Typescript, March-May 1926, III§4 draft level 3, 3'

MS missing; Buffalo X.B.73 Draft details

{f39, 555}
{f10, 432}

What was thass? Fog was whaas? Too mult sleepth. Let sleepth.

But really now whenabouts. Expatiate then how much times we live in! Yes?

So nat by night by naught by naket in those good old lousy days gone by (the days, shall we say?, of whom, shall we say?) while kinderwardens minded their twinsbed, (3there now they stood therenow theystood3), the sycomores, all four of them, (3in their quartan agues,º the majorchy, the minorchy, the everso and the fermentarian,º with their ballyhooric blowreaper,º titranicht by tetranoxst,3) at their pussycorners, and (3their that3) old time pallyollogass, playing copers fearsome, with Gus Walker, the cuddy, and his poor old dying boosy cough, esker, newcsle, saggard, crumlin, dell me, donk, the way to Wumblin, follow me beeline and you're bumblin, esker, newcsle, saggard, crumlin, and listening, so gladdied up when nicechild Kevin Mary (who was going to be commandeering chief of the choirboys' brigade the moment he grew up under all the auspices) irishsmiled in his milky way of cream dwibble and onage (3custard tustard3) and dessed (3cabbage tabbage3), but so frightied out when badbrat Jerry Godolphing (who was hurrying to be cardinal scullion in a night refuge as soon as he was cured enough under all the hospitals) furrinfrowned down his wrinkly waste of methylated spirits (3ick 3) and lemoncholy lees (3ick 3) and pulverised rhubarbarorum (3icky3):
{f39, 556}

night by silentsailing night while infantina Isobel (who will be blushing all day to be when she growed up one Sunday when she took the veil, the beautiful presentation nun, so barely twenty, in her pure coif, sister Isobel, and next Sunday, when she looked a peach, the bountiful Samaritan, still as beautiful and still in her teens, nurse (3Saintetteº3) Isabelle, with stiffstarched cuffs, but on holiday, christmas, easter mornings, when she wore a wreath, the wonderful widow of eighteen springs, Madame Isa Veuve La Belle, so sad but lucksome in her boyblue's long black with orange blossoming weeper's veil), for she was the only girl
{f10, 433}
they loved, as she is the queenly pearl you prize, because of the way the night that first we met she is bound to be — methinks, and not in vain — the darling of my heart, sleeping, in her april cot, within her singachamer, with her greengageflavoured candywhistle duetted to the crazyquilt, Isobel, she is so pretty, truth to tell, wildwood's eyes and primarose hair, quietly, all the woods so wild, in mauves of moss and daphnedews, how all so still she lay, neath of the whitethorn, child of tree, like some losthappy leaf, like blowing flower stilled, as fain would she anon, for soon again 'twill be, win me, woo me, wed me, ah weary me, deeply, now evencalm lay sleeping:

(3nox now3) upon nacht while in his tumbril watchman Havelook Seequeerscenes from yonsides of the choppy, punkt by his curserbog, went long the grassgross bumpinstrass that henders the pubbel to pass, sequestering for lovers' lost propertied offices the leavethings from allpurgers' night, og gneiss ogas gnasty, kikkers, brillers, knappers and bands, handshoon and strumpers, sminkysticks and eddiketsflaskers:

wan fine night and the next fine night and last fine night while Kathareen the Slop in her native's chambercushy was basquing to her pillasleep how she thawght a knogg came to the dowanstairs dour at that howr and dowandshe went to see was it sweeps or Shuhorn the posht with a tillycramp
{f39, 557}
for Hemself and Co, Esquara, and, glorybit of the Sanes in Hevel, there was a crick up the stairkiss and when she ruz the cankle to see, galohery, downandshe went on her knees to blessersef that were knogging together like milkjuggles as if it was old King Gander O'Toole of the Mountains or his googoo (3ghost goosth3) she seein, sliving off over the sawdust lobby out of the backroom, wan ter, that was everywans in turruns, in his honeymoon trim, holding up his fingerhat for her to whisht, you sowbelly, and the whites of his pious eyeballs swearing her to silence and coort: (3Inanimate hour, hug us avick, hug us in sperrit knavery, Man.3)

each and every juridical sessions night whenas goodmen twelve and true at Fox and Geese in their numbered habitations tried Old Wireless overboord in their juremembers and whereas by reverendum they found him guilty of their and those imputations of fornicolopulation with two of his |3'intercrural allbowcrural3'| correlations on whom he was said to have enjoyed by anticipation when schooling them in amown, mid grass, she sat, when man was, amazingly, frank, for their first conjugation, whose colours at standing up from the above were of a pretty carnation but, if really 'twere not so, of some
{f10, 434}
deretane denudation with intent to excitation, caused by his retrogradation, among firearmed forces proper to this nation but apart from all titillation which, he said, was under heat pressure and a good mitigation without which in any case he insists upon being worthy of continued alimentation for him having displayed, he says, such grand toleration, reprobate so noted and all as he was, with his washleather sweeds and his smokingstump, for denying transubstantiation nevertheless in (3respects to respect of3) his highpowered station, whereof more especially as probably he was meantime suffering genteel tortures from the best medical attestation, as he oftentimes did, having only strength enough, by way of festination, to implore or (I believe I might have said better) to complore with complete obsecration on everybody connected with him the curse of coagulation for, he tells me outside Sammon's in King Street after
{f39, 558}
two or three hours of close confabulation, by this pewterpint of Gilbey's goatswhey which is his prime consolation, if he was still extremely offensive to a score and four nostrils' dilatation still he was likewise, on the other side of him, for some eyes a delectation, as he asserts without the least alienation, so prays of his fault you would make obliteration but as for our friend behind the bars, though like Adam Findlater a man of high estimation, summing him up to be done, be what will of excess his exaltation, still we think with Sully there can be no right extinuation for contravention of common and statute legislation for which the fit remedy resides, for Mr Sully, in corporal amputation: so three months for Gubbs Jeroboam, the frothwhiskered pest of the park, as per act one, section two, schedule three, clause four of the fifth of King Jark, this sentence to be carried out tomorrowmorn by Nolans Volans at six o'clock shark, and may the yeastwind and the hoppinghail malt mercy on his seven honeymeads and his hurlyburlygrowth, Amen, says the |3'clerk: clarke:º3'|

niece by nice by neat by natty whilst mongst revery's happy gardens nine with twenty Leixlip yearlings had such a ripping time with gleeful cries of what is nice Toppingshaun made of made for and weeping like fun, him to be gone, for they were never happier, huhu, than when they were miserable, haha:

in their bed of trial, on the bolster of hardship, by the glimmer of memory, under coverlets of cowardice, his mace of might mortified, her beautyfell hung up on a nail, he, Ur of our Fathers, she, our moddereen rue arue arue, they, ay, by the hokypoker and brazier, they are, as sure as Dinny drops into the dyke …

A cry, off.
{f10, 435}

Where are we at all? And whenabouts in the name of space? I don't understand. I fail to see.

