Textual development Manuscript to Errata III.4

Compiled by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon

{f39, 555}
{f10, 432}

subsection a

Whatº was thassº? Fog was whaas? Too mult sleepth. Let |v+2sleepl sleepthv+|2|.

|2|+But really |anowa| whenabouts|err.?ºerr| Expatiate |athena| how much times we live in!º Yes?+|2|

So|err,ºerr| nat by night by naught by |v+2naked naketºv+| in the good old days |v+in those good old lousy days gone by |a(theº days, shall we say?,º of whom,º shall we say?)ºa|v+|2| while kinderwardens minded their twinsbed, (3there now they stood therenow theystood3), the sycomores, |v+2the allv+|2| four of them, (3in their quartan agues,º the majorchy, the minorchy, the everso and the fermentarian,º with their ballyhooric blowreaper,º titranicht by tetranoxst,3) |2in at2| their pussycorners, |2and (3their that3) old timeº pallyollogass,º |aplaying |bcopersb| fearsome, |bwith |cJules Gus Walkerc|, the cuddy, |v+with andv+| his poor old dying boosy cough,b|a| esker, newcsle, saggard, crumlin, dell me, donk, the way to |+Mumblin, (4Wumblin wumblin4),º+| followº me beeline and you're bumblin, esker, newcsle, saggard, crumlin, |v+andºv+|2| listening, soº gladdied up when nicechild Kevin Mary (who was going to be commandeering chief of the choirboys' brigade the moment he grew up under all |v+2their thev+|2| auspices) |2smiled irishsmiledº2| in his milky way of cream |+2dribble dwibble+|2| and |2|v+onagev+|2| |v+2mustard (3custard tustard3)v+|2| and |+2dressed dessed+|2| (3cabbage tabbage3), but soº frightiedº out when badbrat Jerry Godolphing (who was hurrying to be cardinal scullion in a night refuge as (5soon bald5) asº he was cured enough |2to leave all |v+fromunder underº allv+|2| the hospitals) |2frowned furrinfrowned2| down his wrinkly |v+2way wastev+|2| of methylated spirits(9,9) (3ick|err,º10|3) and |2|+lemoncholy lees(9,9) (3ick|err,º10|3) and+|2| pulverised |v+2rhubarb rhubarbarorum|err,ºerr| (3icky3)v+|2|:º
{f39, 556}

nightº by |2|v+silentsailingv+|2| night while infantina Isobel (who will be blushing |2|+all day+|2| to beº when she |2grewed growed2| upº one Sunday|8, Saint Holy and Saint Ivory,8| |2when she took the veil,º2| the beautiful |2mercynun presentation nun2|, so barely twenty, in her pure in her pure coif, sister Isobel, and next Sunday|2,º |8Mistlemas,8| when she looked a peach,2| the bountifulº Samaritan, still as beautiful and still in her teens, nurse (3Saintetteº3) Isabelle,º with stiffstarched cuffs,º but on holiday, christmasº |v+2and,v+|2| easterº mornings,º |2when she wore a wreath,2| the wonderful widow of eighteen springs, Madame Isa |2|v+Veuveºv+|2| La Belle, so sad but lucksome in her boyblue's long black |2with orange2| |2weeping veil |v+weeping wail blossoming weeper's veilv+|2|),º for she was the only girl
{f10, 433}
they loved,º as she is the |2only queenly2| pearl you prize,º because of the way |2the night that first we met2| she is bound to be |2|amethinks,ºa| and not in vain —º2| the darling of my heart, sleeping,º in her april cot, within her singachamerº, with her greengageflavoured candywhistle duetted to the crazyquilt, Isobel, she is so pretty, truth to tell, wildwood's eyes and primarose hair, quietly, all the woods so wild,º in mauves of moss and daphnedews, how all so still she lay|2|+, neath of the whitethorn, child of tree,+|2| like some losthappy leaf, like blowing flower stilled, as fain would she anon,º for soon again 'twill be, win me, woo me, wed me, |2ahº2| weary me,º deeply,º now evencalm lay sleeping:º

subsection b

(3nox |errnow nowthº10|3) upon nachtº while in his tumbril |s7watchman wachtmanºs7| Havelookº |v+2Seequeerscene Seequeerscenesºv+| from yonsides of the choppy2|, punkt by his curserbog, went long |2adream his way the grassgross bumpinstrass that henders the pubbel to pass2|, |s7|shstowing his bottle in a boleºsh| for at whet his |8whustle whuskle8| |shto stretch ecrooksmansh|,s7| sequestering for |v+2loaferslost lovers' lostv+|2| propertied offices, the leavethings from allpurgers' night, |2og gneiss ogas gnasty,º2| kikkers, brillers, knappers and bands, handshoonº and strumpers, sminkysticks and eddiketsflaskers:º

subsection c

wanº fine night and the next fine night and last fineº night while Kathareenº the Slop in her native's chambercushy|s7, withº dreamings of simmering my veal astore,ºs7| was basquing to her pillasleep how she thawght a knogg came to the |2|+dowanstairs+|2| dour at that howr |s7|shto peirce the yaresh|s7| and dowandshe went(5, schritt be schratt,º5) to see was it (5sweeps Schweeps's mingerals5) or Shuhorn the poshtº with a tillycramp
{f39, 557}
for Hemself and Co, Esquara, (5or them four hoarsemen on their apolkaloops, Norreys, Soothbys, Yates and Welks,5) and, (5glorybit galorybit5) of the Sanes in Hevelº, there was a crick up the |errstairkiss stirkissºerr| and when she ruz the cankle to see, galohery, downandsheº went on her knees to blessersef that were knogging together like milkjuggles as if it was (5the wrake of the hapspurus or5) old Kingº |+2O'Toole's Gander O'Toole of the Mountains or his+|2| googoo (3ghost goosth3) |2|+she seein+|2|,º sliving off over the sawdust |2|+lobby+|2| out of the backroom|2|+, wan ter,º+|2| that was everywans in turruns, in his honeymoon trim, holding up his (5fingerhat fingerhals, with the clookey in his fisstball,º tocher of davy's, tocher of ivileagh,5) for her to whisht, you sowbelly, and the whites of his pious (9eyeballs eyebulbs9) swearingº her to silence in and coort:º (3Inanimate hour, hug us avick, hug us in3) spirit (3sperrit knavery,3) man (3Man.3)

subsection d

|2eachº and2| every juridical sessions nightº |+2while twelve good men whenas goodmen twelve+|2| and true |2|+at Fox and Geeseº+|2| in their numbered habitations tried |2Oldun Old Wirelessº2| |2over overboordº2| in their juri juremembers andº whereas |2by reverendum2| they found him guilty |v+2on ofv+|2| their and those imputations of |2fornicocopulations |v+fornicolopulations fornicolopulationv+|2| with two of his |2|3'intercrural (4allbowcrural albowcrural4)3'|2| correlations |2on whom he was said to have enjoyed by anticipationº when schooling them in amown, mid grass, she sat, when man was, amazingly,º frank,º for their first conjugation,º2| whose colours at standing up from the above were of a pretty carnationº |2whom he was said to have enjoyed by anticipation,2| but,º if really 'twere not so, of some
{f10, 434}
deretane denudationº with intent to excitation, caused by his retrogradation, among the firearmed forces proper to this nationº but apart fromº all titillationº which, he said, was under heat pressure and a good mitigationº without which in any case he insists upon being worthy of continued alimentationº for |2his him2| having displayed, he says, such grand toleration, reprobate so noted and allº as he was|2,º with his washleather sweeds and his smokingstump,º2| for denying transubstantiationº nevertheless in (3respects to respect of3) his highpowered station, whereof more especially as probably in the he was meantime suffering genteel tortures from the best medical attestation, as he oftentimes did, having only strength enough,º by way of festination, to implore or (Iº believe (9I you9) mightº have said better) to comploreº with complete obsecrationº on everybody connected with himº the curse of coagulationº for, he tells me |2outside Sammon's in King Streetº2| after
{f39, 558}
two or three hours of close confabulation, by this pewterpint of |2Gilbey's2| goatswhey which is his prime consolation, (5albeit involving upon the same no uncertain amount of esophagous regurgitation, he being personally unpreoccupied to the extent of a flea's gizzard anent eructation,5) if he was still extremely offensive to a score and four nostrils' dilatationº still he was likewise, on the other |2hand side of him2|,º for some (5nepmen's5) eyes a delectation, as he asserts without the least alienation, so prays of his faultº you would make obliterationº but asº for our friend behind the bars,º though |2like Adam Findlaterº2| a man of highº estimation, summing him up to be done, be what will of excess his exaltation, still we think |2with Sully2| there can be no right extinuationº for contravention of common and statute legislationº for which the fit remedy resides, |2forº Mr Sully,º2| in corporal amputation:º so three months forº |2blank Gubbs2| Jeroboam, the |2beerheaded frothwhiskered2| pest of the park, as per act one, section two, schedule three, clause four of the fifth of King Jark, this sentence to be carried out tomorrowmorn by Nolans Volans at six o'clock shark, and may the yeastwind and the hoppinghail malt mercy on his |2|ahoneymead sevena| honeymeads and2| his hurlyburlygrowth, Amen, says the |3'clerk: clarke:º3'|

subsection e

niece by nice by neat by nattyº whilst mongstº revery's happy gardens nine |2and with2| twenty Leixlip yearlings(9, darters all,9) had such a ripping time with gleeful cries of what is |2nice2| Toppingshaunº made of made for and weeping like fun, him to be gone, for they were never happier|2, huhu,2| than when they were miserable|2, haha2|:º

in their bed of trial, on the bolster of hardship, by the glimmer of memory, under coverlets of cowardice, |7|shAlbertusº Nyanzer with Victa Nyanza,sh|7| his mace of might mortified, her beautyfellº hung upº on a nail, he, Urº of our Fathersº, she, our moddereen rueº arue arueº, they, ay, by the hokypokerº and |v+2fiddle brazierºv+|2|, they are, as sure as Dinnyº |2falls drops2| into the |v+2ditch dykev+|2|

subsection f

A cry,º off.
{f10, 435}

Where are we at all? |2|+|aWhenabouts? Andº whenabouts in the name of space?a|+| Iº don't understand. |+I fail to (5see say5). (5I dearsee you too.5)+|2|

(7'|shHouse of the circulationº of|7') (9Garth of Fyon.9) |2Scene and property plot.2| |s7|shStagemanagersh|'s prompt.ºs7| Interior of dwelling on outskirts
{f39, 559}
of city. |2Second Groove |v+2 twov+|.2| |8Chamber scene. Boxed.8| Ordinary bedroom set. Salmonpapered walls. Back centreº, empty Irish grate|7(+, |shAdam'sº mantelsh|+)7||7'|s+'|sa, with wilting peacock elopementº fan, soot and tinsel,sa| condemneds+'|7'|. North, wall with window,º practicable. |8|aArgentine in casement.a| Vamp. Pelmit above.8| No |v+2curtain curtainsv+|2|. Blind |v+2down drawnv+|2|. South, party wall. Bed for two |s7|s+'with |shstrawberry bedspreadsh|,s+'| |shwickerworker clubsessel and |sacanebottomed caneseatedsa| millikinstoolsh|s7|. |7|s+'|shBookshrinesh| without, |shfacetowelsh| upon.s+'|7| Chairº for one. Woman's garments on chair. Man's trousers |2with crossbelt braces2|, collar,º on bedknob. Man's corduroy (3coat surcoatº3) |2|+with seapenº nacre buttons(3, tabrets and tacesº3)+|2| on nail, wall rightº. Woman's gown on ditto, ditto leftº. Over mantelpiece picture of Michael, lance, slaying Satan, dragon with smoke. Small table near bed, front. |2Bed with bedding. |8Spare.8| Flagpatch quilt. |8Yverdown design.8| Limes.2| Lighted lampº without globe, |v+2practicable,v+|2| scarf, gazette, tumbler|2, quantity of water, (3julepot, ticker, side props, eventuals,3) |v+Gummy article for man, pink one |aman'sa| gummy article, pinkv+|2| |v+2etcv+|2|.

|2|+A time.+|2|

|2Time: after four a.m. Act: dumbshow.2|

|2Closeup.2| |8Leads.8|

Man,º with nightcap, in bed, fore. Woman,º with curlpins|2|+, hind+|2|. Discovered. Side point of view. First position of harmony. |2|+Say! Eh? Ha!+| Check action. Matt!º2| Male partly masking female. Domicy.º Man looking round, beastly expression, fishy eyes, (5paralleliped homoplatts, ghazometron pondus,5) exhibits rage. |2Business.2| Ruddy blond, |8Armenian bole, black patch,8| |2beer wig,2| gross build, |2episcopalian,º2| any age. Woman, sitting, looks at ceiling, haggish expression, peaky nose, (5trekant mouth, fithery wight,5) exhibits fear. Welshrabbit |7tint teint7|, |8Nubian shine, nasal fossette,8| |2|+(9turfi turfy9) tuft,+|2| undersized, |2|a|v+perukette,v+|a| free kirk,2| no age. |2Closeup. Play!2|

|8Callboy.8| Cry,º off. (3Tabler.3) |2Her move.2|


By the sinewy forequarters of the mare Pocahontas |8|shand by the white shoulders of Finnualash|8|,º you should have seen how that smart sallowlass just hopped |2a nanny's gambit2| |v+2aroundv+|2| out of bunk like old old Motherº Mesopotomac and in |2one, five, nine and away eight and eight sixtyfour2| she was off, door, |2lamp knightlamp2| with her, |2billy's2| largelimbs prodgering
{f39, 560}
|2in her wake |v+afterv+| to queen's lead2|. |7|shPromiscuous Omeboundº to Fiammellaº la|7| |2Huff! His move. |+Blackout.+|2|

|8Circus. Corridor.8|

Shifting scene. |2|aWall flats: sink and fly.º Spotlight working |bwalls wallclothsºb|. |8Spill
{f10, 436}
playing rake and bridges.8| Room to sink: stairsº to sink behind room.a| Two pieces. Kayingº after |aque qeueºa|. Replay.2|

