1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4P draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 14-27 Draft details

{ms, 015}

Who can he be, this |abonneted man |bmitred man |cmightyman mitrymanc|b|a|, |a|bher potentate, some king of the yeast, with his chrismy hair |cbrunzewig greyed brunzwigc|b|,a| so |abulky bulka| a build? He has |aonly |bbut onlyb|a| his |abonny |bbedbonny |ccosycaskette bedcosycaskettec|b|a| on and his |ashorthemmed shirt |bshorthemmed shirter woolsey shirtpliceb|a| |abut |bonly alsob|a| his feet wear doubled width socks. |aHe |bslept always must |csleep to sleepc|b| between |bthe blankets two warm bankersb|.a| Is that Can |athat thusa| be |aMr Gorman |bunread |cMineher Misthrac|b| Norkmana| that keeps our hotel? Be gor, Mr |aGorman |bNorkman |cBockman Sorgmanc|b|a|, you're looking right well. A jolly fine decent man of |ayour onea| word! He's |abringing |brearing roundingb|a| up his family. And who is the body beside ye, sir? Her snailstrain is tripping her, watch!
{ms, 016}
Look at the way for the love of smoke she's |aholding loopinga| the lamp! Why, that's Mrs |aWipethepot Wipethemdrya|! Well, well, |awell, well |bwellawell wellowellb|a|! |aHappy tea |bairy areab|, naughtygay |bfunread frewb|!a| And she's just the same old |athree and fourpence pennorte of drippinga|! She never turned a hair.

|aWhere Which waya| are they going,? |aWhy?a| the |afirefulla| man in his upper garment, |a& not a breath against hima| and the wee wiping |awoman womaneena|? They're coming back, down the scales, the way they went up, sweetheartedly, hot and cold and electrickery with |aair autumna| and lounge and porter free. |aIn spite of all that science could boot & art could skill. |bClose Boltb| the gate. Cave |bthe canem and cane emb|. Beggars |boutside outdoorb|. Scrape your soles. My time is |bfor onb| sale. |bHelp yourselfb| Credit tomorrow. By faith alone. Lovely weather. |bPractise preaching.b| Gomorrn. |bGodeven. Solong.b|a| |aNowa| the law assist them and |abreak easea| their fall! Gall in his beer! For they met & mated & wed & buckled & got & gave & reared & raised & planned & plundered & pawned
{ms, 018}
their souls & pillaged our bodies & fought & feigned & strained relations & broke the bank & hated the sight of one another unread & bequeathed their ills & turned their coats & belied their origins & never learned the first day's lesson & tried to mingle & managed to save & feathered some nests & fouled their own & escaped from drowning by the skin of their teeth & were responsible for congested districts & took to drink & published their privates & |acame down in tramped all overa| the world |ato the court of pye poudrea| & were cuffed by their customers & bit the dust & went as they came and yet they come back, lamp in hand, & shirt on high, peekabooing
{ms, 017}
|ain durka| the thicket of |athe night slumbwhena|, & |awhispering in the leaves' language flispering in the nightleaves' flattery, dinsiduouslya|, to Finnegan, to sin again, & to make |aold |bgood grimb|a| grandma grunt & grin again, while the first grey streaks come |asilent by to see the bundle of mountain silvering by for to |bmark this bundle of mountain mock this bundle of chaos clothing blankb|a|.

