+| with |athe his I'vea| ivyº under his |atongue tanguaºa| and the hohallo to hisº dullaphone,8| before there was|8, eh, eh, eh,º8| a sound in the world? How big was his |~8best boost~|8| friend? The swaaber! The twicer! Loud's curse to him! If you hored him outerly as we harem lubberintly with his drums and bones and hums in drones, your innereer'd heerdly heer he. |8Hoº ha hi he |ahu hunga|!º8|

— Nicey Doc Mistel Lu, please! |8Me no angly mo. Meº |~no blank speakee Yellman's lingas.º~|8| Me no |+8savy pigey pigey |saludimentssa|+|8| allsame numpa one Topside Tellmastoly fella. Me |8|+pigey+|8| savvy |8nothel a singasong anothel8| time. |8|+Pleasie, Mista Lukie Walkie!+|8| Jossdam cowbellymaam belongame |8shepullamealong shepullamealalmalongº8|, begolla, jackinaboss belongashe. Plentymuch boohoomeo.

|8|+Confusius Hell's Confucium and |saE the Elements!ºsa|+|8| Thot's never the postal cleric!
{f39, 486}
|8|aHalt Haltea| there,º sob story|a,º to your lambdach'sº talea|!8| Are yu roman cawthrick 432?

Quadrigue my yoke.
Triple my tryst.
Tandem my sire.

|~8Tantris. Tantris,~|8| |~8Hattrick. hattrick,~|8| I |8see feel your thrillojoy8|. |8|aMouth'sº overtspeaking hand'sº understudium.a| Plunger words what paddle verbed. Mere man is mimic: God isº jest.8| The old order changeth and lasts like |~8its the~|8| first. |8So the doctr8| Now my little psychosinology |8, poorarmerº in slingslang8|. Now I am placing that initial T square upright to your temple a moment. Do you see anything, templar?

— I see a blackfrinch pliestrycook … who is carrying on his brainpan … a cathedral of lovejelly for his … Tiens, how he is like somebodies!

|8What sound of tistress isoles my ear!?8| I horizont the same J and lay it lightly to your lip a little. What do you feel, liplove?

— I feel a fine lady … floating on a stillstream of isisglass … with gold hair to the bed … and white arms to the twinklers … O la la!

|8O,º seayº but swift and still a |sablank vain essaying!ºsa|8| I invert the initial I of your tripartite and sign it sternly on your breast. What do you hear, breastplate?

— I ahear of a hopper behidin the door slappin his feet in a pool of bran.
{f10, 378}

|8Again am I deliciated by the picaresqueness of your irmages.8| Now I feel called upon to ask did it ever occur to you, qua you, prior to this, by a stretch of
{f39, 487}
your |8hiberborealic iberborealic8| imagination|8, whenº it's quicker than this quacking,º8| that you might, bar accidens, be very largely substituted in potential secession from your next life by a complementary character|8, voices apart8|? Upjack! |8I shudder for your thought!8| Think! |8The next world depends on your answer.8|

— I'm trying to. Thogged, be thenked! |8I might have. I cannot say.8| |8Once Sometider, onceº8| or twice |8when I was |ain Odinburghºa| |sawithsa| meº addlefoes,8| when I thinkled I |8was wore8| trying on my garden substisuit|8|a, boys'sº apert,a| at my nextwordº nighboor's,8| and maybe more largely nor you, quosh you, messmate, yet realise. A few times, so to shape, as I chanced to be stretching|8, inº the shadow |aas I thoughta|,º8| the liferight out of myself in my ericulous imagination I felt feeling a half Scotch and pottage like round my middle |8aging ageing8| so that I indicate out to myself |8|saso that andsa| I swear my gots8| how that I'm not meself at all, no jolly fear, when I realise bimiselves how becomingly I to be going to become.

— O, is that the way with you, you craythur? |8|aYou have all our empathies.ºa| In the becoming was the weared?, wontnot?º8| The voice is the voice of jokeup, I fear. Are you imitating Roma now or Amor now, |8|aand give us trues of your trefling,a|8| eh, Mr Trickpat, if you don't mind|8, that is,8| answering to my straight question?

— I won't mind|8,º |aas it thisa| is,8| answering to your |s8straight stricts8| |8question crossquests,º8| whereas it would be as unethical for me now to answer as it would have been nonsensical for you then not to have asked. Out of my name you call me|8, Leelander8|. |8|aSame no can, home no will, gangin I am.a| Gengangº is mineº and I will return.º8| You knew me once but you won't know me twice. I am simpliciter arduus, |8ars of the schoolº,8| |8Friday's Freeday's8| child in loving and thieving.

— Let us hear|s8, Art simplicissimes8|!

— Dearly beloved brethren! Bruno and Nolan, |8the bogholders and8| stationary lifepartners off orangey Saint Nessau Street, were explaining it |8avicendas8|
{f10, 379}
all round each other ere yesterweek |8out of Ibn Sen and Ipanrusschº8|. When himupon Nolan Bruno monopolises his egobruno most unwillingly senses by the mortal powers alionolan equal and opposite brunoipso, ipso, id est, eternally provoking alio opposite equally as provoked as Bruno at being eternally opposed by Nolan. Poor omniboose singalow singlearum! So is |8he. he!8|

|8Averº who is? Ibº is itsen?8| |8You Or you |apositivelyºa|8| mean |8nolans but volansº,8| an alibi, do you, |8|~Geoff, Mutemalice?º~| |aa Bruin goes to Noble,ºa|8| suffering |8unegoistically8| from the singular but enjoying|8, the skipgod,º8| on the plural?

— I mean in Australian |8someplaceº8| my |8alibi allaboy8| brother|8,º Negoist8| Cabler |8ofº this city|a, expulledº for looking at churches from behind, n mil mults deeply belubdead,ºa|8| who is sender of the |8daily telegraph |aHello Hulloa| Eve Cenograph |x|~in~| prose and worsex|8| every |8Allso's8| night. |8High |aBrasil Brazila|,º Brandan's Deferred, Noughtnoughtnought. Nein.º8| Assass. |8Dub. Ire. Dubbireº.8| Starving today opening tomorrow wire splosh Cabler. |8Have you forgotten poor Alby Sobrinos|~, Geoff~|?8| Won't you join me in a small halemerry for wellmet Capeler|8?, united Irishmen,º for of his was the patriots mistaken.8|
{f39, 489}
|8Yet be there some who mourn him and more there be that |sablank wait| |aThe Hisºa| fuchs up |athe |bhis theb|a| staires and the lodgersº in his |ahair hairesa|,º he ought to win |athe thata| V.V.C.º |aGrace |bGrapce Fullgrapceb|a| for an endupper, half muxy on his whole!8| Oremus poor fraternibus that he may still remain |8faithfully ours ours faithfully deportedº8|. I want to know with much thanks, here's ditto, if he lives in Austrasia or anywhere |8|aon his hooshmoneya|, safe and damned,º |aor has hopped it,º or who can throw any lime on the subject,ºa|8| my |8sameplaceº8| fond fosther, |8Alibi |~E.~| Obiit8| Nolan, |8|xN.S.W.,ºx|8| off the Venerable Jerrybuilt, not belonging to these parts, who I remember |8him ham8| to me|8, whenº we were like bro and sis over our castor and porridge,º8| with his roamin I suppose a teetotum obstainer. |8|aI am no scholarº buta| I loved that man with the moonshane in his |aface profilea|. |aMy semblabbleº! My freer!ºa|8| I call you my halfbrother because you in your soberer moments remind me deeply of my natural |8saywhen8| brothel |8|xin feed, hop and jollity,x|8| |8C. P. Kevanagh S. H. Devitt, that benighted |aIrishman |~irisman irismaimed~|a|,8| who is |s8dearly beloved tearly belaboureds8| by Sydney and Alibany.

|8— Whoewaxed he so anguishedº? Was he vector victored orº victim vexed?

— Way way for his wehicaleº! A parambolator r ram into his bagsmall when he was reading alawdº with two ecolites and he's been failing of that kink in his arts over sense.8|

|8Madonagh and chielº!8| |8Who But who8| is |8Mr the8| Nolan |8as appearant8| nominally?

— Mr Nolan is pronuminally |8and rereally aº8| Mr Gottgab.