The old |2burgh humburgh2| looks a thing incomplete,º so. It is so. |8On its dead.8| But it will |2make pawn up2| a fine head of porter when it is finished. |8In the quicktime.8| The |2castle2| arkwright put in a |2chequeredº2| staircase,º certainly. It has only one |2square2| step, to be steady,º yet notwithstumbling are they |2going stalemating2| (3upstairs backgammoner supstairsº by skips and trestles3) tiltop double corner. (3Game Whist while and gameº3).

|8What scenic artist!8| |s7|shIt is ideal residence for realtarº. By himsº ingang tilt tinktº a tunning bell that Limen,º Mrº that |saBoggeysa| Godde, be airwaked. Lingling, lingling. Be |sathe theirsa| magicsº in all. Chump,º do your ephort. Shop! Please shop! Shop ado O please shop.º How hominous his house, haunt it? Yesses,º indeadº it be! Nogen, of imperial measure,º is begraved beneatherº. Here are his naggins |saspilled pouredsa|,º his alladimº| (9Around the bloombiered, booty with the bedst.9) For all them whom he have fordone make we newly thankful!ºs7|

Tell me something. The Porters, so to speak, |7after their |shshadowstealerssh| in the newsbaggers,7| are very nice people, are they not? Very(5, all fourlike tellt5). |7And |shon this wisesh|.º7| Mr Porter (|2|+Bartholomewº,+|2| heavy man, astern, mackerel shirt|8, hayamatt peruke8|) is an excellent forefather and Mrs Porter (leading lady, apoopaheadº, (5saffronbun (9gaffreysaffron gaffneysaffron9)5) nightdress|8, iszoppy chepelure8|) is a most kindhearted messmother. (5A so united family |7pateramater7| is not more existing on papel or off of it.5) |7|shAs keymasterº fits the lock it weds so this bally builder to his streamline|7| They care for nothing except |+2what is porterous everything (3that3) is allporterous+|2|. (5Porto da Brozzo!º5) |2Isn't that (5terribly5) nice of them?º2| You can |2see ken2| that they come of a rarely old family by their |2costume costumance2| |7and one mustº togive that |shone supped of it in all tonearts from awe to zestsh|7|. I think I begin to divine so much. (3Only snakkestº me truesome! I stone us I'mº hable.3)
{f39, 561}

(3To reachy a skeer do! Still hoyhra, till venstraº!3) Here are two rooms on the upstairs, at |v+2the forkside |aforkside (3forkflanks forkflank3)a|v+|2| and at |+2knifeside knifekanter+|2|. Whom |2|+in the wood+|2| are they for? Why,º for little |+2porters, porterº babes|err,ºerr|+|2| to be saved!º |s7The |shcoeds, boytom thwackers and (9tomboy timbuy9) teasersh|.s7| (3Here is onethingº you owed two noeº.3) |2Ah, so! This |aonea| once |aupon awhilea| was the other but this is the other |anow one nighadaysa|. |aAho Ah so?ºa| (3The Corsicos?º3) They are one numerable. Guest them!º2| |7|shMajor bed, minor beddiesºsh|.7| |8Halosobuth, sov us!8| Who sleeps in |2now2| number one|2, for exampleº2|? A pussy|2, (3for example purr (5exemple esimple5)3)2|. |7How |shCunina, Statulina and Eduliash|, but howº7| sweet of her! Has your pussy a |7name pessname7|? Yes, indeed, (5you will hear it |7passim7| in all the novelettaº5) and she is cal named Buttercup. (7'|shHer bare name will tellt itsh|, |sha monitresssh|.7') How very sweet of her and what an excessively |+2charming lovecharming+|2| |2name missyname2| to forsake,º now that I come to drink of it |2|+filtred+|2|, a |2cup filled with gracecup fulled of2| bitterness. |2She is |adaddy's littlest dadad's lottiesta| |v+daughterheart daughterpearlv+| and |v+brudder's sweester mothersoul brooder's cissiest auntybridev+|. |7|sa|b|shA
{f10, 437}
more intriguant bambolina could one not colour up out of Boccuccia'sº Enamen|ºb| Her |shshellback thimblecasketsh|º mirror only can show her |shdearest friendeensh|.sa| To speak well her grace |shit would ask of Grecian languagesh|; ofº her goodness,º that legend golden. |8|shByr Biryina Saindua! |aLoreas with lillias flocaflakeº arrosas!a| Here's newyearspray, the posquiflor, a windaborne and heliotrope;º |awith therea| miriamsweet and amaranth and marygold to crown. Add lightest knot unto|8| O Charis! O Charissima!º7| Would one but to |v+make dov+| |+open apart+| a |+little lilybit+| her |+breastplates virginelles+| and, so, to breath, so, therebetween, behold, she |awould hada| |7instant instantt7| with her hand |amake madeºa| as to graps the myth inmid the air|v+, auntyhandv+|. Mother of moth!º I will to show |3'on her herword3'| in flesh. |aApproach not, forº ghost sake! |v+It is dormition!v+|a|2| (7'|shShe may thinksh|, what though |shlittle doth she realisesh|, |shas morning fresheth,º it hath happened her, you know what, as they too what Iº dare not|7') |s7Silvoo plush,º if scolded she draws a face. |shPetticoat's asleep but in the gunread gentlenest of her thoughts apoo is a| |shTo be presented,sh| unread Of courts and with enticers. |shUp, girls, and at him Babs for Bimbushi?sh| Of courts |shand with enticerssh|.º |shUp, girls, and at him!sh|ºs7| Alone? Alone what? I meanº does she do |s7asleep fleurty (9winkys winkies9)s7| with herself?º |2A pussy Pussy2| is never alone|7, as records her |shchambrettesh|,º7| for she can always look at Biddles and talk |2hands |v+pethands petnamesv+|2| with her little
{f39, 562}
playfilly when she is sitting |2down downy2| on the ploshmat. |7Doth |shDolly weepssh| she is hasting. |shWill Dally bumpsetty |ait is 'tis fora| tubtimesh|.º7| O, she talks, does she? |2|+Marry, how?+|2| |s7|shRosepetalletted|s7| Ah Biddles es ma plikplak. Ahº plikplak |v+2wet (3well wed3)v+|2| ma Biddles. A nice |2light baritone jezebel |3'baritonette barytinette3'|2| she will |2have gift|7, this |sh(9strife stirrer strifestirrer9)sh|,º7|2| but I much prefer her |2name missnomerº2| in |2buttercups |amaidenly, golden, |blovelike lasslikeb| gladsome |v+balmful wenchfulv+| flowery girlisha| beautycapes2|. |7|shDulcidelicatissima!sh|7| So do I, much.º |7|shAllaliefest, she who pities very pebbles, dare we not wish on her our thrice onsk? That A lovely fear! That she seventip toe her chrysming, that she spin blaa to scarlachº till her templarº veil, that the Mount of Whoam it open it her to shelterer!sh|7| (3She promises beautifully3) |2(3if Wilfred comes3)|a(3, her Trinity boy,3) |b|v+in (3while he wears his3)v+| (3black satin neptunes3)b|a|(3.3) (3Have no fear3) |a(3for our3) |blove |v+ladykin (3ladykin!3)v+|b|a|2| She |2is will blow2| ever so much more |2promiseful promisefuller, blee me,2| than |2Selina or Teasy or Fauna or Flora |v+allv+| |athe other common marygales that |bblow rompb| round (3Brigid's school (9brigid's school brigidschool9)3),a| charming Carry Whambers or saucy |aSally |bSusie |v+Susey Susyv+|b|a| Maucepan orº merryº Anna Patchbox or silly Polly Flinders2|. Platsch! |2|v+A plikplak! A plikaplak.v+|2|

And|7, sinceº we are |shtalking amnessly of bunkasloopºsh| andº |shcrazdledazeºsh|,7| who (3sleeps doezº3) in (3room sleeproomº3) number |v+2two twobisv+|2|? The twobirdsº. (7'|shHoly policemansh|,7') O, I see! Of what age are your birdies? They are to come of twinning age |+2as so+|2| soon as they may be born |7to be eldering like those olders while they are |shliving under chairssh|7|. |2They are?2| Andº they seem to be so |2perfectly attached tightly tattached2| as two maggots to |2each touch2| other, I think I notice, do I not? You do. |2Our bright bull babe,º |a|bTwin |v+Franks Frankv+|b|a|2| Kevin,º is on |2the heartside heartsleeveside2|. Do not you waken him!º (9Our farheard bode.9) He is happily to sleep(7', |shlimb of the Lordsh|,7') |2with his lifted in blessing|7, his |shbachalº Iosash|,7|2| like the |2little blissed2| angel he looks so like and his |+2mouth mou+|2| is semiope as though he were blowdelling |2on2| a bugigle. |8|+Whene'er I see those smiles
{f10, 438}
in eyes 'tis Father Quinn again.
+|8| |7Very shortly |shhe will smell sweetly when he will hear a weird to weansh|.7| |2That By gorgeous, thatº2| boy will blare some |2day knight |awhen he will take his dane's pledges (5and quit our ingletears|7, spite of |shundesirable parentssh|,7| to wend him to Amorica |7toº quest a |shcushyº jobsh|7|5)a|2|. |2That |adear dean keen |v+Dean deanv+| |band withb| his veen nonsolancea|!2| O, I adore the |2profane profeen2| music! (5Dollarmighty!5) He is too |2adorable audorable2| really|s7, |sheuniquesh|s7|! I guess to have seen |2someone somekid2| like him |2in the storybookº2|, guess I met somewhere |2someone somelambº2| to whom he will be becoming |2like liker2|. But hush! |2How unpardonable of me!2| I beg |2youº2| for your |2pardon venials2|, sincerely I do.
{f39, 563}

Hush! The other,º |2twin on the liverside |aglegg twineda| on codliverside2|,º is has been crying in his sleep|s7, |shmaking sharpshape his inscissorssh| |s+'onº |sasomesa| |shfirst choice sweets fished out of the mucksh|s+'|s7|. (9A stake in our mead.9) What a |2teething2| wretch! |s7|shHow his book of craven images!sh|ºs7| Here are |2posthumious2| tears on his |v+2pillowcase intimellev+|2|. |2Andº he has |apipettishlya| bespilled himself from his foundingpen|s7, |shasº ill spentº from inkinghornsh|s7|.2| He is |2Twin jem |v+jo jobv+| joy pip |+par paaº+| pat (|v+drat it (3drat (5drap jot5)3) um (3for a sobrat3)v+|!)º2| Jerry |2Jehuº2|. You will know him by |2name namesº in the |acaper capers |v+as an exhibitioner in the preparatoryv+|a|2| but you cannot see |2what whose heel2| he |2has in sheepfolds |v+with inv+|2| his |2wrought2| hand because I have not told |2|v+it tov+|2| you. |s7|shO, Oº foetal sleep! Ah, fatal slip! Theº one loved, the other left, the bride of pride leased to the stranger|err.!ºerr|sh|s7| He |2is will be2| quite |2within the pale when |s7|shwith lordbeeron browsh|s7| he vows him (5so tosset5)2| to be of the |2sirº2| blakeº |2tribe tribes2| |8|+while through life's unblest he roves rodes byº backs of bannars+|8|. |2Blake! Bleak!º2| |2Are you not somewhat bulgar with your bowels?2| Whatever do you mean with |2Blake sourº bleak2|? With |2pale2| blake I write |2ink |s7inkhorn tintingfaces7|2|. O, you do?º |2And with steelwhite and blackmail I scentº for my sweet an (5anemone anemone's5) letter (5with a gold of my bridest hair betied5). |s7Donatusº |shhis mark,º address as followssh|.s7| So you did? |aFrom the Cat and Cage.a|2| O, I see |2now. and see|err.!º10|2| |8|shIn the ink of his sweat he will find it| |shWhat Gipsy Devereux vowed to Lylian and why the elm and how the|8| You never |2can may2| know |2in the preterite2| all perhaps that you |2did not know would not believe2| that you |2|aevera| even2| saw |2to be about to2|. Perhaps. But they are two very (5nice blizky5) little |v+2porterines portereensv+|2| |2after their bredscrums(5, Jerkoff and Eatsup,5)2| as for my |2|+part+|2| opinion indeed. They |2were would be2| born so|2, |acostarred,ºa| (5puck and prig,5) the maryboy at theº Donnybrook (5fair Fair5), the godolphinglad |v+atv+| in the Hoey'sº |v+coort (5court Court5)v+|2|. (5How frilled one shall be as at taledold of Formio and Cigalette!5) |2What |afollya| innocents! |s7|saTheirs whatº pep of |shpuppyhoodsh|!sa| |shBoth barmhearts shall become yeastcake by their|s7| I will to leave |athem a blessing myº copperwise |v+blissing blessingv+| between the pair of them, for rosengorge, for (3greenatooth greenafang3)a|. |7|s+'Blech and tin soldies, weals in a sniffbox. Som's wholed,º all's parted.s+'| |shWeeping shouldst not thou be when man falls but that divine schemingº ever adoring besh|.7| |+So you be either man or mouse and you be neither fish nor flesh.+| Take. And take.2| (5Vellicate nijche!º5) (9Be ones as wes for gives for |s+gets! getsº Now now the hour of passings sembles quick
{f10, 439}
with quelled
.s+|9) Adieu, soft adieu, for these nice presents, kerryjevin!º |2Still tosorrow!2|
{f39, 564}

