Re-draft, October-November 1925, III§4A draft level 0+

MS British Library 47482a 9-11 Draft details

{ms, 010}

What was thass? Fog wars whass? Too mult sleepth. Let sleepl.

And natt by naught by night by naked, while kinderwardens minded the twins' bed, the four of them, in their pussycorners, listening, so |+gladded gladdied up+| when |+niceboy nicechild |aKevin Marya|+| (who was going to be rise to become a |+benefacturist of bonbons commandering chief of the fireboys' brigade |awhen he grew up |bunder all the auspicesb|a|+|) smiled |+|aa sweet dribble of cream |bawakeb| his milky way of cream dribblea|, mustard & dressed cabbage+| but so frightied |+of out+| when |+boldbrat nastybrat |aJerry Godolphinga|+| (who was going to fall to remain a |+chemicomicker cardinal waiter+| of cruxnuts as soon as he was |+bald cured+| enough |+to leave the hospital+|) frowned |+asleep frowned |aon his own aromaa| draper's ink |a& methylated spirita|+|. night by night while |+|alittle |bwinning infantinab|a|+| sister |+Isabel Isobel and (who was going to be when she grew up one Sunday a sister Isabelle in the wimpled coif the beautiful nun |aof only 20 yearsa| & next Sunday the beautiful nurse Isabelle |astill in her teensa| |ain witha| her white starched cuffs but on Easter Sunday morning the beautiful widow |aof |bscarceb| eighteen springsa|, Madame Isa la Belle, so sad & lucksome+|, for she was the only girl they loved, because she was the only girl they prize, because of the way she was |+to be after+| the darling of my heart, sleeping, in |+her snug april+| cot in |+other |aa sweet mild may |bherb| sweetmay |bsingachamerb|a|+| room, |+a barleycandy whistle on her counterpane,+| |+bluebell |awildhid wildwood'sa|+| eyes andº
{ms, 011}
primarose hair, quietly, all the woods so wild in |+mauve and daphne sleeping mauves of moss and |adaphnedew daphnedewsa|+|, now all so still she lay, like |+a |a|bwild happyb|a| lost+| leaf, like |+any+| flower |+stilled+|, like dew as fain would she |+anon+| and soon |+again+| 'twill be, |+win me, woo me, wed me, weary me,+| sleeping, how evencalm lay sleeping: night on nox on |+unread nox+|