— I get |8it! it,º you reeker! |aAn untaken mispatriate!ºa|8| He stands |8pat8| for you before a direct object in the feminine. I see. By maiden sname. Now|8, I am earnestly asking you,8| will you just search through your gabgut memoirs for |8all of two minutes for8| this impersonating pronolan. Would it be |8in twofal twofold truthº8| a Doblinganger much about your own medium with a sandy whiskers?

|8Too fullfully true!º8| Treble Stauter of Holy Baggot|8, formerly Swordmeat,8| Street (I surpassed him lately |8for four and six |abringing home the Christmas,º |bas heavy as music,b| hand to eyesº on the peer for Noel's Archº,a|8| in Blessed Foster's Place) is doing the dirty on me with his tantrums and all these godforgiven kilowatts I'd be better off without. |8|aIf Thougha| she'sº write to him she's levt by me, Jenny Rediviva!8| Toot! Detter for you, Mr Nobru! Toot toot! Better for you, Mr Anol! |8This is the way we. |aOf a redtettetterday morning.a|8|
{f10, 381}

|8When your countramanº is looking for righting,º that is not a good sign?º |~Not?º~|

— I speak truly, it's not.8|
{f39, 491}

— Tugbag is Baggut's. |8Aº luckchange,º8| I see. We can cop that with our |~8street straat~|8| that is called corkscrewed. It would be the finest boulevard billy in Europe, Patrick's, if they took the |s8bind bints8| out of the |~8middle mittle~|8| of it. You told of a tryst too|8, two a tutu8|. I wonder now, without releasing |s++8secrets seekletss++|8| of the alcove, |8|~turturs or raabraabs ~|8| have I heard |8mention8| of |8the whose8| name anywhere?

Marak! Marak! Marak!
Ha drappad has draraks |8in the |~in the an~| Mansianhase8| parak
And ha had ta barraw tha watarcrass shartclaths aff tha arkbashap af Yarak!

— O Tara's thrush! |8|+Theº sharepusher!+|8| And he said he was only taking the grass temperature for Green Thurdsday! |8Who you know the |amusselmam musselmana|, his musclemum and mistlemam? |+Maomi, Mamie, My Mo Mum!+| |~He loves a drary lane.~| |+|aFeel Phylliscitations to Daffº Mr Hairwigger whoº |bhas just had as just addedºb| twinned little curls!a| He was resting between Horrockses'º sheets,º wailing for white warfare, unbiassedº by the embarrassment of disposal, butº+|8| |~8The first time the first wokingº day |+in Baltic Bygrad+|~|8|, by Thunder, he put on
{f10, 382}
his |s+8recrution recriutions+|8| trousers |8|+and riding apron+|, theº old soggy,8| was when the |8boys |+|~bold~|+| bhuoys of Iran8| wouldn't join up.
{f39, 492}

— How voice you that, nice Sandy man? Not large goodman is he, Sandy nice? Ask him this one minute |8in upthrow8| his burly ear |8when womit8| he dropped his Bass's to P flat.

|8— Andº for that he was |~blank. allaughed?~| And then baited? The whole |~gamma gammat~|?

Loonacied! |aMarterised! |~Marterdyed! Marterdyed!!~|a| |aMiherculossed! |~Madwakemiherculossed! Madwakemiherculossed!!!~|a| |~Judascessed! Judascessed!!!!~| |~Pairaskivvymenassed! Pairaskivvymenassed!!!!!~| |~Luredogged! Luredogged!!!!!!~| And, needatellye, |~fauscrescendied! faulscrescendied!!!!!!!~|

|~Dia Domna! Dias Domnasº!~| Dolled to dolthood? |+And Annie Delittle|a, his daintree diva,a| singing him rusish through the bars?º+|8|

— Well, I beg to traverse same above statement inasmuch as my dodear devere revered |8meinhirrº8| was confined to guardroom|8, I |~hindostand hindustand~|,8| by my pint of his |8pilsen |s+Filthereds+| pilsen'sº8| bottle which I was bringing |8|+in up+| my quee |+in my sedown chair+| with my mudfacepacket8| to our aural surgeon, |8Afamado8| Doctor Achmed Borumborad, |8|aofº 1001 |~Umbrella Umbrilla~| Street, |+Alleypulley,º+|a| to see what was my water good watergood, my mesical wasserguss,º8| for repairs done by bollworm in the rere of pilch knickers, |8seven yerds to his pole on perch,8| property of my deeply forfear revebereared, |8|awho wasº costing us mostfortunesa| when he was sitting |ain |~dry~| dryfilthyheata| to his |aTrinity Trinidadºa| pinslers at their orpentings,º8| entailing a laxative tendency especially with him being forbidden |8fruit fruytº8| and certified |8by his sexular clergy8| to have emotional valvular, |8with a basketful of |~priests priesters~| crossing the singorgeous to aroint him,º8| and thereinafter liable to succumb |8if, whenº8| served with letters of |8subpenis when subpenes below the belch,º if8| my rupee ropure riputed |8husband husbandship8|
{f39, 493}
took a brief one |8in his shirtsails8| out of the |8alleged8| given mineral, telling me |8|awith seea| hisº Sunday featuresº8| of a welcomed aperrytiff (he never battered one |8eye eagle's8| before paying me his duty |8|a|~in to~| my nil ensembleºa| in his lazychair8| but |8|+he hidded up my |afaces |bfacehalf hemifacesb|a| in all my mayarannies and+|8| he looked plum into my |8marrymouth mirrymouth8| like the end of time
{f10, 383}
|8withº the songlight'sº hope hope singlingº on his |~cheeks ruddycheeksº |+and rawjaws+|~|8|) and|8, my charmer, |awhenº I dipped my hand inºa|8| he simply showed me his |8leadpoker propendiculous loadpoker|a, s Seaserpents hisses Sissastonesº,a|8| which was as then is produced |8in his man's wayº |aby this wisest of the wisea|8| with the remere ramind remure remark: Lithia, as this is for Sneak

|8— Fantasy! |+Fantasy Funtasyº+| on fantasy!º Amnes'º |+fantasies fintasies+|! |~and there is nihil nuder under the |+clothing+| moon.~| |+The massstab whereby Ephialtes has exceeded is the measure by which Outis cuts his thruth.+|8|

|8What a surprise, dear Mr |~blank Preacher~|,
{f39, 494}
I to hear from your |~strawnomical strawnummical~| modesty!

|8Ophiuchus being |avisiblea| above |athe horizon t'horizona|, Mulierculaº occluded by Saturn's ring system|~.~| the Pisciolinies|+, Novaº Ardorisº and Prisca Parthenopea,+| are a |abonny bonnieºa| feature in the northern sky|~. Ersº, Mores and Merkery are surgents below the rim of the Zenith Part,º~| while |aArcturus Arcturaa|, Anatolia, Hesper and Mesembria weep in their mansions over |~blank Noth, Haste, Soot and Waste.~|8|

|8|+Holy snakes!º+|8| Chase me, Charley, |8I've Eva's8| got barley! |8Underº |ame hera| fluencies|a, all ina|!º |aThe Ural |~Mountain's Mount he's~| on the |~Move move~| and he'll quivvy
{f10, 384}
her with his strombolo!
a|8| Creeping through |8the bullrusshiesº before8| the |8children of Mary's |~omfangs |+Emfangs Emfang+|~| de Maurya's8| class |8|+inº Bill Shasser's shotshriftº writing academyº+|8| camouflaged as a blancmange and maple syrup! |8|+Obeisance toº their sitinimsº is the follicity of this Orp.+| |xThe treadmill pebbledropper |~haha~| halfahead |~overground! overground~|x| |~She had and she'd~| only |~blank chitschats~| in her spanking bee |~bonnetry. bonnetry,º Allapolloosa!~| |+Up the slanger!+|8| Three cheers |8(and a heva heva heva!)º8| for the name Dan |~8Magrath Magraw~|8|!

|8He will kitssle me on melbaw.8| I would misdemean to rebuke to the libels of snots from the fleshmarket. |8|aTwo overthirties!ºa| |~She is She's~| askapot |~in at~| Nile Lodge and |~she is she's~| citchincarry |~blank at the left Mrs Hamazum's.~| |s+Will you warn your |saoldsa| habasund, barking at |sabuggermen baggermensa|, his chokefull g chewing his chain? Response Responsif you
{f39, 495}
s+|8| The said Sully, |8a barracker |a, the blackhand,ºa|8| he is Magrath's thug and smells cheaply of Power's spirits |8like a deepsea dibblerº8| and he is not fit enough to throw guts down to a bear. If they cut his nose on the stitcher they had their |8sevenº8| good reasons. Here's to the length of my snuff and trout stocking |8orangefinº8| with a mosaic of |8sa8| dispensations |8|afrom my church millinerºa| and a frozenº black patata,º8| |8if whenº8| Lynch|8,º Brother unread Friendsº8| and Company is prepared to stretch him |8sacred8| by the starlight. Inasmuch as I am delightful to be able to state that a handsome sovereign was freely pledged in |8their pennis in the sluts maschine,º alonging withº8| a |8cherrywickerbasketfull cherrywickerkishabrack8| under Shadow La Rose, to both lady performers of display unquestionable|8, Elsebett and Marryetta Gunning,8| by that noblesse of
{f10, 385}
leechers at his Saxon tannery with |8his sac8| motto, O'Neill Saw Queen Molly's Pants, and much admired engraving meaning complete manly parts during alleged recent act of our chief mergey margey magistrades|8, fiveº itches above the kneecap,º8| as required by statues. If you won't release me stop to please me up the leg of me. Now you see! Respect. Your wife. |8Amn. Anm. Amm.8| |~8Anne Ann~|8|.