|2Jeminy!2| Whatº is the view which now takes up a second position |2of discordance2|, tell it,º please? |2Mark!2| You notice it in that rereway because the male entail partially eclipses the (3famcovert femecovert3). It is so called for its discord the meseedo. Do you ever heard the story about Helius Croesus, |v+2that |aour thata|v+|2| wi white and gold Elephantº in our zoopark? You astonish me by it. Is it not that we |2have are commanding2| from |2here, back fullback2|, woman permitting, a profusely fine birdseye view from beauhind this park?º Finn his park has been much the admiration of allº the stranger ones, greekishº and romanos, who arrive to here. The straight road down the centre (see |2relief2| map) bisexes the park which is said to be the largest of his kind in the world. On the right prominence confronts you the handsome (9viceregal vinesregent's9) lodge while, turning to the other supreme piece of cheeks, exactly opposite,º you are confounded by the equally handsome chief |s+8secretary's sacristary'ss+|8| residence. |2Around is |aprettily a little amiablya| tufted and man is cheered when he bewonders through the boskage how the |awhole nature |bin |+al fresco all frisko+|b|a| is enlivened by gentlemen's seats. |s7|aHere are heavysupperdaddies'º housings for |shhundredairessh| of our super thin thousand.a| By gum, but you have resin!º Of these tallworts are yielded out |shjuices for jointoils and pappasses for paynimssh|º.s7| |aListeneth! 'Tis a tree story.a|2| (3How olave, that firile, was aplantad in her liveside. How tannoboom held tonobloom. How rood in norlandes.3) The black and blue marks |2athwart the weald,º which now barely is so stripped,º2| indicate the |2presence prepresenceº2| of sylvious beltings. |2Shady (3Nilobstant Therewithal3) shadyº2| rides lend themselves out to rustic cavalries. |8|+In yonder valley, too, stays mountain sprite.+|8| Any pretty |v+2deers dearsv+|2| are to be caught inside |2|+but it is |agreat a bada| pities of the plain+|2|. A |2dandelion scarlet |v+pimparnel pimparnellv+|2| now |2marks the spot mules the mound2| where |2formerly anciently2| first murders were wanted to take |2place root2|. (9By feud fionghalian.9) |7|shTalking tree and sinning stonesh|º stay on either hand.7| Hystorical leavesdroppings |v+2can mayv+|2| also be garnered up with Sirº Shamus Swiftpatrick, archfieldchaplainº of Saint Lucan's. How familiar it is to see all thoseº interesting advenements with one |2another's anaked'sº2| eyes|err.!ºerr| Is all? |2Not yet. |+Not still. Yet not.+|2| Atº the |+2lowest bodom+|2| fundus of this |2royal2| park, which(5, with tvigate shyasianº gardeenen,5) is open to the public (5till night at late, so well the sissastrides so willº
{f39, 565}
the pederestians5), do not fail to point to yourself a depression called |2The Holl2| Hollow. It is often quite |2gloamy |v+guttergloamy guttergloomeringv+|2| (5in our duol5) and gives |2baddish wankyrious2| thoughts to the head but the |7band |shbanderssh|7| of the |2metropolitan policeforces pentapolitan (5policeforcers poleetsfurcers5)2| bassoons into it on windy Woodensdaysº their |v+2wellsounding wellboomingv+|2| wolvertones. (5Wolf us! Wolf us! Ulvos! Ulvos!5)

(5Why do you Whervolk dorst ttou5) begin to tremble |2by our moving |v+picture picturesv+|2| at this moment when I am to place my hand of our true friendshapes upon thyº knee to mark well what I say? (5Thou sayest? Throu shayest who?5) In Amsterdam there
{f10, 440}
lived a … But how? You are tremblotting(5, you retchad,5) like a |v+2very verryv+|2| jerry! |2(5Not? Niet? Will you a guineeser? (+7Gain Gaij+)7| beutel of staub?5) To feel, you!º Yes, how |+he it+| tremules,º the timid!!º2| (3Vortigern, ah Gortigern! Overlord of Mercia!º Or doth brainskin flinchgreef? Stemming!º (5What boyazhness! Sole shadow shows.5) 'Tisº jest jibberweek's joke.3) |2|+Itº must have stole!º+|2| O, (5keep keve5) silence|2, bothº2|! (5Putshameyu!º5) I have heard her voice somewhere else's before me in these ears |2|+still+|2| that now are for mine.

subsection g

(5Let op. Slew musies. Thunner in the eire.5)

You were dreaming dreamend, dear!º |+2The fawdra! The father! The pawdrag? The fawthrig?+|2| Shoo!º |+2Here Hear+|2| are no |+2fathers phanthares+|2| in the room at all(3, avikkeenº3). No bad (3big3) (5bold5) |+2fathern fauthernº+|2|, dear one. (3Opop opop capallo, muy malinchily malchick!3) Gothgorodfatherº godown fallawayº |2tomollow2| the lucky load to Lublin |v+2to forv+|2| make his |2|+|abasso's thoroughbassa|+|2| grossman's bigness. Take that two pieceeº big slap slapº bold hintyº bottomsideº pap pap pappa!º

Li ne dormis?

S! Malbone dormas.

(5Kial Kia5) |v+2le liv+|2| krias nokte?º

Parolas (5infanete. infanetes.5) S!º

Sonlyº all in your imagination, dim!º Poor little brittle magicnationsº, dim of mind! Shooº to me now, dear! Shoom of me!º While elvery stream winds eelingº on for to keep this barrel of bounty rolling (9and the nightmail afarfrom morning nears9).

When you're coaching through Lucalizodº, |v+2at onv+|2| the |2Lucan sulphur2| spa to visit, it's safer to hit than miss it. Stopº at his inn! The hammers are telling the cobbles, the pickts are hacking the saxums, it's snugger to burrow abed than ballotº on broadway. Tuck in your
{f39, 566}
blank!º For it's race pound race the hosties rear all roads to ruin and layers by lifetimes laid down riches from poormen. Cried onionsº to chip, saltpetre to strew, gallpitch to |v+2drain drinkv+|2|, stonebread to break, butº it's bully to gulp good blueberry pudding. Doze in |v+2the yourv+|2| warmth|err.!ºerr| While the elves |v+2of inv+|2| the moonbeams, feeling why, will keep my lilygem gently gleaming.

subsection h

In the |v+2sleepingchamber sleepingchambersv+|2|. |2|aThe court to go into half morning.a| The four |v+seniorv+| seneschals |+with their palfrey+| to be there now|+, all balaaming,º+| in |v+their (9the their9)v+| (9cedarmores sellaboutes9) and sharping up their peniscilsº. The boufeither Soakersoon at holdup |+tenstickor tentstickorº+|. |+The swabsister Katya to |ahave duntalking and toa| keep shakenin |ain |bdowin dowanb|a| her droghedars.+| Those twelve chief barons |v+blank to stand by (7'|shduedesmallysh|7') with their folded arums and put down all excursions and false alarumsº and after that to go back |anowa| to their runameat farumsº and recompile their magnum chartarums with the width of the road between them and all |++harum (3harrum harrums3)++|.v+| |++The maidbridesº all, in favours gay, to strew sleety
{f10, 441}
cinders on their fallingº hair and for wouldbe joybells to ring sadly ringless hands.++|2| The |2dowager dame dowagerº2| to stay kneeled downº how she is|2, asº first mutherer with cord in |+|++a++|+| coil2|. The |2|v+twov+|2| princes of the |2blood tower2| royal|2, daulphin and (9devlin deevlin9),2| to lie how they are without to see. The |2dowager's gerent dame dowager'sº duffgerent2| to present |v+2arms right about (3truncheon wappon(7', |shbladeº drawn to the fullsh|,º7')3) and about wheelv+|2| without to be seen of them. |2The infantaº Isabella |ain froma| her coign of to do i++observience obeisancev++| toward the duffgerent,º as first futherer with drawn brand. Then the court to come intoº full morning.2| Herein see ye fail not!º

