2nd draft, October-November 1925, III§4R draft level 1

MS British Library 47482a 51-54 Draft details

{ms, 051}

Sis! Letsee. Seeyews. All see, saw together. Hers? Saw hymn so and sole. His? Sister, cease. Kindly turn anew leaves thinling over, lisperingly.
{ms, 052}
Leave sis to cease. Spake us sooth, folly volanty! Rustle low, now! Were you there? Where who were?

Where you there, holly and ivy, where you there when he? Gan you climb yon creeper's wall? Cling to it, mantle him, when fall the leaves then yule remember. Were you in your |1prickly prickling1| hedges, redcoat robins, roundface chumberries? Were you hid in eyeful hollow by hollow deeping down deeping lane? Answer by your numbers, one to three. |1Number one.1|

|1Haze! Hiss!1| |1Which1| We had only a hazelight to see with |1|afrom ina| our point of view1|sin with — me and my auxy, Jimmy Darcy, hadn't we, jimmy? — |1Who1| sinned with. |1Kiss!1| No kidding, he stood us good |1as before1| mountjoys and nutty woodbines, |1|aand |bin the |csnug ofc| Cambridge Arms |csnuggeryc|b| whicha| he said |ahis standpoint was |bto blucher himb|a| he had no class |aat all being a refugee,a| in |agood port and cementeda| palships,1| didn't he, jimmy? — |1Who1| joybought pains. Sish! Honeysuckler, that's what my young lady here, that's
{ms, 053}
Fred Watkins all the way from old Natal calls him, when he puts his certain question |1— what was it, jimmy? —1| |1have you many1| sinnerettes to declare? Phiss! Touching our phoenix rangers |1nuisance1|, were they forgiving up his |1fogging1| trespasses, as we |1gathered foregathered1| he was |1raw1| in sugar, the party |1jimmy, no?1| — tristesse against me. Briss! That's him |1achewing |aofa| his gummy tempting gum1| |1Mr Mista1| Beardall, a |1accompliced1| burgomaster, who |1said he told us privates |aout of his own |bscentedb| moutha|1| he used to was, |1before this Wine act |acame comea|,1| what say, our jimmy? — fear |1allmaster all masters1|. Spiss! Hi, Jocko, she says, my fred, let's spy on honeysuckler after His Corkiness |1paid lay1| down |1three 21| bottles of joy |1including a shandy had by Fred,1| and a fino oloroso he was having, that right, jimmy |1boy1|? — dolorosus, dolor meus.

Following idly |1just at dewpoint1|, what did you see? Holymerry, iveysad, were you there? |1|aWas it snow, snow and snow? Or did |bit fallb| rain |bspillb|.a| Or a mean amount of cloud?1| Mizpah low |1number one, in deep humidity1|. There's noel |1like him1| here to hear. Tris! Only trees, such as these, such as those waving there, the Barketree, the O'Briertree, the Rowantree, the O'Corneltree, the Behanbush of Windy
{ms, 054}
Arbour, the Magill O'Dendron More. Trem! All the trees in the wood that trembold, humbild, when they heard the stop press from Domday's Erewold.