{f39, 496}
Sure, that old humbugger was boycotted |8|~and girlcutted~| in debt and doom, |aon hill and |~in heaven haven~|,a|8| as I'm given now to understand. |8And |aalla| his images. Illscribed inº the gratuitouses and conspued in the takeyourhandaways. |aHumpty Dumpty |~Humbty Dumbty Bumbty Tumbtyº~|a| Sot on a Wall.º Mute art for the Million.8| There |8was nobody wasn't an archimandriteº8| |~8in all Britain in Galway~| of Dane's Island and the townland's tropicsº |~nor a minx from the Isle of Woman nor a one of the four cantins nor~| |x|~blank in any on~| the whole wheel |aof his ecunomical counciliabulumºa|x| nor |~nogent ingen meid~| on alled the holedº scarface of the jorth8| would come next or nigh him |8|x|~or his salon de esperas or his allgas bumgalowre|+, Auxilium Meum Solo Aº Dominoº |a(Amsad)ºa|,+|~|x| for rime or rota8| after that.

|8— Or, |~but, now, and,~| |aarising ariringa| |a|~rotacistically~|a| out of her |a|bmergery mirgeryb| margeryº |b|~and of his~|b|a| |aand,º to change theº subjunct for aº once in a while and darting back to stuffa|,º |x|~that~| fluctuous neck m merchanturº, bloodfadder and milkmudder,x| |asince there areº too many of her,º Abha na Lifé,º and getting on to |+him dadaddy+| |~while~| then |~we are still free of him again,º as them we're ne'er free of~|,a| was he in tea |a|~before e'er~| he went on the biera| or didn't he |~ontime~| do something |+seemly heavy+| in sugar |a|~after~|a|?º |xHe sent out Christy Columb and he came back with a jailbird's unbespokables in his |~beak. Then beak and then~| he sent out |~blank Le Caron Crow and the peacies are still looking for him.~|x| |aSpeak to the right!a| |x|~Here rotacism blank Rotacist ca anny!~|x| If there is a future in every past that is present Quis est qui non novit Quinniginº and Qui quwereº quot at
{f39, 497}
Quinnigain'sº Quake?º

— Arra irraha hirarra, man, weren't they arriving |8|~from the twelve cantons of the isle of Woman in clansdestiniesº~| for the Oructions of theº Ad Regias |~Agnis Agni~| Dapesº,8| fogabawlers in all their centuries|8, after the |~crac crack~| |x|~all and~| the lean years,ºx| |xsal |ascalphunters scalpjaggersa| with houthheadhuntersºx|, |~like~| the messiatsº of the great god,º a scarlet trainful, |a|bthe Twoedged Petrard,b| totalling, leggats and prelaps,º in their aggregate ages |+eleven hundred and thirty two two and thirty plus undecimmed centries+| of them,º with |btuity fruity tuitifruitiesb|, insiders and extraomnesº allcunct,a| |x|~from~| Rathgar, |~Rathanganº,~| Roundtownº |~blank~| and Rush, |afrom America Avenue and Asia Place and the Afrianº Way and Europa Parade |band |~even besogar~| the waldsº of Noo Souchº Wilds,ºb|a| and from Vico, Mespil,º |~blank & Rock and~| Sorrento,x| |xfor |~the lureº of his weal and~| the fear of his |~oppidemic oppedemic~|, |~to his salon de espera in the keel of his kraal,º~|x|8| like lodes of ores flocking fast to Mount Maximagnetic|8|+, afeerd was he a gunner but affaird to stay away, |aMerrionites, Dumstdumbdrummers and Luccanicans,º |sbAshtowners,ºsb| |bBattery Parks Battersbyº Parkesb| and Krumlin Boyardsº, |sbblank Phillipsburgssb|, |sbCaberists Cabraistssb| and Finglossies, Ballymunmen,º Raheniacs and the bettlers of Clontarf,a|+|8| for to |8contemplate in manifestsº and8| pay their firstrate duties before |8the both of8| him, |8|+twelve stone a side,º+| with their Thieve le Roué!º and their |v+Shivr yor Thrst? Shvr yr Thrst!v+| and their Uisgue ad Inferos!º |v+et and theirv+| Usque ad |~Ebreos |v+Ebrayos |saEbraios! Ebbraios!sa|v+|~|8| at and in the |8|~keel of the kraal of~|8| licensed boosiness premises of his |8delhightful bazar and8| reunited magazine hall, by the magazine wall, |8|+Hosty's and Co, Exports, for his five hundredth and sixtysixth bortday+|8| the Grand Old Magennis Mor, |8|s+Parsee and Rahli,ºs+| taker of the tributes, their Rinseky Poppacor |~Poppacork Poppakork~| and Piowtorº the Grape,º holding |~blank Dunker's~| durbar,º8| boot kings and indiarubber umpires and |~8shahs shawhs~|8| from Paisley and muftis in muslim and sultana |~8raisins reiseines~|8| and |8|+jordanº almonders and+|8| a row of jam sahibs and an odd |s8principess principezas8| in her pettedcoat and the queen of |~8playing knight's~|8| clubs and the Claddagh ringleaders and the two |~8salames salaames~|8| and the Halfa Ham |8|+and the Hanzas Khan+|8| with two fat maharashers and the German |8silver selver8| geyser, and he polished up |~8gorgeous, protemptible~|8|, tintinabulating to |8himself himsilf so silfrich8|. And there was J. B. Dunlop, the
{f39, 498}
best |~8tyrant tyrent~|8| of |8our ourish8| times, and a |~8queue swanks~|8| of French wine stuarts and Tudor keepsakes and the Cesarewitch for the current counter|8,º Leodegarius |~S. Sant~| Legegleger,º8| riding |8lapsaddlelonglegs8| up the |8holy oakses8| staircase on muleback, |8like Amaxodiosº Isteroprotos,º8| hindquarters to the fore |8and kick to the lift8|, and he |8holding handigrabbedº8| on to his |8trulley8| natural anthem, |8Horsey, Horsibus,8| keep your |~8tail up tailyup~|8|, and as much as the |8halle of the8| vacant throneroom|8|+, Oldloaf'sº Buttery,+|8| could safely accommodate of the |~8house houses~|8| of Orange and Bitters M.P., permeated by Druids D.P. and Brehons B.P. and Flawhoolaghs F.P. and |8|~Hagiapommenites Agiapommenitesº~| A.P.º |~and Antepummelitesº P.P.º~| |aand Ulster Kong and Munster's Herald with
{f10, 387}
Athclee Ensigning and Athlone Poursuivant |~and
~|a|8| |8Anteparnellites |aAntepommelites |~Antepummelites~|a|8| |~8P.P.~| |~and his imperess Catchering her self round and his Imperialº Catchering, his fain awan, and~| his gemmynosed sanctsons in epheud and ordilawn and his diamondskulled granddaucher, Adamantayaº |aLiubovova |~Liubokova |+Liubokovskvan Liubokovskva+|~|a|8|, all murdering Irish|8, amok and amak,º8| out of their boon companions |8in paunchjab and dogril and pammel and gougerouttyº8| after plenty of his fresh stout and his good balls of malt|8, socialising and communicountingº8| for to nobble or salvage their herobit of him, the poohpooher old |~8basiloose bossaloose~|8|, |8with his arthurious blank,º8| Dodderick Ogonoch Wreck, busted to the |~8wurruld wurrldº~| at largeº8|, lying high as he lay in all dimensions |8on the table roundº |ain court dress and ludmers chain,º |bas true as the Vernons have Brian's sword,ºb|a| with the floodlight switched back and a |aduzen dozena| and |~wan candles one tilly candles round in ringcampf,~| andº8| with a hogo|8, fluorescent,º8| round him like an Italian warehouse|8, erica's clustered on his hayir|a, the spectrum |bof inºb| his prisent mocking the |~candelade candiedights~| of his dadtid,a| |apuddingpodded bagpuddingpodded |band |~with to~|b| hisº deafspota|,8| |8and with8| his buttend up, |8exposed |~healed, cured and embalsamate,~| expositoed8| for sale after |8|~referee's~|8| inspection, |8bulgy and blowrious, bunged to ignorious, |~healed,º cured and
{f39, 499}
~|8| most highly astounded, as it turned up, at thus being reduced to nothing.

|8— God save you king! |aMasterº of the Hidden Life!ºa|

— God |~save you serf yous~| |s+kingly. kingly!s+| And, yourº souls saouls to the dhaoul, do ye. |~Fink Finnk.~| Fime. Fudd?º8|

— D'yu mean to set there where y'are now, |8|~wi' thatº~| bizaarº tongue in |~your talkshop yur
{f10, 388}
8| Sorley boy, repeating yurself |8like a muck in a market |awith your hindies and shindiesa|8|, and tell me that?

