2nd draft, November 1926, October-November 1925, III§4A draft level 1

MS British Library 47482a 28-30 Draft details

{ms, 028v}

What was thass? Fog waas whass? Too mult sleepth. Let sleepl.

And nat by night by naught by naked, while kinderwardens minded the twins' bed, |1there now they stood the sycomores,1| the four of them in their pussycorners, listening so gladdied up when nicechild Kevin Mary (who was going to be commandering chief of the fireboys' brigade the moment he grew up under their auspices) smiled in his milky way of cream dribble and mustard and dressed, cabbage, frightied out when badbrat Jerry Godolphing (who was going to be cardinal waiter in a night refuge as soon as he was cured enough to leave the hospital) frowned methylated spirit and draper's ink: night by night while
{ms, 029v}
infantina Isobel (who will be going to be when she grows up one Sunday the beautiful nun, so barely twenty, in her pure coif sister Isobel, and next Sunday the beautiful Samaritan, still in her teens, nurse Isabelle, with |1starched stiffstarched1| cuffs but on |1holiday, Christmas &1| Easter |1Sunday morning mornings1| the beautiful widow of eighteen springs, Madame Isaº La Belle, so sad but lucksome in her long black veil) for she was the only girl they loved, as she is the only girl you prize, because of the way she is going to be the darling of my heart, sleeping, in her april cot in her singachamer, with her delicious flavoured candy whistle duetted to the bedspread, Isobel, she is so pretty, |1truth to tell,1| wildwood's eyes and primarose hair, quietly, all the woods so wild in mauves of moss and daphnedews, how all so
{ms, 030v}
still she lay, like some lost happy leaf, like any flower stilled, as fain would she anon for soon again 'twill be, win me, woo me, wed me, weary me, deeply, now evencalm lay sleeping: