2nd draft, October-November 1925, III§4Q draft level 1

MS British Library 47482a 48-51 Draft details

{ms, 047}

Humpovitch and
{ms, 048}

Humpenfeldt and Annuska, wedded in annastomoses by a groundplan of the placehunter, whiskered beau and donahbelle, who so shall separate fetters to new desire, repeals an act of union to unite in bonds of schismacy. Oyes! oyes! Withdraw your member. Closure. This chamber |1is adjourned stands abjourned1|. Such precedent is largely a cause to lack of collective |1continence continencies1| among Donnelly's orchard as lifelong the shadyside to Fairboothers' field. Humbo, lock your kekkle up! Anny, blow your wickle out! Tuck away the |1scramblecloth tablesheet1|!! You never wet the tea. And you may go rightoway back to your Aunty Dilluvia, Humphrey, after that.
{ms, 049}

Retire to rest without first disturbing your neighbour, mankind of every description. Others are as tired of themselves as you are. Let eachone learn to bore himself. It is strictly requested that no cobsmoking, spitting, pubchat, |1sparring wrastle1| rounds, coarse courting, smut etc will take place during those hours devoted to repose. |1Look behind before you strip.1| Never divorce in the bedding the glove that will give you away. Water |1not non1| to be discharged in grate or |1from ex1| window. After circumspection disrobe. A maid says nay but tells her mama: she, Kate Strong who does chores: this ignorant generally sweeps it out along with all the |1rather1| old corporation: the river then gets its due: |1hence thence1| those laundresses. Attention to it! Every |1ditch's1| dastard
{ms, 050}
|1in Dupeling1| will |1let us1| know |1about1|, if you have paid |1unread the mulctman1| by whether your rent is |1unread open to be foreclosed or |abacka| in your arrears1|. This is seriously meant. Ours is a homelet not a hothel.

That's right, old old one!

All in fact is soon as all of old right as |1anything anywas1|, in very old place. Were he, hwen scalded of that |1cock couverfowl1|, to beat the bounds by here at such a point as this is, with the caboosh on him upheld for thrushes' mistiles yet singing up his parasang: mean fathery eastend |1appleclery appulclery, old laddy he high hay1|: pollysigh patrolman Seekersun,
{ms, 051}
|1crumbling crumlin1| quiet down from his hoonger, he would |1perceive no mac siccar of inkit1| goodsforetombed ershiningem of light turkling eitherany of thuncle's windopes. More, |1unless he were neverso wrongtaken1| if he brought his boots to pause in peace, the one beside the other one, right on the road, he would seize no sound from cache or cave beyond the flow of wand was gypsing water telling him now, telling him all, all about ham and livery, stay and toast ham in livery and buttermore with murmurladen to waker oats for ham on livery. Right! Or wind then mong them treen.