Re-draft, October-November 1925, III§4R draft level 1+

MS British Library 47482a 49-51 Draft details

{ms, 049v}

Hiss! Which we had only our hazelight to see with in our point of view, me and my auxy, Jimmy D'Arcy, hadn't we, Jimmy? — who to sin with? Kiss! No kidding which he stood us first a couple of mountjoys and nutty woodbines in the snug at the Cambridge Arms which he said his standpoint was to belt and blucher him afore the hole pleading churchale but he made no class at all in port and cemented palships between our trucers, being a refugee, didn't he, Jimmy? — blank Sish! Honeysuckler that's what my young lady here, Fred Watkins, all the ways from Melmoth in Natal, she calls him when he commit his certain question, which it was on a point of our sutton down, how was it, Jimmy? — who has sinnerettes to declare? Phiss! Touching our phoenix rangers nuisance were they forgiving up their fogging trespasses by order which we foregathered he must be raw in cane sugar, the party, no, Jimmy MacCawthelick? — who trespass against me? Briss! That's him wiv his wig on,
{ms, 050v}
achewing of his maple gum, that's Mistah Beardall, an accompliced burgomaster, which he told us privates out of his own scented mouf he used to was afore this Wineact come, what say, our Jimmy the chapelgoer? — Who fears all masters! Spiss! Hi, Jocko Nowlong, my own sweet boosy love, which he puts a feeler to me behind beggars bush, does Freda, don't you be an emugee. We must spy a half and half a hind on Honeysuckler now his old face's off his guard and hardalone with his defences down durin weapon stillstand, says Fred, and Jemassine here which she simply must, she says, she'll do a retroussy from her point of view (way you fly! like a frush!) to keep her flouncies off the grass while paying the wetmenots a musichall visit and pair her fiefighs fore him after His Corkiness lay up 2 bottles of joy with a shandy had by Fred and a fino oloroso which he was warming to, my right, Jimmy, my old
{ms, 051v}
brown freer? — whose dolors mine.

Following idly up to seepoint, how did you dew? Hollymerry, iveysad, whicher and whoer, were you there? Was truce of snow, moonmounded snow? Or did wolken hang o'er earth, in umber hue, his fulmenbomb? Number two coming! Full inside! Was glimpsed the mean amount of cloud? Or did pitter rain spill in a sprinkling? Tingle Tom, pull the bell, Izzy's busy down the dell! Mizpah low, youyou, number one, in deep humidity! Listen, misled peerless, please! You are, of course. You miss him so. to listleto. Of course, there's no-one noel like him here to hear.