1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4L draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 43-55 Draft details

{ms, 043v}

Honuphrius is a concupiscent |aengineer exservicemana| who makes dishonest propositions to everyone |xrender dutyx|. He is believed to have committed simple infidelities with Felicia, a virgin, and to be practising for unnatural coits with Eugenius and Jeremias, two adelph philadelphians. Honuphrius, Felicia, Eugenius and Jeremias are consanguineous to the last degree. Anita, the wife of Honuphrius, believes that her has been told by her maidservant Fortissa that |aher man Honuphriusa| has confessed
{ms, 044v}
under |avoluntarya| chastisement that he has encouraged Magravius instructed his slave Mauritius|a|b, a widower,b| for a financial advantagea| to facilitate |atheir neighboura| Magravius, a commercial rival of Honuphrius, to solicit the chastity of Anita. Anita is informed by her some |aillegitimatea| children |aof Mauritius & Fortissaa| that Gillia, the wife of Magravius, is visited clandestinely by the advocate of Honuphrius, an immoral person |awho has been corrupted by Jeremiasa|. Gillia has been early debauched by Honuphrius
{ms, 045v}
and Magravius knows that Anita has formerly committed double sacrilege with Michael, a subd perpetual curate |awho wishes to seduce Eugeniusa|. Magravius threatens to have Anita molested by Sulla, a bandit, |awho desires to procure Feliciaa| if he will not yield to him and also deceive Honuphrius by rendering duty when demanded. Anita, who |ahas claims to have discovereda| incestuous temptations from Jeremias & Eugenius, would yield to the lewdness
{ms, 046v}
of Honuphrius in order to save the virginity of Felicia for Magravius, when converted by Michael after the death of Gillia, though she fears that by |adoing so continuing to allow him marital rightsa| she will |aencourage provokea| reprehensible conduct between Eugenius & Jeremias. Michael, who has formerly debauched Anita, |awarns her particularly against dispenses hera| yielding to Honuphrius who pretends |apubliclya| to possess her in all manners for his
{ms, 047v}
carnal |apleasure hygienea| whenever he has rendered himself impotent |afor consummationa| by subdolence |a& comminates her with reserving her case for the ordinary even should she practise pious fraud during affrication which, from experience she knows to be |binefficacious a nullityb|a|. Fortissa|a, however,a| encourages Anita by describing the chastisements of Honuphrius and the depravities of Canicula, the deceased wife of Mauritius |awith Sulla, who repentsa|. Has he |ablank hegemonya| & shall she submit?
{ms, 048v}

Various This case ommoner if commoner occu |ais a very common case is perhaps the commonesta| in |aour courts ofa| litigation. Owens holds that |awhile so long asa| there is a joint deposit account |ain the 2 namesa| there is a mutual obligation. He cites Humphreys & Brerfuchs & Warren, a firm registered as Tango Limited |afor the sale of certain articlesa|. The action |awhicha| was at the suit of the trustee of the Irish Church Emergency |afunda| for payment of tithes due, was |aheard trieda| by Judge Doyle & a common jury. |aThere was no question to the debt.a| For the defence it was stated that payment had been made. The fund trustee counterclaimed that this was by crossed cheque drawn by the
{ms, 053v}
senior partner, by whom the lodgment had been made but in their joint name. The bank particularised, the National |aowned now almost entirely in the hands of Tango Ltda| declined to pay |xthe trustee negotiated it to a client from whom he received legal relief |aon asa| considerationx| |aand since thea| the cheque, a washable one, had been circulating in the country for over 20 years among holders of |aTango Pangoa| Stock (a rival concern) though not a farthing had ever crossed the counter in the
{ms, 054v}
form of coin. The jury, all of whom were Doyles, naturally disagreed whereupon the judge ordered the attachment of the firm. Only the junior partner could be found & this turned out to be a woman. She stated that |apayment would be made to her by the senior in the form she had frequently been made the draweea| of unwashable blank cheques, |awhich she used to endorsea| her various drawers |abeing invariably who were wellknowna| tetigists of the city & county. She proposed to reamalgamate herself in whole settlement & for
{ms, 055v}
satisfaction with the trustee, Monsignore Pepigi, but this was ruled out on appeal by Jeremy who held that as |aa matter of |bfact tactb|a| the woman was born without mancipium |a& asa| no property could exist in a corpse Pepigi's pact was piffle & she cd |ajusta| whistle for her rhino. Will you, won't you, tango with pegigi? Not for, Nancy, how dare you do? And whew whewwhew whew.