— I mean to sit here |8|+on this altknoll+|8| where you are now, Surly guy, replete in myself, as long as I live, in my homespins, like a sleepingtop, with all that's buried |~8of sins insince insides of me ofsins insince insensed insidesofme~|8|. If I can't upset this pound of pressed ollaves I can |~8set up sound sit up zounds of sounds~|8| upon him.

— Oliver! He may be an earthpresence. Was that a groan or did I hear the Dingle bagpipes? |8Wasting war and.º8| Watch!

Tris tris a ni ma mea! |8Prisoner of Love! Bleatingº Hart! Lowlaid Herd! Aubain Hand! Wonted Foot! |aUsque! Usque! Usque!º Lignum ina|8|

— Is the world moving mound or what babel is this, tell us?

— Whoishe whoishe whoishe whoishe linking in? Whoishe whoishe whoishe?
{f39, 500}

— Lay yer lug till the groun man. They're playing thimbles and bodkins. Clan of the Gael! Hep! Whu's within?

— Dovegall and finshark they are. Ring to the rescue!

Zinzin. Zinzin.

Crum abu! Cromwell to victory!

We'll gore them and gash them and gun them and gloat on them.


— O, widows and orphans, it's the yeomen! Redshanks for ever! Up Lancs!

— The cry of the |8deer roedeer8| it is! |8Lo, the The8| white |8roe hind8|! |8|aTheir slots, linklink. The hounds hunt horning!ºa| Send usº peace!8| Title! Title!

Christ in |8the fort our Irishº times8|! Christ |8in on8| the |8chariotseat |asandwichman priest airs'º independencea|8|! |8Christ |ain the roadway here! hold the freedman's and chareman!ºa| Christ light the dully expressed!8|

Slog and sluaghter! Rape the daughter! Choke the pope!

Awe! Cloudy father! Unsure! Nongood!


Sold! I am sold! |8My ersther! My sidster!8| Brinabride, goodbye! Brinabride! |8Us! Us!º8|

Pipette dear! |8I sold!º8| Me! Me!

Fort! Fort! Bayroyt! March!

Me! I'm true. True! Isolde! Pipette, my precious!


Brinabride, get my price! Brinabride!

My price, my precious?


Brinabride, my price! When you sell get my price!
{f10, 389}


Pipette! Pipette, my priceless one!

O! Mother of my tears! Believe for me! Fold thy son!

Zinzin. Zinzin.

— Now we're gettin it. Hello!
{f39, 501}


— Hello! |8Tittit!8| Tell your title?


— Hellohello! Ballymacarett! Am I thru, miss?

True! |8Iss!º8|

|8Tit!8| What is the ti...?


— Now, just permit me a moment. Clear the line, priority call! Sybil! Better that or this? Sybil Head this end! Better that way? Yes. Very good now. Do you remember a particular lukesummer night following a crying fair day? |8Moisten your lips and begin again.8| Better?

— Well.

— There were fires on every bald hill in holy Ireland that night. Better so?

— You may say they were|8., sonº of «++Cork. a cove!ºs++|8|

— Were they bonfires? That clear?

— No other name would at all befit them unless that. Bonafieries! With their blue beards streaming to the heavens.

— Was it a high white night now?

— Whitest night mortal ever saw.

|8Lewd's carol!º8| Was there rain by any chance|8, mistandew8|?
{f39, 502}

— Plenty.
{f10, 390}

— There fell some fall of littlewinter snow|8, holy-as-ivory,8| as well, I gather|8., jesse?º8|

— The nicest at all. |8In |ahilly-and-evena| zimalayars.º8|

— Did it not blow some gales|8, westnass or |aostcent ostscenta|,8| rather strongly to less?

— Out of all jokes it did. |8Lieto |aTriumphant galumphantesºa|!8|

— Do you happen to recollect whether |8the moon Muna|~, that highlucky nackt,~|8| was shining at all?

— Sure she was, my darling! |8|x

— Quando? Quonda? Go dateyº!

— Latearly! Latearly! Latearly! Latearly!x|8|

— And was there frostwork about |8and airsighs and h hellstohns and «++blank flammballs and vodashoutss++|8| and thick weather|8, soon calid, soon frozen,8| and |8|ahiceºa| |~& and~| a boatshaped blanket of |~fog bruma~| andº8| everything?

— There was|8, so plays your Ahrtidesº8|. |8Absolutely boiled. Obsoletely cowled. |aCold on warm but moistly dry.ºa| All the in humours out of turn,º |~jusse~| as they rose |~and blank~| and sprungen.º8| |8July Julie and Lulie8| at |s++8its theirs++|8| parkiest. |8|x

— And the |~famous firmness~| |aof the formous |bof the |~firmness famous~|b|a| of the fumous of the first fog in Maidanvale?

— Catche catcheº and k couchamed.ºx|8|

— One expects that kind of |8rimyº8| feeling in the sire season?

— One certainly does. |8Desire,º for hire, would tire a shire|a, phone,º phunkelº or wirea|.8| And mares.

— I see. Now |8|~do~|8| you know the wellknown kikkenmidden where the illassorted first couple first met with each other? |8The place where Ealdarmann Fanagan?º |~The time when «++Junkermann Junkermenns++| Funagin?~|8|
{f10, 391}

— Deed then I do. W.K.

— Is it a place fairly |8exposed exspoused8| to the four last winds?

— Well, I faithly sincerely believe so indeed, if all what I hope to charity is half true.

— Is it Woful Dane Bottom?

— It is woful in need whatever about anything else.

— There used to be a tree there stuck up?

— There used, sure enough. And the crandest consecrated maypole in all the reignladen history of Wilds. Squiremade and damesman of plantagenets, high and holy!

— What was it doing there, for instance?

— Standing foreninst us.

— You saw it visibly from your hidingplace?

— No. From my invisibly lyingplace.

— And you then took down in stereo what took place being tunc committed?

— I then tuk my takenplace lying down, I thunk I told you. |8Solve it!8|

|8Remounting aliftle towards the ouragan of spaces,8| |8Just justº8| how grand in cardinal rounders is this preeminent giant|s8, Sirº Arbers8|? |8Yourº bard'sº highview, avis on valley!8| I would like to hear you |8tell burble to8| us in strict conclave|8, purpurando, and without too much italiote interfairanceº8| what you know in petto about |~8the our~|8| sovereign |~8beanstalk beingstalk~|8|, Tonans Tomazeus. |8O dite!8|
{f10, 392}

|8Corcor Andy, udite, udite!º8| Your Ominence, Your Imminence and delicted fraternitree! There's Tuodore queensmaids and Idahore shopgirls and they woody babies growing upon her |8and bird flamingans sweenyswinging |sablank fuglewardssa| on the tipmast and Orania epples playing hopptociel bommptaterre8| and Tyburn fenians snoring in his |8quicken8| bole and crossbones strewing its holy floor and culprinse of Erasmus Smith's boys with their underhand leadpencils climbing to her crotch for the origin of spices and charlotte darlings with silkblue askmes chattering in dissent to them and the Killmaimthem pensioners chucking overthrown milestones up to her to fall her cranberries for their unnatural refection and cock robins muchmore hatching most out of his missado |s8eggs eggdrazzless8| for him, the sun and moon pegging honeysuckle and white
{f39, 505}
heather down and tomtits tapping resin there and tomahawks watching tar elsewhere, creatures of the wold approaching him, hollow mid ivy, for to claw and rub, hermits of the desert barking their infernal shins over her triliteral roots and his acorns and pinecones shooting wide on all sides out of him after the truants of the air and her leaves, my darling dearest, sinsinsinning since the night of time and each and all of their branches meeting and shaking twisty hands all over again in their new world. And encircle him circuly. Evovae!

