1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4R draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 8-9 Draft details

{ms, 008v}

Let's see. See |ayou yewsa|. All |aseeing see, sawa| together. |aSirs? Hers?a| |aWhere which page Hymn Hima| saw |ahim hymna|. So and so. |aBuzz, |bShe, |cHiss, Hers,c|b|a| cease to cease. |aKindly turn the new leaves|b, thinningb| over, lisperingly. Cease to cease.a| |aBegin you, Rustle off now.a| Spake truth |ato thea| sooth |anone other folly volantya| |ato usa|. Were you there? |aWere we where? Where who were?a|

Were you there, holly and ivy, where you were when he? |aDid Gana| you climb |athe yona| creeper's |awall, cling wall? Clinga| to it, |aremember now |bmantling mantleb| hima|, the then Yule remember me. |aWhy were Werea| you in |athe youra| prickly hedges, redcoat |arobin robinsa|, roundface chumberries? Answer by your numbers |a1 to 3a|. Were you there, in the eyeful hollow |ain hollow deeping |bin deeping laneb|a|? |aHaze!a| We |aonly had had onlya| |ahalfa| a hazelight |ato see, me & my auxy|b, Jim Darcy,b|a| hadn't we, jimmy, it was him|a, no kidding,a| |agave stooda| us |amountjoysa| |a|bten nuttyb|a| woodbines, |afree,a| |amy rarea| |aSish!a| old honeysuckler, that's what |amy young lady here, that's Fred |bWatkinsb| all the way from blank, jock,a| |aour nutty john our john, he was,a| calls him, when |awe sort of gathered he was in sugar,a| he puts |ausa| a |acertaina| question touching whether the |apark phoenixa| rangers were they where |aforgiving hisa| trespassing |aon their dutya|. |aPees!a| the gentleman who passed us, |aonea| a Mr Beardall, a burgomaster, after which, notwithstanding it was low visibility, we had seen all we desired only our jimmy, he's a roman,
{ms, 009}
says, |aSpiss!a| let's spy on that old honeysuckler after His Corkiness Exexex paid for the 3 bottles of joy, and his |afine finoa| oloroso. Following idly, what did you see? |aHollymorry, ivysad Holymerry, iveysad, were you there?a| Nobody's here to hear, only trees, such as these, such as those waving there, the Barketree, |athea| O'Brientree, the Rowantree, |athea| O'Corneltree, all the trees of the wood that trembold, humbild, when they |aread hearda| the stoppress |ain the |bto fromb| theira| Someday's Herold.