|2erased! Vidu, porkego!º2| Ili |2vi2| rigardas! Returnu,º porkego maldelikato!º

|8Gauze off heaven|err.!ºerr| Vision. |+Then. O, pluxty suddly, the sight entrancing!º+|8| Hummels! |2That |v+peak cragv+|! Those hullocks!2| |5|9O'Sire O Sire9|!5| (7'|shSo be accident occur is not going to commence!sh|7') What have you therefore? (6Fear you the donkers? Of roovers?6) I fear lest we have lost ours (7'(non grant it!)7') respecting these wildy parts. (6How is hit finister!6) How shagsome all and beastful! What do you show on? I show because I must see before my |2figure |+fortune (3mayfortune misfortune3)+|2| so a stark |+2pointingpost pointingpoleº+|2|. |5Lord of ladders, what for lungitube!5| Can you read the |2|+verst+|2| legend hereon? |5I am hather of the missed. Areed!5| To |2|v+thev+|2| Dunleary
{f39, 567}
Obeliskº via the Rockº |+28 miles (6what vhat6) myles |5knots knox5| furlongs+|2|: toº the |v+2General General'sv+|2| Post Officeº |+22 miles howsands of patience+|2|: toº the Wellington Memorialº |+2800 yards i++½ halfv++| a league i++wrongward wrongwardsv++|+|2|: toº Sara's Bridgeº |+2300 yards good |ahundred huntera| and i++ninety nine tov++| meet her+|2|: toº the Point,º |+21 yard i++1 onev++| yeoman's yard+|2|. He, he, he! At whatº do you leer|7(+, |shaº setting upº|sh+)7|? (7'|shWith a such unbuttonedº belly?º (8Cascades! |+two Two+| cascades?8)sh|7') I leer |7(+|sh(O my big, O my bog, O my |errbagbone bigbagboneºerr|!)sh|+)7| because I must see a buntingcap of so |2|v+av+|2| pinky on the poink!º It is for |+2a nice |aan april a true glover'sa|+|2| greetingº and many burgesses |2|v+by us(6, greats and grosses,6)v+|2| uses to pink it in this way |7(+|shat tet-a-tetº sh|+)7|. |7(+|shFor long has it been effigy of standard royal when broken on roofstaff which to the gunnings shall cast welcome from Courtmilits' Fortressº, umptydum dumptydum. «++Bemark you these hangovers, those streamer fields!ºs++|sh|+)7| (7'|shHisº|7') Do you not have heard that (3the King,º the queen lying abroad |7|s+from fury of the gales |8(|shmeekname mocktitles her Nan Nan Nanettash|)8|s+|7|,º her |s7king lieges7| |5of lateenth dignisties5|3) shall come |7|shonsh|º7| tomorrow|2|++,º Michaelmasº|s7, |8|shmellems the third and fourth of the clock,sh|8| theretoº all the king's aussies and all their kin'sº men(+|sh, knechts tramplers and cavalcaders,sh|+) led of |shherald graycloak, Ulaf Goldarskieldsh|s7|++|2|? |s7|shDog! Dog!sh| |s+'|shHer lofts will be loosed for her and their tumblers|s+'| |shA progress shall be made in walksh|, ney?º (+|shI trow it well, and uge by|+)s7| He shall come(7', |shsidesmensh| accostant,º7') |2|++with |awith bya| |8|sharyansh|8| Jubilarianº |8|shand orº brigadier-general Nolan or and buccaneer-admiral Browne,sh|8| i+++and withv+++| — who can doubt it? —++| his golden beagles |++i+++the great and his whitev+++| elkox terriers++|2| for a hunting on our |2|+little |++littlest littlego++|+|2| illcome faxes. |7|shIn blue and buff of Beaufortsh| |shthe hunt shall make their baysh|.º |xIt is poblesse noblige. |shOmmes will grin through collars when each ridesº other's| |s+'|shMe Eccls!sh|s+'| |shWhat catskillingsº overall!
{f10, 442}
What popping outº |s8ofs8| guillotinedº widows!sh| |8Quick time! Beware of waiting!8| |s+'|shSquintina plies favours on us from hersh| |shrushfrailsh| |shand Zosimus, the crowder,sh|º in his |shsurcoatsh|,º |shsues us with softwater souftwistersh|. Apart we!º |shHere |saaresa||s+'| I believe |s+'you! it, byº |shPlentifolks Mixymost!sh|s+'| |s+'|shYet if I durst to express the hope how I might be able to be| |shAll these peeplerssh| |shentrammed and detrainedsh| on |shbikeygels and troykakyls and those puny farting little solitiressh|! |saTollare, lo Tollacre, tollacre! Polo north will beseem Sibernian and on Plein Peloutaº will behowl ney ne |shyerking of at lawncastrum ne ghimbelling on to on guelflinkssh|.sa|
{f39, 568}
|shMaw Mauser misma Misma shall cease to stretch her and come abroad for what the |sablink's blinkins issa| to be seen. A ruber, a rancher, a fullvide, a veridust,º and as ceredulousº behind as he was before behind a damson of a sloe cooch. Mbv!sh|s+'| |shThe annamation of evabusies, the livlianess of her laughings, such as a plurity of bells! Have peacience, pray you! Place to dames!sh| |shEven the Lady Victoria Landauner will leave to loll and parasol, all giddied into gushgasps with her dickey| |shBritus and Gothius shall no more joustle for that |asommeplace sonneplacea| butsh| |sh|amake marka| one autonement when, with si so silent, Cloudia Aiduolcis, good and dewed up, shall let fallº, yesº no, yetº now,º a rain. It is how Muchsias grapcias! It is howsweetº from her, the wispful, and they ereº soon seen swopsib so a sautril as a| |8|+Its ist not the tear on this movent sped. Tix |asixpence sixpounceºa|! Poum!+|8| Hool poll the bull? Fool pay the bill. Becups a can full. Peal, pull the bell!x| (aStill sayeme of ceremonies.a)7| |8O,º much much more! So pleaseyour!8| |s7It stands |shin Instopressiblesh|º hows7| |2i++Mr Mayor |aMr Meynhira| Mayourv++||+, our |aborrowmaister boorgomaistera|,+| (7'|sh|s+'the thons+'| staunch Thorsmansh| |s+|8, (ourº Nancy's fancy, our own Nanny's Big Billy)8|, his hod |shhoistedsh|,s+|7') |++in best bib and tucker,º |s7|shwith Woolingtonº bottes |saand oversa| buckram babbishkissh|º and his |shclouded canesh| |8and necknoose aureal,º8|s7| i+++with surrounded ofv+++| his full coop coorporationº++| |5with fixed baronets5| (3and (7'all meng7') our pueblos,3) |7(+|shrestrained by chain of handssh|,º+)7| (7'|shfrom pinchgut, hoghill, darklane, gibbetmeade,º and beaux and |s+love laddess+| and bumbellyº,sh|7') shall receive |++him Allhall Dom King at Broadstone Barrowº++| |5with meet5| a keys |+|aof goodmorrowa| |++on on toº++| his pompey cushion+|. |8|aMe amble dooty to your grace's majers! Arise, Sirº Pompkey Dompkey! Ear! Ear! Weakear!a| An allness eversides! We but miss that horse elder yet cherchant of the wise graveleek in cabbuchin garden. |aMay Thata| his be foison, old Caubeenhauben!8| |7|s+'Twill be tropic of all days. By the splendour of Sole!s+| |s+'|shPerfect weatherest prevailingsh|.s+'| |shThisaftersh||8, Swift'sº mightmace deposing,8| |shhe shall addressº to His Serenemost by a speechreading from his miniated vellumsh|º, |8alfi byrni gamman dealter etcera zezera eacla treacla youghta kaptor lomdom noo,8| |shwho meaningwhile,º that illuminatured one,sh| (+|shPapyroy of Pepinregn,º sh|+) |s+'|shmy Siresh|, |shgreat, big Kingsh| |8(|shhis scaffold is there set up, as to edify, by Rex Ingram, pageantmastersh|)8|,ºs+'| |shwill be poking out with his canule into the |s+'arms arrasºs+'| of
{f39, 569}
what brilliant bridgecloths and joking up with his tonguespitz to the crimosing |awindowladies balkonladies:ºa| here's a help undo
{f10, 443}
their modest stays with a fullbelow may the| |s+'|shOddsbonessh|, that may it!s+'|7| (6Carilloners will ring their gluckspeels. Rng rng! Rng rng! S. Presbytt-in-the-Northº, S. Mark Underloop, S. Lorenz-by-the-Toolechest, S. Nicholas Myre. You shall hark to anune S. Gardener, S. George-le-Greek, S. Barclay Moitered, S. Phibb, Iona-in-the-Fields with Paull-the-Aposteln. And audialterand: S. Jude-at-Gate, Bruno Friars, S. Weslen-on-the-Row, S. (9Molineux Molyneux9) Without, S. Mary Stillamarriesº with (9Bride-and-Audeox-behind-Wardbore Bride-and-Audeons-behind-Wardborg9). How chimant in effect! Alla tingaling pealabells! |7|shSo |aaa| many of churches one cannot hear one's ownº|7| 'Tis holyyear's day! Juin jully we may! Agithetta and Tranquilla shall demure upclausedº but Marlborough-the-Less, Greatchrist and Holy Protector shall have open virgilances. |8Beata Basilica!8| But will be not pontification? Dock, dock(7, agameº7)! |s7|shPrimatiallysh|.s7| At wateredge.º Cantaberra and Neweryork may supprecate when,º by |8vespers vepers8|, for towned and travalled, |7|shhis goldwhite swaystick aloft yliftedsh|, (+|shumbrilla-parasoul,sh|+)7| Monsigneur of Deublan shall impart to all.6) (7'Benedictus benedicat! To board! And mealsight! Unjoint him this bittern, frust me this chicken, display yon crane, thigh her this her pigeon, unlace andº allay rabbit and pheasant! Sing:º Old Finncoole, he's a mellow old saoul when he swills with his fuddlers free!º Poppop array! (+|shFor we're all jollygame fellhellows which nobottle can deny!sh|+) Here be trouts culponed for m ye and salmons chined and sturgeons tranched, sanced caponsm capons, lobsters barbed.7') |8Call halton eatwords! Mumm me moe mummers! |aWhat, no Ithalians? How, not one Moll Pamelas?a| Accordingly! Playactorsº by us ever have crash to their gate. Mr |aMossop Messopa| and Mr |aBarry Borrya| will produce of themselves,º as they're two genitalmen of Veruno, seniorº Nowno and saniorº Brolano (finaly! finaly!), all for love of a fair penitent that, as ayº she be broughton, rhoda's a rosy she. Their two big skins! How they strave to gat her! Such a boyplay! Their bouchicaulture! What tyronte power! |aBuy our fays!a| My name is novel and |aat ona| the Granby on in hills. |aBravose!a| Thou traitor slave!
{f39, 570}
Mine name's Apnorval and o'er the Grandbeyond Mountains. Bravossimost! The royal |anusic |+nusick musickº+|a| their show shall shut with |+songslide to+| nature's solemn silence. Deep Dalchi Dolando! |+Might gentle harp addurge!+|8| It will give piketurns |++on the i+++Tumliplads Tummlipladsºv+++|++| |7(+|shand forain dancessh|+)7| |+and crosshurdles+| and |++manovers dollmanovers++| and |+|5vicuvious viceuvious5|+| pyrolyphiesº |7|s+, a snow of dawnflakes,s+|7| at |++even darkfall++| for |5Grace's Mamnesty and5| i+++the ourv+++| |+fancy+| ladies|5, all assombred5|. |8|+Some wholetime in theº hot town tonight!º+|8| You do not have heard?2| |5It stays in book of that which is.5| I have heard anyone tell it |++2yesterday jesterday++|2| (7'(|shmasterº currier with brassard, was't?º sh|)7') (3that how3)º one should come on morrow here but it is never here |7(+|shthat onesh|+)7| today. |v++2Yes, Well,ºv++|2| but remind |5you tuº (9thank thinkº9) you where yestoday Ys Morganas warº and5| that it is always tomorrow in (3another |5an other (+7tet's other's |shtoth's tother'ssh|+)7|5|3) place. |5Amen.5|
{f10, 444}

(33) |2O, I will! True! True!º2| |7(+|shVouchsafe me more soundpicture!º sh|+)7| (7'|shIt gives furiously to|7') |2Has Is2| |+2Mr Porter rich Mr Pornter(6, a squire,º not6)+|2| always in his such strong health? I thank you for the best, he is (6in taken deal6) exceedingly |+2well |++herculous herculaneousº++|+|2|. One sees how he is |2|+lot+|2| |++2stoutlier stroutlierº++|2| than of formerly. One would say him to |v+2have holdv+|2| whole a litteringture of |++2piglets kidlings++|2| under his aproham. He!º Has |+2Mr Porter handsome (6Mr Sir6) Pournter+|2| always been so long married? O yes, |+2he (6Mr Lord6) Pournterfamilias+|2| has been marryingman |v++2since ever ever sincev++|2| so long |2|v+timev+| |8|+in Hurtleforth, |awhere he |errappeer appeersºerr| as our oily the active,a|+|8| |+and,º yes indeed, he has |ahis (9a his9) i++mick micv++| son and hisa| two fine |ai++mack macv++|a| sons i++ofv++| his an age and a superfine mick (5want5) they mack |++between metween++| them+|2|. She, she, she! But |v++2at onv++|2| what do you again leer? I am not leering, I pink yourº pardons!º I am highly she sheº sherious.

Do you not must want to go somewhere on the present? Yes, O pity! (5At earliest moment!5) (7'That |shprickly heat feelingsh|!7') |8|+Forthink not me spill it's |aas ata| always so guey.+|8| |v++2Now Herev++|2| we shall do a far walk |2|v+(O pity!º)v+|2| (5anygo khaibits5) |v++2until tillv++|2| the number one of |++2Sara's Sairey'sº++|2| place. (5Isº, is.5) |++2We can I want you to++|2| admire her sceneries |2|++illustrationing our national |7'|s+firsts+|7'| rout,º one ought ought one++|2|. |7We shall too downlook on that |shford where Sylvanus Sanctus washed but hurdley those tips of his anointedssh|.7| |2Do not show ever |ain your retro. retrorsehim(5, crookodeyledº,5) |+till that you become quite crimstone in the face+|!ºa| |++Beware!++| |+Guardafew!º+| (5It is Stealer of the Heart!5) |+You will fall yourself. |++You will overthrow your saltstand. I am anxious |ain regarda| you should overthrownº your sillarsalt.++|+|2| (5I will dui sui, tefnute!5)
{f39, 571}
These brilling |7streamlines |s+waveleapth waveleaplightss+|7|! Pleaseº |v+2tell sayv+|2| me how |++2you sing sing you++|2| them.º (5Seekhem seckhem!5) They arise from a clear springwell |v+2of |++to in the near of++|v+|2| our park which makes the |3'blind to see (5deaf daft5) to hear3'| all (5blind blend5). |7This |shplace of endearmentsh|!7| How it is clear! |2i++And how they cast their spells upon, the (9leaves fronds9) that |athere thereupa| float, the bookstaff branchings! (7'The |shdruggeted stemssh|, |shthe leaves incut on trees!sh|7') Do you can their |atantrista| spellings? I can (5spell lese(7', skillmistress aiding7')5). Elm, bay, this way, cull dare, take a message, |atawney tawnya| runes ilex sallow, meet me at the pine.v++|2| Yes, |++2we shall have come they shall have brought us++|2| to the watertrystingº (7'by |shhedgesº of maiden fernºsh|,7') |v+2for thenv+|2| here in another place is their chapelofeases|2|+, sold for song,+|2| of which you have thought |v+2so much |atoo much my |bprice praiseb| too much my pricea|v+|2|. |2O ma ma! |8|+Yes, sad one of Ziod?+|8| |++Speak Sell me++|, my soul dear! |aHow |bO Ahb|, my sorrowful, his cloister dreeping of |bthe hisb| monkshood,º howa| it is triste to death,º all his dark ivytod! |8|+Wherundneath we shall calm recline. Unknown. Where cold in dearth.+|8| Yet see, my blanching kissabelle, |ain |v+her thev+|a| under close |v+all is she is allv+| |asoa|º gay, her kirtlesº |abright |blace greenb|a|, her |agambolets curtsies whitea|, her |acurtsies white peonyº |v+pearsv+|a|, her nistlingsloe!º2| Oº, |2|+pipette,+|2| I must also |2quickingly quicklingly2| to tryst myself |2|++softly++|2| |v+2in intov+|2| this |++2pretty pleasechapel! little easechapel!º++|2| |8|+I would rather than Ireland!º+|8| But,º please, |2|v+I pray,v+|2| make so!º Do your easiness! O, |2|++peace ppeaceº++|,2| this is heaven! O, (5Mr Princeº of5) |+2Porter |aPouringter Pouringtohera|+|2|, |v++2what whateverºv++|2| shall I |2ever |++pease pppease++|2| to do? Why do you so (5sigh lifesighs5), |2|++my precious,++|2| as I hear |2|v+fromv+|2| you, |8|+with limmenings lemantitions,º+|8| |v+2over afterv+|2| that swollen one? I am not |v+2sosighing sighingv+|2|, I assure, but only I am |v+2so sosov+|2| sorry about all in my (3Sara's place (5sarasplace saarasplace5)3).
{f10, 445}
Listen, listen!º I am doing it. Hear |v++2again morev++|2| to those voices! Always I am hearing them. |2Humbert Hoarsehemº2| coughs enough. Annshee lispes privily.

subsection j

— He is quieter now. |v+2Let us wait.v+|2|

— Legalentitled. Accesstopartnzz.º |v+2Notwildbeetch. — i++Notwildbeetsh. (3Notwildbeestsch. (5Notwildbreestsch. Notwildebeestsch.5)3)v++|v+|2| |v++2Byrightofcaptsh. Byrightofcaptz.ºv++|2| Twainbeoneflesh.º Haveandholdpp.