They near the foot of the chill stair: that large respectable licensed vintner, such as he is, a host in himself |aand ina| his hydrocomic establishment and his teeny ambling |apartner |blimper purse & peeping partner limpy peepingpartner$ithe slave of the ring that worries the handb|a| that |acarries the lamp |bswings the glim sways the lampb|a|, that |alights the way shadows the walka|, that |aleads to bed the businessman bends to |bthe bad his baneb| the busynessmana| that |amet came ona| the |acad copa| in the |aFinisky Feniansa| park that |atold his wife |btickled his wife pickled his widowb|a| that
{ms, 019}
|ain the middle of the night blabbed to the priest |bin the thick of the night blabbed to the parson primed the popeb|a| that passed |athe tip to the talor of boys it round on the |bpopular volunteerb| platea| |athat tickled the ears of Freddy & Tom till it |breached croppiedb| the ears of Purses & Paula| that |awoke O'Donnell kneed O'Connella| up out of his doss that shouldered |aCormak |bBrack Burkeb|a| that |akicked O'Tunread butted O'Higginsa| that woke the busker |athat grattaned his crowd |bthat bucked the jiggers to rhymeb|a| that rhymed the rann, |athe talk that went the rounds that ruled the |brounds routeb| |bin Erin's isleb| from Malin by Mizzen and Kearney till Slyna to Kearney Mizzen Clear Point to Slynagollava| & |apicked cleaneda| the pockets & |atickled rattleda| the ribs of all the listeners, |alay & lewd lewd & laya|, that bought the ballad |athat Hosty the Moba| made.

|aAnyhowa| Have they not called him inwader & uitlander|a, the notables, crashing libels in their beards about him, the right renownsable patriarch |band his swanee and |cthe old Eyrewaker'sc| family sock they |claid between smuggled betunec| them |croaring free boose for the man from the Nark, sure he never was worth a |dcornerwalld| fark, and his banishee w bedpan, she's a quer little bite of a tarkc| as they wendelled their |cway home |dzigaway zingawayd| wiveswardc| from his |cmostc| opulent vinery |chighjackingc| through the bottleneck pass & |cseeking cold claiming cowledc| consollation |caloft in the light sursumcordial from the bluefunkfiresc| of the dipper & the |cmartial martians'c| frostb|a|. Do they not |athe small tradersa| abhors from him, the |athundering |bthunderincoup |cthunderinslop thunderinslogc|b|a|, him whose speech |adoes daresa| |anot discriminate no undersidinga| between the wifely and the mansign, |athe foxhalt a foxfelleda| & |aunreada| monkhunter|a!?a| Is there not |aamong cismarine dwellers, now at last,a| a togethergush
{ms, 020}
|astillbutyouknow stillandbutallyouseea| that |a|binasfar insofarforthasb| in all concreation one efficient first every times gets there finally as a complex matter of pure form,a| for those excesses and |athata| hardhearingness of their eldfar in |atheir |bhis theirb|a| gropings and stumblings, through their taint and its treason, another like that |aother altera| but not quite such |aanother anandera| and still |abuta| one not |ajust the same and all the same another one still and one more and the last to date no later than today all the selfsame and but just the maim encore and encore immerhim |bbut mayb| always new and the blank to storm no sooner than |bnoonalarm noonqualmb|a| have evertheless been made amenable? Yet he begot em. Let us wherefore |ain few moments aftera| |apropose |bprepose preposeteroseb|a| a vote of thanksalot to the hungriest coaxing experimenter that ever put his best hand |ain intoa| chancery, wishing him and |ahis his famblingsa|, |ano end ofa| slow
{ms, 021}
poison and a mighty |abroada| seat |afor |bhim themb|a| between the devil's punchbowl and the |aanglesea deep angleseaboarda| that they may |aconstantlya| turn a deaf ear |acloosheda| to all |ashareholdersa| that will curse them |ain greenmould blue & jaundiced below par and mar |band below par & mar withb| their descendants, shame, humbug & profit in greenmould |band mildew and upon mildewed upon jaundiceb|a| so long as |aevera| there's as long as there a |atail |bdogtail wagtailb|a| to a |atied |btacked |cwedged |dtight surtaxedd|c|b|a| to a testcase. On every man. Or men.