Scene and property plot. Interior of dwelling on outskirts
{f39, 559}
of city. Groove two. Ordinary bedroom set. Salmonpapered walls. Back centre, empty Irish grate. North, wall with window, practicable. No curtains. Blind drawn. South, party wall. Bed for two. Chair for one. Woman's garments on chair. Man's trousers with crossbelt braces, collar, on bedknob. Man's corduroy (3coat surcoatº3) with seapen nacre buttons(3, tabrets and tacesº3) on nail, wall right. Woman's gown on ditto, ditto left. Over mantelpiece picture of Michael, lance, slaying Satan, dragon with smoke. Small table near bed, front. Bed with bedding. Flagpatch quilt. Limes. Lighted lamp without globe, scarf, gazette, tumbler, quantity of water, (3julepot, ticker, side props, eventuals,3) man's gummy article, pink.

A time.

Act: dumbshow.


Man, with nightcap, in bed, fore. Woman, with curlpins, hind. Discovered. Side point of view. First position of harmony. Say! Eh? Ha! Check action. Matt! Male partly masking female. Domicy. Man looking round, beastly expression, fishy eyes, exhibits rage. Business. Ruddy blond, beer wig, gross build, episcopalian, any age. Woman, sitting, looks at ceiling, haggish expression, peaky nose, exhibits fear. Welshrabbit tint, turfi tuft, undersized, free kirk, no age. Closeup. Play!

Cry, off. (3Tabler.3) Her move.

By the sinewy forequarters of the mare Pocahontas, you should have seen how that smart sallowlass just hopped a nanny's gambit out of bunk like old Mother Mesopotomac and in eight and eight sixtyfour she was off, door, knightlamp with her, billy's largelimbs prodgering
{f39, 560}
after to queen's lead. Huff! His move. Blackout.

Shifting scene. Wall flats: sink and fly. Spotlight working wallcloths. Room to sink: stairs to sink behind room. Two pieces. Kaying after qeue. Replay.

The old humburgh looks a thing incomplete, so. It is so. But it will pawn up a fine head of porter when it is finished. The castle arkwright put in a chequered staircase, certainly. It has only one square step, to be steady, yet notwithstumbling are they stalemating (3upstairs backgammoner supstairsº by skips and trestles3) tiltop double corner. (3Game Whist while and gameº3).

Tell me something. The Porters, so to speak, are very nice people, are they not? Very. Mr Porter (Bartholomew, heavy man, astern, mackerel shirt) is an excellent forefather and Mrs Porter (leading lady, apoopahead, saffronbun nightdress) is a most kindhearted messmother. They care for nothing except everything (3that3) is allporterous. Isn't that nice of them? You can ken that they come of a rarely old family by their costumance. I think I begin to divine so much. (3Only snakkestº me truesome! I stone us I'mº hable.3)
{f39, 561}

(3To reachy a skeer do! Still hoyhra, till venstraº!3) Here are two rooms on the upstairs, at (3forkflanks forkflank3) and at knifekanter. Whom in the wood are they for? Why, for little porter babes to be saved! (3Here is onethingº you owed two noeº.3) This one once upon awhile was the other but this is the other one nighadays. Ah so? (3The Corsicos?º3) They are numerable. Guest them! Who sleeps in now number one, for example? A pussy, (3for example purr exemple3). How sweet of her! Has your pussy a name? Yes, indeed, and she is named Buttercup. How very sweet of her and what an excessively lovecharming missyname to forsake, now that I come to drink of it filtred, a gracecup fulled of bitterness. She is dadad's lottiest daughterpearl and brooder's cissiest auntybride. Would one but to do apart a lilybit her virginelles and, so, to breath, so, therebetween, behold, she had instant with her hand made as to graps the myth inmid the air. Mother of moth! I will to show |3'on her herword3'| in flesh. Approach not, for ghost sake! It is dormition! Alone? Alone what? I mean does she do asleep with herself? Pussy is never alone for she can always look at Biddles and talk petnames with her little
{f39, 562}
playfilly when she is sitting downy on the ploshmat. O, she talks, does she? Marry, how? Ah Biddles es ma plikplak. Ah plikplak (3well wed3) ma Biddles. A nice jezebel |3'baritonette barytinette3'| she will gift but I much prefer her missnomer in maidenly golden lasslike gladsome wenchful flowery girlish beautycapes. So do I, much. (3She promises beautifully if Wilfred comes , her Trinity boy, while he wears his black satin neptunes . Have no fear for our ladykin!3) She will blow ever so much more promisefuller, blee me, than all the other common marygales that romp round (3Brigid's school brigid's school3), charming Carry Whambers or saucy Susy Maucepan or merry Anna Patchbox or silly Polly Flinders. Platsch! A plikaplak.

And who (3sleeps doezº3) in (3room sleeproomº3) number twobis? The twobirds. O, I see! Of what age are your birdies? They are to come of twinning age so soon as they may be born. They are? And they seem to be so tightly tattached as two maggots to touch other, I think I notice, do I not? You do. Our bright bull babe, Frank Kevin, is on heartsleeveside. Do not you waken him! He is happily to sleep with his lifted in blessing like the blissed angel he looks so like and his mou is semiope as though he were blowdelling on a bugigle. By gorgeous, that boy will blare some knight when he will take his dane's pledges. That keen dean with his veen nonsolance! O, I adore the profeen music! He is too audorable really! I guess to have seen somekid like him in the storybook, guess I met somewhere somelamb to whom he will be becoming liker. But hush! How unpardonable of me! I beg you for your venials, sincerely I do.
{f39, 563}

Hush! The other, twined on codliverside, has been crying in his sleep. What a teething wretch! Here are posthumious tears on his intimelle. And he has pipettishly bespilled himself from his foundingpen. He is jem job joy pip paa pat ((3drat drap3) um (3for a sobrat3)!) Jerry Jehu. You will know him by names in the capers but you cannot see whose heel he sheepfolds in his wrought hand because I have not told it to you. He will be quite within the pale when he vows him to be of the sir blake tribes. Bleak! Are you not somewhat bulgar with your bowels? Whatever do you mean with sour bleak? With pale blake I write inkhorn. O, you do? And with steelwhite and blackmail I scent for my sweet an anemone letter. So you did? From the Cat and Cage. O, I see and see. You never may know in the preterite all perhaps that you would not believe that you ever even saw to be about to. Perhaps. But they are two very nice little portereens after their bredscrums as for my part opinion indeed. They would be born so, costarred, the maryboy at the Donnybrook fair, the godolphinglad in the Hoey's court. What folly innocents! I will to leave my copperwise blessing between the pair of them, for rosengorge, for (3greenatooth greenafang3). So you be either man or mouse and you be neither fish nor flesh. Take. And take. Adieu, soft adieu, for these nice presents, kerryjevin! Still tosorrow!
{f39, 564}

