1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4M draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 6-8 Draft details

{ms, 006}

Don't wake him now: he sighed in sleep: let us be gone: while |aquivering hoveringa| dreams dreamwings, folding round, will hide |afrom fearsa| my mannikin, guard my mannikin, keep my bairn. To bed!

Projector & |asole tracer giant buildera| of |aalla| causeways |a|bwheresoever wheresoevenb|a|, hoppingoffpoint and terminus of |astraightcuts strafstraightcutsa| and corkscrewn perambuloops, zeal whence |a& |bfor tob|a| goal whither wanderlust |aon account |bwhereasb| in sequencea| of which every |amight mortal muckera| |amust make makesa| a |apartiala| mickle, as different as York from Leeds
{ms, 007}
|aas beinga| the only way |aof ina| the world to look after itself beforeland; mirrorminded curiosity and would-to-the-large which brings hill |ato hunter upto molehuntera|, home |ato through 1sta| husband, perils before swine, & |ahorse upon horsepower down toa| hungerford, prick this man and |abob twota| this woman, |acorrect our |bfirst forcedb| payrents, |blame of his ear and short of her legb| most correctingly we bes |bbeseech each of you beseach of yeb|,a| down |athe theira| laddercase of dark by payrail watchnight service and guide them |adegrading perambulators |b& bring them at suntimeb|a| |ato the flush with thea| lowermost |adegradation gangdaysa| of their stepchildren, through the labyrinth of their |asimilars and |blikes semilikesb| &a| the |adevious trails |balterations |cvapulations alteregoasesc|b|a| of their |aown selves pseudoselvesa|: this |aunreada| |ahoarwhite |bWoolwhite albwhiteb|a| arsenic |awith — — with his bloody little mortal sin with his peccadilly, hodinstag Hodinstag by friggabett Friggabetta| baron and feme: that he may |adiscover dishcovera| her: that she may |auncover uncouplea| him:
{ms, 008}
that he may |aclose over: |bcome & cover her: comencupper herb|a| that they |arecover soon recoupa| themselves: now and then, time and time again, as per periodicity: |avia mala, hyber pass: through lands vague and vain, after mandelays:a| in |athe theira| first case, |ain their to thea| next place, |ain their cousins' cousins till our cozenkerriesa|: the high & the by, |athe botha| pent & plain: |a|bwhetherb| whacked to the wide |band happy under or tied tob| housetree: in the grounds or unterlinnen: |brue toolate and ca'canny:b| shipside, by convent garden:a| monk |a& |bat butb|a| sempstress, |aand |bsand santb|a| in sackcloth silkily: curious dreamers, curious dramas, curious |ademons daimon demona|, |aplagiarist plagiasta| dayman, plagiarist dearest, |aplagiarist plaguiesta| dourest: |awhile Antrim's drummers for the strangfort plantersa| are prodesting and |athe Corkery de karkerya| felons |aare drya| flooring it the |aLiberties' lapp leperties'a| ladds clearing the way, |aplumpa| for |aSligo slygoa| Slee.