— S! Let us go. Make a noise. Slee …º

|v+2Obstructionofways. Beautofusions. Claimtoposessk. i++Obstructionways. Obstructionwayszz.v++| Beautofusion. Claimtopossessk.ºv+|2|

|v+2Quiet! Qui...ºv+|2| The li...º

|v+2Huesofrichunfoldmornin. Wakenupriseandprove. Huesofrichunfoldingmorn. i++Wakenuprisendprove. Wakenupriseandprove.v++|v+|2| Provideforsacrifice.

— Wait!º Hist! Let us |v+2listen listv+|2|!

subsection k

For our netherworld'sº bosomfoes are working tooth and nail overtime:º in earthveins, toadcavities,º cheeseganglions,º saltklosters,º
{f39, 572}
underfed: nagging firenibblers knocking aftermanº up out of his hinterclutch. Tomb be their tools|err.!ºerr| When the youngdammers will be soon heartpocking on their betters' doornoggersº: and the youngfries will be backfrisking diamondcuts over their lyingin underlayers,º spick and spat trowelling a gravetrench for their fourinhand forebears. Vote for your club!

subsection l

— Wait!

— What?º

— Her door?!

— Ope?

— See!º

— What?

— Careful!º

— Who?

|4⇒ Cant ear! Her |adoorters of dorters |bope ofeb|a|? |aWhope? Whofe?a| Her |aquieting eskmenoa| daughters hope? |aWhope?a| |aEll me, ell me, ellmestoon! Ellme, elmmeº, elskmestoon! |bSoon!ºb|a|4|

|4Live well! Inûvdluaritzas!º Tone!º4|

|4(+Let us consider.+)4|

|4The procurator (5Paleologus Interrogarius Mealterum5) persendsº us this (5preposer proposer5).4|

Honuphrius is a concupiscent |+8exserviceman exservicemajor+|8| who makes dishonest propositions to all. He is considered to have committed|s7, |sh|sausing invokingsa| droit d'oreiller,sh|s7| simple infidelities with Felicia, a virgin, and to be practising for unnatural coits with Eugenius and Jeremias, Jeremias, twoº |4(+or three+)4| philadelphians. Honuphriusº, Felicia, Eugenius and Jeremias are consanguineous to the lowest degree. Anita,º the wife of Honuphriusº, has been told by her tirewoman, Fortissa, that Honuphrius has |4blasphemously4| confessed under voluntary chastisement that he has instructed his slave Mauritius, a widower,º to facilitate their neighbour Magravius,º a commercialº emulous of Honuphrius, to solicit the chastity of Anita. Anitaº isº informed by some illegitimate children
{f10, 446}
of Fortissa with Mauritius |8(theº supposition is Ware's)8| that Gillia, the (3schismatical3) wife of Magravius, is visited clandestinely by Barnabas, the advocate of Honuphrius, wh an immoral person who has been corrupted by Jeremias. Gillia (3|8(aº cooler blend, D'Alton insists)8|,º ex equo with Poppea, Arancita, Clara,
{f39, 573}
Marinuzza, Indra and Iodina,º3) has been tenderly debauched |8(inº Halliday's view)º8| by Honuphrius,º and Magravius knows from spies that Anita has formerly committed double sacrilege with Michael, (3vulgo Cerularius,3) a perpetual curateº who wishes to seduce Eugenius. Magravius threatens to have Anita molested by Sulla, |2a bandit (3a an orthodox3) savage |a(and leader of a band of twelve mercenaries, the Sullivani)ºa|2| who desires to procure Felicia for Gregorius, Leo, Vitellius and Macdugalius, four excavators, if she will not yield to him and also deceive Honuphrius by rendering |2marital conjugal2| duty when demanded. Anita,º who claims to have discovered incestuous temptations from Jeremias and Eugenius,º would yield to the lewdness of Honuphrius to appease |2Magravius the |aferocity savagerya| of Sulla and the mercernariness of the |atwelvea| Sullivaniº2| and |8(asº Gilbert at first suggested)º8| to save the virginity of Felicia for Magravius,º when converted by Michael after the death of Gillia,º but she fears thatº by allowing his marital rights she may cause reprehensible conduct between Eugenius and Jeremias. Michael, who has formerly debauched Anita, dispenses her from yielding to Honuphrius who pretends publicly to possess his |2woman conjunct2| in |2thirtynine2| several manners |2(turpiter! |8affirm ex cathedris Gerontes Cambronses8|)2| for carnal hygiene whenever he has rendered his himself impotent to consummate by subdolence. Anita is disturbed,º but Michael comminates that he will reserve her case |2tomorrow2| for the ordinary |2Guglielmus2| even if she should practise a pious fraud during affrication which, from experience, she knows |8(accordingº to Wadding)º8| to be |2leading to2| nullity. Fortissa, however, |2encourages is encouraged by Gregorius, Leo, Vitelliusº and Magdugalius(3, reunitedly,º3) to warn2| Anita by describing the |2strong2| chastisements of Honuphrius and the depravities |2(turpissimas!)2| of Canicula, the deceased wife of Mauritius, with Sulla(3, theº simoniac,º3) who (3isº abnegand and3) repents. Has he hegemony and shall she submit?

|7|shTranslakeº a lax, you breed a| |s+'|shIn the goods of Cape and Chattertone,º|s+'|7|

This(5, layreadersº and gentilemen,5) is perhaps the commonest of all casesº |8arising out of umbrella history in connection with
{f39, 574}
the wood industries8| in our courts of litigation. |2|aDoyle D'Oylya|2| Owens holds |8(|shthough Finn Magnusson of himself holds alsosh|)8| that so long as there is a joint deposit account in the two names a mutual obligation is posited. |v+2He Owensv+|2| cites Brerfuchs and Warren, a |2foreign2| firm|7(+|sh, since disseized,sh|+)7| registered as Tangos, Limited,º for the sale of certain proprietary articles. The action,º which was at the |+2suit instance+|2| of the
{f10, 447}
trustee of the Heathen Church Emergencyº fund(3, suing by its trustee, a resigned civil servant,3) for |2|v+thev+|2| payment of tithes due,º was heard by Judge Doyle and |2|v+also byv+|2| a common jury. No question arose as to the debt |2for which vouchers spoke volumes2|. The defence |v+2stated allegedv+|2| that payment had been made |2|v+effectivev+|2|. The fund trustee|2|+, one Jucundus Fecundus Xero Pecundus (3Copperchap (5Coppercap Coppercheap5)3),+|2| counterclaimed that |v+2this paymentv+|2| was invalid,º |2being |v+being made having been tenderedv+| to creditor2| |v+2by means under coverv+|2| of |2|v+av+|2| crossed cheque|2, signed in the ordinary |away course,ºa| in the name of Wieldhelm, |ahurdle's hurlsa| crossº, (7'|shvoucher copy providedsh|,7') |v+andv+|2| drawn by the senior partner |2only2| by whom the lodgment of |2money the species2| had been |v+2made effectedv+|2| but in their joint names. The bank particularised, the National |2|+Miseryº+|2| (now almost entirely in the hands of |2the four |adirectors chief bondholders in |bfor valueb|a| in2| Tangos, Limited),º declined to pay the draft, though there were ample |+2funds reserves+|2| to meet |v+2it the liabilityv+|2|, whereupon the |+2trustee trusty Coppercheap+|2| negotiatedº it |2for and on behalf of the fund of the thing2| to a client |2of his, a notary,2| who from whom|2, on consideration,º2| he received in exchange legal relief |2as between trusting and trusthee and |v+rethrust bethrust,º with thanksv+|2|. Since thenº the cheque, a |2good2| washable |2one pink2|, |2embossed |aD.U.D. D you Dºa| noº 1132 11 hundred and 3 thirty 2, |agood for the figure and face,a|2| had been circulating in the country for over |v+2thirty |athirtytwo thirtyninea|v+|2| years among |+2holders |ashareholders holdersa|+|2| of Pango stock, a rival concern,º though not one |2demonetised2| farthing |2|v+of damagesv+|2| had ever |2crossed spun |v+orv+| fluctuated across2| the counter in the semblance of |2hard2| coin |2or liquid cash2|. The jury (|2all a sour dozen of stout fellows all2| of whom were |2curiously2| named |2after2| Doylesº) naturally disagreed|2, jointlyº |v+& andv+| severally,º2| and the |2belligerent2| judge, disagreeing with |2the jury's decision |v+their thev+| |a|bneutral alliedb|a| |v+jurors'v+| disagreement2|, |2went outside the his |v+jury's fiction jurisfictionv+| |aaltogethera| and2| ordered |2the a garnishee2| attachment |2of to2| the |2neutral2| firm. No mandamusº could locate |2Brerfuchs |v+the depletedv+| Whilom Breyfawkesº |aas he had |v+meanwhilev+| entered into |v+a an
{f39, 575}
ancientv+| moratorium with benefit,º |v+which dated datingv+| back to the times of the early barters,ºa|2| and only the junior partner |2Warren Barren2| could be found, who |8entered an appearance and8| turned |+2out to be up|8, add woman in,º8| among the male jurors,º+|2| |v+2a an obsoleteºv+|2| |2|+woman turfwoman+| originallyº2| |v+2of fromv+|2| the proletarian |2class |aclass, named class withº |v+stillv+| a good title to |bthe herb| |+name sexname+| ofa| Ann Doyle|+, 2 Coppinger's Cottages, |aDoyle's the Doylea| Countryº+|2|. |2She Doyle |v+(Ann)|a, |8upon a notice of motion and after service of the motion by interlocutory injunction,º8| having regretfully left the |8jurybox juryboxers8|,a|v+|2| |2stated that she had cheerfully protested cheerfully on the stand in a long jurymiad |+in re corset checks,º delivered in Doylish,º+| that she had2| often|2|a, inº |v+response supplyv+| to brusk demands rising |v+almostv+| to bollion point,ºa| discounted Mr Brakeforth's first of all in exchange at nine months |afroma| date without issue |+& gave and, to be strictly literal, unbottled+| (3in corrubberationº3) |v+her av+| current |v+â accountv+| of how she |v+hadv+|2| been made |2|aat |v+on atv+|a| sight |afor services rendereda|2| the |+2drawee payee-drawee+|2| of unwashable blank |+2cheques assignations+|, |v+sometimesv+| |apink (3pinkwilliam pinkwilliams3)a| |+sometimes+| |+(laughter)º+| but more often |v+of thev+| (4rubbergrey crème-de-citron,º (5vair5) émail paoncoque or marshmallow4)
{f10, 448}
|v+seriesv+|,2| which she|2, as bearer,2| used to endorse|2, adhesively,º2| to her various |+2drawers payers-drawers+|2| |2|v+blankv+|2| who |2were in most cases in most cases were identified by the |atimbera| papers as2| wellknown tetigists of the city and |v+2country suburbanv+|2|. |8The witness, at her own request, asked if she might and wrought something between the sheets of music paper which she had accompanied herself with for the occasion and,º this having been handed up for the bench to look at in camera,8| |+2She Coppinger's doll, as she was called |8(anniasº, MackErse'sº Dar, the adopted child)8|,º then+|2| proposed |8to jerrykin and jureens and every jim, jock and jarry in that little green courtinghousie8| for |2|v+herv+|2| satisfaction and as a whole |2|v+act ofv+|2| settlement to reamalgamate herself|2|+, tomorrow for cho perforce,+| in pardonership2| with the |2permanent2| suing |2|v+fondv+|2| trustee, Monsignore Pepigi, |2|v+who seemed to have the highest interest for her,v+| under the new style of Will Breakfast and Sparrem|v+, as|8, when all his cognisances had been estreated,8| he seemed to proffer the steadiest interest towards her,v+|2| but this |2|v+prepoposalv+|2| was ruled out on appeal by Judge Jeremy |2Doylerº2| who|2,º |8reserving judgment in a matter of courts and8| reversing the findings of the lower |8court correctional8|,2| |2held found|8, beyond doubt of treasonº, fending the dissassents of the pickpackpanel, twelve as upright judaces as ever let down their thoms,8|2| |7and|8, occupante extremum
{f39, 576}
scabie,º8| |shhanded downsh| |8to the jury of the Liffeyº8|7| that, as a matter of tact, the woman |2|v+they gave as freev+|2| was born |2|+into contractual incapacity+|2| |8(the Calif of Man v the Eaudelusk Company)8| when|2|v+, howv+|2| and where |2Mary's Mamy's2| Mancipium Actº did not apply and |2thereforeº held supremely2| that, as no property |2|+in law+|2| |v+2exists can existv+|2| in a corpse |8(Hal Kilbride v Una Bellina)8|,º Pepigi's pact was |2pure2| piffle |2|+(loud laughter)+|2| and |2Warren |v+Harrem Wharremv+|2| couldº whistle for the rhino. Will you, won't you, (5tango pango5) with Pepigi? Not for,º Nancy, how dare you do!º And whew whewwhew whew.º

subsection m

— He sighed in sleep.