Jeminy! What is the view which now takes up a second position of discordance, tell it, please? Mark! You notice it in that rereway because the male entail partially eclipses the (3famcovert femecovert3). It is so called for its discord the meseedo. Do you ever heard the story about Helius Croesus, that white and gold Elephant in our zoopark? You astonish me by it. Is it not that we are commanding from fullback, woman permitting, a profusely fine birdseye view from beauhind this park? Finn his park has been much the admiration of all the stranger ones, greekish and romanos, who arrive to here. The straight road down the centre (see relief map) bisexes the park which is said to be the largest of his kind in the world. On the right prominence confronts you the handsome viceregal lodge while, turning to the other supreme piece of cheeks, exactly opposite, you are confounded by the equally handsome chief secretary's residence. Around is a little amiably tufted and man is cheered when he bewonders through the boskage how the nature in all frisko is enlivened by gentlemen's seats. Listeneth! 'Tis a tree story. (3How olave, that firile, was aplantad in her liveside. How tannoboom held tonobloom. How rood in norlandes.3) The black and blue marks athwart the weald, which now barely is so stripped, indicate the prepresence of sylvious beltings. (3Nilobstant Therewithal3) shady rides lend themselves out to rustic cavalries. Any pretty dears are to be caught inside but it is a bad pities of the plain. A scarlet pimparnell now mules the mound where anciently first murders were wanted to take root. Hystorical leavesdroppings may also be garnered up with Sir Shamus Swiftpatrick, archfieldchaplain of Saint Lucan's. How familiar it is to see all those interesting advenements with one anaked's eyes. Is all? Yet not. At the bodom fundus of this royal park, which is open to the public, do not fail to point to yourself a depression called Holl Hollow. It is often quite guttergloomering and gives wankyrious thoughts to the head but the band of the pentapolitan policeforcers bassoons into it on windy Woodensdays their wellbooming wolvertones. Wolf us! Wolf us!

Why do you begin to tremble by our moving pictures at this moment when I am to place my hand of our true friendshapes upon thy knee to mark well what I say? Thou sayest? In Amsterdam there
{f10, 440}
lived a … But how? You are tremblotting like a verry jerry! Not? To feel, you! Yes, how it tremules, the timid!! (3Vortigern, ah Gortigern! Overlord of Mercia!º Or doth brainskin flinchgreef? Stemming!º 'Tisº jest jibberweek's joke.3) It must have stole! O, keep silence, both! I have heard her voice somewhere else's before me in these ears still that now are for mine.

You were dreamend, dear! The pawdrag? The fawthrig? Shoo! Hear are no phanthares in the room at all(3, avikkeenº3). No bad (3big3) fauthern, dear one. (3Opop opop capallo, muy malinchily malchick!3) Gothgorodfather godown fallaway tomollow the lucky load to Lublin for make his thoroughbass grossman's bigness. Take that two piecee big slap slap bold hinty bottomside pap pap pappa!

Li ne dormis?

S! Malbone dormas.

Kial li krias nokte?

Parolas infanete. S!

Sonly all in your imagination, dim! Poor little brittle magicnations, dim of mind! Shoo to me now, dear! Shoom of me! While elvery stream winds eeling on for to keep this barrel of bounty rolling.

When you're coaching through Lucalizod, on the sulphur spa to visit, it's safer to hit than miss it. Stop at his inn! The hammers are telling the cobbles, the pickts are hacking the saxums, it's snugger to burrow abed than ballot on broadway. Tuck in your
{f39, 566}
blank! For it's race pound race the hosties rear all roads to ruin and layers by lifetimes laid down riches from poormen. Cried onions to chip, saltpetre to strew, gallpitch to drink, stonebread to break, but it's bully to gulp good blueberry pudding. Doze in your warmth. While the elves in the moonbeams, feeling why, will keep my lilygem gently gleaming.

In the sleepingchambers. The court to go into half morning. The four seneschals with their palfrey to be there now, all balaaming, in the cedarmores and sharping up their peniscils. The boufeither Soakersoon at holdup tentstickor. The swabsister Katya to have duntalking and to keep shakenin dowan her droghedars. Those twelve chief barons to stand by with their folded arums and put down all excursions and false alarums and after that to go back now to their runameat farums and recompile their magnum chartarums with the width of the road between them and all (3harrum harrums3). The maidbrides all, in favours gay, to strew sleety
{f10, 441}
cinders on their falling hair and for wouldbe joybells to ring sadly ringless hands. The dame dowager to stay kneeled down how she is, as first mutherer with cord in coil. The two princes of the tower royal, daulphin and devlin, to lie how they are without to see. The dame dowager's duffgerent to present (3truncheon wappon 3) and about wheel without to be seen of them. The infanta Isabella from her coign to do obeisance toward the duffgerent, as first futherer with drawn brand. Then the court to come into full morning. Herein see ye fail not!

Vidu, porkego! Ili vi rigardas! Returnu, porkego maldelikato!

Hummels! That crag! Those hullocks! What have you therefore? I fear lest we have lost ours respecting these wildy parts. How shagsome all and beastful! What do you show on? I show because I must see before my (3mayfortune misfortune3) so a stark pointingpole. Can you read the verst legend hereon? To the Dunleary
{f39, 567}
Obelisk via the Rock what myles knots furlongs: to the General's Post Office howsands of patience: to the Wellington Memorial half a league wrongwards: to Sara's Bridge good hunter and nine to meet her: to the Point, one yeoman's yard. He, he, he! At what do you leer? I leer because I must see a buntingcap of so a pinky on the poink! It is for a true glover's greeting and many burgesses by us uses to pink it in this way. Do you not have heard that (3the King,º the queen lying abroad,º her king 3) shall come tomorrow, Michaelmas? He shall come by Jubilarian with — who can doubt it? — his golden beagles and his white elkox terriers for a hunting on our littlego illcome faxes. Meynhir Mayour, our boorgomaister, in best bib and tucker, surrounded of his full coorporation (3and all our pueblos,3) shall receive Dom King at Broadstone Barrow with a keys of goodmorrow on to his pompey cushion. It will give piketurns on the Tummliplads and crosshurdles and dollmanovers and vicuvious pyrolyphies at darkfall for our fancy ladies. You do not have heard? I have heard anyone tell it jesterday (3that how3) one should come on morrow here but it is never here today. Well, but remind you that it is always tomorrow in (3another an other3) place.
{f10, 444}

(33) True! True! Is rich Mr Pornter always in his such strong health? I thank you for the best, he is exceedingly herculaneous. One sees how he is lot stroutlier than of formerly. One would say him to hold whole a litteringture of kidlings under his aproham. He! Has handsome Mr Pournter always been so long married? O yes, Mr Pournterfamilias has been marryingman ever since so long time and, yes indeed, he has a mic son and his two fine mac sons and a superfine mick they mack metween them. She, she, she! But on what do you again leer? I am not leering, I pink your pardons! I am highly she she sherious.

