1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4G draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 3-5 Draft details

{ms, 004}

All gone. |aMissed Mistolda| and |aMisses Mistramsa| Gonakong. |aAh, ho!a| And old Dudud Deadenman. Anna living one. Pour the winds and waters on. |aThe whelming O'erwhelminga| waters on. Tears! Ah tears! Ah tears! Mamma! |aBig Dad Goat Fawdlaa| crush tuns |aon me me belonga|! Fawtrick! Save me! Shoo! Shool aroon! |aWere you You werea| dreaming, dear! The Fawdra! The fall! Shoo! There is no father in the room at all, you dear one. No bad big father, dear one. |a|bFather is away |cDirty Dirtourc| Father long gone godown fall awayb| to make his |bhand at business his grossman's |cpidsness pissnessc|, my pigeonestb|. |bBlingeom Bling two piecee Take that |ctwo piecee bigc| slap slap, bold hinty |cbottomsidec| pap pap pappa!b|a| |aLi ne dormis? S!a| |a|bDormas malbona. Malbone dormas.b|a| |aKial ei krias nokte?a| |aParolas infanete. S!a| Only all in your |aimagination imaginationa|, your little |amagnnation |bmagicnation maginationb|a|! Shoo |ato me nowa|, |amy dear one my dream onea|! |aShoom of me!a| While elvery stream wends ealing. For to keep this barrel |aof ina| bounty rolling.

When |ayou move you travela| through |aChapelizod Lucalizoda|. |aOn Ata| the |aLucan sulphura| spas to visit. It's safer to hit than miss it. Stop at the inn! The hammers are
{ms, 005}
telling the cobbles. The |apicts picktsa| are |asplitting hackinga| the saxums. It's snugger |ato |bcurl burrowb|a| in bed than |ain ballad ona| broadway. Tuck in your blank. For it's race |aby |bdown poundb|a| race |aand ruin on |bthen the hostiesb| rear all roads toa| ruin |aand. Anda| layers of dust of lifetimes laid |aon downa| riches |aof froma| poormen. |aWith Crieda| onions to |aweep chipa|, |asaltpetre to strewa| |agallpitch to drinka| and |aand bread stonebreada| to break, it's bully to |adream |bgobble gulpb| gooda| blueberry pudding. Dream in the warmth. While silvery |astreams, fealing moonbeams, feelinga| by, will keep my |alittleboy safely littlejim softlya| dreaming.