— Let us go back.

— Lest he forewaken.

— Hide ourselves.

While hovering dreamwings, folding round,º will hide from fears my |2|+wee neeº+|2| mannikin, keep myº |+2mannikin big wig long strong (5man of men manomen5)+|2|, guard my bairn|2|v+, |amy beau mon beaua|v+|2|.º

— To bed!º

|7(+|shProspectorsh|+)7| (+7Projector projector+)7|º and |7(+|shboomoostersh|+)7| giant builder of all causeways woesoever, hoppingoffpointº and true terminus of straxstraightcuts and corkscrewn (5perambuloops perambulaups5), zeal whence to goal whither, wanderlustº, in sequence to which every muckle must make its mickle, as different as York from Leeds, being the only wiseº in a muck'sº world to look on itself from beforelandº; mirrorminded curiositease and would-to-the-largeº which bring hills to molehunter, home through first husband, perils |2before behind2| swine and
{f10, 449}
horsepower down to hungerford, prick this man and tittup this woman, our forced payrents, (5Bogyº Bobow with his cunnyngnest couchmare, Big (9Macester Maester9) Finnykinº with Phenicia Parkes,5) lame of his ear and gape of her leg, most correctingly, we beseach of you, down their laddercase of nightwatch service and bring them at suntime flush with the nethernmostº (5gangday gangrung5) of their stepchildren:º guide them through the labyrinth of their semilikesº and the alteregoases of their pseudoselves:º hedge them bothways from all roamers whose names are ligionsº, from loss of bearingsº deliver them; so they kreepº to their rights and be ware of dutyfreesº |7'|s+, |8|shneoliffic smith and magdalenian jinnyjonessh|,
{f39, 577}
unread |shmandragon mor and |awee weaka| wiffeyducky, Morionmale and Thrydacianmadeºsh|, |shbasilisk glorious with his weeniequeenie, tigernack and swansgrace,sh|8| unreade he as old hale as his ardouriesº, she as verve as her veines,s+|7'|:º this prime white arsenic (5and mate with bissemate5) alloyed, |+7'mortal martial+|7'| sin with peccadilly, (7'free to lease hold with first mortgage, dowser dour and dipper douce, stop-that-war and feel-this-feather, |shhorsebloodheartenedº and lambswoolwashableº sh|, |shgreat gas with fun-in-the-cornersh|, |shgrand slam with fall-of-the-tricksh|, |shsolomn one and shebbysh|, |shcod and coney, cash and carry,sh| |shin all we dreamed the part we dreadedsh|, |shcorsair coupled with his damesh|, |shroyal biber but constant lymphsh|, |shboniface and bonnyfeaturessh|, |shnazel noseº and river mouthsh|, |shbang-the-change |8|+and+|8| batter-the-bolstersh|, (++big smoke and lickley roesthy,º humanity's fahrman by society leader, voguener and trulley, humpered and elf, |+8tur loughmoor Urloughmoor+|8| with Miryburrow, leaksº and awfully,++) |shbasal cursesh| yet grace abunda, Regies Producer with screendoll |s+La Diva Vedettes+|, (+|shpeg of his claim and pride of her heart,sh|+) |s+cliffscaur grisly with but rockdove cooing,s+|7') Hodinstagº on |3'Friggabet Fryggabet3'|º, baron and feme: that he may dishcover her, that she may uncouple him, that noneº may come and crumple them, that they may soon recoup themselves: now and then, time on time again, as per periodicity:º (5from Neaves to Willses, from Bushmills to Enos; to Goerz from Harleem, to Hearths of Oak from Skittish Widdas:º5) via mala, hyber pass, heckhisway per alptrack: throughº lands vagueº and vain, after many mandelays:º in their first case, to the next place, till their cozenkerries: the high and the by, both pent and plain: (7'|shcross the cowslips yillow, yellow, yallow, past pumpkinssh| |shpinguindsh|,º |shpurplesome:sh|7') be they whacked to the wide other tied to husthings:º |2long sizzleroads neath arthurseatº,2| him to the derby, her to toun|8, til sengentide,º do coddlam8||err;:ºerr| in the grounds or unterlinnen: rueº to lose and ca'cannyº: at shipside, by convent garden: monk and sempstress, in sackcloth silkily: curious dreamers, curious dramas, curious demonº, plagiast dayman, playajest dearest, plaguiest dourest: for the strangfort planters are prodestingº and the karkery felons dryflooring it and the leperties' laddsº (9clearing railing9) the way, (9plump blump9) for (9Slygo Slogoº9) Slee|err.!ºerr|

subsection n
{f10, 450}

Stop! Did a stir? No, is fast. Onº to bed! So he is. |2It's onlyº2| the
{f39, 578}
windº on the road outside for to wake all shiveringº shanks from snoringº.

subsection p

But|4,º Oom Godd his villen,º4| who will he be,º this mitryman, some king of the yeast, in his chrismy greyed brunzewig, |4withº the snow in his mouth and the Caspianº asthma,4| so bulk of build? |4Relics of pharrer and livite! |aDik Gill, Tum Lung or MacFinnan'sº cool Harryng?a|4| He has only his bedcosycasketteº on and his woolseyº shirtplisse |4with peascod doublet,º4| also his feet wear doubled width socks for he always must to insure warm sleep between a pair of fullyfleeced bankers (5(9eskipping the clockback like a finnoc in a cauwl9)5). Can thus be Misthra Norkmann that keeps our hotel? Begor, Mr O'Sorgmann,º you're looking right well!º |4|aHecklar's |~blank champion~| ethnicist.a| How deft as a fuchser schouws daft as a fish! He's the dibble's own doges for doublin existents!4| |4A But a4| jolly fine daysent form of one word. He's rounding up on his family.

And who is the bodikin by |s4ye, him,ºs4| sir? |4(+So voulzievalsshieº? Withº ybbs and zabs?+)4| Her trixiestrailº is tripping her, (+4watch vop+)4|! Luck at the way for the lucre of smoke she's looping the lamp! Why, that's old Missness Wipethemdryº! Well, well, wellsowells! (5Donauwatter!5) |4(+Ardechious me!+)4| With her halfbend,º as proud as aº peahen|2, |4(+allabalmy,º+)4| andº her troutbeck quiverlipsº(9,9) (3|errninya-nanya ninyananyaº10|3)2|. (5And her sleptuajazzyma'sº culunder buzztle.5) Happy tea area, naughtygay frew! (5Selling sunlit sopes to washtout winches and rhaincold draughts to the props of his pubs. She triedº lipping the swells at Pont Delisle till she jumped the boom at Brounemouth. Now she's borrid his head under Hatesbury's Hatch and loamed his fate to old Love Lane.5) And she's just the same old haporth of dripping. (5She never turned a She's even brennt her5) hair.

Which route are they going? Why? (3Angell Sitterº or Amen Corner, Norwood's Southwalkº or Euston Waste?3) The solvent manº in his upper gambeson withnotº a breathº against him and the wee wiping |s7womaneen womanahoussys7|. They'reº coming (5back terug5) |2|+forº their diamond wedding tour+|2|, |7|shgiant's inch byº elfkin's ellsh|, |s+'|shvesting their characterssh| vixendevolment, andens aller, athors err,s+'|7| |8our first day man and your dresser and mine,8| (3that Luxumburgherº (5and evec5) cettehis Alzette,º |7|shkonyglik shire with his (9queenish queensh9) countesssh|,7| Stepney's
{f39, 579}
with the waif of his bosun, Dunmow's flitcher with duck-on-the-rock,º3) down the scales, the way they went up, |8under talls and threading tormentors, shunning the startraps and slipping in sliders, risking a runway, ruing reveals,8| |s7|shfrom Eldorº (9Ardor Arbor9) to La Puiréesh|,s7| (5eskipping the clockback,5) |2|+|acarbon in crystal crystal in carbona|,+|2| sweetheartedly, hotº and cold and electrickery with attendance and lounge and (3porter promenadeº3) free. In spite of all that science could boot or art could eke. Bolt the (3gate grinden3). Postpone no bills. Thrive slowly.º Cave and caneº em. |2Single wrecks for the weak, double axe for the mail, and quick |+quick quicks queck quocksº+| for the radiose. |8Renove that bible.8| You will never
{f10, 451}
have post in your pocket unless you have brass
º on your plate.2| (3Beggars Beggards3) outdoor. |8Goat to the Endth, thou Slowguardº! Mind the Monks and their Grasps.8| Scrape your |v+2soles soulsv+|2|. |2|+Commit no miracles.º+|2| |s7|shRespect the|s7| (5Hold the raabers for the kunning his plethoron. Let leash the dooves to the cooin her coynth.5) |7(+|shHatenot| |shShare the wealth and spoil the weal.º sh|+)7| |8Peg the pound to tom the devil.8| My time is on draught. Bottle |+2yourself your own+|2|. |2|+Love my label like myself.+|2| |8|shEarn before eating. |aDrink after drudge. Drudge after drink.a|sh|8| Credit tomorrow. |2Follow my |v+dealings dealingv+|. Fetch my price. Buy not from Divesº. Sell not to Freundº. |+Herenow chuck englishº and learn to pray plain.+|2| Lean on your lunch. No cods before (3me Me3). Practise preaching. Think in your stomach. Import through the nose. By faith alone. Season'sº weather. Gomorrha. Solongº. Lots feedº from my |8timetable tidetable8|, oilsº wells in our lands. Let Earwigger'sº wifableº teach you the dance|err.!ºerr| |2|v+

v+|2| Now their laws assist them and ease theirº fall!º

For they met and mated and bedded and buckled and got and gave and reared andº raised |2and brought |athe land |v+the plainland (5the land Thawland5)v+|a| within (5their Har5) dangerº and turned them, tarrying,º to the seaº2| and |2planned planted2| and plundered and pawned our souls and pillaged |2their pounds the pounds of |v+their thev+| extramurals2| and fought and feigned with strained relations and broke all banks and hated theº sights of one another andº bequeathed us their ills |s4and recrutched cripples'º gait and undermined lungachers, manplanting seven sisters while wan warmwooed woman scrubbs,s4| and turned out coats and removed their origins and never learned the first day's lesson and tried to mingle |v+2but andv+|2| managed to save and featheredº foes'º nests and fouled
{f39, 580}
their own and |s4and wayleft the arenotts and ponted vodavalls for the zollgebordened (+and+)s4| escaped from liquidation |2by the2| by the heirs of their death and were responsible for congested districts (5and rolled olled logs into Peter's sawyery and werfed new woodcuts on Paoli's wharf5) |4and ewesed Rachel's lea and rammed Dominic's gap and struck rock oil and forced a policemanº and |alooked haggards after lazatables and rode |sbfourscoreten winters and fourscore oddwinters |candºc|sb|a| collaughsed at their phizes in |sablank Toobiassedsa| and Zachary and4| (5and left off leaving off and kept on keepingº on5) and |2took |3'reared roused3'|2| up drink and |2published privates poured balm down the dustyfoot2| and tramped the world over to the court of pye powderº and were cuffed by their customersº and bit the dust at the foot of the poll |s4when in her deergarth he gave up his goats4| after the battle of Multaferry. (3Pharoahº with fairy, twoº lieº let them!º3) Yet they wend it back, (5qual his leif, himmertality, bullseaboob and rivishy divil,5) light in hand, helmº on high, to peekaboo durk the thicket of Slumbwhereº, |8till their hour with their scene be struck for ever and the book of the dates he close, he clasp and sheº seegn her tour d'adieu, Pervinca calling,º Solosearº hearsº (O Sheem! O Shaam!), and gentle Isad,º Ysut gay,º8| flispering in the nightleaves'º flattery,
{f10, 452}
dinsiduously, to |+8Finegan Finnegan+|8|, to sin again and to make grim grandma grunt and grin again,º while the first grey streaks steal silvering by for toº mock their quarrels in dollymount tumbling.