For there is scant hope to escape |athe high |bmeat carnageb| ofa| his or her semperidentity by subsisting |awhollya| upon variables. Bloody certainly |awe must see must we seea| that to it that down the gullies of the ages we are looking |aup foreworda| to what |ais willa| |anow shortlya| staring you in the |aface postfacea|. |aWe have to had them whether we like it or not. They had to have usa| So there was a raughty blank who in |aDyfflinstown Dyfflinsbjorga| did |adwell blanka| with his soddering iron |ahammerlegs anda| |ablareaway spadeawaya|
{ms, 022}
|aand wherea| there was a |anaughty fair younga| who was playing |aa hera| game of and |ashe said said shea| |athat rowing you |brocky rockabyb|a| |awill you dibble in my boga| |ato hea| sod her in Ireland, |apaid the paved hera| way from |aMaidenhead Maizenheada| to Youghal. And that's how Humphrey held his own. Or show pon him now, in his hiphigh baresark! |aAnd Woman's the prey! |bRed spot's |cthe ascendaant his brow brand andc|b| Europe's the prey!a| Yon's |athis dalaky=kongs=by=og=blag=roggers=wag=gen=line the dal=akey=kongs=by=ogblag=roggers=waggen=line |b(|cblank Private judgersc|, change here for Looterstown! Onlyromans, keep your seats!)b|a| that |awed littlealp drew all |bfares ladiesb| pleasea| to our great metrollops. Leary, leary |aTwentytonleary Twentytunlearya|, he's working |asteady |bhard Kingsdownb|a| for his |aown orb'sa| extension. Look at him now |aa momentuma|, |aNow thata| his bridges are blown to babbyrags and by the lie lee of his |ajunipera| hulk |ain riding her upright on her orbita|
{ms, 023}
& the heave of his |ajunipera| arks in action, he's naval, I see. Poor little |abannshee tartanellea|, her teeth are chattering, the |aposition straita| she's in, the |aweight she bucks bulloge she bearsa|. Her |amouth smirka| is looking for behind |aat her heels for her hillsa|. By the queer quick twist of her |anightcap mobcapa| and the lift of her shift at random and the rate of her gate of going the pace, two |aa time worlds in onea| |ashe's hera| country I'm sure of. The field is down, the race is |atheirs their owna|, the |aGalleon Man |bGalleon manjovial jovial Manb|a| on his tricky brown nightmare. One to one bore one! The daughters|a, io, io,a| sleeps in peace, in peace, in peace. And the twinsons |aganymede, garrymore,a| turn in trot in trot in trot. But old |aPairymares Pairamerea| go it a gallop a gallop a gallop. One to one on.
{ms, 024}
O, O, her fairy |alamp setalitea|! |aThrowing Castinga| their shadows |aon toa| the blind. The man in the street can see the coming event. Photoflashing it far & wide. |aIt'll be known in all Urania soon. |bLike jealousjoy |chiding |dcowing titaningd|c| fear: like a rumour |crheanc| through the |carmy nightc|: like China's dragon snapping |cjaps japetsc|: like rhodagray up the east. |cSatyrdayboast besets phoebe's dearest.c|b|a| Here's the flood|a, anda| the flaxen flood |a|bearned by Cain |cforecast loostc| by Kainb|, |boutflanked by Ham inklored by Kamb|, |breordered by Patrick evaded by Paw |cKawdrig Kawdregc|b|, |bdelivered by Tristan ysold by Kriskanb|, blank by Patrick's dear blank by Karnell overagaina| that's to come over fightlittle tightlittle irryland. From the |adrop falla| of the fig to the judge's last post every |anight ephemerala| anniversary. While the |anight's parka| police |afile weeping |bgoes peelsb| peeringa| by to |asee the keep downa| morals |aof ina| county |aDublin |bbubbling Bubblingb|a|.