Do you not must want to go somewhere on the present? Yes, O pity! Here we shall do a far walk (O pity!) till the number one of Sairey's place. I want you to admire her sceneries illustrationing our national rout, one ought ought one. Do not show ever retrorsehim till that you become quite crimstone in the face! Beware! Guardafew! I am anxious in regard you should overthrown your sillarsalt.
{f39, 571}
These brilling streamlines! Please say me how sing you them. They arise from a clear springwell in the near of our park which makes the |3'blind to see deaf to hear3'| all blind. How it is clear! And how they cast their spells upon, the leaves that thereup float, the bookstaff branchings! Do you can their tantrist spellings? I can spell. Elm, bay, this way, cull dare, take a message, tawny runes ilex sallow, meet me at the pine. Yes, they shall have brought us to the watertrysting then here in another place is their chapelofeases, sold for song, of which you have thought my praise too much my price. O ma ma! Sell me, my soul dear! Ah, my sorrowful, his cloister dreeping of his monkshood, how it is triste to death, all his dark ivytod! Yet see, my blanching kissabelle, in the under close she is all so gay, her kirtles green, her curtsies white, her peony pears, her nistlingsloe! O, pipette, I must also quicklingly to tryst myself softly into this little easechapel! But, I pray, make so! Do your easiness! O, ppeace, this is heaven! O, Mr Pouringtoher, whatever shall I pppease to do? Why do you so sigh, my precious, as I hear from you, after that swollen one? I am not sighing, I assure, but only I am soso sorry about all in my (3Sara's place sarasplace3).
{f10, 445}
Listen, listen! I am doing it. Hear more to those voices! Always I am hearing them. Hoarsehem coughs enough. Annshee lispes privily.

— He is quieter now.

— Legalentitled. Accesstopartnzz. (3Notwildbeestsch. Notwildbreestsch.3) Byrightofcaptz. Twainbeoneflesh. Haveandholdpp.

— S! Let us go. Make a noise. Slee …

— Obstructionwayszz. Beautofusion. Claimtopossessk.

— Qui... The li...

— Huesofrichunfoldingmorn. Wakenupriseandprove. Provideforsacrifice.

— Wait! Hist! Let us list!

For our netherworld's bosomfoes are working tooth and nail overtime: in earthveins, toadcavities, cheeseganglions, saltklosters,
{f39, 572}
underfed: nagging firenibblers knocking afterman up out of his hinterclutch. Tomb be their tools. When the youngdammers will be soon heartpocking on their betters' doornoggers: and the youngfries will be backfrisking diamondcuts over their lyingin underlayers, spick and spat trowelling a gravetrench for their fourinhand forebears. Vote for your club!

— Wait!

— What?

— Her door!

— Ope?

— See!

— What?

— Careful!

— Who?

Honuphrius is a concupiscent exserviceman who makes dishonest propositions to all. He is considered to have committed simple infidelities with Felicia, a virgin, and to be practising for unnatural coits with Eugenius and Jeremias, two philadelphians. Honuphrius, Felicia, Eugenius and Jeremias are consanguineous to the lowest degree. Anita, the wife of Honuphrius, has been told by her tirewoman, Fortissa, that Honuphrius has confessed under voluntary chastisement that he has instructed his slave Mauritius, a widower, to facilitate their neighbour Magravius, a commercial emulous of Honuphrius, to solicit the chastity of Anita. Anita is informed by some illegitimate children
{f10, 446}
of Fortissa with Mauritius that Gillia, the (3schismatical3) wife of Magravius, is visited clandestinely by Barnabas, the advocate of Honuphrius, an immoral person who has been corrupted by Jeremias. Gillia(3,º ex equo with Poppea, Arancita, Clara,
{f39, 573}
Marinuzza, Indra and Iodina,º
3) has been tenderly debauched by Honuphrius, and Magravius knows from spies that Anita has formerly committed double sacrilege with Michael, (3vulgo Cerularius,3) a perpetual curate who wishes to seduce Eugenius. Magravius threatens to have Anita molested by Sulla, (3a an orthodox3) savage (and leader of a band of twelve mercenaries, the Sullivani) who desires to procure Felicia for Gregorius, Leo, Vitellius and Macdugalius, four excavators, if she will not yield to him and also deceive Honuphrius by rendering conjugal duty when demanded. Anita, who claims to have discovered incestuous temptations from Jeremias and Eugenius, would yield to the lewdness of Honuphrius to appease the savagery of Sulla and the mercernariness of the twelve Sullivani and to save the virginity of Felicia for Magravius, when converted by Michael after the death of Gillia, but she fears that by allowing his marital rights she may cause reprehensible conduct between Eugenius and Jeremias. Michael, who has formerly debauched Anita, dispenses her from yielding to Honuphrius who pretends publicly to possess his conjunct in thirtynine several manners (turpiter!) for carnal hygiene whenever he has rendered himself impotent to consummate by subdolence. Anita is disturbed, but Michael comminates that he will reserve her case tomorrow for the ordinary Guglielmus even if she should practise a pious fraud during affrication which, from experience, she knows to be leading to nullity. Fortissa, however, is encouraged by Gregorius, Leo, Vitellius and Magdugalius(3, reunitedly,º3) to warn Anita by describing the strong chastisements of Honuphrius and the depravities (turpissimas!) of Canicula, the deceased wife of Mauritius, with Sulla(3, theº simoniac,º3) who (3isº abnegand and3) repents. Has he hegemony and shall she submit?

