1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4D draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 27, 41-42 Draft details

{ms, 027v}

every blank night while twelve good men & true in their numbered habitations tried him in over |ain their minds on their juremembersa| & |awhereasa| found him guilty on |athe their & thosea| imputations
{ms, 041v}
of |afornication minus copulation fornicolocopulation |bwith two |cpretty carnations corans correlations |d|gwhom he enjoyed by anticipationg| whose colours at standing up from the above were of a pretty carnation,d|c|b|a| or |abut |breallyb|a| if 'twere not so, |aof somea| deretane denudation with intent to excitation |aby retrogradationa| of firearmed forces |aof the |bof this proper to thisb|a| nation but |awith apart from such titillation which he said was undera| family |aheat & blooda| pressures as |aa gooda| mitigation |aand without whicha| in any case he |ainsists upona| being worthy of |aremuneration continued alimentationa| for his having displayed|a, he said,a| so much |aliberalorda| toleration, reprobate |aso noteda| and all as he was, in respects to his |ahigh highpowereda| station |awhereofa| more especially as |apossiblya| he was |ameantimea| suffering |a|ball our |cas he oftentimes didc| genteelb| torturesa| from |aa the besta| medical attestation having only strength enough to |aimplore deplorea| for |aall |bwith his whole soulb| on everybodya| concerned |ain ita| the curses of coagulation for, |ahe tells me |bby way of festination after |caboutc| 2 o 3 hours of close confabulationb|,a| by |aall that's holy this pewterful of goatswhey which is his prime consolationa|, if he was |astill extremelya| offensive to |atheir nostrils |b24 a score & fourb| nostrils' dilation |bstill sure he was likewiseb|a| on the other side |ahas as I believe I |bshld might have been |cwithout the least alienationc|b|a|
{ms, 042v}
distinctly |athe eye's |btwo a pair ofb| eyes'a| delectation |aso prays of his fault you wd make an obliterationa| but |aas for our friend behind the bars though a man of high estimationa|, summing him up |ato be done, be what will |bof spirits excessb| hisa| hyperborean exaltation |ais no this we think, is no extinuation fora| contravention to our statute & common legislation |afor which the appropriate expiation resides in corporal amputationa| so three months for |athe Old Jeroboam, the beerheadeda| pest of the park, as per act one, section two, schedule three |aclause foura| of the |afirst fiftha| of King Jark, this sentence to be carried out |aby Nolans Volansa| tomorrow morn at six o'clock shark & |amay the hail of maiz may the yeastwind |bwholehail have hoppinghail maltb|a| mercy on his |ahoneymead & hisa| hurlyburlygrowth. Amen says the clerk!