They near the base of the chill stair, that large incorporate licensed vintner, such as he is, (7'|shfrom formorº timessh|,7') nine hosts in himself, in his hydrocomic establishment,º and his ambling limfy peepingpartnerº, the slave of the ring that worries the hand that sways the lamp that shadows the walk that bends to his bane the busynext man that came on the cop (5in with5) the Fenian'sº (5park bark5) that pickled his widow that primed the pope that passed it round on the volunteers'º plate till itº croppied the ears of Purses (5Paul (9Peele Relleº9)5) that kneed O'Connell up out of his doss that shouldered Burke that butted (5O'Higgins O'Hara5) that woke the busker that grattaned his crowd that bucked the jiggers to rhyme the rann that flooded the routes in (3Erian's Eryan's3) isleº from Malin to Clear and Carnsore Point to Slynagollovº and cleaned the pockets and ransomed the ribs of all the listeners, lewdº and lay, that bought the ballad that |2Babs Hosty2| made.
{f39, 581}

Anyhow (7'(|shthe matter is a troublous and a penilous peniloosesh|)7') have they not called him |2at many's their mock indignation meeting|7(+|sh, vehmen's vengeance vective volleying,sh|+)7|2| inwader and uitlander, the notables, crashing libels in their |2Sullivan'sº mounted2| beards about him, their right renownsable patriarch|2, Heinzº Cans Everywhere,º2| and the swanee her ainsellº and Eyrewaker'sº family sock that they smuggled forº life betune them, roaring |2(Big Reilly was the worst)º2|

Free boose for the Man from the Nark,º
Sure, he never was worth a cornerwall fark,
And his banisheeº bedpan she's a quer oldº bite of a tarkº

as they wendelled their zingaway wivewards from his |2Find Me Cool'sº2| moist opulent vinery, highjacking through the nagginneck pass, asº they hauled home with their hogsheads, |2(5apoxtolating axpoxtolatingº5)2| and claimandº cowled consollation, sursumcordial,º from the bluefunkfires of the dipper and the martians'º frost?º

Useº they not, our neosmallº termtraders,º to abhors offrom him, the yet unregendered thunderslog,º whose sbrogue cunneth none lordmade undersiding,º how betwixt wifely rule and mens conscia recti,º then hemale man all umbracingº to omniwomenº but now shedropping his hitches like any maidavale oppersite orseriders in an idinhole?º Ah, dearo, dearo, dear!º And her illian! And his willyum! When they were all there now,º matinmarked for lookin on. At the carryfour. Withº Awlus Plawshusº, their happyass cloudious! And then and too the trivials! And their bivouac! And his monomyth! Ah ho! |2Say no more about it!2| I'm sorry! I saw,º I'm sorry! I'm sorry to say I saw!º
{f10, 453}

Gives there not too amongst us cismarinesº after all events |2(or so |awhispers gruntsa| a leading hebdromadary)º2| some togethergush of stillandbutallyouknow that, insofarforth asº all up and down the whole concreationº anyº efficient first gets there finally every timeº as a complex matter of pure form, for those excessesº andº that pasphault hardhearingness from their eldfar, in gripesº and rumblions, through fresh taint and sourº treason, another like that alter but not quite such anander and stillandbut one not all the selfsame and butstillone just the maim and encore (5immerhim emmerhim5) may always, with a little difference,º till the latest up to date so early in the morning, have evertheless been (3made allmade3) amenable?
{f39, 582}

Yet he begottom.

Let us wherefore, tearing ages, presently preposteroseº a snatchvote of thanksalot to the huskiest coaxing experimenter that ever gave his best hand into (3chancery (5chancereich chancerisk5)3), wishing him with his famblings no end of slow poison and a mighty broad venue for themselves between the devil's punchbowl and the deep angleseaboard, that they may gratefully turn a deaf ear clooshed upon the desperanto of (3all their shareholders, willynullyº their shareholders3) from Taaffe to Auliffeº that will curse them below par and marº with their descendants, shame, humbug and profit, to greenmould upon mildew over jaundice as long as ever there's aº wagtail surtaxed to a testcase on everº a man.

We have to had them whether we'll like it or not. They'll have to have us now then we'reº here on (3the spot their spotº3). Scant hope theirs or ours to escape life's high carnage of semperidentity by subsisting peasemeal upon variables. Bloody certainly have we got to seeº to it ere smellful demise surprends us on this concrete that down the gullies of the eras we may catch ourselves f lookingº forewordº to what will in no time be staring you larrikins |2in on2| the postface |2in |athe thata| multimirror megaron of returningties2|, whirled without end to end. So there was a raughty … who in Dyfflinsborg did … withº his soddering iron, spadeaway, hammerlegs and … whereº there was a fair young … whoº was playing her game of … andº said she you rockaby … willº you (5dibble peddle5) in my bog … andº he sod her in Iarland, paved her wayº from Maizenhead to Youghal. And that's how Humphreyº, champion emir, holds his own. Shy sweetº, she rests.

Or show pon him now, will you,º |2H.C.E.?, Hokoway,º2| in his hiphigh (5baresark? bearserk?º5) Third position of concord. |2Luk!º2| |7|shDerg rudd face should take patrick's|º7| Excellent view from front. Sidome. Female imperfectly masking male. Red spotº his browbrand. Woman's the prey! Thon's the (5dalakeykongsbyogblagroggerswagginline dullakeykongsbyogblagroggerswagginline5) (private judgers, change here for Looterstownº! onlyromansº, keep your seats!) that drew all ladies please to our great (5metrollops mettrollops5). Leary, leary, twentytun nearly, he's plotting Kingsº down for his villa's
{f10, 454}
extension!º Gaze at him now in momentum! As his
{f39, 583}
bridges are blown to babbyrags, by the lee of his hulk upright on her orbitsº and the heave of his juniper (5arks arx5) in action, he's naval,º I see. Poor little tartanelle, her dinties are chattering, the straitsº she's in, the bulloge she bears! Her smirk is smeeching behind for her hills. By the queer quick twist of her mobcap and the lift of her shift at randomº and the rate of her gate of going the pace, two thinks at a time, her country I'm proud of. The field is down, the race is their own. The galleonman jovial on his bucky brown nightmare. Bigbrobº dignagging his lilyputtanaº. One to one bore one! The datter, io, io, sleeps in peace, in peace. And the twillingsons, ganymede, garrymore, turn in trot and trot. But old Pairamereº goes it a gallop, a gallop,º a gallop. Bossford and phospherine. One to one on!

O, O, her fairy setalite! Casting such shadows to Persia's blind! The man in the street can see the coming event. Photoflashing it far too wide. It will be known through all Urania soon. Like jealousjoy titaning fear;º like rumour rhean round the planets;º like China'sº dragon snapping japets;º like rhodagrey up the east. Satyrdaysboost besets Phoebe's nearest. Here's the flood and the flaxen flood that's to come over helpless irrylandº. Is there no-one to malahide Liv and her bettyship? Or who'll buy her rosebuds, jettyblack rosebuds, (3the sloes ninsloesº3) of Niviaº, (3the paps nonpapsº3) of Nanº? From the fall of the fig to doom's last post every ephemeral anniversary. Whileº the park's police peels peering by for to weighº down morrals from county (5bubbling bubblin5). (9That trainer's trundling!9) |2Quick! Payº up!2|

Kickakick.º She had to kick a laugh. At her old stick-in-the-block. The way he was slogging his paunch about(5, elbiduubled,º meet oft mate on,5) like hale King Willow, the robererº. |2Cainmaker's mace and waxendº capapee.2| (5But the tarrant's brand on his hottoweyt brow.5) At half past quick in the mormingº. And her lamp was all askew and a (5smoky trumbly5) wick-in-herº(5, ringeysingey5). She had to (3laugh spofforth3), she had toº kicker, too thick of the wick of her pixy's loomph, lickering |2up (5wide up jessupº5)2| the smooky shiminey. And her (5big duffed5) coverpoint of a wickedy batter, whenever she |4ducked druv4| behind her stumps (5for a tyddlesly wink through his tunnilclefft bagslops5) after theunread the rising bounder's |2balls (5corkers yorkers5)2|, (5as he studd and
{f39, 584}
stoddard and trutted and trumpered, to see had lordherry's blackham'sº red bobby abbels,5) it tickled her innings to consort pitch at kicksoclockº in the morm. Tipatonguingº him on in her pigeony linguish, with a flick at the bails for lubrication,º to scorch her faster, faster. |3'You hig, you hog Ye hek, ye hokº3'|, (5ye hucky hiremonger!º5) Magrath he's my pegger, he is, for bricking up all my old Kentº road.º |4He'll win your toss andº flog your old tom's bowling,º andº I |adare darra| ye, (5barrackybully barrackybuller5), to break his duck! |saHe's posh. I lob him. We're (5stopping parring5) |sbtill allsb| (5August Oogster5) |sbtill the empsyseas
{f10, 455}
run (5out googlie5)sb|. Declare to ashes and teste his metch! |bThree for two will do for me and he for thee and she for you.b|sa|4| Goeasyoseyº, |4for the grace of the fields, or,º (5hooley pooley,5)4| cuppy, we'll both be |2bye and byeº2| caught in the slips for fear he'd tyre and burst his dunlops and waken her bornybarnies making his boobybabies. The game old |+5merriman merrimynn+|5|, square to leg, (5in with5) his |4(5wide towel hat lolleywide towelhat5) and his4| (5hobbsy socks and his wisden's bosse and his5) norsery pinafore (5and his gentleman's grip and his playaboy's plunge and his flannelly feelyfooling5), treading her hump and (5down hambledown5) likeº a maiden (4clean bowled over wellheld, ovalled over,º4) with her crease where the (5back pads5) of her punishments ought to be by womanish rights,º when, keek,º the hen in the Doran'sº shantyqueer began in a kikkery key to laugh it off(5, yeighº, yeigh, neigh, neigh,5) the way she was wuck to doodledoo by her gallows bird |2(how's that?) (how'sº that? noballº, he carries his bat!)2|,º nine hundred and dirty too not out, at all times long past conquering cock of the Morgansº.

º |2Armigerend everfasting horde, how blame us! |aCocorico!ºa| How blame us?º Armigerendº everfasting horde!º2| |2Rico!2| |5|+So the (9belle bill9) to the bowe.+| (6As the belle to the beau.6)5| Weº herewith pleased returnº auditors' thanks for those and their favours since safely enjoined.º |2(4Cocori! |+5Cocory! Cocoree!+|5|4)2| |5|+Tellaman tillamie.+|5| Tubbernacul in Tipherairyº, sons, travellers inº company and theirº carriageable tochters, tanks tight Anne Thynneº for her contrectactionsº tugowards his personeel. |2Echoº choree (3choree (5chores chorecho5)3)!2| |5|+O I you O you me!+|5| Well,º we all unite thoughtfully in rendering |2grace (5grace well gratias, well,º5)2| between loves repassedº, begging your honour's pardon for|2, well,º2| exclusive pigtorial rights of Herehearº
{f39, 585}
fond Tiplady,º his wekreationsº, appearing in next eon's issue of The Neptune's Centinel and Tritonville Lightowlerº with, well,º the widest circulation round the wholeº universe. |2Echoho choroh choree chorico!º2| |5|+How me O my youhou my I |ato you youtoua| to I O?+|5| Thanks |2farthermore furthermore2| to modest Miss Glimglow and neat Master Mattressonº who so kindly profiteered their serwishes as demysell of honour and, well, as strainbearer respectively. And a cordialestº brief nod of chinchin dankyshin to|err,err| well|err,ºerr| patient ringasend,º as prevenient (by your leave)º to all such occasions, detachably replaceable (thanks too! twos intact!),º asº well as his auricular of Malthus, the promethean paradonnerwetterº which first (prayº go! prayº go!) taught love's lightning the way (pity shown!)º to|err,err| well|err,ºerr| conduct itself (mercy, good shot! only please don't mention it!).º Come all ye goatfathers and groanmothers, come all ye markmakers and piledrivers, come all ye laboursaving devisers and chargeleyden dividends, firefendersº, waterworkers, deeply condeal with him! All that is still life with death inyeborn, all verbumsaps yet bound to be, to do and to suffer, every creature, everywhere, if you please, kindly feel for her! While the dapplegray dawn drags nearing nigh for to wake all droners that drowse in Dublin.

subsection q
{f10, 456}

Humpenfeldtº and Annuskaº, wedded |2now evermore2| in annastomoses by a groundplanº of the placehunter, whiskered beau and (5donahbelle donahbella5),º |2Totumvir and (5Eskimeena Esquimeenaº5),2| who so shall separate fetters to new desire,º repeals an act of union to unite in bonds of schismacyº. (9Oyes! oyes O yes! O yes9)!º Withdraw your member|err.!ºerr| Closure. This chamber stands abjourned. Such precedent is largely a cause to lack of collective continencies among Donnelly's orchard as lifelong the shadyside to Fairbrother'sº field. Humbo, lock your kekkle up! Anny, blow your wickle out! Tuck away the tablesheet!!º You never wet the tea!º And you may go rightoway back to your Aunty Dilluvia, Humphreyº, after that!º

Retireº to rest without first |2disturbing misturbing2| your |v+2neighbour (3neighbob (5neighbor nighboor5)3)v+|2|, mankind of |2every |aany |+several baffling+|a|2| |2description descriptions2|. Others are as tired of themselves as you are. Let each oneº learn to bore himself. It is strictly requested
{f39, 586}
that no cobsmoking, spitting, pubchat, wrastle rounds, coarse courting, smut, etc,º will take place |v+2during amongstv+|2| those hours (3so3) devoted to repose. Look |2|+before+|2| behind before you strip |2|v+youv+|2|. |v+2Never divorce in the bedding the glove that will give you away. Disrobeº clothed in the strictest secrecy which privacy can afford.v+|2| Water nonº to be discharged |v+2in coramv+|2| grate or exº window. |2After circumspection disrobe. |v+Disrobe clothed in the strictest secrecy which privacy can afford. Never divorce in the bedding the glove that will give you away.v+|2| |2A maid says Maidº Maud ninnies2| nay but |2tells her mama: blabs to mama (O, forº your life, would you!):º2| she,º |2to her besomº friend2| |v+2Kate Strongv+|2| who does |2|athe alla|2| chores |2(andº what do you think |ait was |bshe my Madeleineb| sawa|?)2|:º this ignorant |v+2generally mostlyv+|2| sweeps it out along with all the rather old |v+2corporation, have corporators (havev+| you heard of |v+a onev+| humbledown jungleman|a, howº he bet Byrne-and-Busheº playing |v+peg-and-tom? peg and pom?)v+|a|2|: the |2maudlin2| river then gets its dues |2(adding a din a ding or do)º2|: thence those laundresses |2|aO tell me all the whole affair (O,º muddle me more about the maggies!º I mean |bfair bawneeb| Madge Ellis |v+& andv+| |bswarthy brownieb| Mag Dillon)a|2|.º Attention |v+2to it at |ait alla|v+|2|! Every (5ditch's ditcher's5) dastard in Dupelingº will know ifº you have paid the mulctman by whetherº your rent is open to be foreclosed or |v+2back abackv+|2| in your arrears. This is seriously meant. |+2Ours Here+|2| is a homelet not a hothel.