— I've got that now. |8Finenight mens midinfinite true.8| The form masculine. The gender feminine. I see. Now, are you |8connected with derevatov of8| it yourself in any way? The |8true8| tree, I mean. |8Let's hear what science has to say, |apundit-the-next-best-thing pundit-the-next-best-kinga|.8|

— Upfellbowm.

— Now you are nearer the mark|8, Lansdowneº Road8|. |8|aShe threw She's threweda| her pippin's thereabouts and |sablank and they've cropped up teeth on edgesa|. Now, follow the spotlight, please!8| Are you acquainted with a pagany better known as Toucher Thom who is? |8I suggest Finglas as his habitat.8| Consider yourself on the stand now and watch your words, take my advice. Let your motto be: Inter nubila numbum.

— Never you mind about my mother |8or her hopitout8|. I consider, if I did, I would feel frightfully ashamed of admired vice.

— He is a man of around fifty|8, struck on Anna Lynsha's Pekoe |awith milk and whiskya|,8| who does messages. Have you ever heard of this old boy Thom who belongs to Kimmage|8, a crofting district,8| and is not all there|8,º and is all the more toº himself since he is not so,º8| being most of his time down at the Green Man with the coat on him skinside out against |8apparitions rapparitions8| and systematically mixing with the public going for groceries|8, slapping greats and littlegets |asoundlya| with his cattegut belts8| and waltzywembling about in his accoutrements always |8|ain font of the tubbernickelsa|, like a longarmed lugh,º8| when he would be finished with his tea? Crazy, isn't that?

— Is it that fellow? As mad as the brambles he is. Touch him. O wait till I tell you!

— We are not going yet.

|8And look here!8| |8And here's Here'sº8| what he done!

— Get out! |8You're not! |aUnhindered and odd times!?a| Mere thumbshow?8| Lately?

— How do I know? Ask the horneys.

— Now, just wash and brush up your |8memories memoirias8| a little bit. So I find|8, referring to the pater of |saour thesa| present man,8| I am wondering to myself in my mind was Toucher, a methodist, whose name is not really Thom, was this old son of a century |8from Batterstown8|, Shivering William, wearing false clothes |8of |saasa| brewer's grains pattern8| with back buttons |8with his motto on|a, Yule Remember,a|8| ostensibly for that occasion only of the |8Twelve Twelfth Dayº Pax and Quantum8| wedding, I'm wondering.

— I bet you are. Well, he was wandering|8, give him his due,º8| in his mind too|8, whatever was his matter,º8| for I am sorry to have to tell you|8, hullo and evoe,º8| they were coming down from off him.

|8|aHow |s+curiose culiouss+| an epiphany!a| Hodieº casus cosov esobhrakonton?º

— It looked verys very like it.8|

— And were P and ꟼ, |8Clopatrick's cherierapest,8| mutatis mutandis, in pretty much the same pickle?

— Prettiest pickling of mute aunties I ever bopeeped at.

— Were they now? And were they watching you as watcher as well?
{f39, 509}

— They were watching the watched watching. |8Vechers all.º8|

— Good. Now, retouching friend Tomsky, did you gather much from what he let drop? |8We are sitting here for that.8|

— I was rooshian mad, no lie.

— I suspect you must have been.

— But I was dung sorry for him too.

|8O Schaum! Not really?8| Were you sorry you were mad with him then?

— When I tell you I was rooshiamarodnimad with myself altogether, so I was, for being sorry for him.

|8— So?

— Absolutely.8|
{f10, 396}
{f39, 510}

|8The tail as you tell it nearly takes your own breath away.8| How many were married |8on amidº8| that top of all |8strapping8| mornings, my good watcher?

|8|aThat would That'da| be telling.

8| Everybody |8in the leather world8| was thomistically drunk, |8two by two, trou Normend fashion,8| I have been told, down to the |s8clocks clorkss8|? |8A few plates were being thrown about and for the ehren of Fyn's Insel and then followed that wapping breakfast at the Heaven |~and annd~| Covenant, eh?º |aWould that be a talltale too?a|8|

— Well, naturally |8he was8|. Whiskway and mortem! But the
{f10, 397}
right reverend priest|8, Mr Hopsb Hopsinbond,8| and the reverent bride eleft|8, Frizzy Fraufrau,8| were sober enough.
{f39, 511}

— I think you're wrong there about the right reverence. |8Magrath Magraw8| was |8best man best wedding man, papers before us carry8|. You saw him |8hurriedly8|, or did you, if |8that's that seme'sº8| not irrelevant? |8With Slater's hammer,º perhaps? Or he was in serge?º8|

— I horridly did. On the stroke of the dozen. I'm sure I'm wrong but I heard the irreverend Mr |8Magrath Magraw,º in search of a |asammer stammera|, kuckkuck8| kicking |8the bedding out of8| the old sexton, |8Red8| Fox-Goodman, around the sacristy while |8I |~I, Flood, I and flood~|8| and the other men was gickling his missus to gaggles in the hall, the divileen, with her |8cygncygn leckle and her8| twelve pound |8laugh lach8|.

— In epexegesis or on a point of order?

— I think it was about a pint of porter.
{f39, 512}

|8Lollgoll!8| You don't |~8say soye~|8| so! |8|aAll upsydown her whole creation?a| So there was nothing serical between you?8| And Drysalter, father of Izod, how was he now?

— In the pink, |8man. man, likeº an allmanox.8| Squeezing the life out of the liffey.

|8º The must of his glanzfullº coaxing the beam in her eye?

— Aye aye, she was lithe and |shpleasablesh|.8|

(8— Dateº as?

— A laughin hunter and Purty Sue.8)

|8— Andº crazyheaded Jorn?

— Fluteful as his orkan.

— And Jambs?, of Delphin's Bourne?

— Dancing like an easter sun round the colander.

— And |awhita| what was Lillabil Issabil|a, maidevea|, maid,º at?

8| (8Tristsº and thranes and trinies and «++blank traines.s++|8)

— The quobus quartet were there too(8, if I mistake not,8) well to the fore(8, in an amnessyº meeting,º metandmorefussed to decide whereagainwhen to meet themselves,8) mastersinging always with that consecutive fifth of theirs, eh?
{f39, 514}

— You've said it! They were simple scandalmongers! (8Normand, Desmond, Osmund and Kenneth.8) Making history all over the show!

— You are sure it was not a (8rebel's redding or a8) winker's wake you were at?

— Precisely.

(8Flood's.8) The pinkman, the squeeze, the pint with the kick. He was culping for penance while you were ringing his belle. Did the kickee, Goodman (8roed8) Fox, say anything important? (8Mmm?8)

(8Not a word. Nnn ttt wrd.8)

(8Fortitudo eius rhodammum tenuit?

— Five maim! Or something very similar.8)

— That sounds an isochronism. But it is good (8law laylawº8). We may take those (8free kicks for wellmeant kicks for free8) granted. Happily you were not quite so successful in the process (8verbal8) whereby you would sublimate your blepharospasmockical suppressions, it seems?

— What was that?

— Were you or were you not? Ask yourself the |8questions. answer.º I'm not giving you a short question.8|

|8I'm not giving you a short question.8| Quite so.

— Now, not to mix up, cast your eyes around Capel Court. I want you, witness, to reconstruct for us as briefly as you can, |8in inexactly the same as8| a mind's eye view, how these funeral games took place.

— Which? Sure I told you that |8before afoul8|.

