Re-draft, October-November 1925, III§4M draft level 0+

MS British Library 47482a 11-14 Draft details

{ms, 011}

— He sighed in sleep

— Let us go
{ms, 011v}

— Lest he forewaken

— Hide ourselves.

While hovering dreamwings, folding round, will hide from fears my mannikin, keep my mannikin, guard my bairn.

— To bed!
{ms, 012}


Projector & giant builder of all causeways, hoppingoffpoint, as well as terminus

Projector and giant builder of all causeways |+whencesoever woesoever+|, hoppingoffpoint and true terminus of straxstraightcuts and corkscrewn perambuloops, zeal whence to goal whither, wanderlust, in sequence to which every muckle must make its mickle, as different as York from Leeds, being the only |+way wise+| in |+the a muck's+| world to look on itself from beforeland; mirrorminded |+curiosity curiositease+| and would-to-the-large which bring hills to molehunter, home through first husband, perils before swine and horsepower down to hungerford, prick this man and |+coign |athwart tittupa|+| this woman, our forced payrents, lame of his ear and gape of her leg, most correctingly, we beseach of you, down their laddercase of nightwatch service and bring them at suntime flush with the |+nethermost nethernmost+| gangday of their stepchildren:
{ms, 013}
guide them through the labyrinth of their semilikes and the alteregoases of their pseudoselves: |+hedge them bothways from all roamers whose names are ligions, from loss of bearings, deliver them; |akeep them so they kreepa| to their |aright end rights anda| be ware of dutyfrees:+| this prime white arsenic and mate alloyed, mortal sin with peccadilly, Hodinstag on Friggabet baron and feme: that he may dishcover her, that she may uncouple him, that none may come and |+cupper crumple+| them, that they may soon recoup themselves: now and then, time on time again, as per periodicity: via mala, hyber pass: |+heckhisway per alptrack:+| |+through thorough+| landsvague and vain, after many mandelays: in their first case, to the next place, till their cozenkerries: the high and the by, both
{ms, 014}
pent and plain: be they whacked to the wide other tied to husthings |+him to the berby, from her to toun+|: in the grounds or unterlinnen: rue to lose and ca'canny: at shipside, by convent garden: monk and sempstress, in sackcloth silkily: curious dreamers, curious dramas, curious demon, plagiast dayman, playajest dearest, plaguiest dourest: for the strangfort planters are prodesting, and the karkery felons dryflooring it and the leperties' ladds clearing the way, plump for slygo Slee.