Re-draft, October-November 1925, III§4P draft level 0+

MS British Library 47482a 19 Draft details

{ms, 019v}

Use they not|+, the small traders,+| abhors from him|+, the small traders,+| the |+ungendered+| thunderslog whose sbrogue |+kens kenneth+| no |+lordmade+| undersiding |+as how+| between |+the wifely wifely rule+| and |+the mansign mens conscia recti+|, |+|aprimale hemalea|+| man |+embracing women all umbracing towomen+| |+yet+| dropping his hitches |+|aas an |bhow likeb|a|+| |+a maidavale amaidavale+| oppersite orseriders in an idinh idinole. Ah, |+dearo tearo+|, |+dearo tearo+|, tear! |+And her illian! And his willium!+| I'm sorry! I'm sorry to say I saw!