— Well, tell it to me |8again befair8| in that bamboozelem |8mincethrill8| voice of yours. Let's have |8it. it, christie!8|

— Ah, sure, |8I8| eyewitness forget. 'Tis all round me |8bebattersbid8| hat.
{f10, 401}

— Ah, go on now|8, Mastaº Bones,8| with your |8impendimentsº and your8| parrotricks! |8Blank memory of darky in blued suit. You were ever the gentle poet.8| Be nice about it! |8Look chairful!8|

— Faith, then, |8Meesta Cheeryman,8| first he come up |s8the Badgeler'sºs8| rake with a cock on his |8hat Tattersall,º and the horrid contrivance as seen above,º8| dragging his feet in the usual course and was ever so naas |8telling him clean his |sanails and sofort nagles Renard and foxº himself up and so on |sband so fortºsb| and to take the coomb to to his grizzliesºsa|8| and hang me if he wasn't wanting his |s++8calico calicubs++|8| body back before he'd |8to8| take his life or |8so8| save his life. Then, begor, counting as many as thirty seconds |8with his pocket browning,º8| like I said he kept |8cursing forecursing8| at him|8, foulº Fanden,8| for the key of John Dunn's field |8fore it warº for sent8| and the way Montague was robbed |s8and wolfling about the ways8| to know all what went off and who burned the hay|8,º perchance wilt thou say,º8| which the man, |~8that who~|8| was raging with the thirst and |8who|a,º so far as him was concerned,ºa| was only standing to the corner of Turbot Street,º «++preparing pupparings++| to spit,8| wanting to know |s++8what whelps++|8| the henconvention he wanted with him, knew nothing about.

|8A sarsencruxer, moor and burgess |~medlay medley~|?8| In other words, was that how |8in the |aanusual cause annusual cursea| of things8| their |8celicolar8| subtler angelic warfare |8or photoplay finisterrº8| started?
{f39, 517}

— Truly. That I may never!

— Did one scum |8|ainº the auradramaa|, the deff,8| then mention |8sleeplyº8| to the other |8undesirable, |athe aa| dumm, |auponº the resume after the angelus,a|8| that |8for his deal8| he was a pigheaded Swede |8and to wend himself to a medicinsº8|?
{f10, 402}

|8It To be sore he did|~, the huggornut~|! Only it8| was |8turnipheaded turniphodded8| dunce |8and he would blow him off the Greenº8|.

|8— Did Box then try to shine his puss?

— No,º but Cox did to shin the punman.8|

|s8— That forte Carlysleº touch breaking the Campden'sº pianoback.s8|

|8Are you of my meaning8| |8That that8| would be |8going on to8| about half noon, pip emma, Greenwicker time, by your |8queer quaint querqcut8| quadrant?

|8You will be asking me |aand I wish to Higginsº you wouldn'ta|.8| Would it?

— Let it be twelve thirty after a somerswatch |8of the tardest8|?

— And it was eleven thirsty too befour in a sowandsuch|8.,º reloy on it!º8|

— By which of your chronos, my man of four watches? Larboard, starboard, dog, or death?
{f39, 518}

— You can imagine!

— Will you swear all the same you saw their shadows struggling diabolically over this, that and the other, their virtues pro and his principality con, near The Ruins, Drogheda Street, and kicking up the devil's own dust for the Milesian wind?

— I will. I did. They were. I swear. Like the heavenly militia. With my tongue through my toecap on the headlong stone of kismet if so 'tis the will of Whose B. Dunn.

— They must have put in some wonderful work on the quiet like. |8Don't you Dostº thou not8| think so?

— Ay.
{f10, 403}

|8|~In the beginning was their war?~|8| They were only berebelling or bereppelling one another |8by chance or necessityº8| with sham bottles|8|a, mere and woiney,ºa| like their caractacurs in an irish |aRoman |~roman Roman~|,º |bas betwinst Picturshirts and Scutticules,ºb| to sorrowbrateº the expeltsion of the Danosa|8|? |8|~In the bigunning waged they war?~|8| What sayest thou?

— That's all. |8Farcing gutterish.8|

— I mean the Morgans and the Dorans.

— I know you do.

|8— The mujic of the |afuture footurea| on the barbarihams of the bashed?

— Da.8|

|8|aAs All the samea| you sound it 'twouldº clang |ahowlishºa| like Hull hopen for Christmiansº?
{f39, 519}

— But |ait clings 'twillº clinga| hellish like engels opened to neuropeans, |aif you've sensedºa| whole the sum.8|

— And this pootsch went on|8, hogº and minne,º8| night after |8larry's8| night|8, ormonde caught butler, fortey and more fortey,8| a thousand and one times, according to your cock and a biddy story? |8For Lludi llongi, forº8| years and years perhaps? |8What sayest thou?8|

— That's ri. |8This is his largos life, this is me timtomtum,º and this is her two peekweeny ones.8| From the last finger on the second foot of the fourth man to the first one on the last one of the first. That's right.

|8— Finny. Vary vary finny!

It may look funny but fere it is.8|

— This is not guid enough. |8|~Did ye Didgetº~| think I was asleep at the wheel?8| D'yu mean to tall grand jurors |8of Thathensº of Tharcticº8| on yur oath, me lad, |8and ask us to believe8| with yur last foot |~8foremost foremouthst~|8|, that yur moon was shining |8on the tors and on the cresties8| and winblowing night after night, for years and years perhaps, after yu swearing to it a while back |8before yurº |~Cork Corth~| examiner|a, Markwalther,a|8| that there was reen in |~8plenty planty~|8| all the |~8time teem~|8|?

— Perhaps so, as you grand duly affirm. I never thought over it, faith. |8I must certainly think about it. I hope. It would be a charity for me to think about something.8| It was told me by |8Tarpey a friend of myself, Tarpey,8| after three o'clock mass that some rain was promised to Mrs Lyons, the invalid, |8of Aunt Tarty Villa,8| and he told me as what's follows. He
{f39, 520}
was doing a walk, says she, in the feelmick's park, says he, like a tarrable Turk, says she, letting loose on his nursery and, begalla, he met Mr Michael Clery of a Tuesday who said Father MacGregor was desperate to the bad place about thassbawls and all the stairrods |8and thinconvenience being locked up for months,º owing to being |~frequented putrenised~| by stragglers abusing the apparatus,º8| and for Tarpey to go |8to the tumple8| and see Father MacGregor and he was to saluate that clergyman and to tell his holiness about the three shillings in the confusional and to say how Mrs Lyons|8, the cuptosser,º8| was the infidel who promised to post three shillings |8|aoff her tochera| from Paraguaisº8| to Mr Martin Clery for Father Mathew to put up a midnight mask |8on Saints |s+Withouts Withinsºs+|8| of a Thrushday |8and albs by the yardº8| for |8all the nuisances committed by soldats and nonbehavers and |~missbelovers andº~| for N. D. de la l'Ecluseº to send8| more heehaw hell's flutes, my prodder again! And I never brought my cats' and dogs' blanket! |8Foueh!8|

— Quatsch! What |8hell hill8| are yu fluking about|8, ye lame fyats8|? |8I'll |~disciplin discipline~| ye!8| Will yu swear or affirm the day to yur second sight noo and recant that all yu affirmed and swore to at first sight |8for his southerly accent8| was all paddyflaherty? |8Will ye, ay or nay?8|
{f10, 405}

— Ay. I affirmly swear to it that it |8|areally |breelly roollyb|a| and coollyº8| was with my holyhagionous lips continuously poised upon the rubricated Annuals of Saint Ulstar!

— That's very guid of ye|8, R.C8|! Maybe yu wouldn't mind talling us, my labbrose lad, how very much bright cabbage |8or
{f39, 521}
papermintº |~comfits comfirts
~|8| d'yu draw for all yur |~8swearing swearin~|8|?

|8There you have me!8| Vurry nothing, |8O potators,8| I call it, for I might as well tell |8yous Yousº |aEssexelcy |~Esseexelcy Essexelcy ~|a|8| the |8Golden Bridge's8| truth. It amounts to |8nil nada8| in pounds or |8pence, not pence. Not a glass of Lucan nor8| as much as the costprice of a highlandman's trousertree |8or the three crowns round your draphole |a(isn'tº it disgusting?)ºa|8| for the whole dumb plodding thing!

— Come on now, johnny! |8|~Jock and the beafstick!~|8| We weren't born yesterday. |8Pro tanto quid retribuamus? I ask you to say8| |~8You you~|8| were promised some staggerjuice |8|aon strip ora| in largesº |aat the Raven and Sugarloafa|, either |aJohn's Jones'sa| lame or Jamesy's gait,8| anyhow?

— Yes, by the way. |8How very necessarily true!8| When?

— How would yu like to hear yur right name now, my tristy minstrel, if yur not freckened of frank comment?

— Not afrightened of Frank Annybody.

— Will you repeat that to me outside?

— I will when it suits me.

— Guid! We make fight! |8Raddy! Raddy?8|

— But no, from |8example exemple8|! What mean you? |8Tell Queen's Roadº I am seilling. Buy Buy!8|
{f39, 522}

— Ef I chuse to put a bullet like yu through the grill for heckling, what business is that of yours, yu bullock?