That's right, old |2old one Oldunº2|!

Allº in fact is soon as all of old right as anywas ever in very old place. Were he, hwen scalded of that couverfowl, to beat the bounds by here at such a point of time as this |2is for at sammel up |aina| all (3woods's wood's3) haypence and riviers argent (halfº back from three |v+goes gangsv+| |amultiplus |v+multiplusses multaplussedv+|a| on a twentylot add allto |athe aa| fiver |v+and withv+| the deuceº |awith ora| roamer's numbersº ell a fee and do little ones)º2| with the caboosh on him opheld for thrushes' misth mistiles yet singing oud his parasangs |2in Cornishº token2|: mean fawthery eastend appullcelery,º old laddy he high |2hay hole2|: pollysigh patrolman Seekerseen,º (4towney'sº tanquam,4) crumlin quiet down from his hoonger, he would mac siccar of |v+2inkit inketv+|2| goodsforetombed ereshiningem of light turkling eitheranny of thuncle's windopes. More, unless heº were neverso wrongtaken, if he brought his boots to pause in peace, the one beside the other one, right on the road, he would seize no
{f10, 457}
sound from cache or cave beyond the flow of wand was gypsing water,º telling him now, telling him all, all about ham and livery, stay and toast ham in livery, and buttermore with murmurladen,º to
{f39, 587}
waker oats for (9ham him9) on livery. (5Right! Faurore! Fearhoure! (9At last it past!9) Loab at cod then herrin5) (5Or or5) wind thenº mong them treen.

subsection r

Hiss!º Which we had only our hazelight to see with(7', |shcertsh|,7') in our point of view, me and my auxy, Jimmy d'Arcy, hadn't we, jimmyº? — whoº to |2sin seen2| with? Kiss! No |s++8kidding kidd, captn,s++|8| which he stood us |7|shthree jolly postboyssh|º7| first a couple of mountjoysº and nutty woodbines (5with his cadbully's choculars|7(+, |shpeppedº from our Theatreº Regal's drolleries puntominesh|,º+)7|5) in the snug (4of at4) the Cambridge Arms (4of Teddyº Ales4) (5while we was laying|7(+|sh, crown jewels to a peanut,sh|+)7| was he stepmarm|7(+|sh, old noseheavy,sh|+)7| or a wouldower,5) which he said|2, |8«++lads,s++|8| |aa taking |+8off low+|8| his Whitby hat|7, |shlopping off the frothsh|7| anda| (4wishing whishing|7'|s+, with all respectfulness to |shthe old countrysh|,s+|7'|4) |8|+tomorrowº comrades, we,+|8| his long |alife life's strength |8|+and cuirkscrweenº «++loon loans++|+|8|a| to our allhallowed king (the (3Lord Lawd3) lengthen him!), |8|+the |apicture |bpitcher pitchurb|a| that he's turned to |award welda| the wall,+|8|º2| his standpoint was,º to belt and blucher him afore the hole pleading churchaleº |7(+|shand submarine bar yondersh|+)7| but he made no class at all in port and cemented palships between our trucers, being a refugee, didn't he, jimmyº? — whoº true to me? Sish! Honeysuckler, that's what my young lady here, Fred Watkins, |2bugler Fred,2| all the ways from Melmoth in Natal, she calls him when he |7|shdip the colourssh||8«++, pet,s++|8| andº7| commit his certain questionº |7(+|shvizavizº the secret empire of the snakesh|+)7| which it was on a point of our sutton down, how was it, jimmyº? — whoº has sinnerettes to declare? Phiss! Touching our Phoenix Rangers'º nuisance (5|7at the |shmeeting of the waitressessh|7|, the daintylines, |8|+Elsies from Chelsies, «++the two legglegels in blooms,s++|+|8| and those pest of parkies, twitch, thistle and charlock,5) were they for giving up their fogging trespasses,º by order which we foregathered he must be raw in cane sugar, the party, no, Jimmy MacCawthelickº? — whoº trespass against me? Briss! That's him wiv his wig on, achewing of his maple gum, that's |2our grainpopaw,º2| Mister Beardall, an accompliced burgomaster, |7a great one |shamong the very greatestsh|,7| which he told us privates out of his own scented mouf he used to was|8«++, my lads,s++|8| afore this Wineactº come, what say, our jimmyº the chapelgoer? — whoº fears all masters! Spiss!º Hi, Jocko Nowlong, my
{f39, 588}
own sweet boosy love
, which he puts his feeler to me behind the beggars'º bush,º does Freda, don't you be an emugee!º |8|+Carryone, he says, though we maroomedº through this woylde.+|8| We must spy a half and halfº a hind on Honeysucklerº now his old face's hardalone wiv his defences down durinº |2a weapon his wappin2| stillstand, says my Fred, and Jamessime here which|2, pip it,2| she simply |2says she must must,º she says,2| |8«++our pet,s++|8| she'll do a retroussy from her point of view (wayº you fly! likeº a frush!) to keep her
{f10, 458}
flouncies off the grass while paying the wetmenots a musichall visit and pair her fiefighs fore him |8|+with just one curl+|8| after |8|+the cad came back which «++he wes++| fought he wars a gunner and+|8| His Corkinessº lay up two bottles of joy with a shandy had by Fred and a fino olorosoº |8|+«++no kidd, captn!)s++|+|8| which he was warming to, my right, jimmyº, my old brown freer? — whoseº dolour|2, O so2| mine!

Following idly up to seepoint, (7'|shneath kingmount shadow,º the ilk for eke of us,sh| |shwhose |s+name is nathem'ss+| barred banned, whose hofd |s+hooded a-hoodeds+|,sh| welkim warsail,7') how didº you dew? Hollymerry, ivysad, whicher and whoer?, |8Mr Black Atkins and you tanapanny troopertwos,8| were you there? Was truce of snow, moonmounded snow? Or did wolken hang o'er earth in umber hue his fulmenbomb? Number two coming! Full inside! Was glimpsed the mean amount of snow cloud? Or did pitter rain fall in a sprinkling? |8|+If the waters could speak as they flow!+|8| Tingleº Tom, pullº the bell! Izzy's busy down the dell! Mizpah low, youyou, number one, in deep humidity! Listen, misled peerless, please! You are,º of course. You miss him so, to listleto! Of course|2, my pledge between us,2| there's no-one noelº like him here to hear. (5Esch so eschess, douls a doulse!5) |8|+Since |aArranrogue Allan Roguea| loved Arrah Pogue it's all Killdroughallº fair.+|8| Triss! Only trees such as these,º such were those, waving there, the Barketree, the O'Briertree, the Rowantree, the O'Corneltree, the Behanshrub near Windy Arbour, the Magill O'Dendron Moreº. Trem! All the trees in the wood (9that they9) trembold, humbild, when they heard the stoppress from Domday's Erewoldº.

subsection s

Tiss!º Twoº pretty mistletots, ribboned to a tree, up rose liberator and, fancy, they were free! Four witty missywives, winking
{f39, 589}
under hoods, made lasses likeº lads love maypoleriding, dotting Harold's crossº green with tricksome couples, fiftyfifty, their childern'sº hundred. So childish pence took care of parents' pounds and |2money many2| made money the way in the world where rushroads to riches crossed slums of lice and,º the cause of it all, he forged himself ahead like a blazing urbanorb, brewing |2trouble treble2| to drown grief, giving and taking |3'mayo mayom3'| and tuam, playing milliards with hisº three golden balls, making partyº capital out of landed selfinterest, light on a slavey but weighty on the bourse, our hugest commercial emporialist, with his sons booing home from afar and his daughters bridling up at his side. (9Finner!9)

subsection t

How did he bank it up, swank it up, the whaler in the punt,º a guinea by a groat, his index on the balance and such wealth into the bargain|8|+, with the bogeyº which he snatched in the baggage coach ahead+|8|? |8|+Going forth on the prowl, master jackill, under night and creeping back, dog to hide, over morning.+|8| Humbly to fall and cheaply to rise, exposition of failures. |8|+Through Duffy's blunders and MacKenna's insurance for upper ten and lower five the band played on. (aAs one generation tells another. Ofter the
{f10, 459}
fall.a)+|8| First,º for a change of a seven days'º licenceº he wandered out of his farmer'sº health and so lost his early parishlife. Then (4('twasº in fenland)4), occidentally of a suddom,º six junelooking flamefaces straggled wild out of their turns through his parsonfired wicket, showing all shapes of striplings in sleepless tights. Promptly whomafter in undated times, very properly a dozen generations anterior to themselves, a mainº chanced to burst and misflooded his fortunes, wrothing foulplay over his fives' court and his fine poultryyard wherein were spared a just two of a feather in wading room only. Next, upon due reflotation, up started four |2hurricane hurrigan2| gales to smithereen his plateglass housewallsº and the slate for accounts his keeper wasº cooking. Then came three boy |2buglers buglehorners2| who counterbezzled and crossburgledº him. Later on in the same evening two hussyitesº absconded through a breach in his bylaws and left him, the infidels, to pay himself off in kind remembrances. Till, ultimatehim, fell the crowning barleystrawº when an explosiumº of his distilleries
{f39, 590}
deafandumpedº all his dry goods downº to his most favoured sinfluteº andº dropped him, what remains of a |2heptarch heptark2|, |2leareyed and lotterishº,2| weeping worrybound on his bankrump.

Pepep.º Pay bearer, sure and sorry, at foot of ohoho honest policiestº. Oº never again|2, byº Phoenixº,2| swore on him Lloyd's, not for beaten |2wheat. wheat, notº after Sirº Joe Meade's |v+dada fatherºv+||a, thanksa|!2| They know him, the covenanter,º by rote at least,º for a chameleon at |v+2least lastv+|2|, in his true falseheaven coloursº from ultraviolent to subred tissues. That's his last tryon to march through |v+2his thev+|2| grand tryomphal arch. His reignbolt's shot. Never again! How you do that like, Mista Chimepiece? You got nice yum premyums?º Praypaid my promishles|err.!ºerr|

Agreed(4,º (5In Wu5) Welsher,º4) he was chogfulled (4to beacsate on earn as in hivingº4) of |v+2foxholed cunningmesses foxold (3cunningnesses conningnessesº3)v+|2| but who|4, hey honey,º for all values of his latters,4| was|4, integer integerrimost,º4| the |4firmost formast4| of the firm? |4|aAt Byºa| folkmood hailed, at part farwailed. |aAccwmwladedº concloud, Nuah-Nuah, Nebob of Nephilim!a|4| After all,º what followed for apprentice'º sake? |4Sinceº the now nighs nearing as the yetst hies hin.4| Jeebies,º ugh, kek, ptah, that was an ill man!º Jawboose,º puddigood, this is for true oneº sweetish mand!º But Jumbluffer,º bagdad, sir, yondº would be for a once over our all |v+2hallowed honouredv+|2| christmastypeº easteredmanxº.

Fourthº position |2of solution2|. |2How johnny!2| |2View Finest view2| from horizon. |s7Tableau final.s7| Two me see.º Male and female unmask we |v+2them hemv+|2|. |4Begum by Gunneº!4| Who now broothes |2down. Nown! oldbawnº. Dawn!2| The nape of his nameshielder's |2neck. Hek! scalp. Halp!2| After having |2done all he dared. Air! drummed all he |v+done. Won! dun. Hun!v+|2| Worked out |2to the pinch of an inch. Hinz! to an inch of his core. More!2| |8Ring down.8| While the |2queenbee |v+queanby queenbeev+|2| he staggerhorned blesses her bliss forº to feel her funnyman's functions |s7rumbling.. Tag. Rumbling.ºs7|

|8|aTiers, tiers and tiers.a| Rounds.8|