Re-draft, October-November 1925, III§4T draft level 0+

MS British Library 47482a 4-5 Draft details

{ms, 005v}

|+We know him |anow unread by rotea| |anow at lasta| |athe covenantera| |afor a chameleon at leasta| in his |afine |btrue false heaven truefalseheavenb|a| colours, for the from ultraviolent to |asubredtition subredtissuesa|. That's his last tryon to march to the grand triumphal arch. Ergo His |areign, reignbolt's shot!a| never again!+|

1. sickness

2. fire

3. flood

4. storm

5. burglary

6. encroachment

7. explosion

How did he bank it up, a guinea by a groat, his |+unread in finger on+| the balance & his wealth into the bargain? |+unreadly to fall or |aunreadly Humblya| to fall & cheaply to rise+| |+A triumph An exposition+| of failure. First |+for a |asuddena| change |aof a seven days' licencea|+| he wandered out of his farmer's health and |+lost left far behind him+| his early parishlife: then |+accidentally occidentally+| |+six junelooking+| flamers straggled wild |+out of their turns+| through his parsonfired wicket |+in showing+| all shapes of striplings in sleepless tights: promptly |+after whom whom after+| in undated times |+properly a dozen generations anterior to themselves+| a main chanced to burst & |+thus+| misflooded his fortunes, wrothing foulplay over |+his fives' court and+| all his fine poultryyard wherein |+it were+| spared a |+bare just+| two of a feather |+or with+| wading room only: next, upon due reflotation, up |+lifted started+| 4 hurricane gales to |+disperse smithereen+| his plateglass walls and the slate accounts his keeper was cooking: then there came three buglers who counterswindled and crossburgled him: later on in the same evening two hussyites absconded through a breach in
{ms, 004v}
his bylaws and left him, the infidels, to pay himself off in kind |+remembrances+|: till, ultimately, fell the crowning barleystraw when an explosium of his distilleries deafandumped all his dry goods down to his |+most+| favoured sinflute & dropped him, what remains of a heptarch, weeping worrybound on his bankrump. Pepep pay bearer |+sure & sorry+| at foot of ohoho honest |+policier policiest+|. O never again, swore on him Lloyd's, not for beaten wheat. |+How do+| You |+got that like that |aMister Mista Chimepiecea|+|? |+You got nice yum |apremiums premyumsa|.+| |+Praypay prepaid premishles. Praypaid my promishles.+| Agreed|+, sake of arguments,+| he was chogfulled of foxholed cunningmesses: |+but who was+| the firmest of the firm after all. What followed, for |+example apprentice' sake+|? Jeebies, ugh, |+kek, ptah,+| that was an ill man. Jawboose, puddigood, that is for |+sure true+| one |+sweet man sweetish mand.+| But, bagdad, sir, Jumbluffor that would be |+for a once over+| |+one hallowed christmastide eastersman all halloweared christmastype easteredmanx+|. last Who now breathes |+on down+|. The |+back nape+| of his partner's neck. After having done what he did. Worked out to the |+last |a10tha| unread of an+| ounce. |+While the quean he cockufied blesses her bliss for to feel her funnyman's functions rumbling.+|