Kickickick. But she had to kick a laugh. At her old |astickinthemud stickintheblocka|. The way he was shoving his weight about |a|bOld like haleb| King Willowa|. At half past |akick quicka| in
{ms, 025}
the morming. And the lamp was all askew and asmoky wick in her. And she had to laugh, she had to kicker, |ato think too thicka| of the wick of |athe lamp |bhis herb| pixie's |blumph loomphb|a|, |alicking the smooky lickering up the smeechya| shiminey and her big |apig of a wickedy man |bslog coverpointb| of a wickeding |bman batterb|a| whenever she |alooked duckeda| behind |aher stumps after the |brising bounder'sb| ballsa| it tickled her |asore innings |bto such a pitchb|a| at |akickoclock in the morn kicksoclock in the morm, |begging him, legging |chim on before |dwith lubricationd|c| to scorch her faster, faster, you hig, you hog, you'll Magrath is my gigger, |che is, for blocking up my old Kent road, |dgoeasy, goeasy goeasyosey, cuppyd|, we'll both be caught in the slipsc| for fear he'd |ctyre &c| burst his |ctyre dunlopsc| or waken her borny barnies making his |cblanketbabies boobybabiesc|$i, square to leg,b| the game old merrimana| in his norsery shirty when |aholding her down treading her hump and down like a maiden |bclean bowledb| overa| with her |aface creasea| where the back of her |ahead punishmentsa| ought to be |aby |bwoman's womanishb| rightsa| when |akeeka| the |acock hena| in the Doran's |ayard shantyqueera| began |ato in aa| kikkery key to laugh it off the way she was woke |aadoodledoo |b|cfor his toc|b| doodledooa| by her gallows bird|a, |b964 not out |c965 not out ninehundred anddirtytoo not outc|b|,a| at all |acockerycock times long past conkerincocka| of the Morgans.
{ms, 026}

|aWell,a| We return |aauditors'a| thanks for their favours |anow dulya| received. |aHumphrey Humphrya| Hutch Hopegood |aSon & Companya| thanks |atighta| Anne Thynne for her contrectaction |atowards him topwards hisa| personel. We all |awella| unite thougtfullyº in rendering grace between loverepasts, begging your honour's pardon for |aexclusivea| portrait of Mr |avona| Tiplady, his recreation, appearing in |anew nexta| era's |aissues issuea| of |aThea| Neptune's |aAnnual Sun News Sent Centinel |b& Tritonville Lightowlerb|a| which never fails to |awith |bwellb| the widest circulation |bin roundb| the whole universea|. Thanks furthermore to |aMaster Mattress and Miss Glimshine |bneat Master Mattresson and modest Miss Glimshine modest Miss Glimshine and neat Master Mattressonb|a| who so kindly |aprofited profiteereda| their serwishes as strainbearer demysell of honour and|a, well, asa| strainbearer respectively. And a |aspecial little note of thanks tender cordialest brief nod of |bthankstender |cdankyshen |dchinchind| dankyshinc|b|a| to
{ms, 027}
|alittle the patienta| annula, |aasa| prevenient|a, by your leave,a| to this |aalla| such occasion, |adetachable &a| replaceable |a|bpittyshin |ctaktak (twos' intact)c|b|a| as the |aear auriclea| of Malthus and |aprometheana| paradonnerwetter, |a(|bpityshen pity shownb|)a| which first|a, |bwith your permission pray go, pray go,b|a| taught life's |alightning how lovelightning the waya| to well conduct itself, mercymercy, mercy beau & greatest mercy |a(good shot: only please don't mention it!)a|. |aComea| All ye goatfathers & groanmothers, |aalla come alla| ye pin markmakers & piledrivers, |aall ye laboursaving devisers & feel for him!a| |aCome all ye laboursaving devisers & chargeleyden dividends, firefenders, waterbutts, deal with hima| |avote for him!a| pay, pay, pay for it! All |aye sadhopesa| |aunborn inyeborna|, |athat |bisb| still life & death inyeborn,a| all ye |athe beings to notbe bounda| to be, to do and to suffer, every creature, everywhere, graciously feel for her.