This is perhaps the commonest of all cases in our courts of litigation. D'Oyly Owens holds that so long as there is a joint deposit account in the two names a mutual obligation is posited. Owens cites Brerfuchs and Warren, a foreign firm registered as Tangos, Limited, for the sale of certain proprietary articles. The action, which was at the instance of the
{f10, 447}
trustee of the Heathen Church Emergency fund(3, suing by its trustee, a resigned civil servant,3) for the payment of tithes due, was heard by Judge Doyle and also by a common jury. No question arose as to the debt for which vouchers spoke volumes. The defence alleged that payment had been made effective. The fund trustee, one Jucundus Fecundus Xero Pecundus (3Copperchap Coppercap3), counterclaimed that payment was invalid, having been tendered to creditor under cover of a crossed cheque, signed in the ordinary course, in the name of Wieldhelm, hurls cross, and drawn by the senior partner only by whom the lodgment of the species had been effected but in their joint names. The bank particularised, the National Misery (now almost entirely in the hands of the four chief bondholders for value in Tangos, Limited), declined to pay the draft, though there were ample reserves to meet the liability, whereupon the trusty Coppercheap negotiated it for and on behalf of the fund of the thing to a client of his, a notary, from whom, on consideration, he received in exchange legal relief as between trusthee and bethrust, with thanks. Since then the cheque, a good washable pink, embossed D you D no 11 hundred and thirty 2, good for the figure and face, had been circulating in the country for over thirtynine years among holders of Pango stock, a rival concern, though not one demonetised farthing had ever spun or fluctuated across the counter in the semblance of hard coin or liquid cash. The jury (a sour dozen of stout fellows all of whom were curiously named after Doyles) naturally disagreed, jointly and severally, and the belligerent judge, disagreeing with the allied jurors' disagreement, went outside his jurisfiction altogether and ordered a garnishee attachment to the neutral firm. No mandamus could locate the depleted Whilom Breyfawkes as he had entered into an
{f39, 575}
ancient moratorium, dating back to the times of the early barters, and only the junior partner Barren could be found, who turned up among the male jurors, an obsolete turfwoman originally from the proletarian class with still a good title to her sexname of Ann Doyle, 2 Coppinger's Cottages, the Doyle Country. Doyle (Ann), having regretfully left the jurybox, protested cheerfully on the stand in a long jurymiad in re corset checks, delivered in Doylish, that she had often, in supply to brusk demands rising almost to bollion point, discounted Mr Brakeforth's first of all in exchange at nine months from date without issue and, to be strictly literal, unbottled (3in corrubberationº3) a current account of how she had been made at sight for services rendered the payee-drawee of unwashable blank assignations, sometimes (3pinkwilliam pinkwilliams3) (laughter) but more often of the rubbergrey
{f10, 448}
series, which she, as bearer, used to endorse, adhesively, to her various payers-drawers who in most cases were identified by the timber papers as wellknown tetigists of the city and suburban. Coppinger's doll, as she was called, then proposed for her satisfaction and as a whole act of settlement to reamalgamate herself, tomorrow perforce, in pardonership with the permanent suing fond trustee, Monsignore Pepigi, under the new style of Will Breakfast and Sparrem, as he seemed to proffer the steadiest interest towards her, but this prepoposal was ruled out on appeal by Judge Jeremy Doyler who, reversing the findings of the lower court, found that, as a matter of tact, the woman they gave as free was born into contractual incapacity when, how and where Mamy's Mancipium Act did not apply and therefore held supremely that, as no property in law can exist in a corpse, Pepigi's pact was pure piffle (loud laughter) and Wharrem could whistle for the rhino. Will you, won't you, tango with Pepigi? Not for, Nancy, how dare you do! And whew whewwhew whew.

— He sighed in sleep.

— Let us go back.

— Lest he forewaken.

— Hide ourselves.

While hovering dreamwings, folding round, will hide from fears my wee nee mannikin, keep my big wig long strong man of men, guard my bairn, mon beau.

— To bed!

Projector and giant builder of all causeways woesoever, hoppingoffpoint and true terminus of straxstraightcuts and corkscrewn perambuloops, zeal whence to goal whither, wanderlust, in sequence to which every muckle must make its mickle, as different as York from Leeds, being the only wise in a muck's world to look on itself from beforeland; mirrorminded curiositease and would-to-the-large which bring hills to molehunter, home through first husband, perils behind swine and
{f10, 449}
horsepower down to hungerford, prick this man and tittup this woman, our forced payrents, lame of his ear and gape of her leg, most correctingly, we beseach of you, down their laddercase of nightwatch service and bring them at suntime flush with the nethernmost gangday of their stepchildren: guide them through the labyrinth of their semilikes and the alteregoases of their pseudoselves: hedge them bothways from all roamers whose names are ligions, from loss of bearings deliver them; so they kreep to their rights and be ware of dutyfrees: this prime white arsenic and mate alloyed, mortal sin with peccadilly, Hodinstag on |3'Friggabet Fryggabet3'|, baron and feme: that he may dishcover her, that she may uncouple him, that none may come and crumple them, that they may soon recoup themselves: now and then, time on time again, as per periodicity: via mala, hyber pass, heckhisway per alptrack: through lands vague and vain, after many mandelays: in their first case, to the next place, till their cozenkerries: the high and the by, both pent and plain: be they whacked to the wide other tied to husthings: long sizzleroads neath arthurseat, him to the derby, her to toun; in the grounds or unterlinnen: rue to lose and ca'canny: at shipside, by convent garden: monk and sempstress, in sackcloth silkily: curious dreamers, curious dramas, curious demon, plagiast dayman, playajest dearest, plaguiest dourest: for the strangfort planters are prodesting and the karkery felons dryflooring it and the leperties' ladds clearing the way, plump for Slygo Slee.

{f10, 450}

Stop! Did a stir? No, is fast. On to bed! So he is. It's only the
{f39, 578}
wind on the road outside for to wake all shivering shanks from snoring.

But who will he be, this mitryman, some king of the yeast, in his chrismy greyed brunzewig, so bulk of build? He has only his bedcosycaskette on and his woolsey shirtplisse also his feet wear doubled width socks for he always must to insure warm sleep between a pair of fullyfleeced bankers. Can thus be Misthra Norkmann that keeps our hotel? Begor, Mr O'Sorgmann, you're looking right well! A jolly fine daysent form of one word. He's rounding up on his family.

And who is the bodikin by ye, sir? Her trixiestrail is tripping her, watch! Luck at the way for the lucre of smoke she's looping the lamp! Why, that's old Missness Wipethemdry! Well, well, wellsowells! With her halfbend, as proud as a peahen, and her troutbeck quiverlips (3ninya-nanya3). Happy tea area, naughtygay frew! And she's just the same old haporth of dripping. She never turned a hair.