— I don't know, sir. Don't ask me, |8sir your honour8|!

— Gently, gently, Northern Ire! |8Gloveº that red hand!8| Let me once more. There are sordidly tales within tales, you clearly understand that? Now my other point. Did you know, whether by melanodactylism or purely libationally,
{f10, 406}
that one of these two Crimeans with the fender, the taller man, was accused of a certain offence or of a choice of two serious charges, if you like it better that way? You did, you rogue, you?

— You hear things. Besides (and serially now) bushes have eyes, don't forget. Hah!

— Which moral turpitude would you select of the two, for choice, if you had your way? Playing bull before shebears or the hindlegs off a clotheshorse? Did any orangepeelers or greengoaters appear periodically up your sylvan family tree?

— Buggered if I know! It all depends on how much family silver you want for a nass-and-pair. Hah!

— What do you mean, sir, behind your hah?

— Nothing, sir. |8Only a bone moving into place.8| Hahah!

|8— Whahat?

I didn't say it aloud, sir. It wasº something inside of me talkin talking to myself.8|

— You're a nice third-degree witness, faith! Do you think we are tonedeafs in our noses to boot? Can you not distinguish the sense, prain, from the sound, bray? |8You have homosexual cathexisº of empathy between narcissism of the exvertº and steatopygic invertedness.8| Get yourself psychoanalysed!

— O begor, |8I want no expert nurse'sº symaphy and8| I can psoako-onaloose myself any time I want without your interferences |8or any other pigeonstealer8|.
{f39, 523}

— 'Sample! 'Sample!

— Have you evew weflected, wepowtew, that the evil, what though it was willed, might nevewtheless lead somehow on to good towawd the genewality?

|8Aº pwopwo of haster meets waster and8| |~8Talking talking~|8| of plebiscites by a show of hands|8, whether declaratory or effective,8| |~8In in~|8| all seriousness, has it become to dawn in you yet that the deponent, the man from Saint Yves, may have been (one is reluctant to use the passive |~8voice voiced~|8|), may |8have be8| been as much sinned against as sinning, for if we look at it verbally perhaps there is no true noun in active nature where every bally being |8|~(please read this mufto)º~|8| is becoming in its |8own owntown8| eyeballs? |8|~Please read this mufto.~| Now,º the long |~form, form and~| the strong form and reform alltogether!8|

|8Hotly cultured Hotchkiss Culthur's Everready, ownº brother to Neverreachedº, |awell over countless hands,ºa| sieur of many winners and losers, |agroomed by S. Samson |~& and~| Sonº, bred by Dilalahsº,a| will stand at Bay (Dublin) from nún till dánº and vites inversion and at Miss or Mrsº |~Man blank's McMannigan's~| Yard.
{f10, 407}

Perhapsº you can explain|~, sagobean~|?8|

|8Proº continuation and in explication to your interrogation our asseveralation.8| Ladiesgent, me and Frisky Shorty|8, my inmate friend,º |xas is uncommon struck on poplar poetry,ºx|8| and a few fleabesides |8round |aof ata| |aFriend's Meatinhouse West Pauper Bosquetºa|8| was just arguing |~8friendly like friendlylike~| at the Doddercanº Easehouseº8| over the old |8Middlesex8| party and his moral turps|8, meaningº flu, pock, pox and mizzles, grip, gripe,º gleet |sa— — |~& and~| sprue, caries, rabiessa|, mumpsº and dumps and8|. What me and Frisky|8,º |sanot toº say the burman,ºsa| having successfully concluded our tour of |sabible bibelsa|,º8| wants to know is thisahere. Supposing him|8, which the findings showed,8| to have taken his epscene licence before the |8Norsect'sº8| divisional respectively as regards them male |8Middlesexº8| privates and or concomitantly with all common or neuter respects to them
{f39, 524}
public |8Exsessº8| females as was very properly detained by the metropolitan in connection with this regrettable nuisance, touching arbitrary conduct, being in strict contravention of schedule in board of forests and works bylaws regulationing |8sparkers' and succers'8| amusements section of our beloved |8park naturpark8| in pursuance |8of which police agence8| me and Shorty have approached a reverend gentleman of the name of Mr Coppinger with reference to a piece of fire fittings as was most obliging in this matter of his explanations given to me and Shorty, touching what the good book says |8of toooldaisymen,º8| concerning the merits of early |8bisexualism bisectualism,º8| besides him citing example given by a valued friend of the name of Mr J. P. Cockshott as owns a pretty maisonette|8, Quis ut Deus,8| fronting on to the |8South |aSouthsex Sowsexa|8| Bluffs as was telling us how Mr Cockshott, |8as he had his assignation with,8| present holder |8by deedpoll and indenture8| of the swearing belt, he tells him, the reverend Mr Coppinger, as how he reckons himself up to |~8seven a dozen~|8| miles of a |8cunifarm8| school of herring passing themselves |8supernatantlyº8| by the Bloater Naze from twelve and them mayriding him by the silent hour. |8«++Zodiac Butting, charging, bracing, backing, springing, shrinking, swaying, darting, bucking, shooting|sa, andsa| sprinkling their dossies |sasodoush sodouscheocksa| with the twinx of their taylz.s++|8| And, reverend, he says, |8by yon socialist sun,º8| gut me, but them |~8errin errings~|8| was as gladful as |8Wissixy8| kippers could well be considering, flipping their little coppingers, pot em, the fresh little flirties, the dirty little gillybrighteners, pickle their spratties, the little smolty gallockers, and, reverend, says he, |8«++zwelf me Zeus,
{f10, 408}
says he,s++| |~letting lettin~| olfac be the |asupperfishes |~extent extench~| of the supperfishiesa|, lamme the curves of their scaligerance and pesk the everurge flossity of their pectoralium,
8| them little salty populators, says he, as sure as my briam eggs is on cockshot under noose, all them little upanddowndippies they was all of a |8libidous |apickpuckparty pickpuckpertyºa| and raid on a8| wriggolo finsky doodah in testimonials to their early |8bisexualism bisectualism8|. |8|a|~Watch Watsch~| yourself tillicately every morkning in your bracksullied twilette.a| The use of cold water may be |awarmlya| recommended for the sugjugation of cungunitals loosed.8|

— Ta hell |8and Barbados8| wi' ye and yer coprulation! Pelagiarist! Y'are obsexed, so |8y'are! y'are, with macroglosiaº and |~blank mickroocyphyllicks!º~|8|

— Wait now, Leixlip! I don't follow you that far. Was it esox lucius now or salmo |s8ferox. ferax?ºs8| You are taxing us into the driven future, are you not, with this fishery.

— Gubbernathor! Spawning all over his seven parish churches!

— Lift it now, Hosty! Hump's your mark! |8Es |ahet hita| neat zoo?8|

There's an old psalmsobbing lax salmoner Fogeyboren Herrin |s8Plunderowse Plundehowseºs8|

Who went floundering with his boatloads of spermin spunk about

Leaping freck after every long tom and wet lizzy between Howth and Humbermouth.

Our Human Conger Eel!

— Hep! I can see him in the fesh! Up wi' yer whippy! Hold that lad! Play him! |8Bullhead!8|

— Pull you, sir! Olive quill does it. |8Longeelº of Malin, he'llº cry before he's flayed.8| Did a rise? |8Way, lungfish!8|

|8— He missed her mouth and stood into Dee??º8|

|8No,º he skid like a skate and berthed |sain onsa| her byrnieº8| |s8Never and nevers8| a fear but they'll
{f39, 526}
land him yet, Slitheryscales on liffeybank, times and times and a half a time with a pillow of sand to polster him.
{f10, 409}
Do you say they will? I bet you they will. Among the shivering sedges so? Weedywaving. Or tulipbeds of Rush below.

— Grenadiers. And tell me now. Were these anglers or angelers coexistent and compresent with or without their tertium quid?

Three in one, one and three,

Shem and Shaun and the shame that sunders |s8them, em,ºs8|

Wisdom's son, folly's brother.

— God bless your ginger, wigglewaggle! |8That's threeº slots and no burners.8| You're forgetting the |s8jennyjos jinnyjoss8| for the |8joyboys fayboys8|. |8What, Walker Johny Johnnyº Referent?8|

— Yes, sure I thought it was larking in the clover |8of the furry gle |agannds glansa|8| with two stripping baremaids|8, Stilla Underwood and Moth McGarry,8| he was|8, hand to dagger,8| that time. |8Andº their motherº a rawknees pudsfrowseº,8| I was given to understand|8, begum.8| |8there Thereº8| was that one that was always mad gone on him, her first king of cloves, in Carrick-on-Shannon, county Leitrim. Sure she was near drowned in coldstreams |8|~of~|8| admiration for herself, making faces at her |~8crystal lakestº~|8| likeness in the brook after, all tossed as she was, the playactrix!

