1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4K draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 5-6 Draft details

{ms, 005}

For |ain unclean spirits our |bunderground netherworldb| bosomfoesa| which are working |atooth & nail |bovertimeb|a|. In |aearthpits earthveinsa|
{ms, 006}
|adeathmines & saltclosters underfed |bourb| toadcavities |bcheeseunread cheeseganglionsb| & psaltclosters underfeeda| nagging |anibbling |bnibblers forenibblersb| unreadrunnersa| knocking |aus aftermana| up out of |aunread afternoon |bhisb| love's |bconvolution hinterclutchb|a|. Down with their |apulinga| tools! |awhithera| youngdammers |aare pocking on the will be soon heartpocking on their |bold |cgammer's betters'c|b|a| dournoggers. The |ademidiamonda| yungfries will be |afrisking backfriskinga| over their |alyingina| underlayers. Spick & spade trowelling a gravetrench for their |aforebear Fortinbrace first forebear Fortimbracea|. Up with |ahis your clayman'sa| club!