Which route are they going? Why? (3Angell Sitterº or Amen Corner, Norwood's Southwalkº or Euston Waste?3) The solvent man in his upper gambeson withnot a breath against him and the wee wiping womaneen. They're coming back for their diamond wedding tour, (3that Luxumburgherº and cettehis Alzette,º Stepney's
{f39, 579}
with the waif of his bosun, Dunmow's flitcher with duck-on-the-rock,º
3) down the scales, the way they went up, crystal in carbon, sweetheartedly, hot and cold and electrickery with attendance and lounge and (3porter promenadeº3) free. In spite of all that science could boot or art could eke. Bolt the (3gate grinden3). Postpone no bills. Thrive slowly. Cave and cane em. Single wrecks for the weak, double axe for the mail, and quick queck quocks for the radiose. You will never
{f10, 451}
have post in your pocket unless you have brass on your plate. (3Beggars Beggards3) outdoor. Scrape your souls. Commit no miracles. My time is on draught. Bottle your own. Love my label like myself. Credit tomorrow. Follow my dealing. Fetch my price. Buy not from Dives. Sell not to Freund. Herenow chuck english and learn to pray plain. Lean on your lunch. No cods before (3me Me3). Practise preaching. Think in your stomach. Import through the nose. By faith alone. Season's weather. Gomorrha. Solong. Lots feed from my timetable, oils wells in our lands. Let Earwigger's wifable teach you the dance.

Now their laws assist them and ease their fall!

For they met and mated and bedded and buckled and got and gave and reared and raised and brought the land within their danger and turned them, tarrying, to the sea and planted and plundered and pawned our souls and pillaged the pounds of the extramurals and fought and feigned with strained relations and broke all banks and hated the sights of one another and bequeathed us their ills and turned out coats and removed their origins and never learned the first day's lesson and tried to mingle and managed to save and feathered foes' nests and fouled
{f39, 580}
their own and escaped from liquidation by the heirs of their death and were responsible for congested districts and |3'reared roused3'| up drink and poured balm down the dustyfoot and tramped the world over to the court of pye powder and were cuffed by their customers and bit the dust at the foot of the poll after the battle of Multaferry. (3Pharoahº with fairy, twoº lieº let them!º3) Yet they wend it back, light in hand, helm on high, to peekaboo durk the thicket of Slumbwhere, flispering in the nightleaves' flattery,
{f10, 452}
dinsiduously, to Finegan, to sin again and to make grim grandma grunt and grin again, while the first grey streaks steal silvering by for to mock their quarrels in dollymount tumbling.

They near the base of the chill stair, that large incorporate licensed vintner, such as he is, nine hosts in himself, in his hydrocomic establishment, and his ambling limfy peepingpartner, the slave of the ring that worries the hand that sways the lamp that shadows the walk that bends to his bane the busynext man that came on the cop in the Fenian's park that pickled his widow that primed the pope that passed it round on the volunteers' plate till it croppied the ears of Purses Paul that kneed O'Connell up out of his doss that shouldered Burke that butted O'Higgins that woke the busker that grattaned his crowd that bucked the jiggers to rhyme the rann that flooded the routes in (3Erian's Eryan's3) isle from Malin to Clear and Carnsore Point to Slynagollov and cleaned the pockets and ransomed the ribs of all the listeners, lewd and lay, that bought the ballad that Hosty made.
{f39, 581}

Anyhow have they not called him at many's their mock indignation meeting inwader and uitlander, the notables, crashing libels in their Sullivan's mounted beards about him, their right renownsable patriarch, Heinz Cans Everywhere, and the swanee her ainsell and Eyrewaker's family sock that they smuggled for life betune them, roaring (Big Reilly was the worst)

Free boose for the Man from the Nark,
Sure, he never was worth a cornerwall fark,
And his banishee bedpan she's a quer old bite of a tark

as they wendelled their zingaway wivewards from his Find Me Cool's moist opulent vinery, highjacking through the nagginneck pass, as they hauled home with their hogsheads, apoxtolating and claimand cowled consollation, sursumcordial, from the bluefunkfires of the dipper and the martians' frost?

Use they not, our neosmall termtraders, to abhors offrom him, the yet unregendered thunderslog, whose sbrogue cunneth none lordmade undersiding, how betwixt wifely rule and mens conscia recti, then hemale man all umbracing to omniwomen but now shedropping his hitches like any maidavale oppersite orseriders in an idinhole? Ah, dearo, dearo, dear! And her illian! And his willyum! When they were all there now, matinmarked for lookin on. At the carryfour. With Awlus Plawshus, their happyass cloudious! And then and too the trivials! And their bivouac! And his monomyth! Ah ho! Say no more about it! I'm sorry! I saw, I'm sorry! I'm sorry to say I saw!
{f10, 453}

Gives there not too amongst us cismarines after all events (or so grunts a leading hebdromadary) some togethergush of stillandbutallyouknow that, insofarforth as all up and down the whole concreation any efficient first gets there finally every time as a complex matter of pure form, for those excesses and that pasphault hardhearingness from their eldfar, in gripes and rumblions, through fresh taint and sour treason, another like that alter but not quite such anander and stillandbut one not all the selfsame and butstillone just the maim and encore immerhim may always, with a little difference, till the latest up to date so early in the morning, have evertheless been (3made allmade3) amenable?
{f39, 582}

Yet he begottom.

Let us wherefore, tearing ages, presently preposterose a snatchvote of thanksalot to the huskiest coaxing experimenter that ever gave his best hand into (3chancery chancereich3), wishing him with his famblings no end of slow poison and a mighty broad venue for themselves between the devil's punchbowl and the deep angleseaboard, that they may gratefully turn a deaf ear clooshed upon the desperanto of (3all their shareholders, willynullyº their shareholders3) from Taaffe to Auliffe that will curse them below par and mar with their descendants, shame, humbug and profit, to greenmould upon mildew over jaundice as long as ever there's a wagtail surtaxed to a testcase on ever a man.

We have to had them whether we'll like it or not. They'll have to have us now then we're here on (3the spot their spotº3). Scant hope theirs or ours to escape life's high carnage of semperidentity by subsisting peasemeal upon variables. Bloody certainly have we got to see to it ere smellful demise surprends us on this concrete that down the gullies of the eras we may catch ourselves looking foreword to what will in no time be staring you larrikins on the postface in that multimirror megaron of returningties, whirled without end to end. So there was a raughty … who in Dyfflinsborg did … with his soddering iron, spadeaway, hammerlegs and … where there was a fair young … who was playing her game of … and said she you rockaby … will you dibble in my bog … and he sod her in Iarland, paved her way from Maizenhead to Youghal. And that's how Humphrey, champion emir, holds his own. Shy sweet, she rests.