— Listen, meme mearest! Am so sorry you lost him, poor lamb! Of course I know you are a very wicked girl. And it was a very wrong thing to |8do. |xdo. do,º dare all grandpassia!ºx| And your soreful miseries first come on you.8| Still, |8everyboyº knows8| you do look lovely|8, Eulogia, |aa perfect appositiona|8| with the coldcream|8, Ab Assolutaº from Boileau's,º8| I always use in the wards |8|awhen aftera| I am burned a rich egg8| and derive the greatest benefit|8, sign of the cause8|! My, you do! Simply adorable! The way they taper! |8Handsome in a «++way. way,s++|8| |s++8Only onlyºs++|8| my arms are whiter, dear|8, underº |anewºa| charmeen cuffs8|. |8I am more divine like that when I've two of everything.º8| Whitehands, idler. Fairhair, frail one. Listen, meme sweety! |8O be |ajoyfill joyfolda|! My |aundyeinga| veil will save |ayou it undyeinga| from his etnernal fire!8| It's |8only meemly8| us two, meme|8,º idoll8|. Of course it was downright |8wicked vickedº8| of him, |8really! reelly,º meeting me disguised, |aBortolo mio,a| in his storm collar|a,º with my dovebirdsº, my colombinasa|. Evenº Nettaº and Linda,º our seeyfu tities, said their sinsitives shrinked, andº they've sin so sumtim, tankus! My rillies were blank my uftscent's musk.º8| |8Perfectly appalling! Peerfectly appealling, D.V.º8| How |8he me8| adores |8me each eatsother8| |8simply! simply |a(Mon Ishebeau! Ma Reinebelle!)a| asº I leaned |ayestreena| from his |samuskishedsa| |ablesblessºa| lips. |aEvenº my little pom gets excited |bwhenº I turned his head |con his same manly bustc| and kissed him |~more~|b|.a| |xOnlyº he might speak to a person, lord,º taking up my worths ill wrong! May I introduce?º This is my |~futuousº~| loveliast. |aLips and looks lovely.ºa|x|8| Still, me with you, you poor |8child chilled8|, will make it up |8in the moontimeº8| with |8Mother Concepcionº and8| a |8glorious8| lie between us|8,
{f39, 528}
8| so as |8nobody in the convent not a novene in all the convent8|, |~8of course for mercy's sake~|8|, need ever know |8what's past our lipsº8|. |8|xYes,º sir, we'll will!ºx| |xClotheº the wind!º Fee O Fie!º Covey us niced! Banshº the dread! |aAlitten's looking.º |v+Lowe him! Lowe him! Low him lovly.v+| Make me feel good!ºa| It will |s+alls+| |abe in take |bplace blossb| as orangedº by my historiennesº |s+in ats+|a| Saintº Audien'sº |achapel |b|s+rose and rosans+|b| chocolate chapelry with |s+mys+| diamants blickfeast |s+afters+| at minne |s+owneds+| hosa| and Father blesius |s+Mindelsinns+| will give us hisº |abehelping hand beminding haaandºa|.x| |xKyrielle elation! Crystal elation! Kyrielle elation! Elation |s+immense immanses+|! Sing to us! Sing to us! Singº to us! |s+Amam!s+| Amam!ºx|8| So, meme mearest, |8languished hister,8| be free to me! And, listen, youyou beauty, |8esster,8| I'll be |8true clue8| to who knows you|8, pray Magda, Marthe with Luz and Joan,8| while I lie with warm |8lips lisp8| on the Tolka. |8|~Fact!~|8|

|8Eusapia! |aFallo Fais-le-tout-taitº!a| |aLanguishing hysteria? The clou historique?ºa|8| How is this |8at all8| at all? |8Aliciousº through alluring glass or alas in jumboland?º8| Think of a maiden. |8Presentacion.8| Double her.
{f10, 411}
|8Annupciacion.8| Take your first thoughts away from her. |8Immacolacion.º |aKnock and it shall |aappear appalla| unto you.a|8| This young barlady, what |8exactly euphemiasly8| is she doing? Is she having |8a dual an ambidual8| act herself |8in apparition8| with herself?

— Yer crackling out of yer turn, my Moonster firefly. Answer my queskins first, |8johnny. foxyjack!º8| Ye've as much cheek on you now as would boil a cauldron of
{f39, 529}
kalebrose. Did the market missioners, Hyde and Wombwell, |8when given the raspberry,8| fine more than |8sixteen sandsteen8| per cent of chalk in the purity|8, promptitude and perfection8| flour of this raw materialist |8andº less than a seventh pro mile in his meal8|? We young chaps are briefed here |8by Committalman Number Underfifteen8| to know had the |8two peeress of8| generals, who have been getting nosemoney cheap and stirring up the public opinion about private balls with their legs, |8Misses Mirtha and Merry,º |athe two dreeper's assistents,a|8| had they their service books in order and duly signed J. H. North and Company when discharged from their last situations? Will ye gup and tell the board in the anterim how|8, inº the name of the three tailors |aof ona| Tooley Street,º8| did O'Bejorumsen or Mockmacmahonitch|8, ex of Butt and Hocksett's, violating the bushel standard,8| come into awful position of the barrel of bellywash? And why, is it any harm to ask, was this hackney man in the coombe, Fauxfitzhuorson, carrying his ark across his back when he might have been settin |8on his jonass8| inside of her made up like a |8Glassthure8| cabman? Where were the doughboys, |8or Marchester Marchers,º8| three |8in number, by nombres, won in ziel, |aHansen, Morfydd and O'Dyar, V.D.,ºa| with their glenagearries,º8| directing their steps according to the liaison officer, with their trench ulcers open and their hands in their pockets contrary
{f10, 412}
to military rules, when confronted with his lifesize obstruction? |8When did he live of off rooking the pooro and how did heº start pfuffpfaffing at his Paterson and Hellicott's?8| Is it a factual fact that this fancydress nordic in |8shaved lamb breeches,8| child's kilts|8, bibby buntingsº8| and wellingtons|8, preholder of the Bar Ptolomei,8| is co-owner of a hengster's circus near North Great Denmark Street and that the shamshemshowman has been complaining to the police barracks and applying for an order of certiorari and crying about him being molested, after him having triplets, by offers of vacancies from females in this city neighing after the man ever since they seen his X-ray picture turned out in wealthy red in the sabbath sheets? Was it him that suborned |8a that8| deafmute son of his|8, a litterydistributer in Saint Patrick's Lavatory,8| to turn a Roman and |8leave the |achair chayra| and8| gout in his bare socks, the sweep, and buy the usual jar of porter at the Morgue and Cruses and set it down before the wife with her fireman's halmet on her, bidding her mine the hoose, the strumpet, while him and his lagenloves were rampaging the roads |8inº all their paroply8| under the noses of the |s8Heliopolitans8| constabulary? |8Prepare the way!º8| Where's that |8auxiliary gendarm auxiliar,º arianautic sappertillery,8| that reported on the whole hoodlum, relying on his morse-erse wordybook and the truncheon up his tail? |8Roof Seckesign van der Deckel!º8| Recall Sickerson, the lizzyboy|8,º and get his story from himº8|! |8Seckersen, man of Errick!º8| Sackerson!

Day shirker four vanfloats he verdants market.
High liquor made lust torpid dough hunt her orchid.

— Hunt her orchid! Gob, and he found it on her, right enough! |8A disgrace to the homely protestant religion!8| Bloody old preadamite with his twohandled umberella!

|8Wallpurgies! And it's this's your deified city? And it's we's to pray for his conversions? Call Kitty the Beads! |saHe's| She's deep, that one.


— That's enough. |8By sylph and salamander and all the trolls and tritons,º8| I mean to tap the top of this, at last. And will too, if I have at first to down every mask in Trancenania |8from Terreterry's Hole to Stutterers' Corner |sato find that Yokeoff his |sbladder |cliter leiterc|sb|, this Yohan his dasa|8|. |8Letº passº the jousters of the king!8| The governorgeneral |8and
{f39, 532}
eirenarch's |acustom custos
a|8| himself no less! Off with your persians! Search ye the Finn! |8Fi Fa Fe Fo Fum!8| Ho, croak, evildoer! Doff!