1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4C draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 57-58 Draft details

{ms, 057v}

nightly every while Katharine the |aSot Slopa| in her |aold native'sa| chambercushy was |asaying basquinga| to |aherself her pillasleepa| how she |aheard |bthought thawghtb| aa| |aknock knogga| came to the |adoor doura| |ain that hour and she at that howr dowandshea| went to see was it |asweeps |b|cShoeunread Shoehornc|b| ora| the posht with a |atelegram |btillygram tillycrampb|a| for |athe old unread |bHimself Hemselfb| and Co, esquaraa| and |aglory bit glorybita| of the |asaints in heaven Sanes in hevela| there was a |acreak cricka| |aon upa| the |astairs stairkissa| and when she ruz the |acandle canklea| to see|a, glo |bglohery galoheryb|,a| |adown she downandshea| went on her knees |afor a to bless her |bblesseref blessersefb|a| that were |aknocking knogginga| |atogethera| like |amilkjugs milkjugglesa| like as if it was |athe old fellow's old King O'Toole'sa| |agoogooa| ghost she saw |acoming |bsliding slivingb| off |bover the sawdustb|a| out of one the |aone of the rooms unread backroom that was |beveryone's everywansb| in |bturn tur turrunsb|a| in |athat his femalea| trim |awith his finger up holding up his fingerhata| for her to whisht|a, you sowbelly,a| and |athe whites ofa| his goo |apiousa| eyes eyeballs swearing her to silence |aand coorta|:
{ms, 058v}
Inanimate hour, hug us avick, hug us in spirit |aof |bknavery navyb|a|, O man O Man!