Or show pon him now, will you, Hokoway, in his hiphigh baresark? Third position of concord. Luk! Excellent view from front. Sidome. Female imperfectly masking male. Red spot his browbrand. Woman's the prey! Thon's the dalakeykongsbyogblagroggerswagginline (private judgers, change here for Looterstown! onlyromans, keep your seats!) that drew all ladies please to our great metrollops. Leary, leary, twentytun nearly, he's plotting Kings down for his villa's
{f10, 454}
extension! Gaze at him now in momentum! As his
{f39, 583}
bridges are blown to babbyrags, by the lee of his hulk upright on her orbits and the heave of his juniper arks in action, he's naval, I see. Poor little tartanelle, her dinties are chattering, the straits she's in, the bulloge she bears! Her smirk is smeeching behind for her hills. By the queer quick twist of her mobcap and the lift of her shift at random and the rate of her gate of going the pace, two thinks at a time, her country I'm proud of. The field is down, the race is their own. The galleonman jovial on his bucky brown nightmare. Bigbrob dignagging his lilyputtana. One to one bore one! The datter, io, io, sleeps in peace, in peace. And the twillingsons, ganymede, garrymore, turn in trot and trot. But old Pairamere goes it a gallop, a gallop, a gallop. Bossford and phospherine. One to one on!

O, O, her fairy setalite! Casting such shadows to Persia's blind! The man in the street can see the coming event. Photoflashing it far too wide. It will be known through all Urania soon. Like jealousjoy titaning fear; like rumour rhean round the planets; like China's dragon snapping japets; like rhodagrey up the east. Satyrdaysboost besets Phoebe's nearest. Here's the flood and the flaxen flood that's to come over helpless irryland. Is there no-one to malahide Liv and her bettyship? Or who'll buy her rosebuds, jettyblack rosebuds, (3the sloes ninsloesº3) of Nivia, (3the paps nonpapsº3) of Nan? From the fall of the fig to doom's last post every ephemeral anniversary. While the park's police peels peering by for to weigh down morrals from county bubbling. Quick! Pay up!

Kickakick. She had to kick a laugh. At her old stick-in-the-block. The way he was slogging his paunch about like hale King Willow, the roberer. Cainmaker's mace and waxend capapee. At half past quick in the morming. And her lamp was all askew and a smoky wick-in-her. She had to (3laugh spofforth3), she had to kicker, too thick of the wick of her pixy's loomph, lickering wide up the smooky shiminey. And her big coverpoint of a wickedy batter, whenever she ducked behind her stumps after the rising bounder's corkers, it tickled her innings to consort pitch at kicksoclock in the morm. Tipatonguing him on in her pigeony linguish, with a flick at the bails for lubrication, to scorch her faster, faster. |3'You hig, you hog Ye hek, ye hokº3'|, Magrath he's my pegger, he is, for bricking up all my old Kent road. Goeasyosey, cuppy, we'll both be bye and bye caught in the slips for fear he'd tyre and burst his dunlops and waken her bornybarnies making his boobybabies. The game old merriman, square to leg, in his norsery pinafore, treading her hump and down like a maiden clean bowled over with her crease where the back of her punishments ought to be by womanish rights, when, keek, the hen in the Doran's shantyqueer began in a kikkery key to laugh it off the way she was wuck to doodledoo by her gallows bird (how's that? noball, he carries his bat!), nine hundred and dirty too not out, at all times long past conquering cock of the Morgans.

Cocorico! How blame us? Armigerend everfasting horde! Rico! We herewith pleased return auditors' thanks for those and their favours since safely enjoined. Cocori! Tubbernacul in Tipherairy, sons, travellers in company and their carriageable tochters, tanks tight Anne Thynne for her contrectactions tugowards his personeel. Echo choree (3choree chores3)! Well, we all unite thoughtfully in rendering grace well between loves repassed, begging your honour's pardon for, well, exclusive pigtorial rights of Herehear
{f39, 585}
fond Tiplady, his wekreations, appearing in next eon's issue of The Neptune's Centinel and Tritonville Lightowler with, well, the widest circulation round the whole universe. Echoho choroh choree chorico! Thanks furthermore to modest Miss Glimglow and neat Master Mattresson who so kindly profiteered their serwishes as demysell of honour and, well, as strainbearer respectively. And a cordialest brief nod of chinchin dankyshin to well patient ringasend, as prevenient (by your leave) to all such occasions, detachably replaceable (thanks too! twos intact!), as well as his auricular of Malthus, the promethean paradonnerwetter which first (pray go! pray go!) taught love's lightning the way (pity shown!) to well conduct itself (mercy, good shot! only please don't mention it!). Come all ye goatfathers and groanmothers, come all ye markmakers and piledrivers, come all ye laboursaving devisers and chargeleyden dividends, firefenders, waterworkers, deeply condeal with him! All that is still life with death inyeborn, all verbumsaps yet bound to be, to do and to suffer, every creature, everywhere, if you please, kindly feel for her! While the dapplegray dawn drags nearing nigh for to wake all droners that drowse in Dublin.

{f10, 456}

Humpenfeldt and Annuska, wedded now evermore in annastomoses by a groundplan of the placehunter, whiskered beau and donahbelle, Totumvir and Eskimeena, who so shall separate fetters to new desire, repeals an act of union to unite in bonds of schismacy. Oyes! oyes! Withdraw your member. Closure. This chamber stands abjourned. Such precedent is largely a cause to lack of collective continencies among Donnelly's orchard as lifelong the shadyside to Fairbrother's field. Humbo, lock your kekkle up! Anny, blow your wickle out! Tuck away the tablesheet!! You never wet the tea! And you may go rightoway back to your Aunty Dilluvia, Humphrey, after that!

Retire to rest without first misturbing your (3neighbob neighbor3), mankind of baffling descriptions. Others are as tired of themselves as you are. Let each one learn to bore himself. It is strictly requested
{f39, 586}
that no cobsmoking, spitting, pubchat, wrastle rounds, coarse courting, smut, etc, will take place amongst those hours (3so3) devoted to repose. Look before behind before you strip you. Disrobe clothed in the strictest secrecy which privacy can afford. Water non to be discharged coram grate or ex window. Never divorce in the bedding the glove that will give you away. Maid Maud ninnies nay but blabs to mama (O, for your life, would you!): she, to her besom friend who does all chores (and what do you think my Madeleine saw?): this ignorant mostly sweeps it out along with all the rather old corporators (have you heard of one humbledown jungleman, how he bet Byrne-and-Bushe playing peg and pom?): the maudlin river then gets its dues (adding a din a ding or do): thence those laundresses (O, muddle me more about the maggies! I mean bawnee Madge Ellis and brownie Mag Dillon). Attention at all! Every ditch's dastard in Dupeling will know if you have paid the mulctman by whether your rent is open to be foreclosed or aback in your arrears. This is seriously meant. Here is a homelet not a hothel.

