1st draft, October-November 1925, III§4T draft level 0

MS British Library 47482a 6-8 Draft details

{ms, 007v}

How did he amass the balance he has at the bank? That is everybody's secret. Simply by repeated failures. First he |awas confiscated wandered |bfor a changeb| out of his |bhealthswept home farmer's healthb| and lost his ways backa|: then |a|bby accident accidentallyb| |bflames flamersºb| |bburst |cbroke |dran straggledd|c|b| |bout of wildb| his |bpretentorium parsonfiredb| wicket in |bthe allb| shapes of striplings in |bsleepingsuits sleepless |csuits tightsc|b|:a| a pipe broke |aout on overa| his |atemporala| premises |ashortly promptlya| after, |athe main burst & misflooded his fortunes, a main chanced to burst, misflooding his fortunes, |x&º wrothing foulplay over his |afinea| poultry yard wherein it left a bare two of a feather or wading room only:x| |b&º in time finishing up his fortunesb|a| then |aafter due reflotationa| |acame a got up 4a| hooligans gale & scattered his |aplateglassa| walls |a& halfseta| slates of |aall his cooked a/cs the a/cs he was cookinga|. O, never again, unread |asaid the swore ata| Lloyd's. |anot for beaten wheat. |bYour ear that's? Pepep paidup policier.b|a|
{ms, 006v}
After, three buglers |aburgled crossburgleda| him, later on |ain the same |bafternoon evening of the same dayb|a|, two hussites absconded |a|bfrom him through a breach in his bylawsb|a| & left him|a, the infidels,a| without a character till, ultimately, |aas camea| the crowning |astraw barleystrawa| when an explosium of his distilleries |adeafeyed deafandumpeda| all his |adry |bdumb dryb|a| goods down to his |aoldtime dry drytimea| sinflute and |aleft |bdumped leftb|a| him, |aall that whata| remains of a heptarch, weeping worrybound on his bankrump. |aPopop pay bearer at foot of ohoho honest policy.a| |aNotwithstanding withstandinga| he was |amorea| preferable to both of his thrownfolwers: |aShem Jeebiesa|, |augh,a| that was an ill man. |aShaun |bJawboss Jawbooseb|a|, |asure for sure,a| |athat thisa| is |aa onea| sweet man|a, puddigood,a| but, bagdad, sir, Homofree, that would be |ayour one'sa| chogfuld |aman & hallowmost championed enkelmanna|.