That's right, old Oldun!

All in fact is soon as all of old right as anywas ever in very old place. Were he, hwen scalded of that couverfowl, to beat the bounds by here at such a point of time as this is for at sammel up all (3woods's wood's3) haypence and riviers argent (half back from three gangs multaplussed on a twentylot add allto a fiver with the deuce or roamer's numbers ell a fee and do little ones) with the caboosh on him opheld for thrushes' mistiles yet singing oud his parasangs in Cornish token: mean fawthery eastend appullcelery, old laddy he high hole: pollysigh patrolman Seekerseen, crumlin quiet down from his hoonger, he would mac siccar of inket goodsforetombed ereshiningem of light turkling eitheranny of thuncle's windopes. More, unless he were neverso wrongtaken, if he brought his boots to pause in peace, the one beside the other one, right on the road, he would seize no
{f10, 457}
sound from cache or cave beyond the flow of wand was gypsing water, telling him now, telling him all, all about ham and livery, stay and toast ham in livery, and buttermore with murmurladen, to
{f39, 587}
waker oats for ham on livery. Right! Or wind then mong them treen.

Hiss! Which we had only our hazelight to see with in our point of view, me and my auxy, Jimmy d'Arcy, hadn't we, jimmy? — who to seen with? Kiss! No kidding which he stood us first a couple of mountjoys and nutty woodbines in the snug of the Cambridge Arms which he said, a taking off his Whitby hat and wishing his long life's strength to our allhallowed king ((3Lord Lawd3) lengthen him!), his standpoint was, to belt and blucher him afore the hole pleading churchale but he made no class at all in port and cemented palships between our trucers, being a refugee, didn't he, jimmy? — who true to me? Sish! Honeysuckler, that's what my young lady here, Fred Watkins, bugler Fred, all the ways from Melmoth in Natal, she calls him when he commit his certain question which it was on a point of our sutton down, how was it, jimmy? — who has sinnerettes to declare? Phiss! Touching our Phoenix Rangers' nuisance were they for giving up their fogging trespasses, by order which we foregathered he must be raw in cane sugar, the party, no, Jimmy MacCawthelick? — who trespass against me? Briss! That's him wiv his wig on, achewing of his maple gum, that's our grainpopaw, Mister Beardall, an accompliced burgomaster, which he told us privates out of his own scented mouf he used to was afore this Wineact come, what say, our jimmy the chapelgoer? — who fears all masters! Spiss! Hi, Jocko Nowlong, my
{f39, 588}
own sweet boosy love, which he puts his feeler to me behind the beggars' bush, does Freda, don't you be an emugee! We must spy a half and half a hind on Honeysuckler now his old face's hardalone wiv his defences down durin his wappin stillstand, says my Fred, and Jamessime here which, pip it, she simply must, she says, she'll do a retroussy from her point of view (way you fly! like a frush!) to keep her
{f10, 458}
flouncies off the grass while paying the wetmenots a musichall visit and pair her fiefighs fore him after His Corkiness lay up two bottles of joy with a shandy had by Fred and a fino oloroso which he was warming to, my right, jimmy, my old brown freer? — whose dolour, O so mine!

Following idly up to seepoint, how did you dew? Hollymerry, ivysad, whicher and whoer, were you there? Was truce of snow, moonmounded snow? Or did wolken hang o'er earth in umber hue his fulmenbomb? Number two coming! Full inside! Was glimpsed the mean amount of cloud? Or did pitter rain fall in a sprinkling? Tingle Tom, pull the bell! Izzy's busy down the dell! Mizpah low, youyou, number one, in deep humidity! Listen, misled peerless, please! You are, of course. You miss him so, to listleto! Of course, my pledge between us, there's no-one noel like him here to hear. Triss! Only trees such as these, such were those, waving there, the Barketree, the O'Briertree, the Rowantree, the O'Corneltree, the Behanshrub near Windy Arbour, the Magill O'Dendron More. Trem! All the trees in the wood that trembold, humbild, when they heard the stoppress from Domday's Erewold.

Tiss! Two pretty mistletots, ribboned to a tree, up rose liberator and, fancy, they were free! Four witty missywives, winking
{f39, 589}
under hoods, made lasses like lads love maypoleriding, dotting Harold's cross green with tricksome couples, fiftyfifty, their childern's hundred. So childish pence took care of parents' pounds and many made money the way in the world where rushroads to riches crossed slums of lice and, the cause of it all, he forged himself ahead like a blazing urbanorb, brewing treble to drown grief, giving and taking |3'mayo mayom3'| and tuam, playing milliards with his three golden balls, making party capital out of landed selfinterest, light on a slavey but weighty on the bourse, our hugest commercial emporialist, with his sons booing home from afar and his daughters bridling up at his side.

How did he bank it up, swank it up, the whaler in the punt, a guinea by a groat, his index on the balance and such wealth into the bargain? Humbly to fall and cheaply to rise, exposition of failures. First, for a change of a seven days' licence he wandered out of his farmer's health and so lost his early parishlife. Then, occidentally of a suddom, six junelooking flamefaces straggled wild out of their turns through his parsonfired wicket, showing all shapes of striplings in sleepless tights. Promptly whomafter in undated times, very properly a dozen generations anterior to themselves, a main chanced to burst and misflooded his fortunes, wrothing foulplay over his fives' court and his fine poultryyard wherein were spared a just two of a feather in wading room only. Next, upon due reflotation, up started four hurrigan gales to smithereen his plateglass housewalls and the slate for accounts his keeper was cooking. Then came three boy buglehorners who counterbezzled and crossburgled him. Later on in the same evening two hussyites absconded through a breach in his bylaws and left him, the infidels, to pay himself off in kind remembrances. Till, ultimatehim, fell the crowning barleystraw when an explosium of his distilleries
{f39, 590}
deafandumped all his dry goods down to his most favoured sinflute and dropped him, what remains of a heptark, leareyed and lotterish, weeping worrybound on his bankrump.

Pepep. Pay bearer, sure and sorry, at foot of ohoho honest policiest. O never again, by Phoenix, swore on him Lloyd's, not for beaten wheat, not after Sir Joe Meade's father, thanks! They know him, the covenanter, by rote at least, for a chameleon at last, in his true falseheaven colours from ultraviolent to subred tissues. That's his last tryon to march through the grand tryomphal arch. His reignbolt's shot. Never again! How you do that like, Mista Chimepiece? You got nice yum premyums? Praypaid my promishles.

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